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Jobs For People With ADHD: 15 Best Careers

Jobs For People With ADHD: 15 Best Careers in 2022!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is diagnosed in approximately 4.4% of American adults. This condition is a neurodevelopmental disorder, not a learning disability, and it is characterized by certain behavioral patterns that make it difficult to perform tasks that would be routine for someone without this disorder.

Infancy is the most common age of onset for ADHD. In approximately 60% of cases, however, symptoms may persist into adulthood. In fact, our most recent analysis of neurodiversity in the workplace statistics reveals that ADHD is the most prevalent neurodiversity among college students.

Therefore, here is a list of the best Jobs For People With ADHD, whether you are young and looking for the best careers in which you can excel, or you are an adult seeking a career change or an activity in which your potential can be more fully realized.

Personality Traits

Jobs For People With ADHD

Before delving into the topic, it is vital to discuss the positive and negative features of personality, so that you may compare jobs based on which characteristics you possess and which you do not.

Let’s begin with the favorable features and strengths suggested by Healthline in relation to job performance:

High-intensity: Individuals with ADHD have a high amount of energy. They are highly motivated by high-intensity work in which their energy may be utilized to the fullest, leaving no room for boredom or stillness.

Enthusiasm: This refers to the capacity to be extremely enthusiastic about specific topics or activities. This trait is essential while picking a career, because if you are passionate about your work, you are likely to produce excellent results.

Ultra-structured: Jobs that lack organization might be a source of stress for a person with ADHD. Their personality tends to necessitate structure so that no responsibilities are overlooked and no space for carelessness exists.

Higher levels of creativity: It is not a fiction that those with ADHD are more creative than others. Both creative thinking and problem-solving talents can reach high levels, according to the findings of studies. This quality is ideal for tasks that need creativity and “beyond the box” thinking.

Velocity:  People with ADHD are able to feel comfortable in fast-paced, stressful work environments due to their capacity for constant change, adaptability, and quick thinking and creativity. Again, boredom has no place!

Risk-taker: Creative and original thought, combined with a willingness to take risks and try new things, can be ideal for self-employed positions. This will depend heavily on your ability to manage self-made structures, thus enthusiasm for this type of job is essential.

List of the Best careers for people with ADHD

The following is a list of the Jobs For People With ADHD:

1. Social worker

This Jobs For People With ADHD is ideal for those with ADHD because it needs a strong passion for the activities you perform and for assisting others. You cannot perform this type of work if you lack enthusiasm for it. In addition, it can frequently become severe and require considerable levels of energy in individuals with ADHD.

It is also important to note that social work typically does not need independent time management, but rather the ability to adhere to predetermined patterns, which is an asset for someone with ADHD.

As social work is a recognized profession in the United States, it is essential to pursue a career in the field. Participation in volunteer work, NGOs, and other forms of social activity can also be advantageous.

You can also specialize in a variety of issues within this field, including mental health, child welfare, senior citizens, politics, and justice, among others. The more specialized your passion, the greater your success in activities!

Employment Prospects:

The pay of social workers are highly variable. this Jobs For People With ADHD salaries vary based on a number of variables, including geographic location, highest social work degree, and practice area.

Currently, healthcare and medical social work, as well as mental health and substance misuse, are the fields with the highest growth rates. Annual salaries range from $40,000 to $60,000.

Religious clergy, psychologists, authors, teachers, nurses, and veterinarians are additional occupations suitable for those with ADHD.

2. Officer of the law

Jobs For People With ADHD

Another Jobs For People With ADHD is Working as a police officer which can provide the ideal atmosphere for a person with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A fast-paced, detail-oriented, energy-intensive, and very intense job satisfies all of this disorder’s motivational and attentional requirements.

Those with an inquisitive, sleuthing disposition and strong problem-solving skills may find Criminal experts particularly fascinating. Although it will require organization, the highly organized nature of these organizations will surely facilitate task execution.

The prerequisites to become a police officer vary by position, but often include a high school graduation, citizenship in the United States, and a clean criminal record. Bachelor’s degrees are required for more advanced law enforcement professions, especially at the federal level, such as with the FBI or US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Employment prospects:

The national average yearly salary of a police officer is $67,600, which is approximately $15,000 higher than the national average annual salary for all occupations, which is $51,960. The typical wage of a police officer might vary greatly from state to state. This Jobs For People With ADHD salaries of police officers are strongly influenced by the cost of living in each state.

