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19 Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World

Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World 

The world seems so glamorous in movies, don’t you think? Particularly when it comes to movies with fast cars. Naturally, it helps if the actors and actresses are attractive, but the majority of the sex appeal in these films comes from the automobiles themselves.

Talladega Nights, the cartoon Cars movie, Taxi, Rush, Baby Driver, and the entire Fast and Furious franchise come to mind. The first of these films, Thunder Road, was released in 1958, and we have been creating and seeing them ever since.

We still enjoy driving fast vehicles and learning about how the cool models we have now came to be. But both on the racetrack and on the roads, a lot goes into designing, constructing, and maintaining vehicles. We have a list of institutions for you if you want to be one of those persons that focuses their time and knowledge on passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, off-road vehicles, or even racing vehicles.

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Automotive Degree Types

There are many different degrees, certificates, and diplomas you can obtain depending on what you want to do. Most certificates and diplomas will assist you in finding employment in a retail environment, however degrees that need four years or more will lead to management or higher-level positions, including those in design and research.

Although degrees in automotive engineering are less prevalent than other degree types, a number of universities offer the education and practical experience necessary for a career in the automobile industry. A Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering Technology is the most prevalent four-year degree you’ll see, although many colleges and universities also offer a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, maybe with emphasis or minors in automotive areas or topics. Identifying if you want to focus solely on autos is one of the first things you should do if this seems appealing to you.

Here is a brief description of the various degree focuses:

  • Automotive/Automobile Engineering: The design, production, and use of motorcycles, cars, and trucks are the only emphasis of automotive and automotive engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering: The most versatile degree in engineering is in mechanical engineering, which can specialize in any mechanical system. It will include some automotive-specific information as well as aspects of aerospace, metallurgical, civil, electrical, chemical, manufacturing, industrial, and even biological engineering.

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Differences between Automotive Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Both are important in the automotive industry, although they are useful at different points in the process. Automotive engineers are in charge of this area of the automotive industry, including designing vehicles, modernizing already-existing features, research, and development. The Auto Mechanic is the person who takes charge of repairs and maintenance at garages, dealerships, and auto parts stores after a vehicle is in use by customers.

best motorcycle mechanic schools
best motorcycle mechanic schools

Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the World

Let’s begin this list now that the foundation has been established. The best motorcycle mechanic schools listed below are arranged by admission rate.

1. Montana State University, Northern

  • 100% acceptance rate

Students at Montana State University Northern can enroll in the Automotive Technology program to achieve a Bachelor’s degree, an Associate’s degree, or a minor in the field while receiving instruction from Master ASE-certified technicians. Additionally, the university provides technician training supported by the automotive industry for Ford, Subaru, and Maintenance and Light Repair.

On the other hand, MSU-Northern grants degrees in Mechanical Engineering that are recognized by ABET.

2. Weber State University

  • 100% acceptance rate

The Department of Automotive Technology at Weber State University provides a variety of degrees and certificates, including bachelor’s degrees in advanced vehicle systems and field service operations. Additionally, students have the option of choosing an Associate’s degree in Independent Shop ATEP or Heavy Duty Trucks.

Additionally, Weber awards two certificates: one in industry hybrids and one in automotive service technology.

3. Utah Valley University

  • 100% acceptance rate

Utah Valley University’s Department of Transportation Technologies offers associate degrees, certifications, and diplomas in a variety of fields, including Auto Tech, Collision Mechanics, Street Rod, and Power Sports.

UVU holds an Auto Expo to raise money for scholarships for its Transportation Technologies students.

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4. University of Northwestern Ohio

  • Acceptance Ratio: Unknown

The College of Applied Sciences and College of Occupational Professions at the University of Northwestern Ohio offer a variety of alternatives to students. The Automotive Technology program at UNOH offers diplomas, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees, and all of its courses are instructed by ASE- and Master-certified instructors.

Additionally, students have the option of majoring in High-Performance Automotive Technology or Automotive Management.

