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The 13 Best Healthcare Website Designs

The 13 Best Healthcare Website Designs. Despite the fact that healthcare marketing is not brain surgery, it might be difficult to determine which website features matter and, more importantly, which elements promote conversions. This is why we’ve compiled 13 Best Healthcare Website Designs from which you can learn and incorporate into your own site to increase conversions.

Why you must examine your  healthcare website design

About seven percent of Google queries are connected to health. This is an astounding figure when you realize that Google receives approximately 8.5 billion queries per day.

Obviously, not every search will result in a visit to the doctor. Many of these inquiries are likely straightforward inquiries regarding the correct usage of over-the-counter medications or what to do in hypothetical situations. However, these numbers make it apparent that your patients and prospective patients will locate and interact with you online.

Therefore, it is crucial that your website inspires the same confidence in your medical competence and the quality of your service as a visit to your office.

The 13 best healthcare website design examples

The following is a list of the Best Healthcare Website Designs:

1. Maven– Employ color psychology

Best Healthcare Website Designs

Even though this may seem trivial, the colors you select for your website are crucial. Color psychology exists. Consider the all-green website of Maven, for instance.

According to research, the color green may have a psychological effect, reducing pain and anxiety. The monochromatic color scheme of Maven appears purposeful and is a fantastic decision.

There are numerous reasons to carefully consider your website’s color design.This is one of the Best Healthcare Website Designs.

2. One Medical – Appeal to the ideals of your audience

In healthcare, patient familiarity is essential. In healthcare marketing, understanding your audience is crucial.

Consult the webpage for One Medical. The tagline offers a new experience, the young faces in the photographs suggest a pleasant experience and a sleek workplace, the language highlights the 24/7 availability of medical help, and the log in option in the navigation bar underlines this. Also, observe the gentle green. The appeal to occupied, connected Millennials is unambiguous and persistent.

And One Medical is aware of the possibility of doubling down: In the coming years, 43% of Millennials are likely to transfer practices.

If you know your target well enough to discover what they value, to comprehend their pain spots, and to express how your solution is excellent for them, you will be able to build a website that appeals directly to them. And keeps them coming to your website for additional information and appointments.This is another Best Healthcare Website Designs.

3. Mayo Clinic – Response

There are so many concerns that there are so many searches for health-related queries. Whether it’s a quest for more information regarding current symptoms or a gut check about mixing medications for a cold. However, as a healthcare practitioner, prospective patients have a pressing question: why should they choose you?

In addition to commonly asked questions and informational pages about your practice’s specialization, make it abundantly obvious immediately why you are the best option for patients.

The Mayo Clinic accomplishes this quite effectively directly below its hero image.

This Best Healthcare Website Designs provides further information about the clinic’s research, methodology, expertise, and impact.

4. Synergy Private Health – Employ facial expressions

This is supported by research: individuals enjoy interacting with others. When consumers view a page containing human faces, their eyes are naturally pulled to the faces.

Using photographs properly humanizes the experience and fosters trust. The most important thing is to avoid using stock images and instead use own photographs. Even better if you can include the health care providers.

Take a look. The hero part of Synergy Private Health features a changing display of photographs. The contemporary office space, patients cooking at home, a peaceful exam room, and the two doctors in the practice.

These two physicians appear kind and competent, especially at the front desk of the practice. In addition, the copy’s use of the first-person plural reinforces the impact, as though the doctors are personally addressing the prospective patients.This also among the Best Healthcare Website Designs.

5. Brightside Health – Keep your CTAs consistent

When designing a website for the healthcare industry, you must also prioritize functionality. 67% of patients favor online scheduling. This is not a surprise; when scheduling a normal appointment or something embarrassing over the phone, online booking makes the procedure more convenient.

Therefore, you must guarantee that your patients and prospective patients will have a simple, painless experience.

This Best Healthcare Website Designs of Brightside Health makes this simple. The call to action is “Start With A Free Assessment,” which appears in the website’s header and hero section in a peach hue that is contrasted but not overpowering.

