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15 free online computer science degree

15 free online computer science degree. Computer science is a high-demand industry with various employment prospects for skilled professionals. Students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in this field can obtain the necessary core skills and knowledge by enrolling in a free online computer Science degree program.

We investigated and assessed the top 15 Free online computer science degree to assist you in locating the best available free online computer science degree.

Candidates with a degree in computer science can pursue employment in a range of disciplines, including business, the creative industries, education, engineering, medical, and science.

A computer science graduate with an offline or online computer science credential can work as an application programmer, coder, network administrator, software engineer, systems analyst, and video game developer, among other positions.

If you dream big, you will be rewarded! Earning an online computer science degree will undoubtedly pay off, despite the difficulty of the work.

Degree in Computer Science Online

Perhaps you have always been drawn to computer software engineering and computer hardware. You desire a bachelor’s degree in this field for this reason. A free online computer science degree program can help you combine other elements of your life, such as employment and family, while you pursue your ideal job.

A computer science degree often requires coursework in Information Technology, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics, and computing theory.

Before enrolling in a free online computer science degree, it is likely that you would like to learn about the possible career choices. Numerous possibilities exist, and your interests might help you choose the best one.

Computer Science Degree Professions and Wages

You undoubtedly want to know the value of an online bachelor’s degree in computer science before you commit the time, effort, and money required to earn one. Here is a summary of employment opportunities, pay potential, and projected job growth.

A Computer Engineer, also referred to as a Software Engineer, is responsible for the development of computer systems, software, and hardware applications.

In addition to building hardware and software such as routers, circuit boards, and computer programs, their tasks also include testing their designs for defects and overseeing computer networks. They work in industries such as aerospace, automotive, data communications, energy, and information technology.

According to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, the median annual pay for computer and information research scientists is approximately $126,830, but you can earn more by advancing to a senior-level or management job.

In addition, the computer science career field will expand by 22% over the next 10 years, which is substantially faster than the average for all jobs.

List of 15 Free Online Computer Science Degree

The following is a list of the free online computer science degree:

  1. Computer Science-Stanford University via edX
  2. Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose- Princeton University
  3. Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals Specialization- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  4. Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science-  California San Diego
    Computer Science for Business Professionals- Harvard University
  5. Internet History, Technology, and Security- University of Michigan
  6. International Cyber Conflicts- The State University of New York Online
  7. Computers and Office Productivity Software- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  8. User Experience Design- Georgia Tech
  9. Web Development- University of California, Davis
  10. Kotlin for Java Developers- Jetbrains
  11. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals- University of Toronto
  12. Machine Learning for All- University of London
  13. Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science –  University of California, San Diego
  14. Modern Robotics: Foundations of Robot Motion- Northwestern University
  15. Natural Language Processing- HSE University

Free Online Computer Science Degree

1. Computer Science-Stanford University via edX

free online computer science degree

This is an exceptional self-paced computer science education offered by Stanford Online and delivered through the edX platform.

This is one of the greatest free online computer science programs for beginners that we’ve found, as it introduces the subject to users with no prior expertise.

This free online computer science degree course has no prerequisites and makes no assumptions. Students who are already well-versed in the majority of the aforementioned principles will likely find this course too elementary; nonetheless, it is great for novices.

It is possible to acquire a certificate of completion for $149, however it is not required because the course can be finished for free.

2. Computer Science: Programming with a Goal – Princeton University on Coursera

Programming is the crucial first step in computer science, and this curriculum at Princeton University provides approximately 40 hours of education on the subject.

Unlike some of the other beginning programming courses on our list, this free online computer science degree one teaches pupils programming in general using Java.

3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals Specialization

This specialization in computer science foundations consists of three courses, each of which can be completed in audit mode on the Coursera platform for free to receive the whole specialization experience.

In the free option, you will not be able to engage in hands-on projects or obtain a certificate, but all other course components will be accessible. If you desire the certification but cannot afford to pay for it, you can apply for financial aid on the website.

The three courses are Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++, Ordered Data Structures, and Unordered Data Structures.

The free online computer science degree course, given by computer science professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider, is intended for students who have completed an introductory programming course in a language such as Python and can write programs.

4. Mathematical Reasoning in Computer Science – San Diego, California

Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science is a 25-hour introductory computer science course that teaches students the mathematical critical thinking skills essential in all fields of computer science.

Students are taught discrete mathematics tools such as induction, recursion, logic, invariants, examples, and optimality as part of the free online computer science degree program. You will then apply the tools you’ve learnt to answer programming questions.

Throughout the course, you will be tasked with resolving mobile-friendly interactive puzzles in order to build the deductive reasoning abilities necessary to find out the solutions on your own. This engaging program demands only basic math abilities, a thirst for knowledge, and a natural curiosity.

5. Harvard University’s Computer Science for Business Professionals

This free online computer science degree course is designed for non-technical business professionals including as managers, product managers, founders, and decision-makers who must make technological decisions.