5. Idaho State University

  • 99% Acceptance Rate

In the College of Science and Engineering, Idaho State University provides a number of programs for technicians. The Associate of Applied Science Degree and Advanced Technical Certificate in Automotive Technology are just the beginning for students; they can also choose from three certificate choices and an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing.

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best motorcycle mechanic schools
best motorcycle mechanic schools

6. Pittsburg State University

  • Acceptance Rate: 87%

Within the Kansas Technology Center, Pittsburg State University’s Department of Technology confers a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Technology. The emphasis in Automotive Mechanical Design is another option for majors who want to “go deep into the subject of autos from bumper to bumper.” PSU has a 32,000 square foot automotive laboratory, 40 donated cars, and all the tools they require. Within the Department of Technology, the institution also provides conventional Engineering degrees.

Students can take part in the SAE Baja course, which competes against universities across the world, SkillsUSA, and the annual car show put on by the Society of Automotive Engineers branch in their area.

7. University of Central University

  • Acceptance Rate of 86%

The Automotive Technology Management (ATM) Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Central Missouri focuses on three areas: automotive technology (obviously), design technology, and service management. Additionally, they provide a minor in Automotive Technology and a certificate in Advanced Vehicle Systems.

Students in the program work on UCM-owned vehicles in lab settings for a number of hours each week.

8. Indiana University-Purdue University

  • Acceptance Rate of 81%

The Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI is the first university in the US to offer a Bachelor of Science in Motorsports. Students are equipped to take part in the racing sector thanks to an engineering curriculum that combines vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, data collecting, and other topics.

Students can also choose a dual degree in Motorsports and Mechanical Engineering for an additional 26 credits if they want to please Mom.

9. University of Texas A&M, Arlington

  • Acceptance Rate: 80%

The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Texas at Arlington is housed in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and focuses on building automobiles, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. Students can apply to work in academic labs, join the UTA Racing Formula SAE team, or receive practical work experience through the Co-op/Internship Office.

Through the Arnold E. Petsche Center for Automotive Engineering’s Automotive Engineering Certificate program, students can demonstrate their dedication to the automotive industry.

10. Pennsylvania College of Technology

  • Acceptance Rate: 80%

The Pennsylvania College of Technology offers degrees in all areas of the automotive industry that you might be interested in. Three bachelor’s degree programs in science are available: Automotive Technology Management (online and on-campus); Automotive Service, Sales, and Marketing; and Automotive Technology. For applicants who already hold an Associate’s Degree from a university or community college, they also provide an online option.

Through collaborations with each firm, the Pennsylvania College of Technology provides three specialized majors within the Automotive Technology degree for Ford ASSET, Honda PACT, and MOPAR CAP.

Students at the Pennsylvania College of Technology have the opportunity to obtain up to 8 industry certifications, including the ASE certification. The college also grants certificates for becoming an Automotive Service Technician and an Aftermarket Performance Specialist, respectively.

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11. Ferris State University

  • 78% Acceptance Rate

The automotive-focused programs offered by Ferris State University include a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering Technology (AET) and a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Management (AMGT), the latter of which can be pursued as a minor.

For the two bachelor’s degrees, students will complete an on-the-job internship in addition to hands-on laboratory experience in metallurgy, mechanical testing, automotive emissions, and dynamometer testing.

Additionally, FSU offers two certificate programs in automotive, one in machinery and the other in motorsports.

12. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

  • 72% Acceptance Rate

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale offers a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology that combines theory with real-world application. A cutting-edge Transportation Education Center and a fleet of 90 modern training cars are also available at SIU-Carbondale.

Students can join the Women in Automotive Transportation Technology (WATT) group, the Off-Road Club, and the Automotive Technology Organization outside of class. The latter group received a Jeep Cherokee as a donation project car.

13. Kettering University

  • 70% Acceptance Rate

A mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree from Kettering University is available with a range of specializations, such as automotive engineering design, machine design & advanced materials, and alternative energy.

