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10 Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs

Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs: It is difficult not to contemplate the possibility that distance learning could serve as an advantageous educational alternative for you, given the proliferation of online Master’s degrees and their perpetual surge in popularity.

Consider obtaining your Master’s degree not only online but also from an Ivy League institution.

For contemporary students, earning a Master’s degree online is among the most advantageous opportunities available.

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If you are contemplating enrolling in one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs, I have defined an Ivy League institution and listed the institutions that offer such programs.

What is an Ivy League School?

In the United States, Ivy League institutions are regarded as the most prestigious universities. The Northeastern region of the United States is where the majority of these institutions are situated.

Ivy League colleges comprise a total of eight institutions. Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania are among these institutions.

They regard these prestigious institutions of higher education as the most exceptional and highly coveted with regards to both admission rates and graduation rates.

In the United States, Ivy League universities originated as an alliance of eight athletically elite institutions. The student performance and admission criteria became more stringent and rigorous as the athletic teams garnered increased financial support and popularity.

Consequently, these Ivy League colleges and universities have acquired a broad reputation since the 1960s for graduating students who excel academically, enjoy social standing, and have anticipated prosperous professional trajectories.

These universities have maintained their esteemed standing and continue to dominate the list of top-ranked institutions of higher education in the United States.

These institutions have an extremely rigorous admissions process and provide the finest medical and legal programs in the United States. Becoming a student at any of these institutions is a significant achievement that demands an exceptional work ethic.

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What is an Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs?

An online master’s degree challenges the traditional model of education that is prevalent in traditional schools. Pursuing an online master’s degree from an Ivy League institution provides the flexibility to study at any time and from any location, alleviating concerns regarding financial and familial obligations.

It implies that regardless of geographical location (including countries separated by considerable distances), one can engage in virtual lectures, assessments, and discussions with fellow students and instructors via an online platform.

For instance, one can access the curriculum of a school located in a European country without the need to undertake the necessary travel.

Although there is still room for improvement in the pace at which Ivy League institutions establish online bachelor’s degree programs, a considerable number have already adopted online graduate degree programs as well as diploma and certification programs.

Typically, these programs are motivated by the objective of providing participants with an opportunity to augment their existing credentials and advance their professional development. Ivies is impeded in its efforts to accelerate virtual degrees by two beliefs.

One underlying presumption is that the pedagogical approach that has been consistently employed by Harvard and other Ivies, which involves faculty and students living and studying together in an immersive on-campus setting, is the pinnacle of postsecondary education and cannot be matched, particularly when compared to online learning.

The second is the apprehension that implementing remote instruction will inevitably jeopardize their centuries-long reputation, thereby tarnishing what has become the most esteemed academic brand in the world. Since then, however, these Ivy League institutions have established the Ivy League standard.

Why Enroll in an Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs?

1. One should pursue an online Master’s degree from any location.

Obtaining a master’s degree online would enable you to further your education and expand your knowledge irrespective of your physical location. A stable internet connection and a computer or portable device are the only requirements.

Moreover, you can visit acquaintances and travel throughout the nation without having to interrupt your studies. Nevertheless, despite the flexibility of online learning, you would still be required to pass exams with distinction in order to earn your Master’s degree. As a result, you would need to allocate sufficient time for your academic pursuits.

2. the schedule is under your control.

Students are expected to attend classes for on-campus courses, which may be held very early in the morning or late at night. Possibly, you would prefer to unwind at home or to spend the evening with companions.

An additional benefit of the online master’s degree programs offered by Ivy League institutions is the flexibility they provide in terms of study schedules. You have the authority to determine your own schedule, despite the fact that you have a substantial amount of reading material.

3. You can further your professional development while enrolled in an Ivy League online master’s program.

One of the primary motivations individuals select online Master’s programs is to advance their careers.

They desire to maintain employment and devote their free time to acquiring new knowledge or understanding the most recent practices and strategies in their field.

The time required to concentrate on your career may be made available to you through an Ivy League online program.

4. An online master’s degree further enhances your curriculum vitae.

It serves as evidence to potential employers of your determination and capacity to effectively handle numerous challenges and priorities. Furthermore, it serves as evidence that you possess exceptional digital competencies, which are currently indispensable.

List of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs

The following is a list of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs:

1. Brown University

The Programs Offered

Ivy League Online Masters Degree

  • Master of Executive Cybersecurity
  • Master of Science in Technology and Executive Leadership
  • IE Brown MBA Executive
  • Master’s degree in executive healthcare leadership

Cost Estimate: Approximately $59,000

Ivy League institution Brown University provides online programs. These courses are accessible via MOOCs that are being provided in collaboration with edX.

Additionally, the university offers courses in Greek mythology, economics, finance, cybersecurity, and biology.

It is mandatory that you fulfill the requirements of the application process by submitting a resume, personal statement, and transcripts. Brown University MOOCs are accessible to anyone with an open enrollment and it is one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs.

2. Columbia University.

Programs Presented:

  • Hybrid Master of Arts in Statistics
  • Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science
  • Master of Social Work

Cost Estimate: Approximately $54,000

Historically, Columbia University has provided one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs. The gradual but consistent expansion of professional development and higher education opportunities has been facilitated by online learning.

For numerous years, Columbia faculty and institutions have developed innovative programs and initiatives in the realm of online education. Columbia University has achieved significant success with its distance learning initiative through its online platform.

