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The 7 Best Art Schools in Canada

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Best Art Schools in Canada: Canada’s art schools are gaining international reputation and rising prominence.

Canada has been classified as one of the safest countries in the world due to its high quality of life.

If you decide to pursue art studies in Canada, you will be able to obtain an internationally recognized degree and an exceptional education.

You will have the opportunity to travel the country, see historic landmarks and natural wonders, and experience life as an art student in a culturally fascinating nation.

As such, this article discusses the top art schools in Canada, the significance of art study, and much more.

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Is Art School Valuable?

Sure, we believe it is worthwhile. As long as the art school is accredited. It will save you a great deal of time and aggravation by teaching you the business and technical sides of art.

Even if you are passionate about art, you will discover that creating it requires devotion and effort. Moreover, art school is a great location to meet new people and make connections in the art industry.

Art school is an excellent method to meet new individuals. Outside of the field of education, an art degree serves little purpose besides as a teaching tool.

Alternatively, the truth is that a degree in art is not required for success.

It is much more important to develop a natural ability or talent. However, it is more important to have the proper mindset, skills, and work ethic than to have the right degree.

However, working hard and being skilled at one’s craft are considerably more crucial to an artist’s success than taking classes.

With an impressive portfolio, freelancers will always be able to find work. Art school cannot transform a bad artist into a good one.

A degree from a famous art school may open certain doors, but this is not guaranteed.

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How long do Canadian Art Schools Last?

In Canada, both the Fine Arts Diploma and Portfolio Certificate are three-year programs. Included in these programs are also the one-year certificate programs for contemporary artists.

The price of an art degree is affected by the number of years students spend in school. Students can complete a bachelor’s degree program in four years.

Master’s degree programs take two to three years to complete. Students participating in studio art classes could incur additional costs for materials and other in-person requirements.

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Best Art Schools in Canada

1. OCAD University

Best Art Schools in Canada
Best Art Schools in Canada

OCAD University is Canada’s largest and most comprehensive art, design, and media institution.

The institution is renowned for producing some of the most gifted artists and designers. They excel in a wide range of artistic occupations.

Each year, over a thousand international students travel to Toronto to establish themselves as successful artists.

This is not due to a lack of reason, as the Ontario College of Art and Design University provides comfortable studios for its students.

These studios provide an atmosphere in which students can freely express and utilize their creative energies.

The five degrees available to students are the Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Design, Master of Arts, and Master of Fine Arts.

2. Alberta College of Art and Design

Best Art Schools in Canada
Best Art Schools in Canada

Calgary, Canada’s Alberta University of the Arts is a public art and design institution. The institution is among the finest art schools in Canada.

In 1973, this prominent art institution first opened its doors. Its principal purpose is to give studio-based education to students majoring in design, new media, or fine arts.

Bachelor of Design (BDes) degrees in Photography and Visual Communication are frequently pursued by students interested in careers in advertising, publishing, television, fashion, entertainment, corporate, new media, environmental design, and editorial.

A portion of the four-year duration of photography and visual communication degree programs is spent attending nighttime classes.

The admissions procedure is competitive, and candidates’ GPAs and portfolios will be assessed.

Department of Visual Arts graduates who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Fine Arts as a second degree can submit an application.

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3. The University of Alberta’s Department of Art

The University of Alberta’s Department of Art consists of three principal sub-departments: theater, music, and visual arts.

The Department of Art at the University of Alberta frequently ranks its Bachelor of Arts program as the university’s most popular undergraduate art degree.

Typically, this involves approximately four years of study. Students who are not pursuing this degree as their major may, if they so want, pursue it as a minor.

In addition, despite its strong commitment to a longstanding tradition of academic accomplishment, the Faculty of Arts is constantly searching for new ways to leverage its immense influence to effect constructive change.

4. Emily Carr University of the Arts

Vancouver, Canada’s Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a global leader in education and research. The institution is among the finest art schools in Canada.

Emily Carr University of Arts and Design is routinely ranked among the top art colleges in Canada, focusing in the education of artists, designers, and scholars.

Bachelor of Design (BDes) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) are both undergraduate degrees that can be acquired after four years of study at Emily Carr Institute.

Bachelor of Design concentrations are available in interface design, industrial design, and communication design.

5. Ottawa School of Art

In downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Ottawa School of Art is an art school. It is a nonprofit institution.

The Ottawa School of Art is well-known for providing a wide range of relevant courses, including landscape painting, photography, ceramics, etc.

The Arts Basics Certificate Program is available exclusively at the Orleans Campus of the Ottawa School of Art, a non-profit educational institution.

Also available after three years of study are a Portfolio Certificate and a Fine Arts Diploma.

In addition to these programs, one-year certificate programs that greatly contribute to the professional development of contemporary artists are also offered.

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6. Concordia College of Fine Arts

Concordia’s College of Fine Arts is the first in Canada to have nine departments, each of which provides a wide range of programs in a number of artistic fields.

Currently, the college offers 500 educational opportunities, 300 for undergraduate students and 200 for graduate students.

The Visual Arts Division of the curriculum includes the following courses: art history, arts education, creative arts treatments and studio arts, visual arts, cinema, design and computation arts, design and computation arts, and studio arts.

Through completion of these subjects, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree can be attained. The Performing Arts Division includes the departments of theater, contemporary dance, music, and performance art.

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7. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) is a school of art that was founded in 1887 and is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design is one of the greatest art schools in Canada due to its Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Design, and Bachelor of Fine Arts programs for art undergraduates.

In addition to two semesters of foundational studies, each of the three degrees offered by the institution requires four years of study.

At Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, students can major in one of three basic areas of undergraduate study.

  • Fine Art: Included in this category are sculpture, painting, printing, and drawing.
  • Design: Graphic design, transdisciplinary design, product design, and digital design are included in this category.
  • Craft: Included in this category are jewelry designs, textiles, metallurgy, and pottery.
Best Art Schools in Canada
Best Art Schools in Canada


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name for an art school?

A school that concentrates primarily on the visual arts, such as illustration, painting, photography, sculpting, and graphic design.

Should I be an art major?

A degree in art can be an excellent method to get the studio experience necessary to pursue a professional career as an artist, despite the stigma of art majors. Students benefit from the program's environment and duration, which enable them to grasp essential tools and network with others.

Is a career in art worthwhile?

In a nutshell, yes. It is simple for artists to acquire employment, and there are endless opportunities for them to develop their skills. It is without a doubt a terrific time to be a freelance artist, but you may want to keep your day job while you work towards becoming a full-time artist.

Can artists amass wealth?

Your odds of becoming an artist are greater than those of persons from disadvantaged backgrounds. According to recent research, census data indicates that artists tend to originate from wealthy homes. According to a new study, those from wealthy backgrounds are more likely to become painters.


If you live in Canada and aspire to become an artist, you may wish to enroll at one of the country’s premier art schools.

Art has already dominated the world, and many works of art are still cherished and admired today.

In addition, as an aspiring artist, you are aware that you must attend art school in order to learn more about the ethics of artists and to put those ideals into practice.

And the way to get there is by enrolling in a Canadian art school, but not just any school; you should focus on attending one of the top art schools in Canada.


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