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13 High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs (With Salaries)

13 High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs (With Salaries)!

If you have a passion for science and sustainability, you may like to pursue a career in environmental engineering or a similar field. Having a career in environmental engineering can allow you to design novel and environmentally-friendly methods and systems while earning a high wage.

Knowing more about the numerous roles in environmental engineering will allow you to select the position that best suits your particular skills, experiences, and preferences.

This article discusses the primary tasks and typical salaries of thirteen High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs.

List of the 13 high-paying environmental engineering jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that environmental engineering technologists and technicians make an annual mean wage of $51,630. Environmental engineers, in contrast, earn an annual salary of $81,680 on average.

1. Conservation scientist

High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs

The average national wage is $64,010 per year

A conservation scientist’s primary responsibilities include the study and management of natural resources such as parks, forests, and rangelands. The principal objective of this High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs is to preserve the land’s ecosystem while allowing professionals such as farmers and government officials to use it. For instance, conservation scientists can offer ranchers guidance on how to prevent soil erosion while allowing their livestock to wander freely.

A conservation scientist may spend the majority of their time outdoors evaluating wildfire hazards, optimal soil conditions, existing ecosystems, and erosion at diverse natural resources. Some conservation scientists specialize in evaluating the state of a certain type of land, such as ranches or land trusts, while others may concentrate on a specific natural element found in these habitats, such as water or soil conditions.

2. technician in environmental engineering

The average annual wage in the country is $69,630

The primary responsibilities of of this High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs include assisting environmental engineers in the execution of activities or plans. Typically, their time is divided between fieldwork and laboratory duties. On-site, environmental engineering technicians may collect samples of soil or water, test equipment, or use environmental engineering systems to aid in the reduction of an area’s pollution.

In a laboratory, an environmental engineering technician may be responsible for setting up equipment, documenting findings, photographing experiments, and disposing of dangerous items in a safe manner.

Some environmental engineering technicians may work for government agencies and check various establishments to verify compliance with local and federal wastewater and lead standards. Other possible work opportunities include manufacturing facilities, engineering enterprises, and waste management organizations.

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3. Urban planner

High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs

The national median pay is $75,950 per year.

Urban planners design and implement land management techniques that aid in the development of communities. These plans may be for municipalities, neighborhoods, municipalities, counties, or metropolitan areas.

The objective of this High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs may be to revive a city, encourage population expansion, enhance access to resources such as public transit, or solve a specific problem, such as reducing the number of homeless persons in a region.

Before formulating development plans, urban planners perform research on the community’s needs, including surveys, meetings with public authorities, and field investigations. Frequently, urban planners utilize sophisticated technology, such as geographic information systems (GIS) or statistical software, to collect and evaluate these diverse data sources.

This High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs can then build development plans tailored to the concerns or demands of the community or analyze possible plans provided by developers.

4. Manager of construction projects

The average annual wage in the United States is $83,204

A construction project manager with an expertise in environmental engineering controls the sustainable building construction process. The job titles of construction project managers with expertise in sustainable buildings may include green building construction managers and sustainability managers.

These construction project managers may provide guidance on a variety of sustainable construction approaches, such as lowering pollutants, boosting water efficiency, enhancing indoor air quality, and incorporating renewable energy.

A green building construction manager may also assist construction or engineering teams in the collection of building materials from from renewable sources in accordance with fair Trade practices.

Additional responsibilities may include assisting the client in establishing sustainability objectives, recommending sustainability enhancements for existing buildings, maintaining client records, and staying current on the most recent building codes and other environmental and construction regulations.However, it is also regarded as a High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs.

5. Agricultural engineer

The average annual wage in the United States is $84,410

Agricultural engineers utilize engineering ideas and tactics to enhance agricultural operations, such as crop cultivation and harvesting. Agricultural engineers assist farmers in maximizing crop production while conserving the land or making more efficient use of energy resources.

This High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs develops modern technological systems that integrate agricultural technology with sensors, artificially intelligent (AI) tools, and microcomputers in order to collect precise data on agricultural operations and enhance their sustainability or efficiency.

Some agricultural engineers specialize in a specific form of agricultural technology, such as systems that regulate the airflow in a barn or refrigeration equipment that improve the sustainability of air-cooling. Many agricultural engineers are employed by the government, while others may find employment in engineering firms or technical consulting organizations.

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6. Hydraulic engineer

The average annual wage in the United States is $85,196

Hydraulic engineers is another High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs who construct projects involving the transportation and management of fluids, such as water and sewage. A hydraulic engineer constructs dams, hydraulic-powered cranes, drainage systems, and canals, among other systems and devices.

Hydraulic engineers may work in civil engineering to develop infrastructure, such as bridges and levees, or in mechanical engineering to construct machinery, such as tractors and wheel loaders, that utilize hydraulic power systems. These systems or machines are conceptualized, planned, constructed, and rigorously tested by a hydraulic engineer.

Numerous hydraulic engineers contribute to the development of a region’s water or sewage systems for government bodies. There are additional work opportunities for hydraulic engineers in engineering businesses, private water companies, and manufacturing industries.

7. Engineer in environmental health and safety

High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs

The average national wage is $87,890 per year

Environmental health and safety engineers build safe technological systems and work environments using engineering concepts. Typically, their major objective of this High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs is to ensure that a company’s workplace protects both its people and the environment.

A health and safety engineer assesses the dangers posed by a work environment, such as those posed by chemicals or machines. Then, technology systems and processes can be developed to mitigate these risks and protect personnel, company property, and the natural environment.

