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Free accredited high school diploma online no cost 2023

Free accredited high school diploma online no cost. Education nowadays is a source of great power. The demand for high-quality education is always growing.

Recently, it has been difficult for many children and adults to go to school. For some, even finishing high school diploma has been difficult. Some kids stopped attending school due to financial issues. Some people encountered health issues and had to stop. There are numerous causes.

Everyone needs a strong education, regardless matter whether they are struggling financially, academically, or medically. The completion of secondary school is necessary.

Well, thanks to the availability of numerous online programs that grant high school diplomas to motivated students, this problem has been solved. It is a type of online school, indeed. The finest offer is that it is free for you.

The fact that not all online high school diploma programs are accredited must be made clear at this point. You must ensure that the one you select is accredited if you want to benefit the most from this chance.

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Online Accredited High School Diploma Programs

As technology currently rules the world, so online high school diploma learning is quickly taking over among young people.

High school diploma pupils frequently use technology to interact with the world around them. They have more options with it. Both conducting research and connecting with oneself are made simpler.

Pursuing a free, recognized online high school diploma program is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration for high school dropouts who still want to acquire a diploma.

Regardless of the program you select, you need to be certain that it is the proper one. You must conduct some research. Be cautious since some online services defraud users. As the demand for this service has grown, so has the supply.

It is crucial to confirm the accreditation of the school you wish to attend. Do not make light of this. Visit the Better Business Bureau page to see if a high school diploma is offered by an online school that is accredited or not. You would be interested in your chosen school’s reputation.

20 free accredited high school diploma online no cost

1. The Keystone School

This authorized supplier of an online high school diploma is situated in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. For students with more than 12 transfer credits, it offers the Accredited Pathway. The Standard Pathway is another option provided by The Keystone School and is based on many courses.

The institution is renowned for its dedication to valuing education. Each of the available courses must be finished in a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. Five to six credits are often given to students each year.

The State Board of Private Licensed Schools, AdvancED, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have all given their approval to the Keystone School’s programs.

The following is a breakdown of the school’s original tuition fees:

  • Each course for the Standard Pathway programs costs $399.
  • It is up to $1,485 for the accredited pathway programs (the total cost).
  • The amounts paid for these programs vary. Some can have their payments made over 4, 7, 9, or 12 months.

2. Smart Horizons Career Online High School (COHS)

This institution is the nation’s first private online school to receive accreditation. A division of Smart Horizons Career Online Education is COHS. The institution has SACS, NWAC, AdvancED, and NCA licenses.

A career certificate will be given to pupils in addition to their school diploma. This is a valuable extra. Office Administration, General Job Preparation, Childcare and Education, National Security, and Certified Protection Officer are a few of the career pathways offered by the institution. The fact that each kid at the Small Horizons school has a personal Academic Coach is another intriguing aspect of working with them.

The school also collaborates with several businesses to offer its staff members a variety of scholarships. McDonald’s, Goodwill, and Walmart are among the businesses.

If paid in monthly installments at the rate of $77 per month, the credit load for 18 credits is $1295. Additionally accepted are transfer credits. There are around 14 courses that accept transfer credits.

The online school has a solid reputation for supporting its neighborhood and advancing education for all. That is the primary justification for its founding.

Libraries located across the country are one of the organizations that COHS collaborates with. The goal is to offer adult learners free educational opportunities.

3. University of Mississippi High School

This institution offers a free online high school diploma. It can be found on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The AdvancED granted the University of Mississippi High School its license.

Students must finish a minimum of 6.25 credits in this course. Business and technology, English language, social studies, mathematics, foreign languages, arts, health and physical education, and a combination of other courses are a few of the subjects that students might give.

What are the typical costs for these courses then? Here is a list of prices. Cost for a 1-unit course is $375. $250 is the cost of a half unit. The cost of an AP course is $425 for one unit and $300 for half a unit.

4. Penn Foster

One of the private schools in Pennsylvania, America, is this institution. Penn Foster is an adult- and regular-student school. AdvancED has accredited the institution (on a National level). The Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools Commission has also granted it regional accreditation.

Penn Foster School provides vocational instruction in addition to its high school diploma curriculum. This entails a high school diploma in childcare, electrical engineering, plumbing, carpentry, pharmacy technician, early college, and the culinary arts.

A 21.5 credit load for the course costs $1,315. It may also be paid in a series of compact monthly payments. The university also offers discounts. For an autopsy, for instance, there is a $96 savings. Additionally, there is a $366 reduction for paying in full after registration.

With a tuition savings of $45 for each accepted transfer credit, the school also accepts sixteen credits from other institutions.

Its collaboration with programs provided by Career Schools, Universities, and Job Corps across the nation is another feature that distinguishes Penn Foster. If you are accepted and eligible for one of these partners’ high school diploma programs, they may be able to assist you pay your tuition.

