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15 Best Pre Law Schools in the US

The best pre law schools in the US offer undergraduate programs that put a strong emphasis on legal studies and the administration of justice, and those who want to pursue a law degree would greatly benefit from doing so.

In contrast to medical schools, law schools do not have a set of prerequisites that applicants must meet in order to attend. Students are strongly advised to look into the several undergraduate degrees available that can help them better understand the area of law that they hope to practice in the future.

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Why are Pre Law Schools Important?

Numerous institutions offer a range of pre-law programs. These courses help students with the application process for law school while also allowing them to research a range of legal careers. A legal degree is highly useful and may be used in many different industries, despite the difficulty.

What are the best pre law schools in the US, then? We’ll discuss the top 15 pre-law institutions in the country right now. To help students who are interested in pursuing a legal career in the future, these colleges offer educational resources, summer programs, and mentorships.

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Best Pre Law Schools in the US

These are best pre law schools in the US:

1. Harvard University

  • In Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • 9,900 undergraduate students
  • 5% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1480-1580/33-36
best pre law schools in the US
best pre law schools in the US

Any student wishing to get into law school will have a better chance if they attend a prestigious and selective college like Harvard. The university’s residential program, which groups students into “houses” at the conclusion of their first year, is another advantage for Harvard freshmen. Each house has its own pre-law advisors, who are typically current law students who may offer firsthand knowledge and helpful information regarding the application process to law school. The Office of Career Services at Harvard may help students with more general needs including creating a CV, compiling a summary of their extracurricular activities, and looking out fellowships and internships.

2. Yale University

  • In New Haven, Connecticut
  • 5,900 undergraduate students
  • 7% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1480-1560/31-35
Best pre law schools in the US
Best pre law schools in the US

One of the best pre law schools in the US is Yale University. From a pool of 5,296 applicants, the school only admitted 214 students for the class of 2024, yielding an 87% rate. The approved students’ average LSAT score was 174, and their median GPA was 3.94. A pre-law advisor in Yale’s Office of Career Strategy can assist students with the application procedure for law school. The Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association, Yale Mock Trial Association, and Yale Undergraduate Moot Court are just a few of the law-related extracurriculars Yale offers.

3. Chicago University

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • 6,600 undergraduate students
  • 7% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1510-1560/33-35

One of the best pre law schools in the US, the University of Chicago’s Careers in Law program offers a number of options to help students get into law school. Through events like workshops, discussions, job shadowing, and internships, the Careers in Law program enables students to investigate various career options in the legal industry. Additionally, the program offers one-on-one counseling and helps students create effective law school applications.

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4. Princeton University

  • Location: Princeton, New Jersey
  • 5,400 undergraduate students
  • 6% Acceptance Rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1470-1560/33-35

Numerous possibilities are available at Princeton University for those interested in a legal career. The Center for Career Development at Princeton University provides pre-law advising for current students and supports them throughout the entire admissions process to law school, including helping them identify their areas of interest in law, reviewing their applications, and providing feedback on their materials. Students are exposed to pre-law workshops and panels on campus as well as information sessions from representatives of law schools. Even shorter “Princetonships,” lasting one to three days, are available at Princeton and match students with alumni who work in the legal industry.

5. UPenn, or University of Pennsylvania

  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 11,800 undergraduate students
  • 9% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1480-1570/33-35

UPenn is frequently regarded as one of the best pre law schools in the US in the country due to its wealth of resources and exceptional track record of placing students in top law schools. Students at UPenn have access to all the resources they need to present a compelling case for acceptance to law school, including pre-law advisors, organizations like the John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society, and a once- or twice-weekly pre-law newsletter. In 2020–2021, there were double digits of former Penn students enrolled in law programs at elite universities like Harvard, Yale, and NYU.

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6. Georgetown University

  • Location: Washington, DC.
  • 7,400 undergraduate students
  • 17% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1380-1530/32-35

Students at Georgetown University who want to go to law school have a wide range of options. Students can acquire a pre-law guide from Georgetown’s Cawley Career Education Center that covers everything from applications to the LSAT to resumes. From the beginning to the end of the application process, pre-law advisors are ready to help students with activities like compiling a list of law schools that suit their needs, writing their personal statements, and assessing their applications. Additionally, the college provides pre-law students with workshops, and visitors from prestigious law schools frequently stop by the campus.

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7. Columbia University

  • Location: New York
  • 8,200 undergraduate students
  • 7% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1480-1560/33-35

One of the best pre law schools in the US is located at Columbia University, making it a great place for people who want to go to law school to meet and network with smart legal students. The Pre-Law Society at Columbia University offers undergraduate students the chance to speak with working lawyers, educators, and law students and gives them a venue to ask questions regarding the application process for law school, law schools, and legal profession in general.

8. Duke University

  • Location: Durham, N.C.
  • 6,600 undergraduate students
  • 8% Acceptance Rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1480-1560/34-35

Although Duke doesn’t have a pre-law curriculum, there is a pre-law process that entails choosing a suitable path and honing crucial abilities including research, negotiation, and mediation. The Pre-Law Advising Office at Duke offers seminars and advice to students to assist them better understand legal vocations. There are numerous organizations at Duke that put on a range of activities and events, such as the Duke Bench & Bar Pre-Law Society. The Duke PreLaw Fellowship Program, a four-week residential program that introduces incoming college sophomores and juniors to the study of law and the legal profession, is another opportunity for pre-law students at Duke.

