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UNFPA Internship Program 2024-2025 | Apply Now

The UNFPA Internship Program is delighted to accept applications for its Internships Program 2023/2024 from both undergraduate and graduate students. This opportunity offers participants practical experience as they progress toward graduation or continue their education.

UNFPA seeks applicants who will help transform, motivate, and produce long-lasting and high-impact change. UNFPA is actively recruiting sincere individuals with extensive management experience who are committed to generating exceptional results in their programs.

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The candidates for our program are selected through an open competition in which their credentials are evaluated based on the company’s needs. Here are the consideration criteria to bear in mind:

Students enrolled in graduate programs and recent graduates.

Must demonstrate oral and written fluency in English; proficiency in French, Spanish, or Arabic is a plus.

The UNFPA does not compensate interns for their participation. Their costs must be covered either by their nominating institution (which may provide financial aid) or by themselves; they are ultimately responsible for living expenses, accommodation/travel arrangements, and meeting any additional internship-related requirements. Applicants should ensure they are covered with medical insurance for the entirety of the internship experience – proof must be shown before commencing it.

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Details of the UNFPA Internship Program

  • Sponsor: UNFPA
  • Degree: Graduate Internship
  • Nationality: All international
  • Deadline: December, 31. 2023

Benefits of the UNFPA Internship Program

UNFPA Internship Program

  • Interns who do not receive financial assistance from external parties (like academic institutions, universities, or governments ) can expect a stipend to help cover living costs during an internship placement. The amount depends on its designated location of employment as this could differ from where an employer may reside if remote agreements exist and will usually be payable in local currency at month’s end.
  • Fully paid Internship.
  • Free Air tickets.
  • Free Accommodation.
  • Explore Cultural Diversity.

Eligibility criteria of the UNFPA Internship Program

  • Participate in a postgraduate program (such as master’s degrees or their equivalent); You must enrol for it during the last semester of their initial university degree (such as bachelor, or the equivalent);
  • Recently completed their university degree (as defined in (a), (b), or have graduated within one year; If chosen for internship placement you should begin within 12 months after graduating;
  • Your postgraduate professional training program must require work experience as part of its requirements; required competencies include those listed here while values such as integrity are equally as essential to its mission.
  • Proudly showing our support of UNFPA as part of the United Nations system; welcoming cultural diversity and change while upholding accountability as core competency.
  • As part of developing and implementing professional expertise or business know-how, acquiring analytical thinking skills, strategic analysis, and teamwork management skills are imperative to successful implementation and overall effectiveness of implementation plans.

Application procedure for the UNFPA Internship Program

UNFPA Internship Program

  • UNFPA does not charge fees associated with application, processing screening or testing during its recruitment processes or recruitment processes.
  • How to Apply: Those interested in interning at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) need to complete an online application by the deadline set for applications, providing all of their required details along with necessary documents.

Application Deadline of the UNFPA Internship Program

The Application Deadline For UNFPA Internship Program 2023-2024 is  31, Dec. 2023.

Apply Now

FAQs On UNFPA Internship Program

Can you intern for the United Nations?

If you are thinking of entering the world of diplomacy and public policy, an internship at the United Nations could be the ideal start for you. The objective of the internship is to give you a first-hand impression of the day-to-day working environment of the United Nations.

Is it hard to get a for internship?

Getting an internship isn't quite as hard as you might think and getting your dream internship is far more achievable than you've led yourself to believe. You just have to follow a few simple steps (don't get me wrong, it'll still take hard work) and soon you'll be getting your ideal internship in college.

At what age should you get an internship?

In most cases, you have to be 18 years old to get an internship; however, some organizations will allow interns as young as 14 years old. Every organization that hires interns has its own set of guidelines for the age of interns.

Is UN Volunteer paid?

United Nations volunteers do receive compensation and other benefits. However, payment isn't considered a salary. UN volunteers receive a monthly Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA).

What year is best for internship?

In general, college students should do an internship after their sophomore or junior year. Why after sophomore or junior year? There are a few reasons: Open opportunities: Most internships aren't available to students unless they're rising juniors or seniors.

UNFPA Internship Program

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