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Top Fully Funded Scholarships for Women 2024-2025

We are pleased to present to you the exclusive list of fully-funded foreign scholarships for women for the 2024–2025 academic year. Scholarships can make a significant financial contribution to your education.

We are in a society that values opportunity, financial security, and professional achievement. This is significant because it will increase the pool of educated women that employers may choose from. Thus, there will be more candidates for employment. Education is essential because it will provide them with the skills they will need in the future, even if their studies take them away from home.

Women from various walks of life, including students, working professionals, and retirees, are eligible for several scholarship awards. More assistance is needed for women to pursue higher education. This implies that students ought to investigate foreign scholarships that will help them in their pursuit of scholarships.

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Scholarships for Women


What is Covered by Scholarships for Women?

Women who are awarded a fully-funded scholarship to pursue higher education overseas are eligible to apply for any of the grants listed below for academic funding:

  • Free education offered overseas
  • A deal on affordable international education
  • A monthly stipend offered at payment
  • Offer of a place to live
  • Offer of health insurance for students
  • Payment for travel and the study VISA

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Fully Funded Scholarships for Women 2024-2025

Therefore, you’ll be delighted to see our list of the Top 10 Scholarships for Women here if you’re a young woman hoping to make a change in your life:

1. American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarships

The American Association of University Women in the US offers foreign women pursuing graduate-level degrees a range of grants. These awards are intended to assist with living expenses in the course of earning a degree. Giving women the educational opportunities they require to improve their communities is the goal.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • Each of the Master’s recipients is valued at $18,000 USD.
  • For doctorate holders, the amount is $20,000.
  • It is thirty thousand dollars for students with post-doctoral degrees.

2. Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships

The purpose of the Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships is to provide financial support to outstanding graduate students worldwide. If a student shows an interest in learning about development, wealth, or peace, they will be given priority. A program called the Dorothy Senesh Fellowship helps women from poor nations advance their careers. Under this fellowship, women from underdeveloped nations are eligible to apply. They are eligible to apply if they have completed their bachelor’s degree and plan to pursue a master’s in a related field.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • Worldwide institutions are eligible to apply for the two available grants.
  • The Fellowships provide both applicants a total of $10,000 each year ($5000 each).

3. MMMF Scholarships for Women

Fund for Margaret McNamara Memorial Scholarships are awarded exclusively to women who come from developing and low-income countries. The MMMF offers various scholarship initiatives. You might be eligible for scholarships if you’re a citizen of the US, Canada, South Africa, or Latin America. These scholarships support women in achieving their goals and were established with the intention of assisting them in doing so.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

With the help of an undergraduate transfer scholarship, students might be able to pay for a significant amount of their overall educational costs. You can use the USD 40,000 grant to pay for your studies.

4. Anita Borg Memorial Awards by Google

For female students who choose to pursue a career at Arizona State University, the university offers undergraduate scholarships. Throughout the school year, the scholarship awardees will each get a certain amount of money every month. Women who are already at the top of the tech business are the target audience for this program. And who prefers to leave their mark via deeds as opposed to words?

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • Ten thousand dollars will be awarded to the female scholars.
  • Additionally, Google will grant them access to an annual retreat.

5. Microsoft Research Women’s Fellowships

The esteemed Microsoft Research Women Fellowship is available to female students enrolled in any of the partner American colleges. One student will receive a scholarship from each university. This study abroad program should be taken by students who are interested in Ph.D. programs in the subjects taught at the universities.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • The prize money is twenty thousand USD.
  • The tuition in the sum of $18,000 USD will be covered.
  • A academic journey to a conference in a field of study could cost USD 2,000.

6. Amelia Earhart Scholarships

These fellowships are sponsored by Amelia Earhart and Zonta International. Each year, 35 women are selected and given awards. Most of the students are pursuing doctorates in aerospace science or engineering. The award is a means for people worldwide to be acknowledged for their contributions in the designated categories.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • The fellowship awardees each receive $10,000. This is a one-time honor. It can’t be extended for an additional year.

7. Schlumberger Foundation Scholarships

Students wishing to pursue post-doctoral or Ph.D. programs in engineering and allied subjects can apply for funding from Schlumberger. Women from developing and emerging nations make up the target audience. There is a category for science, technology, and engineering in this scholarship. It is available to students attending universities across international borders.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • This Schlumberger award has a maximum annual value of $50,000. Students who perform well in their first year are likely to have their scholarship renewed.

8. L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women

These prizes are intended to honor women who have significantly advanced science and without whom advancement would not have been possible. Each of the following regions—Africa, Asia, the Arabic world, the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America—selects five women scientists once a year.

The ladies had to have accumulated a minimum of five years of experience in similar professions.

  • Life Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • A maximum of 100,000 Euros can be given to you in a single year.

9. PEO Scholarships for Women

An international scholarship known as a PEO enables students from all around the world to enroll in cutting-edge academic programs. It is suggested for women to apply for PEO program-sponsored scholarships in order to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in the United States or Canada.

