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Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate 2023

Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate

The university known simply as CMU has a rich history in design, theater, and technical innovation. But the university also has a lot of other things to offer, like a competitive undergraduate business program.

CMU is a creative hub with a stunning campus located just outside of Pittsburgh’s downtown. The university’s famous School of Computer Science has produced some of the most esteemed researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide, helping to launch cutting-edge digital startups like DuoLingo. Undergraduates frequently get the chance to work on complex projects through its substantial graduate research programs, which they would be unlikely to find elsewhere.

The entrepreneurial mindset has an impact on the business curriculum as well, with hubs like the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship being known for assembling future CEO and CIO teams. Although CMU is known for its high academic focus, its students are proud of their individuality and eager to participate in distinctive traditions like Buggy. The Tartans take great satisfaction in their fierce teamwork and unapologetic geekiness.

But how difficult is it to enter Pittsburgh’s prized possession? Well, it’s really difficult. Out of a total candidate pool of 26,189, just 17.5% of students were accepted for the Class of 2025. Additionally, almost all of the admitted students had outstandingly strong academic records. There is enough to share because Carnegie Mellon is all about the data, we have some information on the Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate, admission requirements and how to apply to Carnegie Mellon university.

Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate
Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate

What exactly is Carnegie Mellon seeking?

Students who genuinely desire to attend Carnegie Mellon should apply. But what does this imply? Isn’t this what all schools want?

Yes, but CMU has a specific viewpoint. They compete with institutions in Boston and the San Francisco Bay despite not being in a place that is highly sought-after. Many students never get the chance to go on a campus visit. Many students apply because they are aware of the STEM chances or other options but lack a distinct reason for choosing CMU over another institution of a similar caliber.

As a result, even while CMU is very interested in finding students who value collaboration and intellectual quirkiness, they are also reviewing each application for strong indications of Fit. Fit, according to them, is not just about a student’s character but also how well they comprehend the potential influence they can have at CMU and how the university will assist them in achieving their post-graduation goals.

Investigate the school’s opportunities in-depth to increase your chances of acceptance. Take a look at the areas where CMU is allocating its funds: projects, labs, and new academic hiring. Ask current students about their experiences in Pittsburgh. Imagine that you are in a Rust Belt city that is recovering quickly. Watch the YouTube videos, read the articles posted on social media, and more from the institution. Then, relate every fascinating information to your personal goals, values, or skills.

CMU places a great weight on demonstrated interest and emphasizes recommendation letters. The committee will only evaluate two of the reference letters submitted, despite the institution giving applicants the option to submit three. Visit CMu’s page on Admissions Consideration for additional information about how the university evaluates applications.

Whatever your particular perspective, demonstrate that while on campus you will be proactive in starting new projects with new partners. Whether they are majoring in business, engineering, design, acting, or something else entirely, CMU looks for students who have a strong desire to work with their peers to find the answers to important questions or solutions to pressing issues.

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Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate
Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate

Application Requirements to Carnegie Mellon University

You must submit the Common Application, which contains three short-answer essay questions for the Carnegie Mellon Writing Supplement, in order to apply to CMU. For the cycle 2022-2023, the institution has chosen to maintain its test-optional policy, however the admissions office explicitly states that they will consider your scores in their decision if you want to submit them. You will need to provide extremely high scores in order to make this worthwhile, given their averages.

You have until November 1 to apply in the Early Decision 1 binding application program if CMU is your top preference university and you are applying Early Decision. Additionally, Carnegie Mellon has a January 3 Early Decision 2 deadline. It’s important to keep in mind that you could not be qualified for these Early Decision application programs if you’re submitting an application to specific programs, especially those in the performing arts. You must submit your application by the university’s one Regular Decision date, which is also January 3, in this situation or if you wish not to be tied to CMU.

You must provide the following items along with your completed Common Application for CMU:

  • A completed Common Application form
  • The three brief essays that make up the Carnegie Mellon Writing Supplement
  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • One advice from a teacher
  • Referral from a secondary school counselor
  • Essay for Common Application
  • The Common Application Mid Year Report, including any updated grades you may have.
  • Authentic score reporting (optional for 2022-2023)
  • English proficiency tests (if you are a non-native speaker and have not been studying in English)
  • An application fee of $75
  • You must submit a supplemental portfolio in order to be considered for admission if you are applying to the School of Drama, Music, Art, Architecture, or Design or if you were home-schooled.

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Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate should be your first consideration if you want to be admitted. This reveals how demanding the school’s criteria are and how competitive it is.

15.4% of applicants are accepted at Carnegie Mellon. Only 15 out of every 100 applications are accepted.

