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The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship 2023

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs grants the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship to foreign students. Students who desire to study abroad and are ready to enroll in any Ph.D. or Masters program in France are given the scholarship.

A total of 15,873 USD in financial help is given to all of the scholarship-eligible students each year, or $1323 USD per month.

People who are 30 years old or younger for master’s programs and 35 years old or younger for doctoral programs are eligible for the award.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Details:

  • Deadline: January, 2023 (Annual)
  • Publication of Results: Week of 3 April, 2023
  • Country: France
  • Year of Study: 2023–2024
  • Institution(s) hosting: French Universities and Academic Institutions
  • Type of Scholarship: Merit-Based
  • Scholarships awarded: 350
  • Renewal: Single Payment
  • Study Level: Engineering program, joint doctorate program (joint supervision of dissertation and/or dual degree), or master’s degree program run in collaboration with a partner university abroad.
  • Target Audience: International Students
  • The area(s) of study:
  1. The following 7 disciplines of study for the Master’s and Doctoral components are covered by two significant disciplinary fields covered by the Eiffel scholarships:
  2. Biology and health, ecological change, mathematics and digital technology, and engineering sciences are all related to science and technology.
  3. History, French language and civilisation, law and political science, economics, and management are examples of humanities and social sciences.
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Brief Information about Eiffel Excellence Scholarship:

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to help French higher education institutions draw top international students to their master’s and PhD programs.

It encourages applicants up to 25 years old from developing countries for master’s level programs and applicants up to 30 years old from developing and industrialized countries for PhD level programs, providing opportunities to future foreign decision-makers in the private and public sectors in priority areas of study.

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Scholarship Financial Value, Components and Duration

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship can be given for 12-36 months and comprises a monthly grant of €1,181 for Master’s level studies. The Eiffel scholarship is given for a maximum of 12 months and comprises a monthly grant of €1,700 for PhD-level studies.

Additionally, the program covers a variety of costs like domestic and international travel, health insurance, housing searches, and cultural events.

Note: The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship does not cover tuition costs.

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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Candidates do not need to meet any specific requirements in order to be eligible for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, according to the eligibility requirements. Candidates must, however, satisfy the fundamental qualifying requirements established by the organization that awards scholarships.

  • A copy of the candidate’s passport must be provided for identification, and they must be an international student.
  • Applications have to go through French academic institutions. Applications obtained through other channels won’t be accepted.
  • Candidates must choose to enroll in a Master’s or PhD program. Scholarship-eligible courses include:
  1. Politics Science
  2. Law
  3. Management and Economics
  4. Engineering
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program’s Terms and Conditions

  • Candidates must not have previously applied for any French government scholarships.
  • Even though the institution and subject are different, students who apply twice will not be considered.
  • Additionally, students must to have a foundational understanding of French.
  • Re-applying for the scholarship at the Ph.D. level is an option for students who received it at the Masters level.

Application Method

The students do not directly accept applications for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program. The French Higher Education Institutions are required to submit all scholarship applications from students.

The following information should be reviewed by applicants before submitting an application for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship:

  • To find out the deadlines, students should get in touch with the university’s international relations department by email, phone, or website.
  • Students should get in touch with the Campus France office or the French Embassy office in their place of residence.
  • The applicable French university supports the application form and assists the applicant in filling it out.
  • Finally, the university sends the application on the student’s behalf.

Selection Process

A commission made up of four panels of experts from the departments of political science, law, engineering sciences, and management oversees the selection process for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship.

  • The panelists are prohibited from reviewing applications from organizations to which they are connected or linked.
  • Candidates are evaluated according to the academic achievements listed in their application forms.
  • Based on their contribution to supporting the Eiffel Excellence initiative, the institution and department of the nominees are also taken into consideration.

The majority of scholarships—roughly 70%—are given to applicants with stellar academic records, with the remaining 30% going to applicants who have never won a grant.

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Validity Duration

For students pursuing admission to master’s level programs, the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is granted for a maximum of 24 months, and for 36 months for students pursuing admission to engineering programs.

