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7 Best Political Science Schools in the World

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Best Political Science Schools in the World!

Political science explores the intricate workings of society and government. Its scope and ambiguity make it challenging to examine because it doesn’t just concentrate on local government but also that of nations at large. Additionally, several factual statistics and testimonies indicate that this is a course that necessitates a lot of effort and cramming because of the quantity of information covered throughout the levels.

As a result, many schools have fought to offer the best curriculum in this area of study, using a variety of approaches such as specialization, viewing it from a particular standpoint, or talking about general subjects about all aspects of political science.

Best Political Science Schools in the World

These schools have proven to be classified as the best political science schools in the world:

Harvard University

  • Offerings: Bachelor’s and Ph.D. degrees

The name Harvard University is well-known in the academic community, and the school’s alumni are equally well-known. The fact that former Harvard students like John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, and Barack Obama aren’t afraid to take home prestigious honors like the Nobel Peace Prize should tell you everything you need to know about college.

Best Political Science Schools

Due to its notoriety, it is extremely picky about who it accepts as applicants. Given that Harvard is a one of the best political science schools in the world, the 4.6% admission rate puts aspirant students on edge on decision day, even when they have a variety of backup schools ready. If you believe the challenge is done once you’ve been admitted, you’re mistaken because Harvard is no joke.

As you come across academic experts and geniuses at the same level as you, or perhaps even higher, it will only get harder. After all, people who select Harvard as a place to learn and develop will do so not only as a student but also as a leader in bringing about change in the world.

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Sciences Po, France.

  • Degrees offered: Ph.D. and Bachelor’s.

There are a lot of international students at Sciences Po. One of the most diverse colleges on this list of best political science schools in the world, 46% of the applicants to this prestigious political science school during their 2019 admissions cycle were international. Additionally, it truly has a transfer program with Harvard and about 80 other US universities, making it known even in western culture.

Best Political Science Schools

It provides a wide range of intriguing dual degrees, including one that is paired with another school that focuses on social sciences and political science. Additionally, they offer language classes that present a wealth of chances for their aspirant students, particularly if they possess many talents. They can most certainly find a suitable dual degree at Sciences Po that includes a language study.

London School of Economics and Political Science, U.K

  • Degrees available: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral

LSE is a very inclusive institution; they have programs for racial justice and have built relationships with organizations all over the world to offer chances and education to people of all backgrounds. LSE offers a really diversified range of cultures and traditions thanks to the equally various backgrounds and cultures of their staff.

The school primarily focuses on social sciences, and many of their projects address topics like creating social contracts to increase communal welfare and creating a worldwide center called the “Firoz Lalji Global Hub.” As a result, students at LSE study political science broadly, considering it from the perspectives of society, the law, and individual minds as well as from those perspectives. Read on for more best political science schools in the world.

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Oxford University, United Kingdom

  • Degrees available: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral

Despite Oxford’s image as a respectable institution, its students never forget to have a good time. They already support their student’s’ individualism and self-interests by including a “Do what you love” section on their website. There are over 400 organizations and societies there, so no matter how specialized your interests are, you can find a match.

Because of its consistently high position in the Times Higher Education, where it has held the top spot for the past five years, it remains extremely competitive on the academic front. It makes sense that Oxford University is one of the best political science schools in the world. Additionally, there are 45% of international students in the total student body, which is unusually inclusive for a school, especially given its 17.5% acceptance rate.

Princeton University, America

  • Degrees offered: Ph.D. and Bachelor’s.

Why do we include Princeton University among the best political science schools in the world? You’re just about to find out!

Princeton University places a lot of emphasis on research. Their website has several sections that point to research-based programs, including an Interdisciplinary Approach where student work has been proudly displayed along with the schools they have partnered with. With this, Princeton is undoubtedly seeking creative and inquisitive individuals who have the ability to one day not only be included in one of their sections but also become well-known around the entire world.

Princeton’s unofficial slogan, “Princeton in the nation’s service and the service of humankind,” implies that the university expects its students to devote their lives to helping others. This can be seen in their various awards, the majority of which are Nobel Prizes. The essence of these awards is that they believe people can contribute to society through various fields, such as science, making them appropriate for Princeton students and alumni.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • Available degrees: bachelor’s

The University of Cambridge places a strong emphasis on science and research, and since cancer treatment is one of their top university news stories, it is a true hub for biological innovation. Leaving that aside, Cambridge University is among the best political science schools in the world.

It thrives on social advancement, and among its fundamental values are freedom from discrimination and freedom of expression. It is therefore not only scientifically and medically advanced, but also one of the origins of contemporary ideals.

A 21% admission percentage appears to be very respectable for a prominent university like Cambridge. A 21% is undoubtedly generous for a university with strong accreditation. Additionally, a university’s employment and higher education rates of 89%, which indicate that 89% of its population has either found employment or continued their studies within 15 months of graduation, are also pretty good.

Stanford University, America

  • Degrees available: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral

When it comes to its approach to political science, Stanford is quite inclusive. It provides a well-balanced blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and instructs political science in both a domestic and foreign context. Because of its breadth, graduate students are able to tackle the fundamentals of any area of study, which is advantageous for individuals who choose to pursue numerous specialities.

As one of the Ivy League Schools, this university offers opportunity to persons from diverse backgrounds through a number of inclusion programs, such as the “Minority Student Recruitment Program,” which works to increase diversity in the school and sets a positive example for other colleges to follow in terms of social advancement. This will be the last mention on our list of best political science schools in the world.

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Benefits of Studying Political Science

1. Political science provides a great foundation for graduate-level work.

  • You will hone the writingcommunication, analytical, and data abilities that are essential to a liberal arts education as a political science major.
  • This form of education will enable you to develop independent and critical thinking skills, help you understand many points of view, and increase your familiarity with current events.

2. Political Science Courses are a great way to be ready for Graduate or Law School.

  • Most students pursuing a legal degree major in political science in their first two years of college.
  • Additionally, students who concentrate in political science frequently go on to earn graduate degrees in related subjects like public administration or in political science-related fields like public policy.

3. A Political Science Study will Prepare you well for your Career

  • A political science major can prepare you for a wide range of jobs in the commercial, for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors.
  • Law, media, international affairs, elementary and secondary education, jobs in governmental organizations, and positions in political offices are just a few of the vocations that studying political science can prepare students for.

4. Political Science is a great way to get ready to be a Good Citizen.

  • Students who study political science gain a solid understanding of the value of political engagement and are better equipped to participate in local and national politics.

Best Political Science Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Political Science or Economics, which is Superior?

Given that political science is concerned with politics, both courses have their merits. Public administration and legislation are also included. While economics is regarded as an extension of finance and is a topic connected to commerce.

Political Science or Economics, which is Superior?

The best Ivy League schools for political science are Yale or Harvard. Best Ivy League school for business is Pennsylvania University. The best urban Ivy League school is Harvard.

Can a Political Science Major Practice Law?

Because of how closely related Political Science is to the legal system, it continues to be one of the most well-liked pre-law courses among college students who wish to pursue a career in law. The study of political conduct and diverse governmental structures are the main areas of focus in political science.

What level of Political Science Education is the Highest?

A doctorate is the highest degree that may be earned in political science. This is a doctorate in political science, sometimes known as a Ph.D.


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