6. Simple Method – Include ratings and stars

Best Healthcare Website Designs

If you’re a marketer, you’re likely aware of how beneficial positive online evaluations are for businesses and how damaging negative reviews can be.

This is because so many of us consult online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Equally applicable to healthcare. In fact, 94% of people evaluate providers based on internet reviews.

Now, Simple Practice is somewhat distinct. This Best Healthcare Website Designs is a service provider for healthcare, not a healthcare provider. Still, the website design is fantastic, and it’s the greatest method I’ve seen for making evaluations visually beautiful and quickly accessible.

The stars and quantity for the 2,000+ positive reviews are subtly shown beneath the form, along with HIPPA and HITRUST compliance badges. Additionally, they are clickable and lead to a page with dozens of individual text and video reviews.

7. Northwestern Medicine

Even though we have vaccines and a far better understanding of how to prevent and cure the disease, the Covid-19 epidemic still exists. Your office maintains pandemic-specific protocols, and many of your patients are interested in learning more about them.

Patients and potential patients can easily access this information if you include a tab or a prominent banner, similar to the one from Northwestern Medicine shown below. And sharing your approach and policies provides assurance that it is a priority.

8. Virtua Health – Provide for prospective and active patients

It is natural to address the demands of prospective patients first while designing a website. However, keep in mind that your existing and returning patients will also utilize the website frequently. It should be apparent that it also benefits them.

The MyChart and Telehealth links in the top navigation, as well as the “Patient Tools” option in the drop-down menu, offer Virtua Health’s patients with rapid access to all the necessary data.

In addition, the chatbot’s introduction language is purposefully unclear. The offer to organize appointments or answer queries is applicable to both current and prospective patients.

9. Dr. Rachel Paul – Honor your fame

Reviews, images of people, and explanations of your expertise and approach are all excellent ways to instill confidence in your website visitors regarding the kind of care your office delivers. However, it is not the only trust signal available for healthcare website design.

Take Dr. Rachel Paul’s webpage. The nutritionist has a substantial social media following, therefore clearly associating these Instagram and Tik Tok profiles in the navigation creates a consistent company identity.This is another Best Healthcare Website Designs.

10. Mass General Bringham – Let the data speak for themselves

Another wonderful trust indicator that requires more time but is simpler: numbers.

On its homepage, Mass General Bringham highlights its large network of providers, substantial funding, unique research, and vast number of annual patients to demonstrate the organization’s expertise.

11. Hartford Healthcare – Include a video on your homepage

Including actual individuals in your brand’s images is a great approach to humanize it. Video can be equally beneficial for capturing the experience at your office, allowing your healthcare providers to talk directly to potential patients, and displaying the outcomes of working with your practice, if possible.

This final strategy is utilized by Hartford Healthcare’s homepage video.

The film depicts four healthy adults cycling on a picture-perfect forest track. People are conversing casually while exercising in the beautiful autumn air; they are the picture of health.

12. The Lasik Vision Institute – Make it simple to locate us

Not every website visitor will result in a new patient. However, you must make it as straightforward as possible for any visitor to become a patient.

The best method to achieve this is to make your office or workplace location easy to locate and contact (s).

The Lasik Vision Institute, a national chain of providers, is an excellent illustration of this. The homepage of the website offers a location search, and the primary telephone number is locked in the navigation bar.

No more frustrating searches or returning to Google to find a phone number or location. Ensure that your website provides the same.This is also among the Best Healthcare Website Designs.

13. Tia – Express your unique brand

Best Healthcare Website Designs

Obviously, not every physician’s office is same. However, not all obstetricians, chiropractors, or psychologists are the same. Your clinic offers something unique, and you must ensure that your distinctive branding is incorporated into the design of your website.

Examine how Tia, a healthcare provider that focuses on supporting female and AFAB patients and takes a holistic approach to patient care, accomplishes this. The color palette of the website is peach, and the images are simplistic and doodle-like.

This is followed by an excellent text explanation of the procedure by Tia (and also crucial for website accessibility). However, remember that pictures are frequently more fascinating and easier to scan. Ensure that your differentiator is easily visible.

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