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Top Hardest Medical Schools to Get Into in 2023

Hardest Medical Schools to Get Into 2022!

One of the most challenging and sought-after academic courses is medicine. It is simpler for academics to admire medical students than it is to be admitted into a medical school. The greatest medical schools are typically those that are the most difficult to get into.

According to statistics, there are more than 2600 medical schools globally, with one-third of those schools being spread across five different nations. This article answers your question of the hardest medical schools to get into.

What is a Medical School?

People who attend medical school receive a professional degree such as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Medicine, or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine after studying medicine as a course.

But conventional medical instruction, research, and patient care training are what every medical school strives to offer.

The reasons Some Institutions are deemed to as the Hardest Medical Schools to get into

It’s difficult to get into medical school. There are additional explanations, too, for why a school could be considered to as the most difficult or hardest medical schools to get into. Some of the explanations for why some institutions are deemed to as the toughest medical schools are listed below.

1. Multiple applicants:

Due to the large number of candidates, some of these schools are known as the hardest medical schools to get into. The medical field of study is the one that students are most interested in applying to, among other disciplines of study. As a result, these colleges frequently raise their admission standards and decrease their acceptance rates.

2. Insufficient Medical Schools

It may be challenging to enroll in medical schools if there aren’t many of them in a certain nation or region. It happens when there is a significant demand for medical schools and a large number of applicants.

This has a significant impact on how difficult it is to get into medical school.

3. Enrollment Rate

Compared to the amount of applicants, some of these colleges have a limited number of admissions seats. Because of the available medical facilities, there are some restrictions on admitting all applicants.

However, as these institutions only accept a certain amount of applications, a society with a poor health care facility or staff will not prosper there.

4. MCAT scores and GDP:

Most of these medical schools demand that applicants have the necessary MCAT score and cumulative GPA. The America Medical College Application Service, however, takes the cumulative GPA into consideration.

Hardest Medical Schools to Get Into

What are the Acceptance Rate, MCAT, and GPA?

Every prospective medical student must take the MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, a computer-based test. However, the goal of this exam is to predict how applicants would perform after being accepted into the school.

The grade point average (GPA) is the figure used to sum up pupils’ overall academic performance. Get a GPA of at least 3.5 or higher if you wish to enroll in some of the best medical schools in the world as a postgraduate student.

Additionally, it’s crucial to meet the GPA and MCAT standards for admission to medical schools. For entrance, each medical school has a different GPA and MCAT requirement. Probably a good idea to look into that as well.

The pace at which colleges admit new students is referred to as the acceptance rate. The number of admitted students is divided by the total number of applicants to determine the percentage of admitted students, which differs for different schools.

The majority of the time, prospective students’ applications determine the acceptance rate.

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Schools

Is the MCAT challenging to pass?

Passing the MCAT is not difficult if you study properly. The exam, meanwhile, is extensive and can be fairly difficult.

Is a medical degree the most difficult to obtain?

It is true that earning a medical degree is among the top degrees to obtain, but it is not the only one.

Which medical school year is the hardest?

In both medical school and other schools, the first year is actually the most difficult. It requires a lot of time-consuming activities, and clearing stuff out, especially while settling, can be exhausting. As a freshman, juggling all of these obligations along with going to classes and studying may be very taxing.

What should I watch out for while submitting an application to medical schools?

The location, curriculum, vision and mission of the institution, accreditation, MCAT and GPA scores, and admission rate are the main factors to take into account when applying to any medical school.

Prerequisites for Medical Schools

The requirements for medical schools vary depending on the region, but in general, prospective students must have completed some pre-medical coursework.

Others might also need a foundational understanding of topics like biology, physics, inorganic/organic chemistry, and calculus. However, it’s likely that two-thirds of these schools would demand a strong English foundation.

10 Hardest Medical Schools to get into

These are the hardest medical schools to get into in 2022:

1. College of Medicine at Florida State University

  • Location: 1115 Wall Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32304, USA.
  • 2.2% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 506
  • GPA: 3.7

It was founded in 2000 and is a recognized medical school. Every student receives an extraordinary medical education at the school. One of the hardest medical schools to get into is Florida State University College of Medicine.

However, Florida University College of Medicine strives to educate and cultivate outstanding medical professionals and researchers that have a strong foundation in science, art, and medicine.

The importance of diversity, comradery, open communication, and respect for others is instilled in the students.

2. Stanford University of Medicine

  • Location: Stanford, California, USA 94305, 291 Campus Drive
  • 2.2% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 520
  • GPA: 3.7

In 1858, the Stanford University of Medicine was founded. The university is renowned for its top-notch medical teaching facilities.

