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Top 20 Audio and Video Production Schools Program

Top Audio and Video Production Schools Program

Audio and Video Production Schools programs emphasize the recording, editing, and finalization of audio and video for artistic and/or recreational purposes. Individuals in this field will utilize a variety of software and hardware to produce and complete the assigned work.

Audio engineers may choose to work with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, or Propellerheads software. Producing videos with software such as Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premier Elements, or AVS Video Editor is an option.

Individuals in this field typically collaborate with other specialists to combine concepts, modify effects, and make alterations to satisfy client or supervisor requirements.

What is an Audio & Video Producer?

Audio and Video Production Schools

Video and music production is the branch of study that utilizes cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment to create a variety of visual and aural content.

Video and audio specialists often work for broadcasters or production businesses to capture multimedia from a variety of live events, including presentations, concerts, schools, public presentations, music videos, newscasts, conventions, and films.

List Of the Best Audio and Video Production Schools

The following is a list of the Audio and Video Production Schools Program:

1. Johns Hopkins Institution

In this Audio and Video Production Schools program at Johns Hopkins, more than ninety percent of students graduate. Both a bachelor’s degree and a minor in film and media studies are available at the institution. Choose from a variety of small, hands-on cinema, television, popular culture, and new media courses that blend theory and practice.

In this course, award-winning directors, screenwriters, animators, sound designers, musicians, film reviewers, film historians, and film theorists instruct students.

2. American College

The Audio and Video Production Schools Program at American University in Washington, DC, focuses on both the art and science of audio and music technology. The strength of their core courses in sound synthesis, audio production, digital audio workstations, electronics, and physics places them in second place among our top audio and video production degree programs for this year.

In the context of an educational program, their technique that combines art and science in audio has led to a high graduation rate.

3. Brigham Young College

Audio and Video Production Schools

For single and married students, Brigham Young University provides a variety of on-campus housing alternatives. If you wish to study audio engineering and video production at Brigham Young University, you will find that the institution continues to produce film industry professionals.

They allow students to “taste” what it is like to be a film composer, post-production audio engineer, location sound recordist, music producer, or studio owner. In reality, they have Practical Hands-On Experience in which students are exposed to project-based field visits that allow them to learn how professional music and sound facilities operate firsthand.

4. Butler Institution

This Audio and Video Production Schools only provides a degree from the School of Music. It is where they offer students a flexible curriculum that enables them to easily pursue a double major, study abroad, collaborate with internationally-renowned artists, participate in the Butler Symphony Orchestra or other ensembles, complete a major research project, or teach in the Butler Community Arts School.

In addition, Butler University is an institution that is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). In reality, over one hundred Jordan College of the Arts students instruct nearly two thousand young people per year at the Butler Community Arts School. Consequently, its Music Education program has an almost 100 percent placement rate.

5. Indiana University-Bloomington 

IUB’s College of Arts and Sciences is renowned for its Individualized Major Program, which allows students to pursue multidisciplinary courses leading to a bachelor of arts degree.

However, this Audio and Video Production Schools allow students majoring in Audio Engineering and Sound Production to collaborate directly with the exceptional students and staff of the Jacobs School. The experience they imparted to the pupils would help them develop their own competence by exposing them to a variety of school presentations early on.

6. The Ithaca College

Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology is offered at Ithaca University. This Audio and Video Production Schools  emphasizes traditional recording techniques while training students in the most recent recording and mixing techniques in cutting-edge facilities. Ithaca’s Music Program emphasizes students working alone in studios during their freshman year because the school is noted for its state-of-the-art facilities.

The students’ internship is undoubtedly a prominent placement. The Ithaca College Recording Services program employs about 400 students annually to record concerts and recitals. Students become both audio professionals and trained musicians as a result of this course.

7. Lebanon College Valley

Lebanon College Valley offers numerous music-related programs. The Audio and Video Production Schools will teach you about audio and music production while you assist in running our in-house record label, VALE Music Group. In addition, they trained their pupils to begin recording as freshmen, including mixing songs during the first week of school. Katie Hockenbury ’18, a prominent alumna, was awarded a Fulbright to research the historical producers of the Welsh Triple Harp.

Also, Justin Weilnau ’13 graduated from LVC with degrees in music and science, and he now teaches music at a prominent institution. Other alumni pursued graduate studies in performance, conducting, and composition at universities such as the University of Florida, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Binghamton University.

8. York University of Pennsylvania

York College in Pennsylvania teaches its students how to achieve success in the music industry. With the music entrepreneurship course, students gain practical experience in our state-of-the-art recording studio and through internships, experiential assignments, and projects. The graduates will seek employment in audio production, artist management, concert promotion, publishing, licensing, and marketing.

9. Michigan Technical College

Michigan Technical University is a four-year public research university in Houghton, Michigan. Audio and Video Production Schools is a course at the university that teaches students how to become versatile in audio-related work.

They have access to a studio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows them to calibrate sound systems for live events and program unique audio software. Mastering the mix and producing audio during internships with prominent businesses such as Disney, Marvel, and Cirque du Soleil will boost your resume.

10. Musicians Institution

The private institution Musicians Institute is located in Hollywood, California. This Audio and Video Production Schools offers music and music theory education and training at the professional level. This university’s high ranking is primarily attributable to the variety of programs available to music-loving students.

The Audio Engineering degree is the most sought after and has earned it the title of “Best Audio Engineering” in the nation. This is a result of their unique ability to blend, as well as their cutting-edge recording equipment and studios.