Throughout your Columbia online education, you can rest assured that you are investing your money wisely. The institution has demonstrated itself to be an excellent option for Master’s programs offered online.

You must submit a personal statement, resume, recommendation letter, and official college transcripts in order to be admitted to the online Master’s degree program at Columbia.

Certain academic programs demand the inclusion of a portfolio. Many institutions demand GMAT or GRE scores for application.

3. Cornell University

Programs Presented:

  • Master of Executive Human Resource Management
  • Systems Engineering Master of Engineering
  • Management of Engineering Master’s Degree

Cost Estimate: Approximately $57,000

As one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs, The effective online learning model at Cornell enables students to study at their own pace and without having to take time off from their employment.

Cornell guarantees that regardless of your global location, you can successfully enroll in a master’s degree program.

It is anticipated that the small, individualized class sizes for an online master’s degree program will guarantee that you develop a firm grasp of pertinent and practical principles.

The criteria for admission to Cornell University are contingent upon the specific online Master’s degree program that you aim to administer.

4. Dartmouth College

Programs Presented:

  • Master of Science in Healthcare Delivery
  • Doctorate in Public Health

Cost Estimate: Approximately $38,000

This Ivy League institution is primarily recognized for its robust STEM programs. Additionally, the institution offers effective online Master’s programs.

The rigorous and intimate nature of Dartmouth’s online courses is intended to cultivate a strong rapport between students and faculty.

In collaboration with edX, DartmouthX provides online students with a variety of options, including two hybrid degree programs and massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Dartmouth graduate degree programs necessitate electronic applications and official transcripts. Whether or not you intend to administer a specific online Master’s program would determine the nature of this requirement. It is regarded as one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs.

5. Harvard University

Programs Presented:

Ivy League Online Masters Degree

  • Doctorate in Liberal Arts in
  • Management Administration
  • Journalistic work
  • The biological
  • Software Development
  • The study of psychology

Cost Estimate: Approximately $34,000

For decades, Harvard University has been ranked repeatedly as the preeminent academic institution. It has endeavored to adapt to the current inclination by implementing measures to facilitate online learning.

At present, Harvard University provides the greatest number of online graduate programs among all Ivy League institutions, at 24. One drawback of these courses is that a minimum of one course must be completed on campus.

In its graduate and undergraduate programs, Harvard teaches an estimated 31,000 individuals. In addition to a completed online application, acceptance to the online Master’s program at Harvard requires the submission of grades and a GPA that meet the requirements for the degree courses.

Furthermore, candidates are expected to meet specific criteria regarding their academic standing, student conduct, and English proficiency. It is also among the list of Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs.

6. University of Pennsylvania

Program Presented:

  • Master of Information and Computer Technology

Cost Estimation: $26,300

The inaugural and sole online Master’s program administered by the University of Penn commenced in 2018. Coursera provides access to the online Master’s degree program at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2020, it is anticipated that this online Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology will cost approximately $26,300, or one-third less than the on-campus equivalent.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is not a prerequisite for enrollment in this Master of Science program. Nonetheless, an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline is required.

In addition, unofficial transcripts, personal statements, and two letters of recommendation would be mandatory. It is regarded as one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs.

7. Princeton University

Within Princeton’s MOOCs are:

  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Technologies
  • An International Overview of Capitalism
  • Working the Government in Difficult Places
  • Bridges: An Exhibition of Structural Engineering Art
  • Architecture of Computing

At this time, no Master’s degree programs offered by Princeton are conducted entirely online. More than thirty free online courses are available through Coursera, edX, and Kadenze from Princeton.

By means of its massive open online courses (MOOCs), Princeton University endeavors to furnish learners from all geographical locations with outstanding educational prospects.

The MOOCs are developed by Princeton faculty and are offered for free and without credit.

8. Yale University

The majority of Yale’s offerings are MOOCs (which are accessible to all and are provided at no cost), including:

Ivy League Online Masters Degree

  • An Overview of Psychology
  • The Ethical Basis of Politics
  • The Financial Crisis Worldwide
  • The Written Constitution of America
  • The Fundamentals of Global Health

While Yale University does not presently provide online Master’s programs, it does offer a variety of online learning opportunities. Yale provides online education through a variety of platforms, such as Coursera, Open Yale Courses, YouTube, and iTunes. It is one of the Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs.

FAQs On Best Ivy League Online Masters Degree Programs

Which Ivy League is the easiest to get into for Masters?

If we go solely by acceptance rates, the answer to this question would be Cornell University. Out of all the Ivies, Cornell has the highest acceptance rate at 8.7% overall. The next easiest would be Dartmouth, with an overall acceptance rate of 6.2%.

Are Harvard online courses Recognised?

Harvard's online program is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, a regional accreditor. Students can take Harvard's online courses individually or enroll in a degree or certificate program. In order to earn a certificate, new students must take five classes.

Which Ivy League is the cheapest?

Princeton is commonly regarded as the “cheapest Ivy” thanks to its extensive financial aid offerings. 62% of admitted students receive financial aid. The school meets full demonstrated need and 83% of recent seniors graduated debt-free, in part due to Princeton's complete no-loan financial aid policies.

Should I get a masters in computer science or cyber security?

According to Payscale, a master's degree in computer science provides an annual average salary of $105,000, while a master's in cybersecurity commands $89,000 on average as of January 2022. Learn more about computer science vs. cybersecurity programs and how to decide which degree is best for you.

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