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10 Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

10 Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree!

After four long and arduous years of reading Sigmund Freud, studying Oedipus Complexes, and learning how to mislead people through advertising, you have earned your bachelor’s degree.

You’re excited, you want to live forever, and you’re not afraid of the obstacles that lie ahead (right, we’re done with the psychological jokes). It is time for you to find a career, just like every other graduate.

You may believe that working in this sector necessitates having a beard, conversing with neurotics, and inquiring about dreams. However, there are a variety of professional pathways available, some of which are related to psychology and others of which are in an entirely other league. As long as you have a BA and excellent acumen and talent, you can apply your skills in a wide variety of businesses.

No one will dispute the fact that it is tough to find a career, especially in the current labor market. In light of this, below is a list of ten Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree and exit the academic bubble successfully.

List of Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

The following is a list of Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree:

1. Advertising Agent

Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

Average salary: $49,680 / £39,000

There are three objectives served by advertising:

  • create brand recognition
  • communicate a statement about your business
  • Motivate consumers to purchase your products or services.

Given that the world is a gigantic billboard, it might be challenging for businesses to attract the public’s attention.

Here is where you enter. With a psychology degree, you can build a series of advertising campaigns that can penetrate the typical person’s consciousness or appeal to their emotions in order to pique their interest in whatever the company is selling.

You need not mention subliminal messaging. However, there are other strategies you can apply, such as the Baader-Meinhof phenomena, decoy pricing, and anthropomorphization.This is one of the Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree.

2. Childcare Employee

Average salary: $22,290 / £14,860

Before having children, you regard daycare professionals and everyone else who works with children as glorified babysitters. However, after you have children, your perception of these specialists changes tremendously. This Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree are absolute heroes and saints, as well as everything else!

Working in child care is arduous since children have difficulty conveying their needs and desires. Moreover, it can be equally aggravating when you try to provide them with direction and they do the opposite.

Does psychology work with kids? If you have taken courses in child psychology, you likely know some techniques for easing the stress of a childcare center, such as providing an abundance of Vitamin N (no) and encouraging children to share their stories.

3. Psychological Technician

Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

Average salary: $29,330 / £22,740

Nowadays, as the public is more cognizant of mental health, persons with psychology-related credentials are in great demand. The field of psychiatric technician is one that continues to flourish.

This Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree involves providing care and assistance to persons with mental illness or developmental disabilities. You are responsible for providing them with therapeutic care, whether in a psychiatric hospital or a residential mental health center. You can also work in standard health care environments, such as a general hospital or a therapist’s office.

4. Writer

Average salary: $61,820 / £23,250

Although many have been able to make a living from writing on psychology, becoming a psychology writer should begin as a supplementary, passive career.

You should continue to pursue full-time employment, but you can supplement your income by contributing to psychology magazines, maintaining a blog, or freelancing for book publishers.This is another Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree.

5. Social Employee

Average salary: $47,980 / £32,000

This Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree is an ambiguous phrase since, as you quickly see, this is a career that encompasses a variety of duties. As a social worker, you wear multiple hats, including administrator, therapist, clerk, and driver. The primary goal in these disciplines is to assist those who cannot help themselves or, at the absolute least, to give them a leg up.

The individual may have lived their entire life in great poverty, making normalcy and adulthood an unattainable goal. Or, an individual may be losing employment chances due to a mental illness.

Or a person is on the verge of losing his or her flat due to substance usage. It is your responsibility to help them get over these difficulties, and your psychology major can be a beneficial tool.

Why? Your training can aid in conquering depression, alleviating the stress of bullying, boosting recovery from catastrophic injuries, and minimizing the effects of divorce on families.

6. Profession Counselor

Average salary: $55,410 / £26,500

What did you aspire to be as you grew older? At the tender age of six, did you always wish to study the human mind? If yes, you should have viewed more animated films!

Numerous individuals question the value of career counselors, especially after hearing horror stories and accounts of despondency. How many successful people were advised by career counselors years ago that they were not equipped, qualified, or suitable for a particular field, only to be proven wrong years later?

Consequently, This Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree are more accurately described as career advisors that serve as only one instrument in determining an individual’s career path. This professional will construct a list of jobs, conduct interviews with students, analyze data, and provide guidance to children who are unsure of their future path.

7. Teacher in Special Education

Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

Average salary: $58,980 / £43,630

The number of pupils with special needs continues to rise, resulting in an increased demand for special education teachers. You cannot become a teacher immediately after receiving a four-year degree, since you must enroll in teacher’s college.

However, you should consider this while considering professions with a psychology degree, as your field of expertise is ideally suited for physically or mentally disabled youngsters with special needs.

8. Family Counsellor

Average salary: $48,790 / £34,000

Every family is dysfunctional, but some are more dysfunctional than others. However, this dysfunction can lead to significant domestic conflict, including verbal abuse, divorce, and problematic youth. Some families may fear they are irreparable, but treatment can transform the Manson Family into the Brady Bunch. This is another Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree.

And it is all due to you.

Every state has its own requirements for establishing a practice, but in general, this is how you can become a family therapist:

  • get an undergraduate degree
  • complete a master’s degree
  • obtain clinical experience
  • pass the certification exam.

Additionally, you have the option of continuing your education, which is strongly encouraged in all professions.

9. Psychotherapist

The median wage is $77,030 / £64,430

A psychology graduate will certainly consider a job in psychiatry. This is one of the most intriguing and exciting aspects of the psychology field. Unfortunately, many will be dissuaded because acquiring this title involves the same amount of time and effort as becoming a physician (and we all know how costly this can be):

  • acquiring a BA
  • earning a medical degree
  • obtaining a residence
  • acquiring a clinical license
  • obtaining certification by a board.

Some may argue that these are excessive and unneeded, but you cannot alter the system; you must adhere to it. Therefore, if you do not know what to do with a psychology degree, the default occupation is psychiatrist.

10. Drug Addiction Counselor

Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

Average salary: $43,300 / £28,500

Lastly on our Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree is drug addiction counselor. Substance abuse is commonplace. It is believed that over 20 million Americans are addicted to illicit substances, but only a portion of them obtain treatment. There are more than 5 million visits to emergency rooms due to substance misuse, and over 7 million individuals with a problem suffer from mental illness.

This is catastrophic. You can make a dent in the severity of this social transgression by working as a substance abuse counselor, however you cannot eliminate it entirely.

A substance abuse counselor is a mental health specialist who aids individuals coping with substance misuse. Your primary responsibility is to directly treat these individuals and their families.

You determine which treatment programs to follow, but your daily responsibilities also include locating support groups, directing clients to other resources, and linking them with services.

It can be difficult at times, but this career path is beneficial. Why? Because you are restoring someone’s life.

FAQs On Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

What degree is best for psychology?

All states require professional psychologists to hold a doctoral degree, either a Ph. D. or a Psy. D. While clinical psychologists who have earned either degree may obtain state licenses to practice, a Ph.

Is psychology a good degree?

Psychologists can find work in a wide range of fields. This includes jobs in schools, hospitals, substance abuse treatment, social services, and applied psychologists for businesses. Also, a psychology degree is highly valued in the job market because of the range of skills psychology majors acquire.

Is psychology a hard major?

According to students studying psychology, there is quite a lot of reading that you need to do. Psychology is one of the more difficult degrees and many of your assignments will require you to cite your sources and will require you to back up a lot of the arguments that you have.

How many years is a psychology degree?

A bachelor's degree in psychology is an undergraduate-level degree that typically takes four years to complete. At many universities, students can choose between a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

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