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Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in Germany 2023

Engineering physics, mathematics, and materials science are all used in the field of Mechanical engineering to create and maintain mechanical systems. From simple concepts, mechanical engineers design products that are both durable and functional while also figuring out the ideal manufacturing strategy.

This discipline’s students have a diverse range of professional alternatives, and they are well-equipped with imaginative perspectives and analytical skills that help them progress toward their objectives. The top 5 best mechanical engineering universities in Germany are listed below if you are certain about your career decision in this area.

Germany’s Studying Advantages

Let’s examine some of the undiscovered advantages of studying in the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany that make it a top destination for those looking to earn a university degree.

1. Colleges and Universities with No or Very Low Tuition

Germany is the only top study destination where public universities including the best mechanical engineering universities charge little to no tuition fees from overseas students in a time when higher education is becoming both a necessity and a pricey endeavor.

German authorities announced in October 2014 that all foreign students enrolled in public universities (best mechanical engineering universities) in Germany would not be required to pay the country’s ordinary tuition rates.

This law mandates that international students pay a few administrative fees, such as the student contribution, a student union fee, and a public transportation fare, which together total about €250 every semester.

A study found that 35.8% of overseas mechanical students choose the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany for their higher education since the country’s colleges don’t charge tuition.

2. Universities of International Renown

According to official figures from 2018, Germany has 429 recognized universities, 106 of which are included among the top universities in the world. Some of them have constantly been included among the top universities in the world.

These institutions are well-known throughout the world. Thanks to their highly regarded research and instruction, which are based on a long and rich legacy of higher education. Some of these universities are the oldest in Europe and among the best.

3. Tour Europe with a Student Visa

German university students have the same travel privileges as their counterparts in Germany and throughout Europe. But there are two instances, as follows:

European students: You have the same free entrance rights as an EU or EFTA citizen if you are a European citizen living and studying in Germany.

Non-European Students: If you do not currently reside in Europe, you must obtain a residency permit. The residency permit therefore entitles you to visa-free travel throughout the entire Schengen Area, giving you a fantastic opportunity to visit the nations you are interested in visiting within the time frame.

4. Variety of Programs and Degrees

There are numerous respected best mechanical engineering universities in Germany, but it also provides a wide range of degree programs in every area of study that cater to everyone’s interests.

Best mechanical engineering universities in Germany are world leaders in engineering, medical, and pharma because the nation is highly industrialized. But as new academic disciplines and cutting-edge technological advancements emerge, the list is constantly growing.

So, whether your interests are in topics that are as little as an atom or as large as enigmatic galaxies, you can discover a program being taught in German universities by reputable and trustworthy experts.

5. Degree Programs with Global Recognition

The study programs especially at best mechanical engineering universities in Germany are structured and taught in a way that keeps up with current global scientific advancements while also educating students and preparing them for careers in their fields.

At the conclusion of your study, you will receive a certificate that is regarded and acknowledged all over the world. Employers from all over the world will regard you with the respect and confidence that led to their hiring of you and their confidence in your abilities.

Budget-Friendly Cost of Living

So now you are aware of how inexpensive studying in Germany is. In contrast to other European nations, Germany’s cost of living is quite low other from that. Despite the fact that metropolitan areas are more expensive than rural ones.

The cost of living for international students in Germany can be reduced, though, with some careful money management. Finding an apartment or room in a remote location and sharing it will allow you to reduce your rent costs by half.

7. Part-Time Employment Possibilities

International students are permitted to work part-time under German law. In Germany, part-time employment is permitted for up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days of the academic year. More than 60% of foreign students in Germany work part-time jobs in addition to attending classes.

The part-time job not only increases your financial leverage but also your work experience, which improves your prospects of finding employment in the future.

Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in Germany

Here are the top 5 best mechanical engineering universities in Germany:

1. RWTH University in Aachen

RWTH Aachen, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule

Large and well-known, RWTH Aachen University has expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines. There were 45,628 students enrolled in one of its programs as of the winter semester of 2019–20, 11,280 of them were foreign students from 137 different nations. This university’s mechanical engineering bachelor degree program emphasizes fundamental ideas that have been employed throughout time in addition to more recent information. Through its seven semesters of instruction, the course allows students to grow their skills and knowledge while receiving training and real-world experience that keep up with industry advancements. A master’s degree in the area is also provided by the university.

