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Best Colleges with Sports Medicine Majors in 2023

Colleges with Sports Medicine Majors. Nowadays, thousands of people are interested in entering the exciting and fascinating field of sports medicine. Sports medicine physicians have received specialized training to help injured patients regain mobility and function. In addition, they are extremely adept at avoiding illness and injury in physically active individuals.

Specialists in sports medicine are frequently associated with professionals working with athletes. This isn’t always the case, though. They also work with teens and children who participate in school sports and adults who exercise on their own for health and fitness reasons. Also, now and again, they will treat people with genuinely requesting position that can cause wounds.

The fact that sports medicine is not its own medical specialty may pique the interest of many individuals. Most of sports medication suppliers are confirmed in another forte, for example, family medication, inside medication, or crisis medication. They will receive additional training for sports medicine. A portion of these experts will zero in on treating wounds and youngsters and kids, which is to some degree unique in relation to treating grown-ups on the grounds that developing bodies should be dealt with distinctively at times. Additionally, some medical professionals who specialize in sports medicine have undergone training in surgery, typically orthopedic surgery.

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There are a number of excellent sports medicine colleges available to those who wish to enter the field. Students interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine may benefit from attending colleges that offer sports medicine majors. We look at 10 schools that have cutting-edge curriculums, high-caliber faculty, practical clinical experience, and favorable career outcomes for this list. The following is our list of ten of the best schools for sports medicine:

What is a Sports Medicine Major?

Principles of sports science, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports nutrition, orthopedics, and sports psychology are all incorporated into sports medicine. Physiotherapists, nutritionists, doctors, surgeons, athletic trainers, coaches, dietitians, and personal trainers are among the professionals that the sports medicine team investigates.

If you don’t know what sports medicine is, it’s a specialty that focuses on nonsurgical procedures. The majority of injuries sustained during exercise do not necessitate surgery.

A sports physician treats more than just athletics-related injuries. It also helps them perform better and get the most out of their efforts.

10 best Colleges with Sports Medicine Majors

1. Logan University

The Master of Athletic Training program at Logan University prepares students to provide proactive, evidence-based care to a wide range of patients. Students in this graduate program will have access to cutting-edge science facilities as well as regional partners who will provide them with clinical experience. In fact, students will spend between 80 and 90 percent of their time in the classroom instead of working in the field with athletic trainers.

A rigorous curriculum and research opportunities also benefit students. Additionally, Logan University provides two start dates each year, allowing you to take advantage of smaller class sizes and begin your MAT training sooner. Stephen Nickell, the well-known director of the program, is the chair of the department. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

2. University of Michigan

The Athletic Training graduate program at the University of Michigan’s School of Kinesiology enables each student to develop a body of knowledge regarding the prevention and treatment of various types of injuries in athletes and other individuals. In addition to rigorous and challenging coursework, students will be able to benefit from clinical experience in the field. A student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1 also helps the students.

Understudies in this regarded program additionally work with probably the best clinical experts and analysts in the country. In order to begin a career in sports medicine, they will aid in their preparation for the Board of Certification Examination. 94% of the understudies in this licensed expert’s program will breeze through the test on their absolute first endeavor.

3. Boston University

Sargent College is home to the Master of Science in Athletic Training program offered by Boston University. This is a two-year full-time program with challenging coursework. During the first year, students will spend most of their time in the classroom, with some clinical experiences. There are more than a dozen locations for clinical education in the region, particularly during the second year, where students can gain excellent patient care experience.

Students will be immersed in athletic training and its practice during this second year by participating in three full-time clinical experiences. In addition to world-class researchers, students will have the opportunity to learn from numerous outstanding physicians.

4. McNeese State University

If you’re starting your undergraduate career and want to major in sports medicine, McNeese State University is a great choice. They let you choose to specialize in sports medicine. Impressively, students who choose to major in health and human performance or sports medicine in one of these pre-professional program concentrations will have approximately a 90% chance of being accepted to a professional school after college.

Students majoring in sports medicine will be able to instruct clients in physical fitness training as well as precisely how to prevent and treat athletic injuries. The nutritional and physiological requirements of patients, as well as the capabilities and functions of the human body, are taught to students here.

5. University of Pittsburgh

The Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh is known for its innovative program. Here, cutting-edge methods are being utilized by scientists to potentially extend athletes’ careers worldwide. They are directing exploration that could help competitors, yet additionally individuals in the military and typical people. They collaborate with numerous regional, national, and international partners. Additionally, they receive a significant amount of funding from NASA, the US Department of Defense, and the National Institutes of Health.

