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What Can You Do With an Art Degree? 100 careers in Art Degree

What Can You Do With an Art Degree? Who says someone with a degree in art cannot earn a good living? Young artists repeatedly express a wish to attend college to study the visual and fine arts but mistakenly believe that doing so may endanger their professional earnings.

Actually, the reverse is true: enrolling in an art degree in college can open up a wide range of opportunities and provide you the skills you need to succeed in a variety of lucrative occupations.

Yet pursuing a career in the arts can offer you so much more than simply a great salary; it can open up the door to a line of work that you are really enthusiastic about.

But, just like everyone in any field, artists aspire to have successful careers that offer opportunity, fulfillment, and, most crucially, a steady income.

The careers listed below are all fantastic options for aspiring professional artists. There are many of these occupations listed here that fall into the conventional categories of design, illustration, and teaching, but there are also a number of uncommon, distinctive, and extremely wealthy careers listed here.

Be aware that while many of these occupations can be obtained with simply an art degree, others may require further training or study beyond a basic degree. Moreover, all wages shown are median wages. Depending on their level of experience, years in the industry, and other factors, the top level artists in each of the fields below may earn up to twice the given wages or more.

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Table of Contents

1. Animator

Animation professionals produce a number of frames that, when shown quickly in succession, give the appearance of movement. In the media industries of television, video games, and movies, animators are in high demand. In addition, a lot of independent animators, like FilmCow on YouTube, may showcase their animations online and gain a following they can monetize.

  • Pay: $55,000 per year (Payscale)

2. Appraiser

Someone who offers a qualified assessment of the worth and authenticity of a piece of art.

  • Pay: $60,000 year (


Buildings are created with the help of architects. This includes participating in the building’s design. often requires a degree in architecture. You can flourish in this field by working for an architecture firm or by opening your own business and winning extremely significant contracts.

  • Pay: $72,000 year (Glassdoor)

4. Art Agent

An agent of an artist whose main duty is to market their client’s artwork. The commission received by art agents is typically from 15% to 35%.
Commission-based salary of 15% to 35% (Wikipedia). The top artist agents earn more than $75,000 annually. Top 1% earn easily six figures.

5. Arts Administrator

A person who assists in managing an artistic organization’s daily operations. Administrative, clerical, and fundraising tasks are included in this work. Museums, galleries, and even big musical ensembles like the New York Philharmonic are some institutions that employ arts administrators.

  • Pay: $62,000 year (Paysa)

6. Art Handler

This person, who has received training to work with artwork, is also referred to as an art preparator. Although it may seem easy, it is not; because many works of art are priceless, expert handling is necessary to maintain the integrity of the piece.

  • Pay: $34,125 year (Neuvoo)

7. Art Restorer

A person who expertly restores art that has been damaged. Sculptures, paintings, pottery, priceless books, and other works of art can all be restored.

  • Pay: $42,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

8. Art Therapist

Arts therapists enable creative self-expression through visual media, which is a distinctive style of psychotherapy. Clients of an art therapist may experience a decrease in stress as well as an improvement in cognition and emotional well-being as a result.

  • Pay: $45,000 year (Payscale)

9. Artist’s assistant

Successful, accomplished artists require assistance with daily tasks. Artist assistants can aid an artist with everything from maintaining their workspace, getting supplies, and handling administrative tasks to assisting them in promoting their work on social media. Additional responsibilities may include managing the artist’s schedule. Excellent entry-level position for a recent college graduate.

  • Pay: $18.50 per hour (Payscale)

10. Vehicle Designer

Designing an automobile’s look. Almost all motorized vehicles, including as cars, buses, trucks, vans, and motorbikes, are included in this industry.

  • Pay: $78,000 annually (Paysa)

11. Billboard Artist

An illustrator who creates billboard graphics for advertising purposes. One of the many crucially important jobs for commercial artists on this list.

  • Pay: $57,000 year (Paysa)

12. Brand Designer

An artist in charge of designing the graphics, logos, colors, brochures, and other marketing materials that make up a company’s external appearance. Consider the fonts, shapes, and colors used by Apple vs. Amazon or Rolex vs. Coca-Cola. Before the general public sees it, a brand designer has supervised all of this.

  • Pay: $81,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

13. CAD Drafter

Someone who creates buildings and things using computers. In many significant companies and agencies throughout the world, CAD drafters are in high demand. It necessitates expertise of both art and computer applications with a focus on commercial design.