Environmental health and safety engineers’ roles can vary depending on their business and area of specialization. A fire prevention engineer may prioritize the development of fire suppression systems, whereas a product safety engineer concentrates on assisting the company in producing goods that are safe for staff and end-users to use.

8. Environmental lawyer

The average national wage is $89,790 per year

An environmental lawyer is an attorney who specializes in environmental law concerns, such as renewable energy, climate change, and sustainability. Environmental attorneys frequently represent non-governmental organizations (NGOs), energy businesses, waste disposal facilities, and energy groups.

This High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs personal can assist these clients and others in producing products or operating their businesses in compliance with local and federal environmental rules.

Environmental attorneys can provide their clients with legal counsel or represent them in conflicts involving water, air, endangered species, waste management, and other environmental laws. Other roles may include presenting expert testimony in court, drafting legal papers, and simplifying complex laws.

9. Environmental engineer

The average national wage is $92,120 per year

As also one of the High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs. Environmental engineers utilize engineering ideas and methods to solve or mitigate a variety of environmental problems. Environmental engineers may seek to create systems or technologies that enhance air pollution, water quality, waste management, public health, or recycling.

An environmental engineer may attempt to address these and other problems at the municipal, state, federal, or international level.

An environmental engineer may initiate a new project by collecting and analyzing data, for as by collecting environmental samples from a specific place and studying them in a laboratory.

They can then create technologies, such as air pollution control technology, that enhance the region’s natural ecosystem. Environmental engineers may also be responsible for updating environmental reports, acquiring land permits, and continuously evaluating or amending projects based on the results.

10. Postsecondary forestry and conservation science teacher

National average salary: $93,520 per year

Primary duties: A post-secondary forestry and conservation science teacher educates students about ecology, forestry, sustainability and related topics. Also called forestry and conservation science professors, these educators teach students at facilities like community colleges, universities and graduate schools. Forestry and conservation science professors may teach general courses to students in a variety of academic disciplines or teach more advanced courses for students pursuing majors or concentrations in that field.

A post-secondary forestry and conservation science teacher performs tasks like lecturing or leading group conversations, preparing course curricula, grading tests or essays and meeting with students individually. Many forestry and conservation science professors also conduct innovative research in their academic discipline, whether through fieldwork, in a laboratory or both.However, it is also among the High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs.

11. Petroleum engineer

National average salary: $103,360 per year

Primary duties: A petroleum engineer as another High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs on our list, develops systems to extract oil and gas from beneath the surface of the Earth. Also called reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers strive to make these systems more efficient through new design plans or technologies, such as by injecting steam or chemicals into reserves to push out more oil.

A petroleum engineer with a background in environmental engineering can specialize in designing rigs, drills and extraction systems that are more environmentally friendly.

Some of a petroleum engineer’s job duties can occur in an office or remotely, but many of these responsibilities involve petroleum engineers traveling to the site of the oil extraction system. These High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs responsibilities include testing current extraction equipment, providing operational assistance and collaborating with professionals like oil field workers and other engineers.

12. Solar consultant

National average salary: $111,418 per year

Primary duties: A solar consultant sells solar power systems or devices to customers. They typically travel to the site where the prospective customer wants to use solar power so that they can evaluate their energy needs. Solar consultants can explain the various methodologies and principles of harnessing and implementing solar power using simplified language. These professionals can also discuss the various financial and environmental benefits of using solar power.

To find new prospective customers, solar consultants may use tactics such as cold calling or going door-to-door. Additional job duties may include negotiating contract terms, meeting sales quotas, conducting market research and setting goals with their sales team.

13. Environmental engineering manager

High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs

National average salary: $121,008 per year

Primary duties: An environmental engineering manager is a type of natural sciences manager who supervises a team. This team may consist of professionals such as junior and senior environmental engineers, environmental engineering technicians and technologists and environmental scientists.

This High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs supervise various studies, experiments, product innovations and projects in their field. An environmental engineering manager may oversee a team with the goal of improving environmental engineering systems or furthering knowledge within this discipline.

Additional responsibilities may include managing the departmental budget, establishing research and development goals with company leaders, preparing project proposals and monitoring each staff member’s performance.

FAQs On High-Paying Environmental Engineering Jobs

What is the highest degree in environmental engineering?

Master of Science (MS) degrees are usually in environmental engineering or environmental science, and may include concentrations in specialty areas such as hazardous waste management. A doctoral degree provides even more specialized and in-depth knowledge, making you competitive for a wider range of job opportunities.

Is environmental engineering a stressful job?

These experts work typical 40-hour weeks in industrial plants, offices, or labs. It is also common to see them working onsite near water sources, energy systems, and construction projects. Dealing with serious environmental issues can also be stressful—the health and welfare of the earth are not taken lightly.

Is environmental engineer a good career?

Environmental Engineers rank #6 in Best Engineering Jobs. Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors. Read more about how we rank the best jobs.

What does environmental engineering study?

Environmental engineers seek solutions to environmental challenges that impact the health and well-being of society and the environment. The technical skills environmental engineers learn are used to develop strategies and technologies to treat and protect the quality of air, water and earth.

What is an example of environmental engineering?

Examples of environmental engineering projects include dams, systems for recycling and reusing building waste in construction, municipal water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, plants to desalinate ocean water to irrigate crops, systems that assist refineries in reducing air pollutants, and more.

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