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15 Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment

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Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. In the preceding two decades, the telecommunications industry has expanded rapidly. In the early 1980s, the disintegration of the Bell System ended a long-standing monopoly on telephone equipment and services in the United States.

This led to the establishment of seven independent local telephone service companies and competition in long-distance service.

To meet the ongoing need for faster networks, the telecom industry has continued to increase network capacity through additional fiber and wireless installations.

While many businesses are contracting and experiencing a labor shortage, the telecoms industry does not face the same challenges, as new opportunities are routinely created.

Professions involving telecommunications equipment comprise the creation, construction, and deployment of technologies for long-distance message transmission, such as cable, satellite, radio, mobile phones, and the internet.

Choosing a career in telecommunications fosters the critical thinking and inventiveness necessary to embrace new technology and address communication-related difficulties in creative and more effective ways.

Are you seeking employment in the telecommunications industry? Continue reading as we cover everything you need to know about the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

What is the definition of telecom equipment?

Since the early 1990s, the boundary between telecommunications equipment and IT equipment has become increasingly blurred, as the Internet’s emergence has led to a greater reliance on telecommunications infrastructure for data transit.

Telecommunications equipment consists of transmission lines, multiplexers, and base transceiver stations, among other items. It encompasses a wide range of communication technology, including telephones, radios, and even computers.

Because their tasks and objectives are so intertwined, networking equipment and telecommunications equipment are treated interchangeably. Due to their dependence on software, both hardware and software require people with expertise in both fields.

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What are the advantages of working in the field of telecommunications equipment?

The majority of the highest-paying positions in telecommunications equipment provide additional general perks. These high-paying positions in telecommunications equipment are the most sought-after in the industry for the following reasons:

Innovative skills

There is always something new to learn in the telecommunications industry because new things are continuously occurring, such as new ideas, advanced technology, and an increase in business management skills. Since fresh possibilities are continually available, there is no simple approach to execute tasks in communications.

Job stability

Because the globe is gradually becoming a computer city and nearly everyone, if not everyone, interacts with computers and/or the Internet, there are ample opportunities for a career in telecommunication. As a result, those employed in the telecommunications industry have job security because it is a future-proof employment.

Diverse Career field

There are numerous work opportunities available in the field of telecommunications, and it is easy to switch from one professional path to another. Professionals are also well compensated and have the opportunity to acquire new skills on the job.

15 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

The following is a list of the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment:

1. Wireless Technician

Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment

A wireless technician, usually referred to as a wireless communications technician, is a tech support person that repairs wireless devices. As a wireless technician, you repair mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

This Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment duties include the construction and maintenance of cell towers, the development of wireless networks, and the debugging of system, software, and hardware malfunctions. The expected yearly salary of a wireless technician is $59,000. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the telecommunications equipment industry.

2. Broadband Technician

The duties of this Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment include the installation, maintenance, and repair of telecommunications networks.

Frequently, they are responsible for ensuring that the communications link is active, creating user accounts, and monitoring network activity.

Other roles of a broadband engineer include data compilation, coding, and verification. The annual salary of a broadband engineer is anticipated to be $76,000.

3. Line installers

Line installers are one of the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. They are responsible for installing new lines by constructing utility poles, towers, and underground tunnels to transmit the wires and cables necessary to operate communication devices such as telephones and televisions.

Line installers connect and mount lines to poles, towers, and other similar equipment following the construction process. In addition to these responsibilities, employees must also establish client services and install home and business network equipment.

This Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment requires arduous physical labor and a working knowledge of telecommunications technologies.

4. Installer of Satellite Dish

Installation of satellite dishes is one of the highest-paying positions in telecommunications equipment. As a satellite dish installer, it is your responsibility to install and modify satellite dishes so that they receive a strong signal.

This Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment role also entails providing repair service when needed, aiding clients with equipment selection, and determining if an electrical professional is required prior to installing gear.

Installers of satellite dishes often provide customer service, evaluate the optimal location for installing a dish, select the necessary installation tools, run cables between households and dishes, and maintain records of completed work.

Some installers work for large television service providers, whilst others work for independent satellite dish suppliers and may perform this labor in addition to their other duties. Their projected annual income is $65,000.

5. Optical Fiber Technician

Fiber Optic technicians must be included on a list of the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment industry. A fiber optic technician is estimated to earn $60,000 per year. As a fiber optic technician or a technician of fiber networks, you install and repair fiber optic networks.

Fiber optics are utilized to transmit data for a variety of purposes, such as telephones, cable television, and the internet. Specialists in fiber optics install new fiber optic cables and repair existing networks in commercial and residential environments. You may also be responsible for installing equipment such as modems.