  • Pay: $55,000 year (

14. Calligrapher

Calligraphers use a broad tip tool, brush, stencil, or electronic pencil to create letters and unique characters. The salary range for calligraphers can vary greatly depending on how much work they commission as many calligraphers work for themselves.

  • Pay: $65,000 year Self-employed artists have the chance to make substantially more.

15. Camera Operator

These days, videography and filmmaking are taught in many art degrees. Even with the popularity of selfie cameras, camera operators are still in high demand. Their work has appeared in movies, TV shows, and online publications.

  • Wage of $82,000

16. Caricaturist

An illustrator who specializes in caricatures, which are inflated portraits of people, most often seen in editorial cartoons. Caricaturists have provided a living for hundreds of artists.
Salary: Cartoonists, which is also included below, are what caricaturists would be known as if they worked for a large corporation. Independent caricaturists can, nevertheless, earn a sizable sum of money with effective marketing.

17. Cartoonist

Someone who creates cartoons, whether for comic books, editorial cartoons, or television.

  • Pay: $63,000 year (

18. Ceramicist (Ceramics Artist) 

a person who crafts ceramics, like pottery. Before putting their creations on the market, ceramicists mold raw materials, heat them up in kilns, and then paint them.

  • Pay: $53,000 year (TheArtCareerProject)

19. Cinematographer

A photographer who produces photos for television and big-budget movies. With image-capture technology like cameras, they accomplish this.

  • Pay: $58,000 year (TheArtCareerProject)

20. University Administration

Administrators with a background in the visual arts are employed by many independent art schools, including RISD and Maryland College of Art. Major institutions also require arts coordinators to manage the administrative and logistical tasks of an arts department.

  • Pay: $92,000 year (PayScale)

21. Professor of Art in College

Teaches and gives lectures on pertinent subjects related to the field of art, such as modern art, art history, and art creation. This flexible job is perfect for thousands of artists worldwide because many college professors earn two incomes: one from their teaching duties and one from their artistic pursuits. Assistant professors make $52,000 annually.

  • Assistant professor; salary: $63,000. $81,000/year for a full professor. Frequently includes the best perks available at any job and eventually tenure (Chron)

22. Artist of comic strips

A cartoonist who produces independent comics or works for a weekly publication. Newspaper comics such as Dilbert and Garfield are well-known examples. This article also addresses the term “cartoonist,” which is frequently used by comic strip artists.

  • Pay: $60,000 year (Chron)

23. Advertising Art Director

A person who is in charge of artistic direction across a variety of industries, such as theater, film, advertising, marketing, and more. For everything from product development to advertising, the majority of large product companies require an in-house staff of designers and a director to oversee them. Working in a large-budget team where the company’s visual appeal is essential for business success can make art directing exceptionally lucrative. $86,000 annual salary (Paysa) Top art directors can earn substantially more, especially if their work is essential to the success of a high-budget production.

24. Professional Artist

Artwork produced with the intention of aiding in the sale of a good or service; most frequently used in advertising. Consider logos, product designs, the colors chosen for an ad campaign, and more. Andy Warhol is arguably the most well-known commercial artist in history.

  • Pay: $61,000 year (Economic Research

25. Worker in Community Arts

a person hired by a government or community to assist with determining how a town or other common place would look. Their duties may include involve hiring specialists to work on initiatives involving the arts, organizing public fundraisers, and producing art for the community.

  • Pay: $48,500 annually (CareerAddict)

26. Idea artist

In movies, animation, video games, or other visual media, an illustration is utilized to develop an idea. Consider large-scale television projects where the aesthetic direction for animated characters must be extensive.

  • Pay: $64,000 year (Indeed)

27. Visual artist

Contrary to the preceding article, conceptual artists make works in which the idea, technique, or approach served as the primary inspiration for the creation of the piece. Large-scale installations are a common kind of conceptual art, and many of them have admission prices.

  • Salary: Completely based on the artist’s reputation and commercial success. Anything between an entry-level wage and more, especially if the artist is successful, in the mid-six figures.

28. Advisory for the Arts

Someone who is employed for their knowledge of the arts. Arts consultants are frequently used in the design of hotels’ interiors as well as art investment consulting, where they are employed to help a client comprehend the possible appreciation or depreciation of artwork.

