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10 Best Christian Colleges in Texas

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Texas is a stunning state with some of the best-looking campuses in the nation. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the best christian colleges in Texas. We hope you find out more about Christian college possibilities in the wonderful Lone Star state!

Here are the top Christian colleges and universities in Texas for aspiring college students looking for institutions that share their Christian beliefs and exhibit academic excellence.

Texas Christian Colleges: Pros and Cons


1. A Strong Campus Religious Community

Christian colleges in Texas uphold religious ideals and tenets. Due of the close relationships that are formed between faculty, staff, and students, the campus becomes more united. In order to support these relationships, lecturers at many colleges encourage their students to take part in Christian service programs and other initiatives.

In order to strengthen ties with the Lord and other students, some Christian universities also mandate that students take biblical studies courses.

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2. Individualized Learning Attentiveness

Due to a lower student-to-faculty ratio and fewer classrooms, lectures-only courses typically allow for participatory, engaging group activities and classroom discussions, producing a more distinctive, well-rounded learning experience.

3. Availability of Christian Majors

For students considering a major in religion, a Christian college will provide many options. Three of the most well-known degrees offered by Christian universities in Texas are in pastoral studies, Christian counseling, and Christian ministry.

Even in popular and common majors given at secular universities, students can expect to study these fields from a Christian perspective, even if the major does not have a significant religious component.

Best Christian Colleges in Texas


1. Little Exposure to other Viewpoints

It’s important to recognize and understand that there are several religions and faiths, and that not everyone will agree with you. Our ability to understand and empathize may be hampered by our studies in a Christian university. At secular colleges with a more diversified student body, it might be less complicated to mix students from various backgrounds, ideologies, and religious convictions.

2. Greater Tuition Costs than Public Universities and Colleges

Given that the majority of Christian universities are for-profit colleges, it makes sense that they will be more expensive than a person’s public state university.

It is crucial to assess if the advantages of Christian institutions exceed the additional burden of attending a private Christian institution, which may compel average students to take out student loans.

3. Fewer Available Majors

If a student wants to pursue a degree that is less well-known or a special combination of disciplines, a Christian college might not be the ideal choice. In the end, you might be forced to choose your desired path of study over the faith-based one.

Computer science, criminal justice, liberal arts, political science, health care management, music history, business administration, sports management, and organizational leadership are some of the most popular majors offered at Christian colleges; however, these majors do not require laboratory courses.

Small Christian universities rarely offer other degrees including engineering science, medical humanities, animal science, cell biology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and the sciences. Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks of the christian schools in Texas, let’s move on to the best christian colleges in Texas.

Best Christian Colleges in Texas

Here are the 10 best christian colleges in Texas:

Abilene Christian University

The institution, originally known as Childers Classical Institute, was established in 1906. In 1929, it moved to its current location, and in 1976, it changed its name from Abilene Christian College to Abilene Christian University. It is situated in West Texas on 262 acres. It has a 15:1 student to instructor ratio.

“Educate students for Christian service and leadership across the world,” is the university’s stated objective. This is accomplished, in accordance with the university’s website, through “Exemplary teaching, offered by a faculty of Christian scholars, that inspires a commitment to learning; significant research, grounded in the disciplines of the university, that informs issues of importance to the academy, church, and society; and meaningful service to society, academic disciplines, the university, and the church, expressed in various ways, by all segments of the ACU community.”

  • Location: Texas, Abilene
  • Students: 5,300
  • Affiliations: Churches of Christ
  • Max Lucado, Billy Olson, Ronnie Dunn, and V.E. Howard are notable graduates.

Programs include bachelor’s degrees in accounting, advertising/public relations, aging studies, agriculture business, animal science, art, Bible & Ministry, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, child and family services, communication sciences and disorders, education, engineering, English, environmental science, financial management, global studies, graphic design/advertising, history, and in

Baylor University

Its aim is to “train men and women for worldwide leadership and service by blending academic brilliance with Christian devotion within a caring community” at Waco, Texas’ Baylor University, a Christian institution.

Best Christian Colleges in Texas

In Texas, the Baptist General Convention is connected to the school. 18 033 students are enrolled there as well. With an acceptance rate of 45%, college admission is very competitive. The student-to-faculty ratio is 13:1, above and beyond. Additionally, the entry-level wage of its graduates is $42 600 per year, and the graduation rate is 78%.

Bachelor’s degrees in accounting, American studies, anthropology, apparel design and product development, apparel merchandising, applied mathematics, applied music, Arabic and Middle Eastern studies, art history, Asian studies, astronomy, astrophysics, aviation administration, aviation sciences, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, linguistics, management, management information systems, marketing, mathematics, and mec are also popular majors at Baylor University.

  • Average annual tuition: $38,372

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University, a nationally regarded private college with a focus on international research, is situated close to the center of Dallas. SMU is dedicated to leadership development, community service, international study, and cutting-edge programs. It has more than 12 000 students from all 50 states and more than 80 countries. The university is one of the best christian colleges in Texas and it is renowned for helping its alumni, staff, and students to continue serving as moral leaders in their communities and professions.

Additionally, it fosters an entrepreneurial mentality in the kids, allowing them to recognize opportunities in the most unlikely locations and forge meaningful outcomes from nothing. Additionally, the college has an 11:1 student-faculty ratio. SMU offers classroom instruction, entirely online instruction, and SMU-FLEX classes, which alternate between online and classroom instruction.

It comes in at number five for the best Christian colleges in the country, number six for the best sports management schools, and number sixteen for the most conservative colleges.

  • Average annual tuition: $40,404

Trinity University

Trinity University, which has been around for more than 150 years, is home to more than 2,500 students from both domestic and international cultures. Through a set of values, it aims to put the students at the center of learning.