The benefit for the scholarship recipients is that Campus France will pay for their return flight from France to their home country.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship?

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, created by the Ministry of Overseas Affairs, offers yearly training for potential foreign decision-makers in the public and business sectors in Master's and Doctoral degree programs. Only higher education institutions in France may submit applications.

Can you receive an Eiffel Scholarship Easily?

The scholarship is highly coveted, and there is stiff competition for awards. It is crucial to have a solid application that highlights your academic accomplishments, leadership experience, and ability to make a contribution to your field of study if you want to boost your chances of being chosen for the scholarship.

How many Students receive an Eiffel Scholarship?

Having the title of an Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is a real distinction and attests to the person's strong academic performance in the face of over 1,500 candidates and a small number of scholarships. Currently, 350 grants are given to master's level students each year.

What is the Cost of the Eiffel Scholarship?

The Eiffel scholarship provides a monthly salary of €150 and a maintenance payment of €1,031 totaling €1,181 per month.

How to Improve your Chances of Getting a Scholarship

How can I make sure my scholarship application stands out? you may be wondering. Here are few methods to accomplish it.

1Maintain Organization

When submitting applications for grants and scholarships, organization is essential. Whether it’s an athletic scholarship, a merit scholarship, or a grant for college, you’ll probably have to submit a number of paperwork. Typically, applications for scholarships call for transcripts, letters of recommendation, and even an essay.

Don’t put off finishing your applications until the last minute, and try making a calendar to keep track of scholarship deadlines. When the time comes to apply, be prepared with a list of your volunteer workextracurricular activities, and transcripts. Throughout the year, keep the list updated to make sure that everything is correct for your scholarship applications.

2Ask for Recommendation Letters in advance

Make sure to inquire at least four weeks in advance if you need letters of recommendation from professors, mentors, coaches, bosses, classmates, or anybody else. They will have plenty of time to finish it because of this. You should offer them a file with all of your personal details, accomplishments, honors, details about the scholarship, leadership activity, and a résumé to make the process easier for them.

Even if the scholarship doesn’t demand one, you can be given the choice to include additional pertinent documents in your application. Your chances of making a positive impression on the scholarship committee can be increased with a strong letter of recommendation.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Requirements and Details

Many scholarships offer rules for submitting your application, such as formatting requirements for essays, additional submission deadlines, or required attachments. Your application’s chances of being accepted or rejected can depend on how closely you follow instructions and conditions. Make sure you are adhering to the guidelines and conditions of the scholarship by checking them again.

4Avoid Pasting Copied and Pasted Essays.

Every scholarship essay is unique, as are the prompts. Because of this, it’s crucial that you DON’T reuse your scholarship essays. Essays will need to demonstrate your various objectives and who you are. Even if you make minor edits to previously published pieces, such as changing names and dates, the judges could still be able to discern that you didn’t create a unique piece of writing specifically for them.

5Recognize Your Sponsor

This is crucial to adding personality to your essay. Do your homework on the scholarship’s sponsor. It could be a corporation, cult, brand, small business, financial aid office, or even a specific person. Learn about their goals, activities, causes, donations, and any other details that can be useful. This foundational information can assist you in tailoring your essay to that organization, creating a more distinctive composition.

6Highlight What Makes You Special

Many scholarships are awarded depending on the uniqueness of the candidate. A remarkable essay will be greatly aided by the expression of your distinctive hobbies and points of view. Share the events and hobbies that make YOU special.

The experiences you share need not be restricted to only your senior year. High school sports are popular, but perhaps you offered to help coach young athletes. Many college students work part-time jobs, but perhaps you established a workplace giving campaign. Think about what you can say about yourself that most people can’t.

7. Be passionate and Individualistic.

Making your essay personable and passionate is a fantastic thing to bear in mind when writing scholarship essays. Share your thoughts, emotions, and unique experiences. Try not to dwell on the fact that you chose to work in healthcare perhaps because you lost a parent to illness. Instead, concentrate on how your struggles helped to make you who you are now



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