  • Pay: $93,000 year (Comparably)

29. Business Photography

For headshots of their employees, major firms use corporate photographers. Think about companies with over 1,000 employees, all of whom have biographies on their websites (such as a major law firm website). It is not unusual for photographers to request enormous quantities of money because they are paid by large corporations.

  • Pay: $75,000 annually (ZipRecruiter). Corporate photographers who work for themselves can earn much more money.

30. Costume Artist

A person who designs and makes costumes for live or recorded productions, as well as for the theater, screen, and television. usually collaborates with the artistic staff of a production, such as the lighting and scenic directors.

  • Pay: $39,000 year (Salary)

31. Courtroom musician

Courtroom artists play a crucial role in serving as a conduit between the public and the media and the judicial proceedings because most jurisdictions do not permit cameras in a court of law.

  • Pay: $53,000 year (The Art Career Project)

32. Art critic: critic

A person who interprets and analyzes art. They also assess the quality of the works of art. Art critics can find employment as freelance art bloggers, professors at prestigious universities, or authors of articles for important periodicals. Historically notable art critics include Lawrence Alloway and Roger Fry.

  • Average annual pay is $53,000. But, you can command a salary of $130k+ if you work for a significant top-tier publication like The New York Times.

33. Kitchen Artist

A cook, chef, or other culinary artist who creates “edible works of art,” such as cake decorations, in addition to preparing food. usually necessitates a degree in culinary arts or prior experience rather than a standard art degree, while an art degree can help increase credibility and skill in this field.

  • Pay: $43,000 annually (ZipRecruiter)

34. Editorial Drawings

Artists who produce visual works that draw readers in. frequently employed in periodicals, magazines, and print and online publications.

  • Pay: $53,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

35. Engraver/Etcher

An individual who engraves images or text into solid materials like metal and glass using sophisticated mechanical equipment.

  • Pay: $34,000 annually

36. Arts Entrepreneur

Anyone who establishes a business based on the arts. It can be unconventional or more conventional, like creating a gallery where you can sell and display your own artwork. For the latter, consider Paint Nite, a phenomenon where anyone may take art workshops and pay to attend.

  • Sky’s the limit in terms of pay

37. Display Designer

A person with experience designing displays for significant events and organizations, such as conventions, trade exhibitions, and museums. In the US, there are numerous professional exhibition design companies with hundreds of employees, notably Ralph Appelbaum Associates, situated in NYC.

  • $54,000 yearly salary

38. Fashion Advisor

Fashion consultants, sometimes known as personal stylists or image consultants, frequently collaborate with celebrities and public figures to help their clients find the perfect “look”.

  • Pay: $58,000 year

39. Clothing designer

The process of coming up with unique designs for clothing, bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories. The success of an apparel company depends heavily on fashion designers. Like Ralph Lauren and the late Gianni Versace, famous fashion designers frequently launch their own large businesses.

  • Pay: $95,000 year

40. Illustration of fashion

Before actual fashion is created, concepts and ideas related to fashion are illustrated. Major clothing and fashion corporations engage both designers and illustrators, but this task is occasionally completed by the fashion designer.

  • Pay: $51,000 year

41. Merchandising of Fashion

experts in the field of fashion who plan precisely what to sell when. Fashion merchandisers keep a watchful eye out for emerging trends in the fashion world in an effort to stay ahead of the pack and provide their business a competitive edge when it comes to the sale of particular goods.

  • Pay: $50,000 year

42. Filmmaker

A person who produces movies for both personal and commercial use. In terms of total revenue, film has been the most popular art genre in the 20th and 21st centuries.
Pay: When making a movie, a filmmaker may perform a variety of tasks. According to, the average annual compensation for a filmmaker is $54,000.

43. Fine artist

That is produced solely for artistic purposes and is generally seen as distinct from art produced for financial gain.

  • Salary: According to Recruiter, a sculptor, painter, or illustrator may earn between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. A successful independent artist might earn anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars annually.

44. Floral Designer

Plants are used by floral designers to make designs that are pleasing to the eye. Small boutiques may hire a floral designer for their own shop, and many florists create their own businesses.

45. Artistic Forensic

Have you ever seen the individual who creates a sketch based on a witness description while watching a mystery television show? This job is legitimate and essential to assisting law enforcement identify suspects when there isn’t any other photographic proof. A forensic artist’s duties go beyond only identifying offenders; they also create various pictures for use in court cases and other legal processes.