2. Technical University of Munich Mechanical Engineering B.SC, M.SC

This university’s Mechanical Engineering Faculty is among the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany. This university’s students are well-liked by employers, the learning environment is cozy and pleasant, and the staff creates cutting-edge, effective, and environmentally friendly technologies. This university’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has always sought to be “better, more efficient,” and to provide “more cutting-edge technologies for humanity.”

Since 1868, this faculty has been at the pinnacle of engineering achievement, providing top-notch instruction, publicly supported initiatives, and industrial partnerships. You will be able to independently design solutions in practice and apply the techniques you have learnt after completing the Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree program at this university. The faculty’s degree offerings include the following:

3. University of Stuttgart Universität Stuttgart; Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science B.Sc, Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science M.Sc.

This institution is renowned for being one of the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany. It guarantees research-based instruction that is centered on “quality and holism” and is renowned for its qualitative research. You will acquire a wide range of engineering foundations as well as scientific and mathematical tools while pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at this university.

You’ll learn how to be imaginative and use that creativity in your job, how to propose technological solutions and how to independently do research and create them. For bachelor’s degree holders in mechanical engineering, vehicle and engine technology, and technology management, the master’s degree in mechanical engineering is typically an option for further study.

During the first two semesters at this master’s programme students get to delve deep into the engineering foundations including two thematic specialties (choosing from 40 distinct subject areas) (choosing from 40 different subject areas). The institution offers the following degree programmes:

  • Engineering, Mechanical, Bachelor Engineering Orientation for Potential Students
  • Engineering, Mechanical, Master of Science (Joined Masters with Georgia Tech)
  • Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, Product
  • Development and Construction Technology, Master of Science Mechanical Engineering,
  • Materials and Production Technology, Master of Science Mechanical Engineering,
  • Microtechnology, Device Technology, and Technical Optics, Master of Science

4. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, or KIT

The Mechanical Engineering degree programs available at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are diverse. Additionally, one of them is a course created especially for foreign students who do not speak German. The goal of the university is to prepare students who can independently recognize problems and work on creating effective solutions.

KIT among the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany is continually working to raise the standards of instruction and learning in order to provide students with the knowledge and abilities they deserve and need to succeed in the industry. At this university, instruction and learning are primarily focused on the needs of the students, using relaxing and innovative study spaces. KIT makes it a point to develop pupils who can handle problems and responsibilities that “demand responsible action.” The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology offers the following degree programs:

  • Automotive Engineering Mechanical engineering as a major Materials Science.
  • Engineering Masters degree.
  • Computer science and mechatronics.
  • Automotive Engineering (International).

5. Braunschweig Technical University

Final on our list of best mechanical engineering universities in Germany. The Technical University of Braunschweig offers a number of particular specializations, and courses are based on the university’s research. This university is among the best in Germany for mechanical engineering because of the research-focused training, the solution-oriented approach, and the excellent teaching. The Technical University of Braunschweig places a high value on and a strong emphasis on collaboration both inside the university and with partners.

Among the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany, this university has a reputation for greatness and academic quality and always encourages students to work toward achieving their objectives and dream careers. You can select from seven specializations during your studies for a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, including general engineering, energy and process engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, material sciences, Mechatronics, and production and system technology. The following courses are offered by the Technical University of Braunschweig in the discipline of mechanical engineering;

  • Automotive Engineering (Bachelor Degree)
  • Automotive Engineering (Master Degree)
  • Mechatronics (Major in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Science of Materials (Major in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mechanical engineering and industrial engineering (Master Degree)
  • System and Production Technology (Major in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Vehicle Engineering (Major in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Aviation Engineering (Major in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Engineering of Energy and Processes and Bioprocess Engineering (Specialization in Mechanical Engineering)


Best mechanical engineering universities in Germany provide a wide range of advantages to its students. This nation is teeming with internationals from all over the world who are eager to pursue their degrees in one of the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany, exposing pupils to top-notch education and competence.

These best mechanical engineering universities in Germany are well-known for their proficiency in a variety of academic subjects, including mechanical engineering. Let’s look at some of the top colleges in Germany for Mechanical Engineering so that you can understand how popular this field is with international students studying there.

Applying for any of the best mechanical engineering universities in Germany is cool but how far is your research about any school you are applying to, some institutions could be blacklisted in their countries. Read about what blacklisted schools are and list of the blacklisted colleges in Canada.

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