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The 10 Best Apprenticeships in the UK

The 10 Best Apprenticeships in the UK!

When it comes to educating young people for the job, apprenticeships have long been a cornerstone of British culture. Apprenticeships are currently accessible in a variety of industries at a range of degrees, from intermediate to degree level, and potentially offer numerous advantages over conventional education.

Whether you are interested in traditional apprenticeships in the crafts or are preparing to become a dentist, an apprenticeship is a viable option that allows you to learn on the job while being compensated.

As with anything else, it is crucial to know a little bit about the firm offering the Best Apprenticeships in the UK so that you can assess whether what they provide is right for you and if you feel like you would be a good fit.

A list of the top apprenticeship employers for 2022 was published recently. This is an excellent resource for investigating Best Apprenticeships in the UK opportunities.

List of the Best Apprenticeships in the UK

The following is a list of the Best Apprenticeships in the UK:

1.  British military

Best Apprenticeships in the UK

The British Army is the largest provider of Best Apprenticeships in the UK, with over 40 options spanning public service, healthcare, engineering, and construction. Apprenticeships are available at several levels, and new hires complete the apprenticeship that is most closely aligned with the position they are assuming and is at the right level.

Apprenticeships play such a large role in the army’s recruitment process that 95% of troops who qualify for their position do so through an apprenticeship.

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2. Royal Navy

This Best Apprenticeships in the UK, like the British Army, places a strong importance on apprenticeships and has been assessed as outstanding by Ofsted due to its world-class training and the ability to learn on the job as a valued employee from the start.

They offer 20 apprenticeships in a variety of roles, allowing applicants to travel the world while gaining trade experience. Depending on your previous qualifications and desired position, they offer an intermediate apprenticeship or a fast-track apprenticeship.

3. BT

BT (British Telecommunications) offers the premier Best Apprenticeships in the UK program commercial sector. As one of the world’s leading technology businesses, BT focuses on ensuring that apprentices acquire valuable skills on the job and rapidly become valuable employees. Apprenticeship programs at levels 2 through 6 are available in a range of fields, including customer service, engineering, and cyber security.

4. Air Force Royale

Best Apprenticeships in the UK

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is a significant provider of Best Apprenticeships in the UK, which allow for on-the-job training and provide good benefits. There are 23 offered apprenticeships, ranging from level 2 to level 7, which corresponds to a master’s degree. Chef, as well as Weapons Technician and Cyberspace Communications Specialist, are among the careers available under the apprenticeship program.

5. The Work and Pensions Department

The Department of Work and Pensions is a renowned employer for its emphasis on work-life balance and its commitment to diversity. This Best Apprenticeships in the UK  provide advanced and degree-level apprenticeships from level 4 to level 7, combining work and study to acquire the skills essential to advance within the firm. Apprenticeships are provided in a number of government ministries, including Education and Children’s Services, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, and the Home Office.

6. Clarkson Evans

Best Apprenticeships in the UK

Clarkson Evans is a preeminent electrical contractor with a sterling reputation as a premier provider of electrical apprenticeships. While following a defined career route, they provide on-the-job training in lieu of college education. Seventy percent of the company’s technical managers began their careers as apprentices and progressed from on-site to office-based positions of increasing responsibility.

7. Mitchells and Butlers

Mitchells & Butlers is one of the major restaurant, pub, and bar operators in the United Kingdom. They take pleasure in offering apprenticeships that are suitable for everyone, from recent high school graduates to those who are retraining. There are no entry requirements, and if you did not pass GCSE English or Math, you will be assisted in your pursuit of Functional Skills. Levels 2 to 5 apprenticeships are available for aspiring chefs, bartenders, waiters, and managers.

8. RSM

This Best Apprenticeships in the UK is one of the major accounting, auditing, and consulting organizations in the United Kingdom, and through its two-year school-leaver apprenticeship programme, they provide access to an accelerated business career. There are twelve business categories to examine, including tax, fraud, consultancy, and corporate finance, each of which has possibilities.

9. BAE Systems

BAE systems is an aerospace firm that offers security and defense solutions to some of the largest corporations in the world. BAE Systems employs apprentices in software, electrical and mechanical engineering, aircraft maintenance and design, as well as business, finance, and project management. In addition to college and university training, all apprenticeships provide on-the-job training. When they graduate, 95 percent of apprentices remain with the company due to the competitive compensation.However, it is one of the Best Apprenticeships in the UK.

10. Grant Thornton

Best Apprenticeships in the UK

Grant Thornton is a tax, auditing, and consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom that offers apprenticeships as an alternative to university to students who have just passed their A-levels. The Best Apprenticeships in the UK program is five years long and permits students to work in both the public and private sectors, with a concentration on FinTech and global consumer markets. The organization pays for many qualifications for apprentices and has offices in London and 130 other countries.

FAQs On Best Apprenticeships in the UK

How much do HSBC apprentices make?

The typical HSBC Apprentice salary is £21,261 per year. Apprentice salaries at HSBC can range from £19,730 - £28,915 per year.

Why do apprentices get paid so little?

The apprentice minimum wage was established to encourage companies to employ apprentices, and the low rate reflects the reality that apprentices are still in training.

Are apprenticeships worth it UK?

Apprenticeship training programmes are specifically tailored to ensure you develop the skills employers want. This means that apprentices not only have better long-term salary prospects, but they also have excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace.

Do UK apprentices get paid?

As an apprentice, you'll get: paid and be entitled to the National Minimum Wage. time for training or study as part of your apprenticeship. holiday pay and other employee rights.

Can I quit my apprenticeship UK?

First and foremost, you can quit an apprenticeship at whatever stage necessary, should you feel the need to do so. Essentially it is the same as if you were in a regular job; your contract will state the period of notice you must give your employer if you want to leave


These top ten apprenticeship employers are leading the way in demonstrating that apprenticeships are a viable and effective method of gaining on-the-job training and a wage while getting a certificate. With so much emphasis on college education, it is encouraging to see such prestigious firms and organizations paving the way for this viable option.

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