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Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League

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Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League: Students must submit a solid application to attend any Ivy League institution.

This is due to the Ivies’ infamously low acceptance rate.

Students must have a high GPA obtained while completing a number of AP classes, a superb score on any of the standardized admission tests, a superb letter of recommendation, a great essay answer, and a lot more in order to submit a strong application when applying to any Ivy.

Also, students must have a strong record in extracurricular activities to be admitted to Ivies.

Participating in the appropriate extracurriculars, though, is crucial.

In order to boost any student’s chances of admission to any Ivy League school, this article will explore why extracurricular activities are thought to be a determinant for admission to Ivy League institutions and present a list of the best extracurricular activities for Ivy League.

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Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League
Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League

Why do Ivy League Admissions Officials Care about Extracurricular Activities?

Many students believe that while processing a student’s admission, Ivy League colleges only consider their academic performance.

This belief is incorrect, despite the fact that a student’s academic achievement is a key component in determining whether they will be admitted.

Yet, when processing students’ applications, Ivy League admissions officers take into account all of the admissions requirements.

This suggests that they are able to evaluate their performance both within and outside of the classroom.

When processing admission, admissions officers take into account students’ extracurricular pursuits.

They gain a better understanding of the applicant, their interests, and their capacities.

Misconceptions About Extracurricular Activities

There are a lot of false beliefs regarding extracurricular activities out there.

Participating in extracurricular activities does not guarantee a student admission to an Ivy League institution.

So, it is important for students to choose their extracurricular activities carefully.

Yet students should steer clear of the following frequent misconceptions about extracurricular activities:

1. Students are required to Engage in a Variety of Extracurricular Activities.

This is unquestionably the most typical admissions myth.

Many students have been led to assume that the amount of extracurricular activities they participate in will affect their likelihood of admittance.

This notion, however, is incorrect because while reviewing applications, admissions personnel do not take into account the amount of extracurricular activities students participate in.

Instead, they assess a student’s level of involvement in a particular extracurricular activity.

2. Students must Complete a Significant amount of community service hours.

Another incorrect assumption regarding extracurricular activities is this one.

Even while putting in a lot of community service hours can impress admissions officers, admittance is not assured.

This is because your involvement in the community won’t reveal anything about your special talents to admissions officers.

Instead of working for an already established Charity, starting your own can make more sense.

3. The only extracurricular activities are music and sports.

The belief that music and sports are the sole extracurriculars is the last common misunderstanding regarding them.

This explains why a number of students prioritize athletics and music over other extracurricular activities.

The two extracurricular activities are great options, but because so few students are good at them, they are not appropriate for everyone.

Students must also remember that while evaluating extracurricular activities, admissions examiners take the concept of exceptionality into account.

Both of these extracurricular activities consume a significant amount of a student’s time in addition to the intense competition.

This is why candidates should only list one or both extracurricular activities if they have demonstrated academic success.

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Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League
Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League

The Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League

The following extracurricular activities will increase your likelihood of enrolling in an Ivy League institution:

1. Establishing a Club

Starting a club is one of the finest extracurriculars for students aiming to get into any Ivy League institution.

You will impress the admissions committee by making the first move and proving to them that you have what it takes to be a leader.

But, prioritize your interests while selecting what your group will do.

You will be able to have a powerful application because of this.

2. Participating in an Internship Program

Many students plan to take some time off over the summer.

But you can also do a few things over the summer to improve your extracurricular records.

Participating in a summer program is one of the things you may do this summer to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Over the summer, schools and private organizations organize a ton of events, clubs, and research opportunities. They give students the opportunity to learn more deeply about their area of interest.

Either of these programs will make you stand out to the admissions committee.

3. Participating in a Contest for Academic Excellence

College admissions staff members are constantly searching for applicants who enjoy a challenge.

They think the smartest pupils are those who compete in the most difficult academic competitions.

So, participating in regional and national academic competitions will improve any student’s chances of getting accepted because it gives them a chance to demonstrate their skill.

Also, it’s a good idea to take part in social activities like debates because it will show admissions staff that a student wants to develop their skills.

4. Contributing to the school’s journal, magazine, or weekly bulletin

One of the best extracurricular activities for Ivy League that will increase a student’s chances of admission is writing for the school’s journal, magazine, or bulletin.

It demonstrates to admissions representatives that a student participates actively in school events.

It demonstrates their importance to their high school as well.

This extracurricular shows a dedication to educating other kids even without compensation.

5. Enrolling in the theatre program

Enrolling in a theatrical program is another trick that will increase a student’s chances of getting into the school.

Students who can sing, dance, direct, costume, apply makeup, record, and do a variety of other things that lead to a great performance are the type of students who belong in theater schools.

Any student who is interested in pursuing their creativity and learning how to operate a business is advised to take this extracurricular.

This one extracurricular activity demonstrates a student’s willingness to grow and learn every day.

Students who want to pursue a degree in the arts are strongly encouraged to participate in this extracurricular activity.

Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do extracurricular activities entail?

The requirements of a course are not satisfied by extracurricular activities. The term "extracurricular" refers to activities that students participate in outside of the classroom, such as extracurricular art and athletic events, as well as personal responsibilities.

Do hobbies count as extracurricular activities?

Sports and student organizations are examples of extracurricular activities that fit into this category. Hobbies, interests, and volunteer work are a few examples of extracurricular activities that take place outside of the usual school day.

Why are extracurricular activities crucial?

Participation in extracurricular activities is part of a well-rounded education because it enables students to apply their classroom learning outside of the classroom.

Are no extracurricular activities acceptable?

A high school diploma or equivalent is often all that is required to secure college admission when applying to colleges with an open admissions policy, such as public universities. Several students in high school mistakenly think they don't take part in extracurricular activities.


Extracurricular activities of students are one of the criteria for college admission.

The same is true of Ivy League colleges since these elite academic institutions want to learn everything they can about a candidate’s personality, interests, skills, and academic and professional goals.

Extracurricular activity records are also necessary for admission because this information cannot be obtained from a student’s academic record.

Furthermore, the aforementioned falsehoods about extracurricular activities should not be believed by students who aspire to enter Ivy League institutions.


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