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Jobs For Blind People – Top 10 Career Opportunities

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Jobs For Blind People – Top 10 Career Opportunities in 2022!

New technologies and increased awareness are facilitating the Jobs For Blind People individuals. Your visual impairment shouldn’t restrict your employment opportunities.

Employers and organizations are becoming more accommodating, resulting in the emergence of more industries and jobs for the blind.

This article is intended to inspire blind individuals and give you the ability to create your own career path as a blind individual. Spend some time reflecting on your unique interests, skills, experiences, and aspirations before beginning your job search.

Make a list of your positive attributes and keep them in mind. Employees with visual impairment can be found in numerous industries. Here is a list of jobs that are suitable for blind and visually impaired individuals.

List of Jobs For Blind People

The following is a list of Jobs For Blind People:

1. Financial advisor

Average salary: $89K

This Jobs For Blind People is a strong sector to enter, and it is one of the industries that blind individuals can succeed in. As a financial advisor, you would advise clients on how to manage their finances.

If you enjoy working with people and have excellent communication skills, this could be a rewarding position for you.

You will be primarily responsible for researching the available products and services on the market. You can then offer them to clients to assist them in achieving their financial objectives, whether they are seeking long-term or short-term investments.

To enter the financial industry, you would need a bachelor’s degree in business or economics if you are interested in this common occupation for the blind. You may choose to specialize in business, tax, insurance, or accounting in the future. This is one of the best seated Jobs For Blind People.

2. The physiotherapist

Jobs For Blind People

Average salary: $91K

The medical industry also provides Jobs For Blind People with excellent employment opportunities. As a physical therapist, you have the opportunity to assist others in managing their pain or limited mobility caused by injury or illness.

As a physical therapist, you would work with individuals of various ages. Your one-of-a-kind set of abilities and characteristics can enable patients to manage their discomfort and urge them to go forward in life.

This is one of the finest Jobs For Blind People because it is extremely rewarding and you can inspire others with your skills. This profession offers numerous opportunities for specialization.

Physical therapist job vacancies are projected to increase by 21% over the next decade. Physical therapists will be in high demand, indicating that this industry is a desirable place to work. Physical therapists are required to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree, which allows them to obtain a licensure.

3. Network engineer

Jobs For Blind People

Average salary: $117K

Engineers of networks are adept at visualizing complex networks and routers. This is a Jobs For Blind People that you will like doing if you have a knack for technology.

Network engineer is one of the most prevalent occupations for visually challenged individuals. Their proficiency in internal visualization makes them ideal candidates for this position.

You would be responsible for designing networks if you began working as a network engineer. Whether you are working on small-scale links between a company’s various sites or a whole cloud-based infrastructure, the difficulty of your job will vary. You will also provide support for users who are either corporate workers, clients, or suppliers.

Troubleshooting is also a part of your duties, so you would be responsible for resolving any network issues that may develop.

You would require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, networking, information systems, IT, or computer engineering if you wish to start your career as a blind person in this area.

4. software architect

Average salary: $110K

As an applications software developer, the blind might also find employment in the technology industry. In fact, according to a poll conducted by Stack Overflow, around one in 200 software developers is blind.

As a result of technologies such as screen-reading software and other adaptive technologies, blind individuals are able to code and complete the tasks required to produce apps and computer programs.

Developers of application software are responsible for creating computer applications. The type of software you develop depends on the firm for which you work. You could be building games, specialized software for a particular client, commercial software, and company-internal systems.

Ideal candidates for the position of software engineer hold a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. However, a background in computer science or engineering could also be beneficial.However, it also another Jobs For Blind People.

5. Occupational therapist 

Jobs For Blind People

Average salary: $86K

This Jobs For Blind People assist individuals with impairments or chronic illnesses in attaining more independence. Occupational therapy can be a highly gratifying profession if you want to help others become more independent.

You will improve the lives of others and assist them in living a fuller life as they become more independent. Your personal experiences and resiliency can be motivating and provide empowering insights into the challenges and obstacles that your patients may be facing.

To become an occupational therapist, a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, such as biology or physiology, is required. Then you would require a master’s degree, as it is required by all states for occupational therapy employment.