  • Pay: $61,000 year

46. Exhibition Assistant

An assistant in a professional art gallery assists with clerical, administrative, and other daily responsibilities just like an artist assistant does.

  • Pay: $36,000 year ( While there are some full-time gallery assistant jobs available in the real world, the majority are part-time jobs, and some are even internship-based.

47. Gallery Director

Depending on the requirements of the gallery, gallery administrators might perform a wide range of activities. One typical duty of gallery managers is the “front of house” position, which involves helping to look after visitors to the gallery who want to buy paintings.

  • Pay: $48,000 annually (

48. Gallery Manager

A person who manages a gallery’s aesthetic direction and vision and works to increase the gallery’s notoriety and renown. A great gallery director uses meticulous curation and knowledge of a gallery’s own aesthetic to influence how the public views an art gallery.

  • Pay: $54,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

49. Stone Cutter

A professional who sets, polishes, cuts, and shapes gemstones. A lapidary is another name for a gem cutter.

  • Pay: $45,000 year (Economic Research Institute).

50. Glassblower

Glass blowers use a pipe to inflate molten glass while they work to shape the appearance of glass. Gaffer or glassmith are further names for this occupation.

  • Pay: $33,000 annually (CareerExplorer)

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51. Graphic artist

A person who creates or otherwise alters images. Today’s society frequently associates graphic designers with designing using computer applications like Illustrator and PhotoShop.

  • Pay: $46,000 year

52. Creator of greeting cards

A certified, skilled artist is required to supervise and create greeting cards before they are sold for all those Hallmark cards.

  • Pay: $38,000 annually (ZipRecruiter)

53. Teacher of a group art class

Someone who instructs non-artists in a class on creating art. Notable instances are Drink & Write and Paint Nite.

  • Pay: According to Indeed, instructors at Paint Nite (formerly Yaymaker) make an average of $21 per hour.

54. Electronic Artist

Using technology to produce unique work Digital artists are in high demand for commercial applications, and many of the other occupations on this list overlap with their work. Painting, drawing, modeling, music, sound engineering, and other forms of digital art are all included.

  • Freelancers receive an average yearly salary of $62,000. (ZipRecruiter)

55. Furniture Designer

A person who contributes to the design of any furniture, including beds, couches, chairs, stools, and other items. Employing furniture designers are well-known furniture manufacturers like Ikea and Herman Miller.

  • Pay: $51,000 year (PayScale)

56. Illustrator

An artist who develops a visual representation of a text’s meaning. Many media, such as children’s books, textbooks, films, and countless others, use illustrators.

  • Pay: $53,000 year (Chron)

57. Industrial Architect

Someone who creates goods that are meant to be mass-produced for retail sales. It is distinct from the process of making a product itself. On this list, CAD Drafting is a related profession.

  • Pay: $65,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

58. Designer of interiors

A person who raises a building’s interior standards. Corporations hire interior designers to create large structures, and private individuals who want to improve their living quarters do the same.

  • Pay: $59,000 year (Indeed)

59. Jewelry Artist

Anybody who develops jewelry, such as watches, rings, earrings, and other accessories, including necklaces.

  • Salary: Although ZipRecruiter claims that the average yearly wage in the United States is $44,000, designers working for prestigious corporations like Tiffany’s earn more than $100,000. (Glassdoor).

60. Specialty Arts Lawyer

A person who assists in directing the copyright, marketing, and legal aspects of the production and sale of art. In the world of the arts, this is a specialized field. A JD, or Juris Doctor, is also necessary for this career, as any lawyer must have one in order to practice.

  • According to Comparably, the average salary is $86,000, however the most successful lawyers in any sector can earn over $400k annually.

61. Art librarian

A professional librarian who manages the art collection, research, and inquiries about art at a college, university, museum, or another location.

  • Salary: According to, the median annual compensation for all librarians is $56,000.

62. Lithographer

An artist who uses specialized oils to paint on stone or metal. Lithography is an ancient art form that is still used today for both fine art and commercial printing.

  • Pay: $43,000 annually (Economic Research Institute)

63.Designer of logos

Any business, establishment, website, and owner needs a logo. Every month, more than 50,000 new businesses are launched in the US alone, and they all require logos. While it is a speciality in the field of graphic design, this occupation is in high demand.

  • Pay: $59,000 year

64. K–12 Instructor

A teacher of art who works in a primary, secondary, or both public and private school. An education degree and certification are typically necessary in addition to an art degree for teaching at a public school.