In contrast to CS50, which is taught from the bottom up, this course emphasizes knowledge of high-level ideas and related judgments. Web development and computational thinking are two of the topics taught.

6. Internet Technology, History, and Security at the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan offers a free online course on the history and operation of the internet, which is accessible to anyone interested in the subject. Internet History, Technology, and Security examines how technology and networks have affected our culture and way of life.

Students will learn about the evolution of the internet over the course of 10 units, from the advent of electronic computing during World War II to the rapid growth and commercialization of the internet as it exists today. Additionally, students will learn how to develop, encrypt, and deploy applications and websites. The training is ideal for both beginners and expert students and lasts around 15 hours.This is another online computer science degree.

7. International Cyber Conflicts – New York State University Online

Due to apparently daily allegations of worldwide cybercrime, the popularity of SUNY Online’s free online course has increased significantly. Students will learn to differentiate between political espionage, data theft, and propaganda in International Cyber Conflicts.

In addition, they will learn to identify the major cyber threat actors, outline cybercrime attempts, and apply various psychological theories of human motivation to international cyber wars. The training is open to students of all proficiency levels and lasts around seven hours.It is also another best free online computer science degree.

8. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Computers and Office Productivity Software

free online computer science degree

This free online computer science degree offers courses in Computer Fundamentals and Office Productivity Software. This free online course in computer science is great for anyone wishing to improve their résumé or curriculum vitae with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills. Students will also learn how to edit photographs using GIMP.

Also covered are the many components of a computer as well as the software used on a computer system. The training is available to everyone, is taught in English, and lasts about 15 hours.

9 User Experience Design – Georgia Institute of Technology

This is the course for you if you are interested in User Experience (UX) Design. The Georgia Tech course Introduction to User Experience Design includes developing alternatives and prototyping, among other topics.

It is recommended for novices and takes roughly six hours to finish.

10. University of California, Davis: Introduction to Web Development

Introduction to Web Development is a free online computer science degree course offered by UC Davis. This introductory course is great for anyone interested in a career in web development, as it covers fundamentals such as CSS code, HTML, and JavaScript.

By the end of the class, students will have a greater grasp of the structure and functionality of the Internet. Additionally, students will be able to develop and publish their own websites. About 25 hours are required to finish the course.

11. Kotlin for Java Developers- Jetbrains

This free online computer science course is beneficial for intermediate-level programmers who wish to increase their skills. The educational website Coursera provides access to JetBrains Kotlin for Java Developers. Curriculum subjects include “Nullability, Functional Programming,” “Properties, OOP, Conventions,” and “Sequences, Lambdas with Receiver, Types.” The length of the course is roughly 25 hours.

12. The Fundamentals of Programming – University of Toronto

Do you wish to learn how to effect change in the field of computer science? Then you should investigate this free online course made available by the University of Toronto. Learn Programming: As its name suggests, Object-Oriented Programming is an introductory programming course.

The Fundamentals course teaches programming fundamentals and how to construct useful programs. The topic of the conline computer science degree ourse is Python programming. Beginners are welcome to join in this roughly 25-hour course.

13. Machine Learning for Everyone – University of London

Machine learning is one of the most popular topics in computer science, and Machine Learning for All contains all you need to know about it.

This free online computer science degree from the University of London does not emphasize the programming tools covered in the vast majority of other courses on the topic.

This course focuses on the principles of machine learning technology and the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning for society. Students will be able to train a machine learning module utilizing datasets by the conclusion of the course. The course is aimed for beginners and may be completed in around 22 hours.

14. Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego

Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science is a free Coursera course provided by UC San Diego and HSE University in partnership.

The free online computer science degree covers the essential discrete mathematics tools, such as induction, recursion, logic, invariants, examples, and optimality.

The sole need is a basic grasp of mathematics, although a rudimentary grasp of programming would be useful. The course is intended for novices and is part of a larger discrete mathematics concentration.

15. Northwestern University’s Modern Robotics: The Foundations of Robot Motion

free online computer science degreeWhether you are interested in robots as a career or as a hobby, this free course from Northwestern University is without a doubt beneficial! The first course in a modern robotics specialization, Foundations of Robot Motion focuses on the fundamentals of robot motion.

This course instructs students on the principles of robot setups, including how and why robots move. Foundations of Robot Motion is an intermediate-level course that takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

FAQs On free online computer science degree

Can you study computer science for free?

E-learning platforms such as Coursera and edX offer free online courses in computer science — with optional paid certificates of completion — from schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and more from the best colleges in the world.

Can you do a computer science degree online?

Computer science online degrees are now available at most community colleges, many of which have open-door admissions policies, making it an easy way to get started. Additionally, most two-year schools only require a high school diploma or GED.

Is a computer science degree not worth it?

Computer science is an ideal choice for students who enjoy math and problem-solving. Majoring in this field can lead to lucrative careers that will remain in high demand. A four-year computer science degree is challenging, but well worth the investment.

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