5. The Excel High School

This school provides its pupils with a free, validated high school diploma online. It is in Plymouth, Minnesota. AdvancED granted Excel High School its license.

What else? With four to six classes per semester, Excel High School’s normal diploma requires up to 21.5 credits (mostly full time).

A twelve-week period is required to finish the school’s course offerings. For all classes at Excel High School, there is a flat monthly tuition charge of $99 that must be paid. Fine arts, English, math, social science, health, world languages, AP, and electives are just a few of the subjects the school offers.

6. The Indiana University High School

The Indiana University High School provides Nithe Standard Diploma Pathways and College Prep and is physically located in Bloomington, Indiana. AdvancED issued the high school with its license.

A student who attends this institution must obtain a minimum of 10 credits. Each course’s tuition can cost up to $250.

Health Education, Science, Directed Electives and Free Electives, Social Studies, English Language, and many other subjects are among the courses that are available here.

7. The Park City Independent Online Adult Highe School

This secondary school for adults is unique. It is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since the Park City Independent Online Adult School is AdvancED approved, you can consider it with confidence as an adult. The online school presently uses 24 credits for its program.

You should also be aware that six credits must be completed in full in order to graduate from this program. You can always contact if you have any questions concerning the school’s normal tuition costs. Call 888 866 4989.

8. James Madison Online High School

This college has accreditation. It provides students with free online high school diploma programs. The physical location of James Madison Online High School is in Norcross, Georgia. Different organizations, including DEAC, the Council for Higher Accreditation, and AdvancED, have accredited the school.

Additionally, a student can enroll in its high school diploma programs year-round. During this time, there are more than twenty-four courses available.

Biolot, World Geography, English Language, American History, and Physical Science are a few of the most popular courses that are offered.

Here is a summary of the tuition for the school:

It has an interest-free monthly payment schedule. It may cost as little as $49 a month. It costs $1,799 if the high school credits are not earned. The cost of tuition is $1,439 for a 9th-grade completion, and $1,079 for a 10th-grade completion. It costs $779 for completing 11th grade.

9. Mizzou K-12 Online High School

Columbia, Missouri serves as the actual location for Mizzou K-12 Online High School. AdvancED granted the school its license. You can use it to obtain a free online high school diploma from a recognized high school.

How much does the Mizzou K-12 Online High School’s normal tuition cost? Each course has a $500 price tag. Students from Missouri and other US residents frequently receive discounts of up to 50%, but only if they are accepted into the school’s diploma program.

The courses available to students at the Missouri K-12 Online High School are listed below:

  • Science
  • English Language
  • Electives
  • Mathematics
  • Fine Arts
  • Practical Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Health
  • World Languages
  • Physical Education

10. The Franklin Virtual High School

This high school is situated in Florida’s Tallahassee. In Scottsdale, Arizona, there is another place for it. They offer a variety of courses that may be finished at home or in some of the top classrooms available. From DEAC and AdvancED, Franklin Virtual High School obtained a license.

You can use Franklin Virtual High School’s online delivery method to enhance your instruction. A child’s learning is tracked by the program as they progress through their courses. There are more tools available for curriculum, follow-up, and tutoring.

The courses offered here are made to be adaptable. They are simple to maneuver. This implies that your youngster would be able to enjoy the activities provided and that greater exploration would be encouraged. Courses can be accessible on various dates and by various methods.

In other words, the monthly tuition for The Franklin Virtual High School is $330.

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11. Orion High School

Here is another high school that provides its pupils with a free approved high school diploma online. Orion High School is situated in Texas, specifically in Midland.

Students at Orion High School must finish at least 25% of their credits. The Texas Private Institution Accreditation Commission and AdvancED granted the school its license.

The cost of attending Orion High School can change. The annual tuition cost for full-time students is $1,750. When necessary, there are also tuition fee discounts available.

12. The Whitmore School Adult Diploma Program

This institution is the first high school in the world to provide courses entirely online. Its physical location is in Morgantown, West Virginia. AdvancED granted The Whitmore School its license.

The Whitmore School requires all of its pupils to take at least six credits every year. It offers installment payment arrangements and has tuition costs that are close to $1,500.

The institution collaborates with other high schools across the nation in order to accomplish its goals and provide high-quality instruction.

13. Middleton Academy

Middleton Academy, which is based in Woodbridge, Virginia, is dedicated to providing its students with a variety of worthwhile programs. The institution offers teacher-led, student-centered courses. The state performance standards are intended to be met by them.

The DEAC and AdvancED granted The Middleton Academy its license.

Here, students are divided into groups for various sessions. Some attend academic, public, and private schools. They range in age from ninth to twelfth grades.

What is the cost of the course credits? The cost of a full credit course is $325. The price is $200 for a half-credit course.

14. Texas Success Academy

The Arlington, Texas, location of this academy. Students must receive all of their classes at once before beginning independent study. Both the Texas Education Agency and AdvancED have granted Texas Success Academy a license.