They do, however, seek to provide the students with the essential medical knowledge. They also teach pupils how to think critically so they can make a difference in the world.

Apart from being one of the hardest medical schools to get into, Stanford University’s medical school has increased access to its global learners’ instructional materials. This includes access to the Stanford Center for Health Education as well as some of the earliest massive open online courses in medicine.

3) Harvard Medical School

  • Place: 25 Shattuck St, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA.
  • 3.2% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 519
  • GPA: 3.9

Harvard Medical School, which opened its doors in 1782, is one of the hardest medical schools to get into. One of the oldest schools in the country is this one.

Hardest Medical Schools to Get Into

It is also renowned for its discoveries and study into paradigms. Professor Benjamin Waterhouse from HMS brought the smallpox vaccination to America in 1799.

The numerous achievements of Harvard Medical School are well known around the world.

4) The Grossman Medical School at New York University

  • Address: 550 First Avenue, New York, New York 10016, USA
  • 2.5% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 522
  • GPA: 3.9

The Grossman School of Medicine at New York University is a private scientific institution that opened its doors in 1841. The institution is one of the hardest medical schools to get into.

More than 65,000 students receive a challenging, demanding education from the Grossman School of Medicine. They also have a sizable global network of accomplished former students.

Students who enroll in the MD degree program at NYU Grossman School of Medicine also receive full tuition subsidies. They make sure that the students are academically prepared as future scholars and leaders in the medical field.

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5) Howard University School of Medicine

  • Washington, D.C.’s Howard University Health Sciences Center is the location.
  • 2.5% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 504
  • GPA: 3.25

An academic division of Howard University that offers medicine is called the Howard University College of Medicine. It began to exist in 1868.

It aims to give students top-notch training in medical education and research.

The institution also houses the College of Dentistry, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Nursing, and the College of Allied Health Sciences, all of which are medical colleges. Doctor of Medicine, Ph.D., and other professional degrees are also awarded by them.

6) Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School

  • Address: 222 Richmond St, Providence, Rhode Island 02903, USA.
  • 2.8% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 515
  • GPA: 3.8

Ivy League medical schools include Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School. The institution is a top-ranked medical school and one of the hardest medical schools to get into.

The institution aims to assist each student develop professionally while also providing clinical skills.

Through creative medical education programs and research activities, Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School also makes sure to enhance the health of individuals and communities.

7) Georgetown University School of Medicine 

  • Location: Washington, DC 2007, 3900 Reservoir Road NW, USA.
  • 2.8% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 512
  • GPA: 2.7

The Georgetown University School of Medicine is a medical school in Washington, D.C. It became a reality in 1851. Students can participate in biomedical research, clinical service, and medical instruction at the school.

Additionally, the school curriculum is created to teach pupils medical principles, ethics, and competencies that support health and wellbeing.

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8) The John Hopkins School of Medicine

  • Address: 3733 N Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland 21205, USA.
  • 2.8% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 521
  • GPA: 3.93

One of the hardest medical schools to get into is John Hopkins University School of Medicine, a top-tier private institution of higher learning and medical research.

The school educates medical professionals who will diagnose and treat patients, as well as practice clinical medical difficulties.

John Hopkin University School of Medicine is likewise well known for its inventiveness, scientific investigation, and administration of roughly six academic and community hospitals as well as medical and surgical facilities.

9) Baylor Medical College

  • Houston, Texas 77030, United States.
  • 4.3% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 518
  • GPA: 3.8

The largest medical center in the world is Baylor College of Medicine, a private medical institution in Texas. BCM, which was founded in 1900, is a top-tier medical school.

When it comes to admissions, Baylor is very picky. With a current admittance rate of 4.3%, it is a leading medical research school and primary care facility.

Additionally, Baylor College places a strong emphasis on training future medical professionals in areas of science, research, and health.

10. New York Medical College

  • Address: 40 Sunshine Cottage Road, Valhalla, New York 10595, USA
  • 5.2% acceptance rate
  • MCAT rating: 512
  • GPA: 3.8

One of the largest and oldest medical colleges in the United States was founded in 1860 and is called New York Medical College.

Furthermore, the institution is a top-tier, New York City-based biomedical research university.

Students at New York Medical College receive training to become clinical and health practitioners as well as health researchers who will improve human health and wellbeing.

Hardest Medical Schools to Get Into


As a result of competitive applications to most of the medical schools, there will always be existence of hardest medical schools to get into.



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