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10 Highest Paid Engineering Majors In The World

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10 Highest Paid Engineering Majors In The World!

Engineering is a fairly vast field. Computer engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering are distinct subfields. We have therefore compiled a list of the ten Highest Paid Engineering Majors in the world.

The top engineering institute with programs in multiple subfields allows you to specialize in a subfield and build a foundation for professional advancement in the appropriate stream.

Engineering has long been a lucrative career option, with disciplines and salaries that can reach $100,000 per year for engineers with enough expertise.

The majority of the top twenty highest-paying degrees in history are engineering degrees. Engineering majors receive the greatest compensation package among the 46% of college graduates employed by well-known businesses.

List of the Highest Paid Engineering Majors In The World

The following is a list of the Highest Paid Engineering Majors In The World:

1. Civil Engineering ( Annual Wage- $81,000)

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

Civil engineers play a crucial role in the building, design, and development of a wide variety of projects created in accordance with the environment. They work on waste management, roadway building, geotechnical engineering, and coastal development projects.It is one of the Highest Paid Engineering Majors in the world.

2. Geological engineering ($85,000 yearly salary)

Geological engineering graduates play a crucial role in detecting geological issues affecting various engineering projects. Geology is the study of the composition of the earth and the evaluation of geological dangers.

In the private sector, gas and oil sectors, and offshore locations, the pay scale is often higher; distant areas can offer a significantly higher pay range.

3. Computer Engineering (Annual Salary – $87k)

Computer engineering is a relatively recent field. The technological advancement stems from software engineering and hardware.

They oversee the manufacture, manufacturing, and installation of computer systems, as well as test, develop, and design hardware and computer systems, board routers, printers, and computer chips for the largest tech businesses.

4. Mechanical Engineer (Annual Salary – $88,000)

As one of the Highest Paid Engineering Majors, Mechanical engineers play a crucial role in the product development process, from the creation of minor designs to the creation of enormous factories, vehicles, and machines.

Their competence encompasses all phases of product creation and research, manufacturing, and design, from installation to final commissioning. The wage package, coupled with consistent experience and hands-on project experience, can swiftly elevate a candidate from the median level to a position of prominence.

5. Metallurgical Engineering ($90,000 Yearly Salary)

Metallurgical Engineering is concerned with the extraction and transformation of various metals. They investigate and assess the performance of metals such as iron, petroleum, nickel, copper, and steel.

The compensation package for metallurgists and chartered engineers might be much greater.This is also one of the Highest Paid Engineering Majors.

6. Electrical Engineer (Annual Salary – $93,000)

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

Electrical engineering is one of the numerous interdisciplinary subjects that include vehicles, telecommunications, computer science, and electrical systems.

The program assists in the explanation of power systems, electromagnetic, controller systems, and communications units. Electrical engineers are required in virtually all fields; hence, the need will continue to increase as time and needs progress.

7. Mineral and Mining Engineering ($97000 annually)

Mining engineering is a major that focuses on the effective development of mines and subterranean operations. Engineers must have a comprehensive awareness of the global consequences of structures and their surroundings.

The potential for bigger salaries increases with international ventures. In general, remote projects and poor weather are accompanied by higher pay. Several firms offer performance-based compensation plans in addition to other incentives.It is also among the Highest Paid Engineering Majors in the world.

8. Chemical Engineering ($96000 Yearly Salary)

The chemical engineering degree contributes to the development of plastics, petroleum, and other production processes. Frequently, engineers operate in laboratories or offices. In addition, they spend time at refineries, industrial sites, and other locations where it is their role to monitor or address onsite issues.

In addition to their income, many chemical engineers earn stock options and profit-sharing rewards.

9. Aerospace Engineering (Annual Salary – $100,000) 

The employment outlook for aerospace engineers who specialize in engine design, manufacture, and development. In addition, they employ their extensive education and skills in material, computational, and mechanical disciplines to design and construct airplanes and spacecraft.It is also regarded as one of the Highest Paid Engineering Majors in the world.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the average yearly income for aerospace engineers in 2015-2016 was over $110,570.

10. Petroleum Engineering ( Annual Wage- $136,000)

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

As the worldwide energy demand has increased, petroleum engineers are required. The market is anticipated to expand, necessitating an increase in the number of skilled engineers to fill available roles.

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Domestically and internationally, the demand will also enhance the careers and wages of petroleum engineers. Beginning with a salary of $74,240, the major increases to $136,320 and then to $186,520 for mid-level and senior-level positions, respectively.It is also among the Highest Paid Engineering Majors in the world.

FAQs On Highest Paid Engineering Majors

Which engineering is well paid?

Petroleum Engineer:

The discovery and recovery of natural oil and gas resources is perhaps the most lucrative business enterprise in the world.

Which engineer has the highest demand?

Environmental engineering is one of the most important degrees for the future. The field of environmental engineering has evolved dramatically in recent years. With an environmental engineering degree, it is now possible to study how we can improve the quality of water and air around us.

Which country produces most engineers?

Japan is one of the top countries that produces the best engineers in the world.

Is engineering difficult than medicine?

Engineering and physics are MUCH harder than medicine. It takes a decent memory and some work ethic (albeit a crazy one) to get into med school. On the flip side, you need a crazy set of thinking skills to do advanced physics and mathematics courses that are used in engineering.

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