At this school, students might be able to take advantage of a number of different programs. A Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition science or athletic training, a Master of Science degree in sports science or sports medicine, a Dietitian Nutritionist program that can be completed at either the bachelor’s or master’s level, and a PhD degree in rehabilitation science are among these.

6. University of Southern California 

The Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is located at the University of Southern California. A Master of Science in Biokinesiology with a focus on Sports Science is now available to students. Students will learn everything they can about movement’s biomechanical, physiological, and neurological foundations through this program.

In addition, students will acquire all the abilities necessary to succeed in a specialized field of sports medicine. Understudies will obtain a pragmatic and hypothetical comprehension of ideas that are utilized in sports execution evaluation with regards to injury risk, managing injury, and ideal execution. They will then be able to put all of this knowledge to use in real-world situations and join multidisciplinary teams that focus on athletes’ health and performance.

7. University of Georgia

The BSEd in Exercise and Sport Science program at the University of Georgia provides students with the opportunity to specialize in accordance with their own objectives and interests through a beneficial combination of coursework, experiences, and research opportunities.

When it comes to Doctor of Physical Therapy programs, graduates of this program have a high placement rate. Additionally, the National Academy of Kinesiology has ranked this department at number 7.

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8. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The College of Minnesota Twin Urban communities has been a conspicuous name in essential consideration sports medication training, practice, and exploration for north of twenty years. The program offers sports medicine courses not only to students majoring in sports medicine, but also to medical students and residents who want to take sports medicine electives. In addition, the department annually supports a sports medicine fellowship.

Orthopedic surgeons in the family medicine faculty at the University of Minnesota also provide services to the University of Minnesota’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. The school’s world-class sports medicine faculty also serves as team physicians and provides medical assistance to a variety of athletes competing at the professional, collegiate, Olympic, and even high school levels.

9. University of Northern Iowa

 Understudies can decide to finish a Four-year education in liberal arts in athletic preparation and restoration learns at the College of Northern Iowa. The pre-health professions are the primary focus of this program. This program will be extremely beneficial to students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in physical therapy, athletic training, or occupational therapy.

Through interaction with a wide range of professionals in the field, including physicians, chiropractors, strength and conditioning specialists, and others, students will have the opportunity to put their knowledge and clinical skills to use. On campus, there are wonderful facilities like a hydrotherapy room and training clinics.

This degree, in particular, will serve as an excellent foundation for the Master of Athletic Training at the same institution if you want to work as an athletic trainer. You can become certified as an athletic trainer by combining these two programs, making this a career option. This university was the first in the state of Iowa to provide its students with the accredited master’s degree that is now required for this kind of certification.

10. Sam Houston State University

The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education approves Sam Houston State University’s Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training program. However, it is essential to keep in mind that admission is competitive, and in order to apply for the program, students will need to complete a pre-professional athletic training curriculum and other requirements.

The program’s participants will gain valuable clinical experience with high school and intercollegiate athletics, in addition to hospital settings. Students who complete this program’s requirements will be eligible to apply for Texas State licensure and take the National Board of Certification Examination.

FAQS on Colleges with Sports Medicine Majors

How many years is sports medicine?

Sports medicine typically takes around 8-12 years of education and training, including an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, residency program, and fellowship program.

Should I major in sports medicine in college?

Whether or not to major in sports medicine in college depends on your career goals and interests. If you are interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine, majoring in this field can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills. However, if you have other career interests, it may not be the best major for you. It is important to research and consider all your options before making a decision.

Where do sports medicine professionals work?

Sports medicine professionals can work in various settings, including sports teams, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, and universities. Some may also have their own private practices or work as consultants. The specific work setting depends on the professional's specialty and career goals.

What is the best college for sports medicine in Texas?

There are several colleges and universities in Texas that offer strong sports medicine programs, such as Baylor University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas at Austin. However, determining the "best" college for sports medicine in Texas depends on individual preferences and factors such as program offerings, location, cost, and reputation. It is important to research and compare multiple colleges before making a decision.


People are becoming interested in entering the fascinating healthcare field of sports medicine, which has made sports medicine a dream career. It’s inevitable to get hurt while playing sports or exercising, whether it’s a serious or minor injury.

Specialists or physicians in sports medicine are in high demand as a result. Many people are mistaken when they believe that sports medicine is simple. However, it might appear that their job is straightforward and uncomplicated. A degree from one of the best colleges with sports medicine majors is the only way to succeed in life or advance your career.

It is a golden opportunity to study sports medicine at any of the best colleges because you will be well-prepared and trained, giving you an advantage in the job market. We have decided to assist you by listing the ten best colleges that offer sports medicine majors in this article so that you don’t have to go through the hassle and stress of looking for the best school.

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