Detective, critical care nurse, emergency dispatcher, and sports coach are additional high-intensity positions that share many similarities with this one.

3. Lawyer

Jobs For People With ADHD

As a high-paying Jobs For People With ADHD, lawyer offers several advantages. Primarily due to the fact that it is a highly structured work, such as adhering to bureaucratic requirements, formats, etc. Developing in this area can facilitate the ability to follow a logical sequence, which helps to combat the problem typical of individuals with ADHD. Moreover, problem-solving can be highly motivating in this position, and creativity can propel you to thrive in your activities.

To practice law, prospective attorneys must complete a set of requirements, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, tests, and licensing procedures. Consider that in order to become a lawyer, you must be willing to devote several years to studying law.

Employment prospects:

The average yearly compensation of a lawyer in the United States is $144,230, which is close to three times the national average salary of $51,960. However, this average income is for the entire United States, which conceals major disparities between states. California has the highest average annual salary, at $171,550, while Montana has the lowest, at $88,000.

If you are interested in structured jobs, consider the following: the military, project manager, data analyst, software tester, accountant, insurance claims adjuster, and bank teller.

4. Volunteer Firefighter

Many of a child’s desires can be realized and are ideal for a person with ADHD. Being a firefighter demands high levels of energy, problem-solving, working in a fast-paced atmosphere, varied information sources, and a great deal of dedication to the profession.

Firefighters are taught to do their duties anywhere, including forests, rural areas, and urban high-rises. This Jobs For People With ADHD strive to save lives. Some firemen opt to begin their careers with volunteer work at their local firehouse and a high school graduation.

Those who wish to develop more rapidly can get a degree in fire science, which will equip them for state and federal duties. Some states also need a license for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), who can be dispatched in emergency medical crises. EMT could potentially be quite stimulating for individuals with ADHD. This is one of our top choices for Jobs For People With ADHD.

Employment prospects:

The pay of this Jobs For People With ADHD can vary greatly across the United States. Some firemen serve in extremely small departments with minimal budgets, whereas others work in urban regions with significantly larger budgets. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for firemen in 2021 was $50,700.

The occupations of ER nurse, trauma doctor/surgeon, schoolteacher, dental assistant, and store clerk share a similar tempo.

5. Artist

Jobs For People With ADHD

Any sort of art can be incorporated into this type of work, as creativity will flourish in these positions. People with ADHD can be exceptional artists in a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, fashion, music, and film, due to their unique perspectives and passion for art.

It can be challenging for artists to find themselves in work environments without a defined structure, so if this is an area that interests you, you should master organization or work directly for companies that can provide you with such a structure so that you can focus on developing your creativity to the fullest extent. Note that, depending on the field, artist can be a suitable occupation for introverted individuals with ADHD.

Employment prospects:

Due to the diverse nature of arts and humanities jobs, estimating compensation can be challenging. For instance, the gap between the annual pay of a top film director and a novice graphic designer can be substantial. The salary in this sector is greatly dependent on the exact position, region, amount of education, and prior experience. Here are some specific instances that may be of interest:

  • Art directors earn $88,000 yearly on average.
  • Designers earn $62,000 annually.
  • photographers earn roughly $30,000 annually.

6. Doctor

Doctor is also one of the Jobs For People With ADHD. As it combines multiple personality traits, such as the requirement for love and zeal for the profession, a fast-paced atmosphere, and a structured space with no clutter, being a doctor can be a fantastic choice for someone with ADHD. This career can provide the excitement and challenges that a person with ADHD may require.

Similarly, pursuing a career as a doctor has a well-defined structure that can facilitate further education and reduce the likelihood of dropout. However, enthusiasm will also be essential because discipline is required for the study of medicine.

Employment prospects:

Medicine is among the highest-paying professions in the United States. Doctors have 45% of the twenty highest-paying jobs in the United States. Average incomes easily exceed six figures, with certain surgeons and physicians commanding compensation in excess of $400,000 Numerous factors, including expertise, education, and location, influence the income potential of physicians. And there is a constant demand for additional physicians.