6. language pathologist

Average salary: $80K

Communication is a vital aspect of daily life, and it is surprisingly complex. Disability can make communication more challenging. You can use the excellent characteristics and abilities you’ve gained through your own experiences to assist others in a variety of situations.

As a speech-language pathologist, you are responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, and treating patients to prevent communication difficulties. You may work with many age groups, ranging from youngsters to adults. Some speech-language pathologists work in schools, but you can also find employment in hospitals and private clinics.

Working as a speech language pathologist is one of the most satisfying and promising Jobs For Blind People. Multiple factors, such as strokes and dementia, are causing a rise in the number of individuals with speech disorders, resulting in a high demand.

A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline and a master’s degree in speech-language pathology are required to work as a speech language pathologist.

7. Fitness trainer

Average salary: $41K

Do you appreciate physical health and enjoy engaging in physical activity? If you have a passion for working out, you can train others to be in their finest physical condition by sharing your enthusiasm.

Physical activity generates endorphins in the brain, a hormone that makes you feel good and improves your mood. Therefore, working as a fitness trainer is a fantastic Jobs For Blind People, since it enables them to maintain a positive view on life and motivate others to be their best selves.

You can choose to work for a gym, or you can start your own personal training business with your own clientele. This provides you with flexibility, as you may select your own hours and clientele. You can also specialize in encouraging and inspiring blind individuals and serve as a physical fitness role model for other persons with impairments.

For employment as a personal trainer, certification as a certified personal trainer is required. A high school diploma or degree similar is also advantageous in this vocation for the blind.

8. marketing professional

Average salary: $66K

Marketing specialist is one of the greatest Jobs For Blind People because it provides opportunities in every industry. Every business or organization employs marketing to reach and attract customers.

A marketing professional advises businesses on the most effective methods for selling products and services. Additionally, you would be responsible for conducting research, recommending sales tactics, and executing promotional campaigns.

A bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, communications, or a related field is necessary for employment as a marketing specialist. This is also one of our top at-home jobs for disabled individuals.

9. Counselor

Average salary: $46K

If you have strong empathic abilities and would like to use your excellent communication skills to assist others, a career as a counselor would suit you well. As a counselor, you will provide effective emotional support and assist others in adapting to and overcoming difficult life circumstances.

As a result, it is one of the best Jobs For Blind People, as their experience has taught them to develop exceptional listening skills. A master’s degree in counseling or psychotherapy is necessary for a career as a counselor.

10. Massage therapist

Jobs For Blind People

Average salary: $44K

If you are interested in health and fitness, massage therapy might be a satisfying career. Being blind improves your ability to pay close attention to physiological sensations, allowing you to provide more effective massage treatments.

You can work as a massage therapist for a gym, a spa, or even your own clients. This allows you the freedom to plan your own schedule and operate from your own space. You can specialize in offering certain massage techniques to a particular population, such as athletes or youngsters, while focusing on a particular body system.

There are other specializations from which to pick, including Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Integrative Structural Massage Therapy.

Massage therapists are required to earn a certificate or diploma in which they study body mechanics, ethics, anatomy, and physiology.

FAQs On Jobs For Blind People

How can a blind person get a job?

Contact an employment agency.

However, due to the unique issues the visually-impaired face in the job market, these agencies often offer services specifically catered to these cases. Outlets like Career Connect are sometimes in contact with disability organizations to enable the blind to find work.

How do blind people make money?

Now, there is nothing wrong with occupations that have been stereotyped as "jobs that blind people can do." There are blind people who are happy and satisfied as medical transcriptionists, piano tuners, social workers, packagers and piece workers, computer programers, and lawyers.

What do completely blind people do for work?

People who are blind or visually impaired are employed in as many diverse jobs as those who are sighted in the workforce. Individuals with vision loss can perform jobs across all industries, including marketing, human services, business management and administration, health science, law, agriculture, and more.

Can you work if you’re legally blind?

In fact, the blind can qualify for disability and still continue to work while receiving monthly benefits, provided they meet all SSA requirements. You may be eligible to receive $3,345 each month.

Is it hard for a blind person to get a job?

In truth, visually impaired individuals can do nearly any job you can think of. According to Career Connect, which is operated by the American Printing House for the Blind, people with visual impairments are employed in as many different types of careers as people with full sight.

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