Best Christian Colleges in Texas

Additionally significant is the fact that Trinity University has more than 100 majors and minors, various interdisciplinary programs, and advising options. Additionally, it provides fantastic chances for undergraduate research, internships, and study abroad programs, all of which have helped students develop their skills. Music, healthcare management, accountancy, law, engineering, and education are popular majors. One of the top-rated ABET-accredited undergraduate engineering programs in the US is Trinity’s Bachelor of Science in engineering science.

The institution, which is regarded as one of best christian colleges in Texas, is ranked #7 as the best college in the country, #11 as the finest school without an application fee, and #32 as one of the best small colleges. The 9:1 student to professor ratio is more significant.

  • Year tuition of $30 505 on average

Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University, one of the best christian colleges in Texas, is at the top of our ranking because to its openness to both staff and students. Even though it is fairly pricey, the campus is picture-perfect and everyone feels at home there. The college’s most sought-after degrees are in nursing, finance, engineering, and communications.

Additionally, the university offers a lively, energetic campus culture where Horned Frogs support one another in Big 12 Athletics. Most importantly, the institution is ranked #8 among the best colleges in America for Christians, #11 among the best campuses, and #16 among the best dorms. 13:1 is the student to instructor ratio.

  • $37 509 on average per student

Lubbock Christian University

The institution among the best christian colleges in Texas is an exceptional private, Christian university that is situated in Lubbock. In addition, it is a small-scale bible college in Texas with only 1,201 undergraduate students. The school has a 91% acceptance rate and a 50% graduation rate.

Additionally, nursing, business, and elementary education are the most common majors. There are two online programs available, and the student to faculty ratio is 14:1. This entails that courses are small, allowing for one-on-one interaction between students and lecturers.

  • Annual tuition average: $23.672

Texas Lutheran University

One of the best christian colleges in Texas, Texas Lutheran University is situated in the San Antonio area and has an above-average reputation. It is a modest college with 1,380 undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds.

The acceptance rate at Lutheran is 56%, while the graduation rate is 55%. The school is among the best in Texas and provides excellent value for your money with an above-average rating.

The college’s most popular majors include business, kinesiology, exercise science, and nursing and provide a variety of programs and courses. The student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1 as well. Additionally, the starting level wage for its graduates is a respectable $36,300 per year.

The institution is ranked #101 under the Best Colleges for Kinesiology and Physical Therapy in America and #100 under the Best Colleges for Hispanic-Serving Institutions in America.

  • Average annual tuition: $19 896

Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan University is one of them in the state and is well known for its peculiar activities. It offers a variety of curricula and allows plenty of time for interaction between the students and their lecturers and fellow students. Furthermore, it has 1 327 undergraduate students, making it a rather modest college.

Additionally, the college offers 30 diverse and distinctive undergraduate majors. The pupils can choose from a variety of options as a result. 15:1 is the student to faculty ratio. Both evening and online programs are available. Popular topics covered in the classes include psychology, humanities, and liberal arts, as well as safety and criminal justice. As the school offers more than becoming a police officer, you can start a career as a crime scene or private detective, among other things.

  • Average annual tuition: $26,434

Le Tourneau University

This esteemed private university has an unbiased non-denominational viewpoint. Longview, Texas, is where you may find it. Despite being among the best christian colleges in Texas it only has 1 347 undergraduate students. 45% of applicants are accepted, and 63% graduate. Additionally, the graduates go on to earn an average of $42,500 annually.

The institution also comes in at number one for the Best Online Colleges in America, number sixteen for the Best Christian Colleges in America, and number 26 for the Best Colleges in America with No Application Fee. 22 online programs are also available in its repertoire. Business, computer science, religious studies, history, nursing, business, mechanical engineering, and primary education are some of the school’s most well-liked majors.

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Austin College

Austin College, one of the best christian colleges in Texas, is situated near Sherman. It has 1,291 full-time undergraduate students enrolled in its four-year undergraduate program. One of the 40 institutions highlighted in Loren Pope’s well-known book Colleges that Change Lives is the college. It has a fantastic 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

If Austin College was your top pick for college, it will probably accept you with a 51% acceptance rate. Business, mathematics, history, philosophy, economics, literature, medical, political science, and biology are also popular majors at the college.

Austin College provides an all-inclusive program where students from all religious backgrounds can benefit from an academic environment despite being associated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). It takes pride in being a friendly neighborhood that values diversity and uniqueness.

  • Year tuition of $23 824 on average

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Texas University Campus is the Safest?

In terms of overall campus safety, West Texas A&M University is rated highly. The rate of violent crime per 1,000 students at the school is 60% lower than the national average, the rate of property crime per 1,000 students is 52% lower than the national average, and the rate of hate and VAWA crimes per 1,000 students is 88% lower than the national average.

Are Christian Universities worthwhile?

It is cost-effective to attend a Christian university. Even if some private universities charge more, the investment leads to the finest potential spiritual growth.

How many Christians Abandon their faith in College?

The Barna Group estimates that 70% of high school students who declare themselves to be Christians and start college will depart with little to no faith. Even after graduating, these students typically don't recommit to their beliefs.

Why do Religious Institutions do better?

Beyond fostering a strong feeling of faith, religious education can have many positive effects. A positive and motivating school experience includes highly regarded general academics, a group of friends, instructors, and clergy who share the same moral principles, as well as a stable atmosphere in which to study, grow, and prosper.


Texas is home to a number of Christian universities that operate in various ways. You have a wide range of options. As a result, we have provided you with the 10 best christian colleges in Texas. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading.


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