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UAV Nursing Scholarships 2023

University of Virginia Nursing Scholarships

UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022 is a academic relief program by University of Virginia in USA for international nursing students who demonstrate a need in their nursing program funding. All nationalities are invited to apply for any scholarships available at the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022. There are numbers of scholarship programs by the University of Virginia for Nursing study, read through to know more.

  • ​Funding: Full Funding
  • ​Level: Bachelor’s & Master’s
  • ​Deadline: Open
  • ​Type of Study: Full time
  • ​Country: U.S.A
  • ​University: University of Virginia
  • ​Field of Study: Nursing
  • ​Nationality: International

The Scholarships available for Undergraduate and Master’s Nursing students at UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022 include;

The Double Hoo Research Grant:

Double Hoo Research Grant supports pairs of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing research together each year. The program is aimed to build collaborative interactions between the undergraduate and graduate communities throughout the University. These collaborations provide opportunities for more advanced research by undergraduates and valuable mentoring experiences for graduate students.

Faculty Mentorship:

  • The university ask that undergraduate-graduate student pairs be advised by a UVA faculty mentor.
  • This UVA faculty mentor will be asked to complete the Research Mentor Support Form, speaking to the abilities of both the undergraduate and graduate student in no more than 500 words, and may serve in a supervisory role while the graduate student partner provides more of the direct mentoring to the undergraduate student partner.

Benefits of Double Hoo Research Grant:

  • Double Hoo awardees can be granted up to $6,000 to pursue their objectives.
  • UVA faculty mentors receive research support in the amount of $500.
  • Graduate students are not eligible to receive living stipend support through this award as the main benefits to them are the mentoring opportunity, work of their undergraduate researcher, and funding for research materials.
  • Double Hoo awardees may also apply for a renewal (of up to $3,000) following their first successful round of funding, which may be used to cover expenses related to continuing the project or to present findings at a conference.


  • The UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022 is mainly for undergraduate and Master’s degree students. So, for the Double Hoo Research Grant, undergraduate may be a first- or second-year or third-year transfer student, and the graduate student must be enrolled in a doctoral program at UVA. The program focuses on first- and second-year undergraduate students with the intention of creating an access point into research.
  • This early entry point also allows for longer partnerships, which is highly beneficial to students who pursue the funding renewal opportunity unique to the Double Hoo.

Application Process:

  • Applications must be submitted by the undergraduate student, who will submit a project proposal, budget request, resume, and unofficial transcript.
  • The graduate student will submit a statement on mentorship in which they should address their values, goals, and vision for their role as a mentor to the undergraduate student.
  • The UVA faculty mentor will complete the Research Mentor Support Form, and the undergraduate will also be asked to provide contact information for another individual to complete the Recommendation Form.
  • Faculty reviewers will assess each application based on merit, taking into account such considerations as clarity of the research question, appropriateness of methodology, the project’s feasibility, and the students’ preparation for undertaking the project.
  • Both the undergraduate and graduate student partner are expected to write a single project proposal together in the style of a grant application. Proposals should not exceed 2 pages (single-spaced, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins) and should include the following sections: background and question(s), methods, anticipated outcomes, and the significance of the work. The proposal should provide clarity on the major contributions of each partner to various stages of the project where appropriate. Proposals should be uniformly cited using a citation style appropriate to the field in which the project will take place, and a bibliography should be included (though this will not count towards the page limit

Other Scholarships at the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022:

1. Center for Global Health’s University Scholar Award:


  • Any UVA undergraduate or graduate student
  • For interdisciplinary research related to global health


  • Up to $5,000
  • University Scholar award.

2. Raven Society Fellowship

Any UVA undergraduate or graduate student pursuing independent research with special consideration for interdisciplinary projects


  • Up to $2,500
  • Raven Society Fellowship

3. School of Nursing International Scholarship:


  • For any UVA undergraduate or graduate nursing student wanting to study abroad.


  • It was established to help defray some of the costs of international academic and exchange programs
  • Applicants receive Up to $3,000

4. The Nancy Ballard Award:

  • This scholarship is for any undergraduate or graduate nursing student member of Beta Kappa, UVA’s chapter of Sigma Theta Tau.
  • Selection is based on student’s scholarship and academic achievements as well as a brief statement about the use of the money


  • Applicants receive up to $1,000.
    Deadline: January 15, in every even years.

5. Rodriguez Nursing Student Research & Leadership Fund:

  • This scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate nursing students seeking learning opportunities to complement and extend their nursing education.
  • Focus is on opportunities in rural Virginia or other US locations
  • Applicants will receive Up to $3,000

6. Phyllis J. Verhonick Clinical Research Award:

  • The scholarship is for Beta Kappa members conducting research at the UAV.
  • Preference is given based on the scientific merit of the project, its relevance to nursing practice, the involvement of the member in Beta Kappa activities, and prior approval from IRB or appropriate committee
  • You are to receive a minimum of $1,000

7. Research Dissemination Award:

  • For Beta Kappa members who are presenting research at a regional, national, or international conference or meeting.
  • Applications will be judged on the quality of the research design, the relevance of the research to nursing, and involvement of the member in Beta Kappa activities
  • A stipend of $500.
  • Deadline: December 15 and April 5.

8. President’s Scholarship:

  • The Beta Kappa President’s Scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement by student members of Beta Kappa Chapter in good standing who are matriculating at an accredited university nursing program.
  • This scholarship award from the local chapter supports Sigma’s global mission to foster excellence, scholarship, and leadership in nursing to improve healthcare.
  • Benefits of $1,000 stipend.

 Eligibility of UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022:

To be eligible for any of the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022, applicants must meet the following criteria;

  • For any UVA undergraduate or graduate nursing student wanting to study at UAV
  • Applicants of undergraduate degree must have completed a high school and possess the necessary certificate.
  • Applicants of Master’s program must have completed a Bachelor’s degree before applying.
  • Deadline to apply: October 1 (J-Term and Spring), February 1 (exchange), March 15 (Summer term). The deadline varies but there seems to be a scholarship available all year round.
  • No nationality restriction.
  • For more information, contact UVA Nursing’s Global Initiatives office.

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Benefits of the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022:

The UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022 will provide the following benefits to selected students;

  • Full Academic Funding
  • Housing/Accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • Practical field trips
  • Excellent nursing training

Document Required:

To apply for the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022, applicants must possess the following documents at the least;

  • CV/Resume
  • Passport photographs
  • Certificate of acclaimed nationality citizenship
  • Academic transcripts
  • Recommendation letters
  • Essay Letter (Answering the self-assessment questions you are asked).

Some of the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022 require you to write an essay for selection process. On the other hand, Essay scholarships are the applications you make that require you to write an essay or letter to justify your reasons for being worthy of consideration. This is one of the most dreaded requirements by many applicants. Why is this so? You can answer that too! When you write a scholarship application essay that will determine your winning chance, definitely there will be a lot of setbacks and pressure on the applicant which will indirectly affect the reliability of the essay.

These application can be submitted physically and online depending on which platform the awarder prefer. Learn how to write a perfect and convincing scholarship essay here

How to Apply for UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022:

To apply for the grants available under the UAV Nursing Scholarships 2022, complete your application online by filling the necessary information and submitting the required documents. Please, visit the UAV official website to apply and read further about the scholarships available for Nursing programs.


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