6. Dish Network installer

Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment

As a Dish Network installer, you are responsible for installing satellite equipment to enable a facility to receive television, internet, and other satellite-based services.

In this Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment, you may coordinate installations with building managers, ensuring that each computer can connect to the newly established network, and fulfill your responsibilities by installing dishes in high-traffic areas.

Installers from Dish Network routinely assist with the repair and upkeep of existing installations. This job title refers solely to employment offered by Dish Network, a large employer and provider of satellite systems in the United States.

Similar opportunities are usually posted by other companies using terms like satellite dish installer or satellite dish technician. $55,000 is the average annual income for a dish network installer.

7. Data scientists

Popularly, data scientists are regarded to as the cream of the crop in the telecommunications business. One component of the telecommunications industry that is well-known is data processing. As the amount of available data increases, the demand for data scientists in the telecommunications industry also rises.

The duties of a data analyst include reviewing data and transforming it into useful information, protecting the organization from data theft, and assuring data quality.

Unquestionably, data scientist is one of the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

8. Voice over internet protocol engineer (VOIP Engineer)

A VoIP engineer is responsible for the setup and maintenance of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone networks. VoIP is a mechanism that enables parties to interact via the internet as opposed to a conventional telephone system.

As a VoIP engineer, you are responsible for analyzing the company’s needs, creating a network with the necessary hardware, and ensuring proper voice communication by monitoring the system.

9. Antenna Engineer

Antenna engineers are among the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment industry, with a basic salary of $132,000. An antenna engineer designs and manufactures antennas and other communication devices.

A person in this field is responsible for working with electronic equipment such as modems, cell phones, satellite equipment, and radio antennas.

Your responsibilities may include conducting research, creating a development schedule, and recommending budgets for development activities.

You routinely construct prototypes of your concepts for testing and then evaluate their effectiveness. Radio frequency ranges are necessary for a variety of tasks.

10. Instrumentation and control specialist

Instrumentation and control engineering are referred to as IC engineering under another name. It is a discipline of engineering that focuses on the creation of monitoring and control systems for industrial and production operations.

As an IC engineer, you will be responsible for a number of responsibilities, including as investigating current systems and processes, monitoring and calibrating equipment, and designing new tools and gadgets to assist staff in measuring sensors.Hence, it is also among the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

11. Site reliability engineers

Site reliability engineers must be well-versed in both the application and the code in order to monitor application performance. In this way, they bridge the gap between application development and application production.

With a median salary of $123,250, this is one of the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

12. Instrumentation and control systems designer

As an IC design engineer, it is your responsibility to construct an integrated circuit that meets the specifications of a given project.

Incorporating amplifiers, transistors, capacitors, resistors, and other components into a single component that manufacturers can, as usual, place on a larger circuit board.

The skills and responsibilities of an IC design engineer involve knowledge of numerous electrical components and the ability to translate overall project goals into specific design objectives.

13. Satellite TV installer

Installers of satellite television install satellite equipment for customers. Normal duties for this Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment include constructing and installing a television cable, mounting and configuring a satellite dish, and ensuring that each room is properly connected to a television source.

You routinely operate indoors and outdoors in a variety of temperatures and altitudes, and you frequently carry heavy equipment up ladders. The estimated average pay in this field is $65,000.

14. optical fiber splicer

Fiber optic splicers install, maintain, and repair fiber optic cable used for telephones, the internet, and television, as well as other types of telecommunications infrastructure. The projected average income range for fiber optic splicers is $46,000 to $56,000.

15. Data Architect 

Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment

Data architects are among the Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

They translate business requirements into database solutions and are responsible for data storage and organizing. The responsibility also includes ensuring the security of these databases. The median annual salary for data architects is $145,000.

FAQs On Best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment

Where do telecommunication engineers work?

For example, many telecommunication engineers work for telephone network providers, mobile phone companies, and cable and satellite companies. They also work for select government agencies, such as the army, the navy, the police, and emergency services.

Is telecommunication engineering in demand?

Electronic engineers also conceptualize and supervise the manufacturing process of broadcast and communication systems. This is a highly in-demand career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the prospect in this particular telecommunication engineering jobs field is expected to grow by 7% in the future.

What are the fields in telecommunication?

The department features several industrial disciplines such as RF and microwave, satellite communication, Optical fiber communication, Wireless & Mobile Communication and Analog & Digital Communication, that helps student shaping in these areas.

What is telecommunication equipment?

The term “telecommunications equipment” means equipment, other than customer premises equipment, used by a carrier to provide telecommunications services, and includes software integral to such equipment (including upgrades).

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