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Best 1-Year Bachelor Degree Online Programs in 2023

It’s true that students who want to finish their undergraduate degrees quickly are increasingly turning to 1-year bachelor degree online programs.

1-year bachelor degree online programs are designed for those who do not have the time or chance to enroll in full-time on-campus programs, and its graduates receive the same credentials as conventional students.

Online degree online might also be more affordable and self-paced, giving students even more freedom in their study schedules.

Online degree programs are offered by many universities and online education providers, and students taking courses online interact closely with university and college lecturers while employing cutting-edge e-learning technologies. The availability of online bachelor’s degree programs in virtually any subject imaginable makes choosing a course of study challenging.

1-year bachelor degree online

With the most popular degrees online, we’ve examined in this post, you can begin your 1-year bachelor degree online adventure right now.

About 1-year Bachelor Degree Online

1-year bachelor degree online programs are a cutting-edge option for students who wish to graduate swiftly without having to endure the rigorous academic requirements of a traditional academic degree. Marks in this program are determined by a student’s job history, transfer credits, life experiences, community service, and other factors.

Study Method for Online Bachelor’s Degree Program

You may have more pre-planning possibilities with online courses than with traditional learning settings because of their design.

Depending on the type of 1-year bachelor degree online program you are enrolled in, for instance, if you are enrolling in one of the best online MBA programs, you might need to log in periodically during the week to engage with other students and your teacher.

Many online programs provide this type of learning, but most students opt for asynchronous ones in order to have the most scheduling flexibility.

1-year bachelor degree online

Advantages of an Online Degree.

  • Career Change and Career Advancement
  • Learn to Manage Your Time Well
  • Increased learning effectiveness
  • More leisure time
  • Flexible Planning

How To Apply For 1-year Bachelor Degree Online Program

To apply for your preferred 1-year Bachelor degree online, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the online form.
  2. Essays and letters of recommendation.
  3. Complete the online form; one of the best ways to apply for a 1 year bachelor degree online is to fill out an application.
  4. Transcripts from high school or your last college, along with your test results, should be submitted.
  5. Your college transcripts, test results from tests like the ACT or SAT, and any previously completed college coursework may all be taken into consideration by a college when deciding whether to admit you.
  6. Letters of recommendation and essays
    You can be asked to submit letters of recommendation from previous professors or employers as part of the admissions process, depending on the university.

The documents are more likely to be required because the application rate for a 1-year bachelor degree online program typically takes into account your personal characteristics.

Depending on your writing abilities and the message you want to convey to the university, the essay requirements could also help you stand out from the crowd. You may be able to enroll in online bachelor’s programs by meeting each of these requirements.

Top 10 1-year Bachelor Degree Online in 2022

The following are the available 1-year bachelor degree online programs you can take in 2022:

  1. Computing Science
  2. Legal Justice
  3. Emergency Preparedness
  4. Ecological Policy
  5. English
  6. Online Banking
  7. Medical Science
  8. Personal Services
  9. Legal Research
  10. Management.

A 12-month educational program is required to earn a 1-year bachelor degree online. Due to their greater skills and experience, people with bachelor’s degrees typically have more career options available to them.

The best ten online 1-year bachelor degree online programs are listed below to help you get a degree quickly:

1. Online One-year Computer Science program

Online degree programs in computer science might be one of the best ways to enter the technology industry swiftly. Computer science graduates make the most money right out of college, earning an average of $59,000 annually, according to Forbes.

2. Criminal Justice 1-Year Bachelor Degree Online Program 

You can pursue a wide range of careers in law, law enforcement, psychiatry, and cyber security if you study in criminal justice.

Because there are so many online degree programs, many of them let you specialize in fields that will quickly prepare you for a number of in-demand jobs after you graduate. Example of these programs is Criminal Justice or any related courses.

3. Emergency Management 1-year Bachelor Degree Online

A public administration degree typically mentions emergency management as a concentration.

On the other hand, having a bachelor’s degree in emergency management may be helpful if you want to work in the public sector, within your local community, or in the medical field.

Project management, communication skills, social skills, civil rights and ethical leadership, hazard planning and preparation, and human resources are among the topics covered in a one-year bachelor’s degree program in this field.

4. Online One-year Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Policy

The relationship between public and private institutions in the defense of society and the environment is the focus of environmental policy degrees.

Online courses for a 1-year bachelor degree online in this field cover environmental issues and sustainability. These degree programs often call for 120 credits, though this can vary by university and field of study.

Online degrees in environmental policy prepare you for leadership and research roles that require an understanding of information and data analysis approaches and tools.

Along with ideas, ideologies, and concepts, you will also examine environmental leadership, policy, and global catastrophes.

5. English Language 1-Year Bachelor Degree Online 

Although an online English degree may seem to cover a lot of ground, it actually gives you the chance to study philosophy, investigate literature, practice creative writing, and even learn about movies and screenwriting.

A degree in English has several job applications. Students who study English online can grow swiftly in a number of fields.

6. Online 1-year Bachelor’s Degree In Finance

All business degree students must first master the same fundamental business core curriculum before specializing in a particular field, however online finance degree programs allow you to concentrate in the career you want.

The education for these quick online degrees includes courses in accounting, investments, financial planning, corporate finance, business analysis, and related accounting applications like Microsoft Excel.

With an MBA, you may even become an executive or CFO. Top alumni from these degree programs often go on to hold incredibly lucrative positions.

7. Online Forensics Bachelor’s Program Of one Year

Have you ever desired to participate in a crime scene investigation? Do you like putting puzzles together? Do you view yourself as analytical in nature?

This forensics bachelor’s degree can also lead to a job in network defense or cyber security, depending on your area of concentration.

8. 1-Year Bachelor Degree Online  in Human Services

For those interested in a profession in healthcare, online degrees in health sciences are suitable.

Despite the fact that a bachelor’s degree can help you advance in both clinical and non-clinical settings, the vast majority of bachelor’s degree holders go on to master’s degrees in occupational therapy, chiropractic, healthcare informatics, athletics, nursing, and other healthcare-related fields.

9. Online One-year Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies

One year of online legal studies degrees can help you enter a number of different legal fields, depending on the path and emphasis you choose. For example, paralegals and criminal justice majors can choose legal studies courses that are specific to their fields of study.

10. Liberal Arts 1-year Bachelor Degree Online Program

Students with a variety of interests can excel in a one-year online liberal arts program. You can study history, literature, philosophy, theory, and other subjects in addition to art.

Students can rapidly begin an administrative career using their online degree, but they typically need to finish a master’s or certificate program to rise to a better position with a higher salary.

FAQs about Online 1-Year Bachelor Degrees

Q. Can I complete an online bachelor’s degree in a year?

ANSWER: Yes, quick online degrees can be completed in a year as opposed to four. These programs uphold a high standard of quality, therefore perseverance and concentration are needed to stay on track and fulfill all criteria.

Q: How much does a one-year online bachelor’s degree cost?

ANSWER: One of the key factors affecting your decision to enroll should be costs. You may need to do more research before choosing a program that suits you because colleges can grant the same degree for a range of fees. Nevertheless, a one-year online bachelor’s degree typically costs $1,000 or more.


Create a location that is as distraction-free as possible and that won’t change throughout your class session if you want to be sure that you can genuinely participate as an online learner.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a spotless background; hide your favorite band’s poster and keep your dirty laundry off the floor. We hope you find this helpful while we bring you more educational assistance articles.

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