This demonstrates how picky the school is. To get beyond their initial filters and demonstrate your academic readiness, it’s crucial to meet their GPA standards and SAT/ACT requirements. Your chances of being in are almost nonexistent if you don’t live up to their standards.

After getting past this obstacle, you’ll need to wow the Carnegie Mellon application reviewers with your extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation. Later on in this blog post, we’ll discuss how to increase your chances of admission.

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Carnegie Mellon University Admission Distribution

Let’s examine the demographics of the present undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon.

We know the following regarding CMU students geographically:

  • In-state students: 13%
  • Out-of-state students: 87%
  • The Mid-Atlantic Region is the most represented area (38%)
  • 78 different nations are represented among the students.

Those who come from states with an inexhaustible supply of eligible applicants face the most intense competition (the entire Northeast & the West Coast). On the other hand, there were no members of the Class of 2025 from Alaska, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, or Wyoming.

In terms of ethnic identification, the undergraduate student body is divided as follows:

  • White: 22.3%
  • Asian: 38.0%
  • Hispanic: 9.3%
  • African American: 3.4%
  • Two or more: 4.4%
  • International: 15.9%

The nations with the most students enrolling at CMU are:

  • China
  • Qatar
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Singapore

For the Class of 2025, the gender distribution is as follows:

  • Male: 48%
  • Women: 51.5%
  • Non-binary: 1.5%
Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate
Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate

How to Apply and Increase Admission Chances at Carnegie Mellon

A top high school student can apply to CMU in a variety of ways to increase their chances of being accepted. The particular choices of what to emphasize and how to make it memorable come down to your life experiences and situations that have molded you into the person you are now. The storytelling component of the application, which is so important, can only be developed through careful thought and diligent effort.

However, there are definitely choices you can make to put yourself in a position to create a profile that supports your personal narrative and earns you top marks on a number of CMU’s requirements:

  • Make a plan to enroll in the most difficult classes your school has to offer (and beyond).
  • By pursuing your interests or talents in novel ways and using them to engage with other communities, you can demonstrate them.
  • Learn everything you can about Pittsburgh and CMU culture by joining mailing groups for regional news, watching YouTube vloggers who chronicle their travels in the area, and more.
  • In order to convince the institution that you are being deliberate in your choice and that you are very likely to accept an offer of admission, think carefully about how a suburban campus atmosphere will work best for you as a student and person.
  • Investigate the facilities, initiatives, activities, and customs that CMU enthusiastically supports; if possible, talk to current students about these encounters.
  • Engage in tangible intellectual, professional, and social challenges.
  • Practice telling adults about yourself and your interests. Pay attention to any confusion or excitement they may express, and use this as implicit feedback to make your stories better.
  • Spend a lot of time writing and editing your supplemental essays to make them as interesting and memorable as you can; perform extensive research and give great thought to which of your communities have most influenced you.
  • Explore your intellectual interests outside of the classroom, ideally through research or other projects that demonstrate your struggle with challenging issues.
  • Make contact with CMU admissions professionals who are in your community or at your school, and ask them pertinent, detailed questions regarding the compatibility of your own profile with the university.
  • Investigate issues in your neighborhood and the wider globe. Be proactive in coming up with ambitious but doable ideas. Afterward, work toward putting these answers into action in a way that incorporates cutting-edge science and technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a GPA is required at Carnegie Mellon?

A 3.0 GPA or above. (Students should report their unconverted university GPAs, NOT converted GPAs. Please DO NOT convert your international grade to a US grade point average (GPA), weighted GPA, or any other system. GRE results: GRE is necessary.

Is admission to Carnegie Mellon difficult?

15.4% of applicants are accepted at Carnegie Mellon.
Only 15 out of every 100 applications are accepted. This demonstrates how picky the school is. To get beyond their initial filters and demonstrate your academic readiness, it's crucial to meet their GPA standards and SAT/ACT requirements.

Is Carnegie Mellon an Ivy League School?

Ivy League schools do not include Carnegie Mellon. It is one among the numerous New Ivies, nevertheless, that Newsweek came up with in 2006. Although they may not have the same exclusive status as Ivy League colleges, the private and public US schools that make up The New Ivies are equally impressive academically and in terms of faculty.

Does Carnegie Mellon accept LGBT people?

Every member of the campus community at Carnegie Mellon, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is welcomed and valued there. The institution offers an increasing variety of services to help its faculty, staff, and students who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies.


You’ll position yourself to submit an application that will impress the CMU Admissions Committee if you’re able to show your connection to Carnegie Mellon’s distinctive offerings, earn an outstanding GPA in the most challenging classes, engage meaningfully with personal interests and community problems, and take charge of your own goals by acting on your principles. None of this is simple, but if you truly want to attend Carnegie Mellon, apply all of the strategies we’ve outlined above to demonstrate that.



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