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Piada student discount

Piada student discount!

Students may enjoy nutritious Italian cuisine with the unique Piada student discount.

Piada Italian Street Food provides you incredible deal. The restaurant aspires to provide people with nutritious and delicious meals while meeting their hectic lifestyles.

This page explains how to obtain a Piada student discount in 2023. But first, here’s what you need to know about Piada and other methods to save money at Piada.

About Piada

Piada student discount

In 2010, Piada Italian Street Food opened as a fast-casual Italian restaurant. It has 46 locations throughout 7 states (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania & Texas). There are 2 Indiana locations, 25 Ohio locations, 1 Kentucky site, 3 Minnesota locations, 1 North Carolina location, 5 Pennsylvania locations, and 9 Texas locations.

Piada Italian Street Food focuses on the preparation of the finest ingredients and basic cooking. Since its inception, Piada Italian Street Food has prepared innovative and contemporary Italian cuisine. The name Piada derives from the Italian word “Piada.” Wheat dough is typically used in the manufacturing of flatbread, which can be complemented with other items, such as vegetables or meat. This dish is quite popular in Italy and is typically sold by street vendors and snack cafes.

Each Piada is prepared by a chef who will personally greet you. The most attractive feature is the kitchen’s open layout. This exceptional design allows guests to observe the chef preparing their meals. In addition, Piada Italian Street Food is prepared to accept orders for Pasta Bowls, Piadas, and Chopped Salads, all of which may be eaten in the Piada dining room or on the go. If you place an order at Piada Italian Street Cuisine, you will quickly consume and enjoy fresh and delectable food.

The restaurant serves stone-grilled, presented-rolled wraps made with extra virgin olive oil and organic flour, as well as chopped bowls and salads. Food at Piada Italian Street Food is prepared on an assembly line, and the restaurant has been compared to Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The owner of Piada, Chris Doody, also co-founded the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group. In 2006, he sold his stock to investors and developed the Piada concept, which was modeled after the Italian “wrap-like sandwich” called Piada or Piadina, which he sampled in northern Italy. It contains meats, pasta, sauce, cheeses, veggies, and vegetables. Additionally, Piada offers chopped salads, pasta bowls, cannoli power bowls, soups, and chips as a dessert option. There is also a children’s menu with smaller portions of the major menu items.

Piada was recognized the “Best Franchise Deal” at the International Franchise Expo in 2013. In 2012, QSR Magazine highlighted it as a “Hot Concepts!” brand. In 2010, Piada was ranked among the top ten fastest-growing eateries. Also, in 2011, it rated sixth among all food service franchises in the United States for highest revenue growth. It was listed as the third fastest-growing firm in 2012.

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Piada student discount on Italian Street Food 

Piada student discount

Numerous stores provide specific Piada student discount based on the amount of student deposits. Piada Italian Street Food offers exclusive and affordable Piada student discount  to school students in an effort to care for them.

To receive this Piada student discount, you need only pass the student identification verification. It means that you can only pay less if you are eligible for the student discount. Consequently, discounts cannot be transferred to other students or individuals. Students who qualify for the Piada student discount should keep in mind the following guidelines.

Additionally, you can save money by using your student discount at in order to purchase anything you choose. You can find additional policy and promotion-related information on the retailer’s website.

5 of the Best Student Discount Providers to Watch

Some of the leading providers of student discounts for a wide variety of retailers are:

1. UniDays

Joining Unidays is completely free. To obtain student status, simply register and validate your account with information from your university. Numerous alternatives are available through the Unidays app, which provides discounts on offerings from hundreds of restaurants and businesses.

You must display our UNiDAYS pass on the app before using it in-store. You will simply need to add your promotional code to your online order at checkout. UNiDAYS also offers exclusive promotions and events for students, such as in-store launch parties and blogger events.

2. Student Beans

Student Beans provides a free digital student discount card that provides access to savings and discounts on leading brands via a mobile device or laptop.

Once your university or college has joined the program, you can join Student Beans effortlessly. You will receive a discount after registering and verifying your student status. Even more intriguing is that there is no minimum age requirement for registration.

Student Beans strives to link prominent businesses such as Piada with their audience of over 163 million students in 50+ countries. They gain access to extra student discounts and unique student discounts at over 10,000 online and traditional businesses, like DSW, Kate Spade, Amazon Prime, and many others.

You may use the bargains and discounts you find on Student Beans with confidence, as each promo code is manually examined on a regular basis to verify that it works properly.

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3. NUS Discounts

To receive NUS discounts, you must purchase a card. The card costs £12 for one year, £22 for two years, and £32 for three years. Additionally, you must be at least 16 years old and enrolled in a full- or part-time academic program. Your programme of study must have begun prior to application. NUS discounts give discounts of 50% on apparel and items. If you want to go on a date or treat someone special to dinner, several restaurants in the United Kingdom offer 2-for-1 bargains.

