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Imperial College London PhD Scholarship 2023

Imperial College London PhD Scholarship

Imperial College London, established in 1907, is home to several multidisciplinary studies and all of the academic programs provided by the faculties of engineering, medicine, business, and natural sciences.

South Kensington is home to the Imperial College’s main campus. Hammersmith, Silwood Park, Royal Brompton, Northwick Park, Charing Cross, St. Marys, Wye, Chelsea, and Westminster all have additional campuses. The university has about 12,129 full-time students enrolled.

PhD International students who desire to study in London have a access to the Imperial College London PhD scholarship.

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Imperial College London PhD Scholarship

A President’s PhD Scholarship could offer you the exceptional chance to receive full funding for tuition fees and a generous stipend for a 3.5 year PhD place at Imperial College London if you are an outstanding undergraduate or Master’s student who is determined to pursue a PhD program at a top-tier research institution.

The President’s PhD Scholarships give students the opportunity to work on a research project of their choice with the help of a top-notch advisor and benefit from opportunities to form cohorts with other President’s PhD Scholars.

Candidates for the President’s PhD Scholarships in 2023–24 will also be given consideration for the Sir Michael Uren Scholarships in Engineering and Medicine, which fund interdisciplinary research in both engineering and medicine. The assistance package offered by these scholarships is identical to that of the Imperial College London PhD scholarship.

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Imperial College London PhD scholarship
Imperial College London PhD scholarship

College Degree:

Fully funded PhD scholarships are available to pursue PhD level programs at Imperial College London in the UK in 2023–24.

Benefits of Imperial College London PhD scholarship

The 50 offered scholarships offer the following assistance during the course of the 3.5 years of study:

  • complete payment of tuition
  • an annual stipend of £22,900 (2023–24 rate) to help with living expenses
  • a £2,000 annual consumables fund for the first three years of study
  • a schedule of events and experiences created especially for you by the Graduate School
  • Additionally, you will have access to the complete spectrum of support services provided by Imperial for postgraduate students, including specialized services for international and impaired students as well as the larger Graduate School program of professional skills courses.

Eligible Nationalities

Higher than typical qualifying standards for this competitive initiative (see eligibility criteria below) draw applicants with outstanding academic records and great research potential. Talented applicants from Imperial College London, the UK, and other countries are accepted. The nationality has no limitations.

The scholarship offers both full-time and part-time study options.

Applications from people of various origins and nations are accepted because they understand that diversity improves not only Imperial but also the industry as a whole by allowing it to more accurately reflect the communities it serves.

Imperial College London PhD scholarship
Imperial College London PhD scholarship

Imperial College London PhD Scholarship Eligibilities

Academic Criteria:

  1. Candidates must have earned or be expected to earn a first class or equivalent in their undergraduate degree or integrated master’s degree.
  2. Candidates with a solo Master’s degree are required to have received a distinction or, in the event that this has not yet occurred, to be able to show evidence of exceptional performance that will result in a distinction.

Extra Criteria:

  1. Talented applicants from Imperial College London, the UK, and other countries are welcome to apply. There are no nationality limits, although some departments might not be able to sponsor candidates from other countries.
  2. The program is exclusively available to fresh PhD applications. For consideration of a President’s PhD, current registered PhD students are not eligible.

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Directions and Important Information

  1. The earliest funded start date for the 2023–24 academic year is August 1, 2023, and the latest start date is November 1, 2023.
  2. When asked for a personal statement, you must submit a two-page document, the first page of which should contain your motivations for applying to Imperial and for the scholarship as well as any additional supporting details you feel will strengthen your application but are not required to include elsewhere on the form. The second page should contain your research proposal. If your department shortlists you for the scholarship after you submit your application, you may submit updated copies of your statement if necessary. Writing in the first person is advised.
  3. You should not list your prospective PhD supervisor as one of the two academic referees you list when asked for their names. You are urged to discuss this advice with your two referees, specifically highlighting the advice to use the pronouns “they” and “them” (rather than gender pronouns).
  4. You must choose this option in the funding area of the extra questions tab on the online application form if you want to be considered for the President’s PhD Scholarship program.

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How to Apply:

The President’s PhD Scholarships offer PhD candidates a comprehensive funding package and tailored support. Applications for the President’s PhD Scholarship Program are reviewed three times during the academic year. You must have spoken with a supervisor in an academic division at Imperial College London who has agreed to oversee your research project before submitting your application. Please be aware that supervisors can only work with one scholar at a time.

There isn’t a particular application form for scholarships. Your department will nominate you for the scholarship based on your academic merit and potential once you submit your application for admission to study at Imperial using their online admissions system.

Imperial College London PhD scholarship
Imperial College London PhD scholarship

Dates of Announcements

  1. The recipients of scholarships who applied before 4 November 2022 will be notified by 23 January 2023.
  2. If you apply by January 6th, 2023, and are selected for a scholarship, you will be notified by March 20th.
  3. If you apply by March 3 of 2023 and are selected for a scholarship, you will be notified by May 22 of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Imperial College London give scholarship?

The college offers undergraduate and doctoral scholarships for domestic and international students. All awards are made for the length of the recipient's selected program, which is typically three or four years.

Can I receive a free education at Imperial College London?

Numerous free online courses are available from Imperial. You can enroll in them for fun, to brush up on material, or to help with your degree. To access the courses, register on the appropriate platform.

What grade requirements exist for admission to Imperial College London?

They require that you have a majority of 9-7 grades (A*-A) at GCSE level or the international equivalent, with a minimum grade of 7 (A) in math and science subjects. You must also be able to demonstrate that you have excellent academic ability.

Does Imperial College London conduct Interviews with all Applicants?

In order to make hiring decisions, the majority of Imperial departments conduct interviews. These interviews may take place during an admissions day. Each department will have a different interview procedure, and if your child is selected to interview, they will be given more details.



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