7.  Journalist 

Reporting and writing can be fascinating, creative, and gratifying for those who can adapt well to everyday changes on the job and it is among the Jobs For People With ADHD. The majority of journalists examine a wide variety of issues, interact with numerous individuals, and lack a monotonous daily routine: their work varies from day to day.

Journalism needs analytical, synthesis, and logical reasoning. People who are both enthusiastic about the story they have to tell and skilled communicators with an instinctive grasp. A degree is not required to become a journalist, although it is highly recommended if you intend to do it professionally.

Employment prospects:

Journalists’ salaries vary greatly from region to region, state to state, and job to job. Freelance writers, for instance, might earn as much as $2 per word when writing for national magazines and as little as $50 per story when writing for an internet publication. A broad estimate of all journalism-related employment is $34,750 a year.

8. Chef

Another Jobs For People With ADHD is Chef. Numerous occupations in the culinary arts need high amounts of energy and frequently allow you to focus on quick tasks without requiring extensive long-term planning. The excitement of the rapid pace may also be alluring.

Average annual salary: $47,889

9. IT Specialist

Those afflicted with hyperconcentration may benefit greatly from a job in technology. In a vocation that demands generating code or programming, for instance, the ability to concentrate intently for hours at a time without becoming distracted can be extremely beneficial. As long as you have enthusiasm for it.

Annual average pay is $62,571

10. Teacher

Jobs For People With ADHD

As these occupations need a dynamic, imaginative, and enthusiastic mindset, many individuals with ADHD find working directly with children appealing. Teacher may not be the greatest profession for introverts with ADHD.

Average annual salary: $65,090

11. Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur entails difficult, gratifying, and ever-changing obstacles, which provides a getaway from the corporate routine. Additionally, it can aid in training the risk-taking behavior of those with ADHD.

Average Annual Wage: $65,000 to $72,000

12. Cosmetologist

Another occupation that is regarded as one of the best Jobs For People With ADHD. Estheticians frequently encounter new clientele, each of whom presents a distinct creative challenge requiring short-term focus. These experts switch rapidly from one activity to the next, which is a perfect work environment for hyperactive adults with ADHD.

Average Annual Wage: $50,000

13. Engineer

The ingenuity and hyperfocus exhibited by many individuals with ADHD can make engineering a highly desirable job. With so many subfields within the engineering profession, it is nearly guaranteed that there will be a range of jobs and situations.

Average Annual Wage: $100,000

14. Designer

Creativity and the ability to view a problem from multiple perspectives are qualities of this career. People with ADHD can flourish in this position, where their hyperfocus on a project can provide extraordinary results for clients and their creativity can also be enhanced.

Average Annual Wage: $82,320

15. fitness trainer

Jobs For People With ADHD

If fitness is your passion, you can channel your enthusiasm towards assisting someone else in achieving their fitness goals. Athletic trainers and fitness specialists are capable of performing a number of duties. Others become licensed sports trainers, personal trainers, rehabilitation counselors, etc., and some individuals simply wish to work at a gym after high school. The sports and fitness industry offers numerous professional prospects for those with ADHD.

Typical Wage: $64,566

FAQs On Jobs For People With ADHD

Is it hard for people with ADHD to get a job?

One national survey showed that only half of adults with ADHD were able to hold down a full-time job, compared to 72% of adults without the disorder. When they were able to secure a job, they tended to earn less than their peers without it. Those job problems translate into nearly $77 billion in lost income each year.

What are ADHD people good at?

People living with ADHD may have a variety of skills and abilities beyond those of their neurotypical counterparts. These may include hyperfocus, resilience, creativity, conversational skills, spontaneity, and abundant energy.

Can I get disability for ADHD?

Adults with severe ADHD symptoms may be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) payments. If you feel that the disorder has prevented you from keeping a job or working in any capacity because of the severity of your symptoms, you may be eligible.

What is the most common job for people with ADHD?


Many adults with ADHD find joy in professions that allow them to work directly with children — in careers such as teaching or child care.

Do ADHD need more sleep?

ADHD brains need more sleep, but find it doubly difficult to achieve restfulness. It is one of those ADHD double whammies: ADHD makes it harder to get enough sleep, and being sleep deprived makes it harder to manage your ADHD (or anything else).

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