4. Amazon Prime Student

Amazon’s Amazon Prime Student discount is valid for four years or until the student graduates. There are many benefits to being a student with Amazon Prime. This includes special deals and discounts from major brands and retailers, free two-day delivery, unrestricted streaming of movies and television shows for the first six months, access to Twitch Prime, and unlimited photo storage, among many other benefits.

You must be enrolled in at least one university or college course and have a university-approved email address to utilize Amazon Prime Student.

5. UK ISIC Discount

ISIC UK is a unique form of student discount provider. It is the sole internationally recognized recognition of student status worldwide. As a student, youth, or educator with an ISIC, you will have access to over 150,000 discounts at popular businesses such as Apple.

You can order your card at any British issuing office or online. Student identification, a passport-style photo, and proof of identity are required. A Virtual ISIC card costs £12 per year, while a physical card costs £15 per year.

Student discounts are pretty vital to have. Numerous brands, businesses, and corporations offer student discounts. How can Piada Italian street cuisine accomplish this?

Policy for Piada Italian Street Food Student Discounts

Piada Italian Street Food provides exceptional Piada student discount. Before you are awarded the Piada student discount, your student status will be verified. Students are often prohibited from combining the Piada Italian Street Food student discount with other student discounts. The Piada student discount at Piada Italian Street Food cannot be transferred. Visit Piada Italian Street Food’s official website for additional information regarding its student discount policy.

How Do I Obtain a Student Discount on Piada Italian Street Food Online?

How to obtain a Piada student discount at Piada Italian Street Food is quite straightforward. You will receive a 30% discount at checkout: You must first visit and register for an account.

Next, you must authenticate your student ID on the Piada account verification page. You must enter your school or university email address to confirm that you have a student account. After registering for the institution’s email account, Piada Italian Street Food will send you a confirmation email. When you click the email’s link, you are now eligible for the student discount.

In some instances, you do not need to utilize a coupon to earn your student discount, but in other instances, a coupon is required. Remember that you must check thoroughly before paying the bill in order to receive the discount.

After completing the aforementioned steps, you will only need to wait for your package to arrive.

How Do I Utilize the Student Discount at Piada Italian Street Food?

The initial step is to validate your identification using your student ID card or a comparable credential.

After registering on the official website of Piada Italian Street Food or on third-party services such as UNIDAYS and SheerID, you must cross-check your student identification information.

After successfully verifying your details, you will receive a student discount at Piada Italian Street Food.

You will receive a discount at any Piada Italian Street Food with your promo code.

You will receive a discount on all qualified items.

Money-Saving Hints for Piada Italian Street Food

Piada student discount

There are a number of shopping strategies you may employ to receive greater discounts at Piada Italian Street Food. These suggestions will help you save more money and shop intelligently.

First, you can routinely check the official website for the most recent bargains and promotion details, which you can utilize whenever you choose to make a purchase.

According to the delivery policy on, you can receive free shipping if you purchase an item that costs more than a particular amount of money. And there are no restrictions on the discounts and deals available over certain holidays.

Visit the official website for additional discounts. Moreover, when paying the bill, focus on the rewards scheme and cashback. Piada Italian Street Food offers cashback and occasionally doubles reward offerings. Regularly check the website for unique discounts. Some deals, such as an additional $10 off or 10% off, can be combined, but sometimes only one offer can be used at a time. Therefore, you must choose the one that serves you best.

FAQs On Piada student discount

Are Chipotle and Piada owned by the same company?

The chain features food prepared along an assembly line, and has been called an Italian copycat of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Chris Doody, owner of the company, is a co-founder of the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group chain.

Why is Piada so good?

The piada dough is what makes the wraps unbelievably good. They are hand toasted in front of you and are coated with a buttery oil mix and spices. You can taste the dough's flavors as you eat.

Can I get student discount at Wagamama?

How to get student discount at Wagamama. Unfortunately there is not currently a student discount available at Wagamama. However, make sure you remember to watch out for any offers they may have throughout the year; we'll list any details here and on our deals page whenever extra savings are available.

Does Piada use olive oil?

Made from olive oil and flour, the piada gets its name from piadine, a thin Italian flatbread popular in Rimini, Italy, south of Venice.


Piada Italian street food offers exceptional 30% student discounts to students so that they can enjoy nutritious and delicious meals despite their hectic lifestyles, provided that their student status is verified. Simply visit, shop, apply your student discount during checkout, and pay the remaining balance. Then, your item will be delivered directly to your door. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for you to utilize your student ID.

In 2010, Piada Italian Street Food opened as a fast-casual Italian restaurant. Piada Italian Street Food focuses on the preparation of the finest ingredients and basic cooking. Each Piada is prepared by a chef who will personally greet you. Its open kitchen design allows customers to observe the chef preparing their food. In addition, Piada Italian Street Food welcomes guests to order food for consumption in the restaurant’s dining room or on the move.

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