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Worst Jobs for OCD – Top 7

Worst Jobs for OCD – Top 7 in 2023!

Some people in the modern society have bizarre thinking and fascinating behaviors. Frequently, you observe characteristics such as an obsession with a particular way of doing things, regardless of its irrationality.

Consequently, certain jobs will always be a disaster if you have OCD. This page provides information about the Worst Jobs for OCD.

While it is undeniable that people with OCD can be a great asset in other fields, this article focuses on the Worst Jobs for OCD. It will also explore the obstacles faced by people with OCD and how to overcome them.

Characteristics of the Worst Jobs for OCD

Worst Jobs for OCD

Typically, persons with OCD struggle to find employment in particular industries and should prioritize searching for occupations designed for people with the disorder.

Included in the characteristics of the worst jobs for OCD are:

  • Social interplay
  • Goal setting
  • Meeting deadlines
  • ambiguous work ethic
  • Unpredictable results
  • Choice making

The aforementioned work requirements are red flags for individuals with OCD. They all require obsessive thought, compulsive behavior, or a combination of the two.

List Of the Worst Jobs For OCD

The following is a list of the Worst Jobs for OCD:

1. Public Communicators

Worst Jobs for OCD

Even for the average person, public speaking is a nerve-racking occupation. Nobody can thrive in the limelight. Looking into the millions of eyes in front of you while maintaining composure needs a steely disposition. Obviously, you will occasionally encounter negative audience reactions.

How much more for a person with OCD? People with this ailment can attest to the difficulty of public speaking. Essentially, worry can have disastrous effects for OCD public speakers. This does not improve their condition. It can possibly exacerbate the condition. Occasionally resulting in agoraphobia and social anxiety.

2. Newscasters

Similar to public speaking, this is also a Worst Jobs for OCD. Similarly, it places you on the stage. However, the majority of your audience is digital. Perhaps much more character is required than in the previously indicated occupation.

As a TV reporter, you are responsible for producing information on a consistent basis. Sometimes, the pressure to provide can be overpowering, whether hourly or daily. These careers with strict deadlines are not ideal for individuals with OCD. They lack the time flexibility necessary to analyze their health. Thus, OCD patients should avoid television reporters.

3. Managers

Here is yet another fairly hard and Worst Jobs for OCD. It may be the most difficult occupation on our list of theWorst Jobs for OCD. A manager is a dealer-in-chief. Similarly, master dealers must always have a flexible relationship with individuals.

And here is where those with OCD should draw the line.

As a manager in a company or organization, you must make crucial decisions. It also involves a great lot of uncertainty. Because you never know which group of individuals you will manage.

Therefore, these occupational characteristics and OCD are parallel. This indicates that they lack any connecting points.

4. Physical therapists

In several aspects, physiotherapy is comparable to administrative positions. Similarly, it focuses on managing a person’s health and wellbeing. Frequently, you must be as kind, sympathetic, and responsive to the requirements of your patient as a physiotherapist. Your patients may require a confidant along the way. Eventually, they may attend your therapy sessions to get emotional relief.

Nonetheless, it is one of the Worst Jobs for OCD. As the majority of persons with this illness are stiff, it might be a nightmare. Being such loners by nature, it is often difficult for us to handle socially engaging work like this.

5. Cashiers

Worst Jobs for OCD

Regarding cashier jobs, you can anticipate lengthy hours and repeated duties. Unquestionably, these repetitious chores involve a substantial amount of interactions.

From clients to employees to supervisors, you will be working with both people and a substantial amount of money.

For those with OCD, the possibility of handling contaminated currency could be problematic. In a work as a cashier, their compulsive personality could raise its ugly head.

6. Sales representatives

This position requires much more social engagement than those listed previously. The fact that you will encounter various types of people makes this a delicate occupation. Therefore, if you become quickly stressed after a certain marketing session, this one is for you. Not to mention, stress has a greater impact on a person with OCD.

With strict deadlines and demanding objectives, it is one of the Worst Jobs for OCD. Ultimately, the most significant consequence is increased anxiety. A person with anxiety issues has never been an effective sales representative. Therefore, OCD sufferers should avoid this job.

7.  Customer service personnel

Worst Jobs for OCD

Perhaps the most delicate social interaction job on this list is off-limits to those with OCD. To say the obvious, customer service agents converse frequently. In accordance with their code of conduct, they must constantly be pleasant and respond positively to customers.

This is due to the fact that consumers report their difficulties in various ways and styles.

Therefore, any encounter in such a position generates uncertainty. Moreover, OCD employees in such positions endure restlessness and, in extreme circumstances, inner turmoil.

Consequently, we rank customer service representatives as one of the seven Worst Jobs for OCD.

FAQs On Worst Jobs for OCD

What is the best job for someone with OCD?

For some people with OCD, independent work improves focus and productivity. Couriers, jewellers and cleaners often work on their own. Creative jobs like photography, copywriting and graphic design are also often highly independent.

Can you have a successful career with OCD?

If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), your obsessions and compulsions can take up lots of your time and energy. This can affect your productivity levels as well as your work relationships. Although OCD can affect you at work it's possible to have a successful and fulfilling career.

Can OCD make it hard to work?

Unsurprisingly, compulsions like these can make it much more difficult for employees with OCD to excel in the workplace and efficiently finish the tasks assigned to them. In extreme cases, OCD can even cause employees to develop an inability to attend work due to overwhelming anxiety and stress.

How do you work with severe OCD?

Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERP) is the recommended treatment for OCD sufferers. ERP is when you voluntarily expose yourself to a fear over and over and over again until your brain stops obsessing over it.

Worst Jobs for OCD: Conclusion

In conclusion, we have a better understanding of occupations to avoid if you have OCD tendencies. These traits include, among others, frequent hygiene inspections and perfectionism. Consequently, we can see why these positions are not a suitable fit for them.

Nonetheless, the Compulsive and Obsessive disorders can be managed with the right treatment. In fact, avoiding the aforementioned occupations is a management technique in and of itself. In addition, there are alternate occupations that fit wonderfully with OCD. Therefore, it is not such a disorder.

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