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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Scholarship application essay might be easier than you thought. When you have the precise guidelines and format that will propel you to write an accurate scholarship essay that will put you on the consideration radar.
Here’s what we are about to empower you on.scholarship essay
Writing a scholarship application essay may be tasking that you may pay someone to write on your behalf. Why not save yourself the financial expenditure on something you can write yourself. The person you contracted may write a poor application essay that will forfeit your application stand, you can not be so sure that the person has the knowledge of writing such.

What is Scholarship Essay?

Scholarship essay is a letter or documentation you write when applying for a scholarship to prove yourself as being worthy of being granted. Scholarships application processes are broken into many kinds, in this context the two kinds that relate to our point of discourse are “No Essay and Essay scholarships”.

No essay scholarships are easier if you do not buy much into going at complexity processes. Your application will be based on the eligibility and requirements only. You do not to go at length of writing about yourself or proving your worthiness with letters.

Take note that some No Essay scholarships may require another form of scrutinizing process which may range from creativity display, portfolio, talent and experiences survey.

On the other hand, Essay scholarships are the applications you make that require you to write an essay or letter to justify your reasons for being worthy of consideration. This is one of the most dreaded requirements by many applicants. Why is this so? You can answer that too! When you write a scholarship application essay that will determine your winning chance, definitely there will be a lot of setbacks and pressure on the applicant which will indirectly affect the reliability of the essay.

These application can be submitted physically and online depending on which platform the awarder prefer.

Why do You Write Scholarship Essay?

There are many reasons why you may be asked to write a scholarship application essay. It ranges from the organization’s choice to the type of scholarship and its background.
The accurate and better your essay is, the higher your chance of being considered. Note that, writing essay is not to prove your intelligence and cognitive trait only, it may be purportedly required to assess your qualifications. Some common reasons you have to write an essay;
  • Qualification scrutinizing.
  • Reasoning assessment.
  • Physicality and fitness experience (especially athletic scholarships).
  • Placement process.
  • Academic excellence survey.
  • Region and background check.

Scholarships that Demand Essays

  1. Academic grant
    These are scholarships you apply for for academic purpose, you may be required to write an essay to prove your academic excellence.
    Academic milestone, achievements and certifications may be such as GPA, Degrees, SAT, admission examination scores and many more.
  2. Athletic scholarships
    These scholarships are offered to students who are athletes, not restricted to students only but individuals who do sports as occupation. Sports like football, soccer, basketball, swimming, badminton, racing, biking and many more.
    An essay of you explaining your sports experience and qualifications may be required to assess your fitness. For example:
    “Write about your sport prowess?” “Do you have any special swimming talent?” “Do you know history of basketball?” Any of these may be asked which you must justify with an essay.
  3. Vocational scholarship
    These are for students into training and internships. Crafts and artworks, carpentry, metalwork and so on. The awarder may require your working experiences to assess your fitness. A detailed essay and pictorial documents of your works will surely be submitted.
  4. Gender scholarships
    Some scholarships are gender specified, women have a fair percentage of the scholarships available in the world likewise men. A women scholarship may require essay to prove yourself as a woman and experiences you have had as one. For example, scholarships for single mothers may have the following essay questions; “What has the society taught you as a woman?”
    “If granted this opportunity, how will you impact your community?  Check here for some other examples of common most asked scholarship questions.

How to Write Good Scholarships Essays

Now that you have get acquainted with why scholarship awarder asks for essay, you will need to know how to write a perfect one.

Firstly, the thing to put in place when writing your essay is a format. The format is a guideline that will make it easier for you to convey your points and message. Let us go through them.

Scholarship Essay Outlines

  1. Introduction
    Introduce yourself in this opening part and give information about your background and location in some cases of scholarships that are constrained to some nationalities. Example;
    “I am a college student from Spain”.
  2. Why do you deserve this grant/scholarship?
    Here is a chance to boast about your academic certification and academic excellence including talents.
    “I believe I am a hard-working student who diligently take opportunities into effective use and deliver positive results. I have a wide range of academic excellences that perfectly place me as an applicant who suits this scholarship’s eligibility criteria”.

  3. How will you impact the community if awarded?
    You do not want to be a selfish beneficiary right? The awarder will be keen to know how diplomatic you can be, hence, they may look out for a community impact you will make. Example; “I believe if I am worthy to be granted this scholarship, I will have the access and opportunity to empower my community by enlightening and setting up researches to let young students know how invaluable education right is”.

  4. What skills and experiences do you have?
    Your CV (curriculum vitae) will boost your chance of being granted. The more you buttress your experiences and skills, the closer you are to be awarded.
    Example; “…I have vast experiences in carpentry”, “…I am a productive student who has studied law as a first degree and barged a law school certification, I believe my experience and knowledge will propel me to deliver a full optimization of the scholarship’s aims and goals”.

Common Mistakes made

You do not just write a scholarship essay without rules, remember the type of scholarship you are applying for will determine your format. These are the mistakes you can make while writing a scholarship essay that can put you off the consideration rather.
  • Using informal and abbreviated languages such as “I’m, I’ll” and so on.
  • Cumbersome and lengthy essay. This may result to writing a bad organized essay.
  • Contradictory phrases and sentences.
  • Bad introduction.
  • Bad conclusion.
Try to;
  1. Use official languages always while writing a scholarship essay. Using informal and vulgar words will automatically classify you as not qualified enough in the presence of a well-stacked essay.
  2. Your introductory and conclusion parts should be catchy enough to put you ahead. Phrases such as, “I will be honored” “…this great organization” should be used at intervals but not excessively.
  3. Know the purpose of applying for the scholarship, this will make you have the necessary information to write down which will prevent blankness.
WorldScholarshipVault wishes you the best in your scholarships application.

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