  • Pay: $55,000 year

65. Publication Art Director

An executive who is responsible for a magazine’s or other periodical’s artistic direction and aesthetic appeal. Every major magazine has art direction staff on staff to support the journal’s aesthetic appeal and sales.

  • Pay: $93,000 year

66. Beauty artist

A professional who enhances people, typically with cosmetics, for stage productions including theater, cinema, and television. Moreover, the consumer goods industry employs makeup artists.

  • Pay: $32 per hour (Indeed)

67. Metalworker

A person who makes things out of metal. Although though a lot of metalworking is also done in trades that aren’t often linked with art, it is associated with the arts.

  • Pay: $48,000 annually

68. Musician

someone who makes a living by performing, writing, or creating music. A background in art can influence a musician’s originality and success. The music industry occasionally requires specialized training that an art degree would not supply.

  • Pay: $45,000 year

69. A muralist

Wall art that has been painted or made. Known muralists like Banksy and Diego Rivera are present.

  • Salary: According to the government, the average yearly pay for fine artists, which includes muralists, is $46,000.

70. Programmer of multimedia

Software developers with a focus on adding graphics and other complex visual design components. frequently calls for both code and artistic knowledge.

  • Pay: $66,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

71. Museum curator

A person in charge of all the exhibits and installations in a museum. Major artist galleries also hire curators. Typically, both museum directors and curators share the same duties.

  • Pay: $59,000 year

72. Photographer for museums

someone who photographs museum exhibits of art. Since they are used in marketing and sales materials to advertise the museum, these photos must be of a high caliber.

  • Pay: $39,000 year

73. Papermaker

A person who specializes in making paper, usually one-of-a-kind handmade papers for artistic expression. While speciality papermaking is conducted by both amateurs and experts, the type of paper that the general public considers to be paper is produced through automated manufacturing.

  • Pay: $44,000 annually

74. Musical Artist

A professional in a live action art genre, such as dancing, acting, singing, comedy, or ventriloquism. Even though the majority of art degrees are not related to degrees in the performing arts, they are nonetheless helpful for jobs in these professions.

  • Pay: $53,000 year

75. Photographer

Somebody who makes a living taking images. As this article has shown, many photographers specialize in particular fields, such as news, wedding, and corporate photography. Ansel Adams, a well-known example of a landscape photographer, has made a living solely by selling his original photographs.

  • Pay: $65,000 year

76. A photographer

Someone who assists in photo editing and shapes the “narrative” of a picture. Occasionally, merely the photographer handles this, but major companies and agencies frequently employ specialized photo stylists.

  • Pay: $41,000 year

77. Picture Artist

A person who uses art to depict a person, an animal, or another significant object. Oil and charcoal are frequent ingredients in this painting. Normally, commissions for the work of portrait artists come from outside sources.

  • Salary: Skilled portrait painters may bill anything from $2,000 to $4,000 for each piece. Of course, you can charge more the more well-known and respected you are.

78. Artist, Poster

Making posters for movies, events, concerts, and other things. A specialized branch of graphic design is poster art.

  • Pay: $46,000 year

79. News and press photographer

A photographer who captures people, locations, and newsworthy occurrences Some work as news photographers for prominent television stations, while others are independent contractors.

  • Pay: $48,000 annually (ZipRecruiter)

80. Printmaker

A professional who uses specific methods to make images on distinctive surfaces, such as wood, plastic, or stone. Many art school programs include printmaking in their core curriculum.

  • Pay: $51,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

81. Independent Art Tutor

One who conducts art lessons in person, online, or in a group. Independent art schools that focus on offering group sessions to adults and children in particular employ many art instructors.

  • Pay: $43,000 annually (ZipRecruiter)

82. Retail – Gallery

An employee who sells art supplies to the general public in a retail art space. Due to their expertise and knowledge with the store’s merchandise, several art stores do employ individuals with art degrees.

  • Pay: The average retail sales associate compensation across all industries is $27,000 per year (ZipRecruiter). Retail managers and directors, meanwhile, might earn much more money.

83. Scenic Artist

Constructing the set pieces for theatre, film, and television. According to Wikipedia, the majority have specialization degrees in theatre arts, even though an art degree is helpful in this field.

  • Pay: $58,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

84. Silversmith

A silver-based material designer artist. This page also discusses silversmithing, a speciality form of metalworking.