11. Greenville College

Audio and Video Production Schools

Greenville College offers a number of degree programs that aid in the growth and development of its students. It is a private institution located in Greenville, Illinois, and it is operated privately. As the university offers Music Industry Studies, it offers a comprehensive foundation in studio recording and live audio production, commercial music performance, and music entrepreneurship.

In addition, they will offer focus courses in audio engineering (including studio recording, live audio/lighting design, Audio Post Production, and Game Audio Design) as well as commercial music performance and a Songwriting Minor under the MIS umbrella.However, it is also among the top Audio and Video Production Schools.

12. Principia College

Principia College is a liberal arts institution that provides an undergraduate education and assists students in the development of valuable skills needed for pursuing graduate studies or employment. A liberal arts education exposes students to a wide range of topics and disciplines.

This Audio and Video Production Schools is situated in Elsah, Illinois, which is primarily rural. The increased teacher-to-student ratio and access to instructors and teachers at Principia College are essentially the result of the college’s smaller enrolment of over 500 students.

13. Ball State College

Ball State University has demonstrated its ability to cultivate expertise in the Music media and production sector. BSU assists its aspiring audio engineers and music specialists by teaching them the principles required for success in all mediums that utilize the creative power of sound. Ball State University’s immersive learning programs facilitate the integration of technical knowledge and inventiveness to maximize the use of latent resources.

14. Belmont College

Belmont University, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has given students with a variety of degree programs to aid and lead their growth and development. In this regard, Belmont has already demonstrated its potential for teaching. They provide numerous music-related programs, including Audio Engineering, Music Business, Creative Entertainment Industry Studies, Songwriting, Motion Pictures, and College of Music and Performing Arts.

Indeed, this Audio and Video Production Schools is worldwide competitive. There is no doubt, as they are incredibly hands-on, knowledgeable, and possess unique insights into the enormous scope of technology and art in this field of study.

15. George Fox College

George Fox University is a private university that provides music and music theory instruction and training at the professional level. The effectiveness of GFU’s approach to vocational training for musicians, audio production, and recording engineering has been demonstrated over many years.

They offer a certificate program in audio production that is highly regarded and incorporates both a hands-on and instructional atmosphere for the development of technical skills. It is an intensive program for obtaining Pro Tools Certification in music production and post-production audio for film.

16. Minnesota State University 

Audio and Video Production Schools

Graduate and undergraduate students can choose from over two hundred academic programs at Minnesota State University – Moorhead. In terms of creating graduates who are competitive, they achieve an employment rate of 88.6% in their field of study following graduation. MSU provides students with a comprehensive audio technology degree to foster their intellectual and artistic development.

Access to a state-of-the-art facility, academic engagement, a highly focused curriculum, a renowned reputation, and interdisciplinary relationships with other MSU programs are the hallmarks of the MSU audio tech degree. Combining all components of this degree provides students with a comprehensive set of tools and a perspective on the music industry that other schools simply cannot provide.

17. Malone College

This Audio and Video Production Schools is a private, non-profit university that provides a variety of educational possibilities to all aspirant students. Malone University’s music programs are famous for their richness and variety of opportunities, regardless of the type of music career you wish to pursue.

Certificate programs in Piano Pedagogy and Voice Pedagogy are also offered, and audition-based grants are available. In addition to being accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), the Department of Music at Malone University teaches students to appreciate music at any level they choose. Interesting thing about them is that they are entitled to get between $8,000 and $23,000 in music and institution-wide scholarship grants.

18 Savannah College of Design

This Audio and Video Production Schools provides a variety of video production and audio engineering courses. Savannah College of Art & Design is a non-profit private art institution based in Savannah, Georgia. Master of Cinema Studies, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Advertising, Animation, Film and Television, Visual Effects, and Production Design are available. These SCAD programs equip students with every tool necessary to establish their own signature style.

19. Minnesota State University 

Students at Minnesota State University – Mankato have access to a number of educational programs that promote their growth and development. This Audio and Video Production Schools offers two bachelor’s degrees in music but only one minor, the 18-credit Music and Entertainment Industries Minor. Guaranteed to provide students with the education and experience necessary for success in the Music Industry’s professional marketplace.

20.  Texas State University

Audio and Video Production Schools

Texas State University is a public research institution that began in San Marco, Texas in 1903. It is a prominent university that produces competent students, with a graduation percentage of 57.37 percent according to our website.

In addition, they provide numerous audio and visual classes to help students develop themselves. Before a first-year student may enroll in the Sound Recording Technology program, he or she must pass an audition and submit an application. In addition, they provided Arts in Music, Music in Music Studies, Music in Performance, a Music Minor, and Digital Media Information.

FAQs On Audio and Video Production Schools

What is the best school for videography?

The top ranked institutions for Cinematography and Film/Video Production majors include Emerson College, New York University and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with 355 students receiving degrees in Cinematography and Film/Video Production at Emerson College.

How long does it take to get a audio production degree?

Enroll for an associate or bachelor's degree in sound production or audio engineering. An associate degree in audio engineering takes two years, while a bachelor's degree takes four years.

What is audio and Video Production?

Audio and video degree programs focus on the production and employment arena responsible for the recording, editing, and finalization of audio and video for the purposes of art and/or entertainment.

Is video production a good career?

the video editing industry is poised to be one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that film and video editing is expected to grow by 14% from 2021 to 2031—higher growth than every other media technician and operator job.

Is a degree in video production worth it?

Not only does film school help you in the field, but it can also aid in your post-graduate job hunt. Listing a film degree on your resume can increase your chances of being hired by a production company, editing house, or writer's room. This is because employers recognize the skills it takes to complete a film program.

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