If you’re enrolled in any of the mentioned colleges, you are eligible to apply for this scholarship, which you can use for any subject that interests you. Students who demonstrate both academic merit and a need for financial assistance are the target audience for the scholarship program. Scholarships rarely pay for other educational or personal expenses; they primarily cover tuition.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • The top applicants may get up to $12,500 annually.
  • The grant is limited to students enrolled in their second year of study.

10. Eira Francis Davies Scholarships

Swansea University in the UK offers scholarships. One female applicant is given a full scholarship each year. The applicant must be a student in Swansea University’s master’s degree in the health sciences and come from a developing nation. The individual may then be qualified for a government scholarship.

Funding & Allowances for Scholarships:

  • The whole cost of tuition is covered by the scholarship.

Scholarships for Women

The Significance of Scholarships for Women

Although women are eligible to apply for general, coed aid, scholarships for women are extremely important because of the historical underrepresentation of women in many academic and professional fields. These are some significant ways that scholarships are giving women better opportunity.

Reduce the Pay Divide by Gender

On average, women who worked full-time earned 21% less than men. Over time, the difference has shrunk, mostly as a result of women obtaining greater educational degrees. Encouraging female students to apply for scholarships lowers the cost of higher education, which in turn helps women close the wage gap.

Expand Access to Areas Traditionally Dominated by Men

Women are now underrepresented in a number of fields. Corporate finance and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are a few of the key fields. Some industries, such as mining, construction, and firefighting, are dominated by men, but their educational requirements are often lower for entry-level positions. Gender diversity in the workplace can be increased by offering female scholarships, which can lower the cost of pursuing these male-dominated career choices.

Aid Women in Getting Hired and Acquiring Skills

Because of their traditional roles as caregivers and homemakers, women have historically made up a smaller fraction of the labor force than men. Though things are changing, women are still frequently at a disadvantage when they lack the employable skills required to land well-paying positions. Thankfully, a lot of organizations have recognized this issue and established scholarships for women who wish to return to school or the business after taking a sabbatical to raise their children.

Tips for Winning Scholarships for Women

Women’s scholarships can be particularly competitive, with hundreds of applicants vying for one or a limited number of awards. A drawn-out application procedure that includes essays, recommendation letters, and interviews may also be necessary. Women who apply for scholarships must be tenacious and creative in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. The following advice will help you write a compelling scholarship application.

Powerful Individual Essay

  1. Give it some time. While writing a scholarship essay requires much more time and work than simply completing an application and sending in a transcript, it can also be a means for the scholarship committee to assess applicants’ sincerity in pursuing the program’s objectives.
  2. Be truthful. Women should highlight their experiences, talents, successes, and skills. If there are areas where skills are needed, describe how the scholarship could help.
  3. Edit. Even the best writers and grammarians occasionally overlook errors that a new pair of eyes can spot.

Convincing Letters of Recommendation

  1. Select carefully. Regardless of gender, applicants should locate a recommendation from a person who knows them really well. It is not necessary for female students to obtain all or any endorsements from women in order to make a statement on their application. A person who knows an application just superficially will not be able to write a letter of reference that is as genuine and persuasive as someone who has firsthand experience with the applicant or who can provide instances of the applicant’s strengths.
  2. Allow ample time. Composing a well-thought-out, compelling recommendation requires effort. A recommender should be given at least one month to finish the letter, so plan ahead. Giving a resource insufficient time might lead to a subpar recommendation as well as a disgruntled resource who might be less inclined to submit letters in the future.

Extracurricular Activities

  1. Be active. When the scholarship awarding committee makes its final selection, women who demonstrate that they devote their leisure time to pursuits aligned with the objectives or values of the scholarship they are seeking for may have an advantage over their competitors. Students who can list one or more student groups or organizations in which they have held leadership positions increase their chances of winning scholarships that highlight women’s leadership.
  2. Remember even seemingly unconnected points. Not every significant endeavor needs to be closely associated with a specific scholarship.

It can be difficult to relate extracurricular activities—even ones that don’t seem to have anything to do with the applicant’s interests, abilities, or accomplishments—to the women’s scholarship for which the applicant is applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What justifies the awarding of scholarships?

Scholarships give students financial assistance to help cover the cost of a college education. With the help of these grants, students can receive an education that they might not otherwise be able to. For many students, scholarships are more than just financial aid. They give meritorious kids who can afford college awards.

What two categories of scholarships are most prevalent?

Merit-based, need-based, and athletic scholarships are representative of common college scholarship categories. Nonetheless, there are subcategories of scholarships depending on certain qualifying criteria within these categories.

What GPA is required to be eligible for a scholarship?

For prestigious academic scholarships, the minimum requirements range from roughly 2.0 on the lower end to 3.75 or more. In general, you will have a good chance of being eligible for several different scholarships if your GPA is 3.0 or above.

Scholarships for Women
Top Scholarships for Women 2024-2025



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