For students with 0 to 11.5 credits, the charge is $1,005 and it lasts for eight months. For nine months, students who have more than 11.5 credits must pay at least $910 per month.

Electrical technology, business management, plumbing technology, business information management, and many other topics are included in the courses.

15. Clintondale Virtual School

This school also offers a high school diploma online. Here, the school provides a program that allows students from all around the nation to attend their high school courses for eight weeks.

Clinton Township, Michigan is the location of Clintondale Virtual School. And AdvancED granted it a license.

Students must be at least 22 years old to be eligible for the school’s programs. Enrollment is open all year. Online delivery is used for lectures.

The tuition for each course ranges from $200 to $250.

16. North Dakota Center for Distance Education

This institution offers distant learning and is non-profit. Students all across the world can profit from its numerous educational advantages. Fargo, North Dakota is home to the North Dakota Center for Distance Education. AdvancED granted the school its accreditation and license.

The tuition cost for residential students is $169 for each course. Non-resident students must deposit up to $250 for each course.

Students can select any of the following courses:

Music, Aerospace, Art, Math, English, Agriculture, FFA and SAE, Computer Education, General Education, Technical Education, Business Education, Social Science, World Languages, Family and Consumer Science, Physical Education and Health, Science, Health Careers, and many more.

17. Liberty High School

Another school that offers a free, accredited high school diploma online. Vermont’s Brattleboro is the location of Liberty High School. The Vermont State Board of Education and the Better Business Bureau both endorse the school.

This institution is a fantastic fit for those who weren’t able to finish high school at an ordinary American high school.

Adults who are 18 years of age and older are eligible for the programs offered. It was initially intended to aid pupils in completing their high school coursework.

Students can choose from Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Exploratory courses at the Liberty High School program.

There is a $300 deposit needed for the program.

18. Virtual Learning Academy

Exeter, New Hampshire is home to this academy. Both part-time and full-time online virtual learning are available at Virtual Learning Academy. The courses are intended for students in middle and high schools.

The Hampshire State Board of Education granted approval for Virtual Learning Academy to operate as a public charter school.

Students can provide a wide range of courses, such as those in mathematics, business, computer science, world languages, teams, and many other subjects.

The length of time needed to finish any course determines the tuition costs. Costs for a four-week plan are $100, while those for a fifteen-week plan are $350.

19. University of Nebraska High School

The address of this High School is Lincoln, Nebraska. The school enables children to have an easier time with school. AdvancED and the Nebraska Department of Education granted the University of Nebraska High School its license.

Students have access to more than a hundred core Nd optional courses.

Additional options include AP and dual enrollment classes. The University of Nebraska High School offers an accredited high school diploma.

Non-resident students must pay regular tuition of $200 for each course. Each course costs $150 less for residents.

20. Brigham Young University Adult Diploma

AdvancED provided this school with its license. Provo, Utah is where Brigham Young University is situated.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded the school. Its goal is to support people in living flawless, eternal lives.

There is no cost for tutoring. High school kids who are under the control can easily get information thanks to their phones.

The school offers courses in a variety of subject areas, including humanities, education, business, international and area studies, fine arts, and communication.

This approved school charges between $148 and $170 for each course.

FAQS on Free accredited high school diploma online no cost

Where can I get a free high school diploma online no cost for adults in Georgia?

James Madison High School Online gives a free accredited high school diploma online at no cost and is based in Norcross, GA. They are accredited by AdvancED, DEAC, and Council for Higher Accreditation (CHEA). Also, they offer year-round open enrollment and have diploma programs in about twenty-four (24) courses.

Is Excel High School legit?

Excel High School is not a scam. Excel High School is a nationally recognized high school and is fully accredited "Regionally" by AdvanceEd – The Parent Organization for the North Central Association CASI, The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Northwest Accrediting Commission.

Can we do diploma online for free?

Some exclusive diploma courses online are free to take from any location, with no entry requirements to fulfil and no fixed study schedules. Some specialise in free diploma courses online (with certificate available upon completion for a small fee) for flexible and affordable career development.


Either obtain a legitimate high school diploma or prepare thoroughly to take the GED® test. In the United States, you can attend high school up until the age of 21, after which you must enroll in an adult high school.

No less genuine than attending a typical authorized high school to obtain a high school diploma in person is attending school remotely to obtain an online high school diploma. Before enrolling, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting anything legitimate.

Yes! An recognized high school diploma is available online for adults and out-of-school teenagers. The Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a nonprofit organization that runs an accreditation commission for distance learning programs, can be used to find accredited programs.

In North America, students who successfully complete high school are awarded a high school diploma. From grade 9 through grade 12, students normally study for the high school diploma over the period of three to four years.

You can take advantage of this chance to advance in your work and brighten your future in any of the courses.

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