  • Pay: $41,000 year (

85. Sporting Goods Designer

A person who creates sporting goods. Consider how pads are constructed to better protect you or how shoes are designed to help you move faster. This also goes by the label “sports engineer.” For this professional route, having a background in both engineering and art might be extremely helpful. In fact, many employers can benefit from having a dual degree in those fields.

  • Pay: $80,000 year (Average Salary Survey)

86. Artisan of Stained Glass

A person who tints glass. The term “stained glass” is most frequently used to describe specially ornamented windows in places of worship. Nonetheless, many modern stained glass artisans, like this one, create pieces regardless of their affiliation with a particular religion.

  • Pay: $42,000 year (Economic Research Institute)

87. Animation Artist

A visual artist who designs and/or supervises the visuals for animated film or television scenes.

  • Pay: $72,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

88. Author of tattoos

A person who tattoos human bodies with art that lasts forever. Most frequently, this procedure is carried out in a specialized salon.

  • Pay: $53,000 year

89. Technical Artist

Someone who, in order to facilitate understanding of complex mathematical, technological, or scientific topics, visualizes them. There are many technical illustrations in modern textbooks.

  • Pay: $60,000 year (

90. Textile designer

A craftsperson who works with fiber to create products. Baskets, paper, knits, and other items are some examples of the things a fiber artist makes. A number of renowned art institutions, including MassArt, provide extensive college programs in fiber art, which also includes tapestry art.

  • Pay: $54,000 year

91. Designer of toys

Anybody who designs and makes toys. All of the major toy manufacturers, including Mattel, Lego, and others, employ these professionals.

  • Pay: $58,000 year (PayScale)

92. Typographer

A person who arranges typed text in a way that makes them simpler to read and more visually appealing. The production of fonts is known as type design, which is frequently used interchangeably with typography.

  • Pay: $47,000 year (PayScale)

93. Artist for user interfaces

Person in charge of improving a video game’s or other electronic application’s user interface, such as software. These individuals simplify the usage and manipulation of video games and software. This occupation falls under technology, thus even starting pay might be quite good.

  • Pay: $96,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

94. Artist in video

A creator of original works using both modern and vintage video and audio equipment. different from the video game artists and videographers that this essay will also address.

Pay: Because the majority of video artists work on their own, it is difficult to find reliable information about salaries. Successful video artists who have exhibitions of their work in galleries can earn up to $70,000 a year.

95. Videographer

A person who records images on video and archives them. These people are skilled in both general art and video creation. A videographer is present at every professional presentation.

  • Pay: $65,000 annually. Despite having a great demand, many are autonomous.

96. Artist for video games

The creator of a video game’s graphics. Consider the style, feel, and appearance of your favorite video game characters. Due to their extensive content, modern video games require dozens of video game artists.

  • Pay: $69,000 year

97. Visual Artist

A professional who focuses on making a website, app, or other application look better. Visual design “was formed out of a blend of graphic design and user interface (UI) design,” according to Toptal.

  • Pay: $86,000 year (ZipRecruiter)

98. Artist for Visual Effects

A person who mostly produces special effects for movies, television shows, and video games. Large television and video game studios will recruit VFX artists explicitly.

  • Pay: $73,000 year

99. Wardrobe Manager

A person who manages all wardrobe-related matters in a professional production.

  • Pay: $39,000 year

100. Designing websites

A person responsible for a website’s visual appearance. Several significant corporate websites do require designers with an understanding of the arts, even if the majority of websites employ website designers without an art degree. requires familiarity with javascript, WordPress/Joomla, HTML, and other contemporary web technologies.

  • Pay: $54,000 year

FAQS on What Can You Do With an Art Degree

What would you do with an art degree?

Art graduates can also apply for mainstream graduate jobs and training in a wide variety of industries, such as media, marketing, public relations and even accounting.

What careers can you take with art?

Makeup Artist.
Marketing Specialist.
Media Development.
Multimedia Artist.
Multimedia Programmer.
Museum Archivist.

Do art degrees make money?

An art degree gives you the ability to earn good money while doing work you have passion for - a feeling sadly missing in much of the modern workforce. Here are six careers you can get with an art degree that will keep you fulfilled financially and creatively.

What degree should I get if I like art?

A fine arts degree gives you an education in the visual arts. You may decide to focus on painting, drawing or printmaking. With this degree, you will be introduced to oil painting, the media of watercolor and drawing techniques. You may also choose concentrations, such as photography and sculptural practices.

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