The Advanced Engine Research Lab, Crash Safety Center, and Energy Systems Lab are just a few of the labs that are located in Kettering where students can gain practical experience. Students who participate in the co-op program can graduate with up to 2.5 years of experience.

14. Brigham-Young University Idaho

  • Ratio of Acceptance: 65%

The Automotive Technology Program at Brigham-Young University in Idaho provides three bachelor’s degrees in automotive engineering technology, advanced vehicle systems, and automotive technology management. Students in this ASE-certified curriculum spend a significant amount of time in labs and on test courses to get practical experience.

The SAE Supermileage Team, which competes in the SAE Supermileage competition held annually in Marshall, Michigan, is open to students. Although BUY-Idaho doesn’t offer an automotive emphasis for students interested in a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, they can concentrate on it through a minor in automotive technology.

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15. Walla Walla University

  • Ratio of Acceptance: 65%

One of just 15 colleges in the country that offers a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology or automotive management is Walla Walla University. Students have full access to the automotive lab and tools as well as the opportunity to get practical (PAID) experience at the on-campus repair shop known as University Auto.

On the other hand, Walla Walla also provides a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree that is ABET recognized, with no automotive specialization but with “Depth Electives” such Alternative Energy Systems, Manufacturing Systems, and Optimization.

16. Minnesota State University

  • Ratio of Acceptance: 62%

The Minnesota State University in Mankato’s Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering Technology (AET) curriculum is intended to educate students for employment in product research, design and development, production, and technical sales in both aftermarket and original equipment.

Students can join the MSU Drag Race Team and the Society of Automotive Engineers outside of class.

best motorcycle mechanic schools
best motorcycle mechanic schools

17. McPherson College

  • 57% Acceptance Rate

The only automotive program of its kind in the country is offered by McPherson College. Their course focuses Historic Automotive Technology, Automotive Restoration Management, Automotive Communications, Automotive Restoration Design, and Automotive Restoration Technology with a focus on automobile restoration. Discuss your professional aspirations.

Students can use a 33,000 square foot laboratory in Templeton Hall that has specific tools and equipment unique to the business. They even have a lofty objective: by 2023, MC will compete for prizes at Pebble Beach Automotive Week!

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18. Southern Adventist University

  • 49% Acceptance Rate

Southern Adventist University can give its students a clear advantage if they want to become auto mechanics. A full-service auto shop at SAU fixes cars for the neighborhood. Additionally, every student has the chance to take the ASE exam and earn an industry-wide certification.

19. University of Michigan Ann Arbor

  • 27% Acceptance Rate

ABET has certified the mechanical engineering program at the University of Michigan. Their undergraduate degree focuses on mechanical engineering as a whole but also contains courses needed for understanding the automotive sector. In addition, the institution features a number of design teams where students can join and conduct intensive automotive research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UK Salary of a Motorbike Mechanic?

In the United Kingdom, a motorbike mechanic makes an average pay of £27,500 per year, or £14.10 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to £34,000 per year, while entry-level roles start at £24,500.

Can you earn a lot of Money Working on Bikes?

Bicycle mechanics typically earn $29,282 per year, according to PayScale data. That comes to around $12.82 per hour. Depending on a bike mechanic's level of training, credentials, and education, pay may rise. Additionally, they could receive commissions, bonuses, and overtime compensation that increase their salary.

Who among Mechanics earns the Most Money?

The highest-paid category of mechanics is a mobile equipment mechanic, with an average income of $72,190 and an hourly rate of $34.71. Industrial mechanics earn an average salary of $53,333, making them the second best paying category of mechanic.

What Qualifications are Required to Operate in a Bike Shop?

Although there are no formal admission criteria for becoming a bicycle technician, it is unquestionably advantageous to have some prior bike-related knowledge and expertise. You may begin as a retail assistant in a bike shop if you don't already have one, then apply for a position as a trainee mechanic.



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