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9. Stanford University

  • Stanford, California
  • 7,000 undergraduate students.
  • 5% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1470-1560/34-35

Stanford University offers several degrees that foster the critical thinking and communication abilities necessary to succeed in law school. Stanford students are supported by pre-law advisors who offer individualized meetings, discuss issues including when to apply to law school, where to apply, how to prepare for the LSAT, and even edit personal statements. Pre-law students can also benefit from activities like informational panels, visits from admissions deans from law schools, and job shadowing opportunities with Stanford alums in the legal field. Campus clubs like the Stanford Pre-Law Society offer additional assistance to students.

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10. Dartmouth College 

  • Location: Hanover, New Hampshire
  • 4,400 undergraduate students
  • 9% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1430-1550/32-35

Dartmouth offers a wide range of degrees, including those in economics, government, history, and philosophy, which are excellent for preparing students for law school. Pre-law students at Dartmouth are given individualized attention by a pre-law coordinator, who helps them make decisions about when and where to attend law school, explore legal vocations, get ready for the LSAT, write personal statements, and eventually guide them through the admissions process. Students at Dartmouth have access to a range of options to get practical legal experience through clerkships, internships, and employment with charitable organizations.

11. Cornell University

  • Location: Ithaca, New York
  • 15,100 undergraduate students
  • 11% acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1450-1540/33-35

For those looking to attend law school, Cornell University is a well-liked choice. Graduate and Professional School Day at Cornell provides students with the opportunity to meet with representatives from a range of graduate and professional institutions, including law schools, in a casual setting. The university is home to a number of initiatives aimed to give students practical experience and improve their chances of admission to professional programs like law school, such as the Cornell Prelaw Program & Internship in New York City, Cornell in Washington, and Capital Semester.

12. Brown University

  • Location: Providence, Rhode Island.
  • 7,000 undergraduate students.
  • 8% Acceptance Rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1440-1570/33-35

The wide programme of study offered by Brown University enables students to develop the critical competencies required for success in law school. The institution provides one-on-one counseling and sponsors a wide range of activities and seminars concerning applying to law school, getting a legal education, and pursuing a career in law. Numerous student organizations focused on law and advocacy may be found on the Brown University campus, including the Brown Pre-Law Society and the Brown University Black Pre-Law Association. Brown students have consistently excelled their peers on the LSAT and have greatly outpaced the national average for acceptance to law schools over the previous ten years.

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13. WashU, or Washington University in St. Louis

  • Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
  • 7,700 undergraduate students
  • 16% Acceptance Rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1480-1560/33-35

Students who want to study law should consider Washington University in St. Louis. A pre-law handbook has been produced by the university to provide students with a step-by-step guide to preparing for and applying to law school. The university has devoted pre-law advisors to assist students through the entire admissions process. The WashU Pre-Law Society offers further assistance to students. Although WashU doesn’t offer a pre-law major, it does offer a legal studies minor. This interdisciplinary program allows students to study law while also taking courses in anthropology, economics, history, philosophy, and political science.

14. Northwestern University

  • Location: Evanston, Illinois
  • 8,600 undergraduate students
  • 9% Acceptance Rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1490-1550/33-35

Northwestern University, which has a reputation for placing its undergraduates in the best law schools nationwide, holds the belief that receiving the best liberal arts education is the best preparation for attending law school. Northwestern Career Advancement offers pre-law counseling to its students, and through a Chicago Field Studies law internship, Northwestern undergraduates can connect their academic and professional interests in the legal professions while gaining valuable personal experience. Additionally, Northwestern offers a major in legal studies, an interdisciplinary course of study that examines law from historical, cultural, and empirical angles.

15. Amherst College

  • Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
  • 1,800 undergraduate students
  • 12-percent acceptance rate
  • SAT/ACT middle 50%: 1440-1540/32-35

Political science and economics are only two of the numerous disciplines that Amherst College offers that are frequently used to enter law school. In addition, Amherst offers a special major called Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought that takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study, contextualization, and theorizing of law. This major is perfect for students interested in going to law school. Students at Amherst have access to pre-law advisors who can help with the admission process, finding internships that pertain to the practice of law, and choosing pertinent extracurricular activities.

Best pre law schools in the US
Best pre law schools in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

Which US institution has the top pre-law curriculum?

Harvard University.
The Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association and the Harvard Law Society are only two of the pre-law clubs Harvard offers. Additionally, you can benefit from the Harvard alumni network at prestigious universities and law firms.

What is Pre-law school?

Pre-law in the United States refers to any undergraduate course taken in order to prepare for studies at a law school. According to the American Bar Association, law schools must only accept applicants who have earned an approved bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree from their country of origin.

What Pre-law Major is recommended?

You can either concentrate your undergraduate studies in a field as diverse as art, music, science and mathematics, computer science, or engineering, or you can choose to major in a subject that is thought of as the traditional preparation for law school, such as history, English, philosophy, political science, economics, or business.

Why are Pre-law courses taken?

By requiring them to fulfill the same general requirements as every other student, the pre-law major works to increase students' general knowledge. It then introduces the study of law through courses that are specifically targeted to help students develop their analytical and communication skills.



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