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WHO Internship Program

WHO Internship Program:Start by submitting an application for the WHO Internship Program if you’re a prospective intern interested in interning with WHO.

Does interning with WHO encompass my field of work?

Student status is required to intern with WHO.

Does the Internship Program of the World Health Organization compensate its interns?

What are the requirements for participation in the WHO Internship Program?

Am I eligible to apply?

Before I answer, let me assure you that this tutorial addresses all of your questions and more.

The WHO Internship Program is a chance for many students to gain practical experience in their field of study.

Although not all subjects of study are eligible to apply for an internship with WHO, this internship is more advantageous for health students.

This is one of the most sought-after internships in the world since it allows students to travel while maximizing their education.

This comprehensive guide explains how to apply for this WHO Internship Program, what documentation you need to prepare, and the probability of WHO selecting you.

If you read until the end, all of your questions and doubts will be resolved.

An Introduction to the WHO Internship Program

WHO Internship Program

Financial Coverage: Funded

Length of Internship: 6 to 24 Weeks

Open For: Graduate & Postgraduate students

Organization Sponsoring: World Health Organization

Internship Host Country: WHO member states serve as internship hosts.

Application Deadline: Various Application Deadlines

About WHO Internship Program

Interning at the World Health Organization (WHO) is a dream of many students.

This platform aims to develop a global network of future health workers with the potential and skills to positively impact the health sector.

Throughout the WHO Internship Program, all interns will have the opportunity to receive physical training from experienced professionals.

In addition, they utilize health-related devices to develop a competitive workforce.

The primary objective of WHO Internship Program is to prepare individuals to work in complicated health departments and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the internship program of the World Health Organization educates its interns the best method to interact with stakeholders in global health environments in order to achieve WHO-mandated global health goals.

In addition, this program offers candidates the opportunity to contribute to the resolution of global health concerns under the direction of a renowned health organization.

Since its inception, the World Health Organization has endeavored to enhance international health systems and coordinate responses to potential threats.

This program is designed to educate this to the younger generation.

What Can I Expect from the WHO Internship Program?

The WHO Internship Program has much more to offer its candidates besides the opportunity to gain practical experience in a real-world work environment.

Internships with the World Health Organization provide various benefits.

Among the financial advantages of the WHO Internship Program are the following:

1. No Registration Fee

WHO operates without a registration cost, in contrast to the majority of internship opportunities where applicants must pay to participate.

There is no cost associated with the registration form or participation in the program.

The WHO Internship Program is entirely merit-based.

Hence, instead of waiting to be paid a fee to be admitted, concentrate on meeting the WHO internship eligibility requirements.

2. Interns May Receive Stipends

Depending on the WHO extension with which you are interning, you have a good chance of receiving a regular stipend.

This is not the compensation for your services.

In fact, the stipends cover your general living expenses and, if applicable, travel expenses.

3. You Are Paid Through the WHO Internship Program

The money interns receive while interning with WHO is one of the major draws for many applicants.

All interns at the World Health Organization are compensated.

4. Students Gain Practical Internship Experience with WHO

The World Health Organization is a large organization that has much to offer its employees, including interns.

In addition to enhancing their knowledge, experience, skills, and talents, students who work with WHO will be exposed to a variety of capacity-building opportunities.

5 A WHO internship program includes insurance coverage.

This is an exceptional perk of working as an intern at WHO.

The company provides medical and accident insurance to all interns.

This insurance covers the intern’s medical and accident-related expenditures.

This coverage lasts as long as you’re interning with WHO.

6. It enhances your resume

Consider how this statement would appear and read on your resume: “Interned with WHO?”

I’m willing to guess that the majority of employers would like to meet you in person.

The WHO Internship Program is a fantastic addition to your CV or resume.

It will not be a meaningless phrase because the internship will have prepared you effectively for the position.

7. Interning with WHO gives you access to the most advanced medical equipment.

As a WHO intern, you are exposed to the most advanced medical tools and technology.

This is generally an enormous benefit for interns from developing nations where such opportunities are scarce.

8. Chance to Work With Professionals

What a perfect way to conclude this segment!

Students who participate in WHO’s internship program have the opportunity to work under the supervision of international specialists in this subject.

They present students with a variety of health-related possibilities in order to expand human understanding.

And that internships are only available through WHO.

What are the World Health Organization (WHO) Internship Program Eligibility Requirements for 2023?

WHO Internship Program

Like with the Tesla Internship and UNICEF Internship, you must meet WHO’s eligibility requirements before submitting an internship application.

Some of these requirements prevent certain applicants from applying.

Thus, it is recommended that you read these sections attentively.

Check the ones that apply to you.

Send in your application for the WHO internship program if you are qualified.

The application criteria include;

  • All candidates must be citizens of WHO member states.
  • Moreover, you must be at least 20 years old at the time of application.
  • Applicants must also be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • Not only must you be a full-time student at the university or institution, but you must also have completed at least three years of full-time study.
  • In addition, all applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in public health, medical, social, or technical WHO work.
  • Also, do not apply if you are linked to a WHO employee.
  • All prospective WHO interns must be fluent in at least one of the office’s working languages.
  • Those applicants wishing to submit an application for the WHO internship program must not have previously participated in a WHO internship.
  • Lastly, you must possess a valid international and domestic passport.

How Do I Apply for the World Health Organization (WHO) Internship Program?

This is where many interns typically get confused.

The “How” clause

If you are qualified to apply for an internship with WHO, the next step is to determine the most effective way to introduce yourself to the recruiting team.

Not to fret.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently apply for the WHO internship program.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that all WHO internship applications are submitted online.

All applicants must submit their applications online using the WHO Jobs portal.

To apply, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the website’s employment page.
  • Find the appropriate opportunities.
  • To continue, click the “Internship” link.
  • Once the application form has dropped down, enter your current academic credentials.
  • Provide all of your personal information, including your name, address, date of birth, country, religion, etc.
  • Complete a formal Declaration of Interest form to qualify for financial help.
  • Ensure that all relevant fields and forms are filled out for each portion of the application form.
  • Then yield
  • After submitting, you will receive an email confirmation.
When is the deadline for submitting the Application Form for the WHO Internship Program?
WHO Internship Program
Because WHO is a worldwide institution, there is no fixed application date.

Hence, you can state that the organization accepts interns year-round.

Due to the fact that WHO internship application deadlines fluctuate, we urge you to regularly check the dates based on the available position.

This is possible on the official WHO website.

FAQs On WHO Internship Program

Do the interns get paid?

You'll notice that many internships opt to pay an hourly wage or salary. But you might also find some that pay weekly or monthly stipends. The average hourly wage of an intern tends to fall between $15.67 and $19.51 for freshmen and seniors in college, respectively.

What is internship salary called?

A stipend is given as a fixed sum monthly. In some places, it is known as allowance. It is different from salaries that are offered for employment - it is more of a compensation for training. Interns instead of getting paid for their services are given stipend as a financial support.

How long does an internship last?

An internship is a job training program usually completed within 10 to 12 weeks or during an academic semester. However, their duration varies from a few weeks to an entire year. Internships are more common among high school or college students and other entry-level professionals.

Do you need CV for internship?

Interns often fill roles that involve work in multiple areas of a business, allowing them to learn more through guided practice in real professional situations. Submitting a well-written CV can help you show prospective employers that you are an ideal candidate for an internship position.

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