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10 Best Automotive Engineering Programs In 2023

Here at World Scholarship Vault, we have provided you with a thorough overview of the best Automotive engineering programs. This list is intended to assist individuals who desire to attend the top college for automotive engineering in choosing a school and best Automotive engineering programs.

Why You Should Dive Into Automotive Engineering; Benefits

The Automotive business is developing quite quickly. The sector’s numerous enterprises and sectors are vying with one another for technological superiority. The need for automotive professionals who are familiar with current technologies has greatly expanded as a result.

Enrolling in one of the best Automotive engineering programs in the globe can set you on the path to an economically rewarding and personally meaningful career as an automobile engineer if you have a thirst for knowledge in this field.

The Difficulty of Automotive Engineering

Like all engineering degrees, a degree in any of the best Automotive engineering programs involves some level of dedication and effort. However, you’ll find the B.Eng to be more gratifying, and it’ll give you better job prospects once you graduate.

The Work of Automotive Engineers

Cutting-edge technology for use in the automotive industry is the focus of the competitive and expanding field of automotive engineering.

From concept to production, automobile engineers are in responsible of designing, developing, producing, and testing vehicles.

With a degree in one of the best Automotive engineering programs, you can start a career in a number of automobile-related disciplines that are in high demand and whose scope is expanding globally.

Through a combination of theory and practice, a degree in one of the best Automotive engineering programs will cultivate a number of useful talents, including software or hardware engineering, equipment testing, sales, or research and development across sectors.

With this degree, you have the option of finishing your studies and starting your career straight away or continuing your study to become an expert.

With a degree in any of the best Automotive engineering programs, you could find employment in manufacturing, production, or service industries, to name a few.

Cost and Length of a Program in Automotive Engineering:

An automotive engineering program can take 4 to 5 years to finish, depending on the university where you pursue your degree. The price might potentially range from $1000 to $30000 for respected universities.

Is it Hard to Study Automotive Engineering?

Choosing the right career path is a life-changing decision. Exclusively specialized courses, such as best Automotive engineering programs, frequently raise questions such as, “Should I be automotive engineering?” Is Automobile engineering a difficult subject?

Earning a degree in the best automotive engineering programs can be extremely rewarding. It’s also one of the most difficult, with long hours, a heavy workload, and a focus on details, so knowing what you’re getting into is critical.

Which Degree in Automotive Engineering is the Best?

Contrary to popular belief, the field of automobile engineering is incredibly diverse. There is a selection of electives available. You must first choose the component of this particular field that most interests you. Look at your weaknesses and strengths.

  • Programming languages
  • Design and component production
  • Fluid physics and thermodynamics
  • Electronics instrumentation, and other topics are all included in the best Automotive Engineering programs.

Some of the greatest mechanical engineering institutes in the world provide such degrees with relative ease.

Think about whether you want to challenge yourself by entering a profession that you are completely unfamiliar with or whether you want to opt for something much more practical that will help you get started on the career path you want.

Who can be an Automotive Engineer?

An automotive engineer may be anyone!

Anybody with an interest in technology can become an automotive engineer. The passion for the industry that drives automotive engineers. Obtaining a degree in the best Automotive Engineering programs doesn’t require being a genius. Even the most inexperienced driver can become an automobile expert with the help of accessible courses. An automobile engineer is a career you might pursue if you like fiddling with the design.

In the middle of their careers, a number of people switched to automobile engineering. Such individuals can take special courses that have been created only for them. To establish the groundwork, you can even think about picking one of the top technical schools. A career in automotive engineering is successful for anyone with a keen technological mind.

Requirements for an Automotive Engineering:

The criteria for a degree in all the best Automotive Engineering programs vary from college to college, just like the requirements for medical schools for individuals interested in attending medical school.

  • However, a solid academic foundation, particularly in science, math, and physics, is the most typical qualification.
  • Students must have demonstrated proficiency in subtopics like calculus, geometry, and algebra in order to sit for an entrance exam.
  • Additionally, most colleges search for programming and database-related work expertise.
  • You need to possess the required competencies and a GPA of at least 3.0 to get accepted into a respectable college.

25 Best Automobile Engineering Schools in the World.

Before we proceed to our list of best Automotive Engineering programs, here are the best automobile engineering schools in the world, where you can earn a degree in automobile engineering:

  1. ​Madras Institute of Technology
  2. ​Clemson University, South Carolina
  3. ​Brigham Young University, Utah
  4. ​Kettering University
  5. ​Coventry University
  6. ​Ferris State University
  7. ​University of Michigan
  8. ​Centennial College, Toronto
  9. Universityof South Wales, Pontypridd
  10.  Austin Peay State University, Tennessee
  11. ​University of Texas
  12. ​Harbin Institute of Technology
  13. ​Bharath University (Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research)
  14. ​RMIT University, Melbourne
  15. VIT University
  16. ​University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  17. ​Indiana State University
  18. ​Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Shanghai
  19. ​Brigham Young University Idaho
  20. ​Nagoya University, Nagoya
  21. ​Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin Automotive Junior College, Hiroshima
  22. ​Indiana University – Purdue
  23. ​Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  24. ​Pittsburg State University, USA
  25. ​Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Previously, we provided the list of best Automotive universities in the world. Read more about the best automotive universities here. Now, let us get over to the best Automotive Engineering programs available.

The Top 10 Best Automotive Engineering Programs:

The top ten best Automotive Engineering programs worldwide are shown below:

1. University of the West of England, Bristol, automotive engineering

Students who wish to discover what it takes to become a professional automotive engineer may enroll in the best automotive engineering programs at the University of the West of England.

One of the best Automotive Engineering programs is offered by the University of the West of England and it includes every important facet of research in automotive engineering.

  • Students from a variety of backgrounds will be able to pursue an engineering career thanks to the school’s inclusive, problem-based curriculum, which will expand the engineering audience.
  • You will also receive instruction in the state-of-the-art School of Engineering at UWC, which is slated to transform the way engineering is taught.
  • It is equipped with engine test cells, designated collaborative learning spaces, and the newest high-tech machinery and is specifically designed to support a variety of engineering disciplines.

2. Centennial College’s Motorcycle and Powersports Product Repair Techniques

Centennial College’s Motorcycle and Power Sports Product Repair Techniques program is your entry point into the automotive industry. You will learn essential diagnostic skills, practice hands-on techniques, and gain theoretical knowledge at the university to best position yourself for employment in this exciting industry.

The best part is that no prior experience is required! You will learn everything you require from the technical college.

Once you’ve finished the Motorcycle and Power Sports Repair Techniques program, you’ll be qualified to start an apprenticeship or a position at the entry-level of the field.

You could look for work repairing ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and other vehicles in motorcycle dealerships, marinas, or even golf courses.

3. Leeds Beckett University’s robotics and automation

The laboratory experience that Leeds Beckett University prides itself on giving its students is unparalleled. They offer robotics and automation, a highly developed program in mathematics and science. In order to prove their worth to potential employers, students must complete challenging work.

Additionally, independent study is a significant component of higher education, and you will be expected to put in a significant amount of time reading, researching, and writing for assessments.

You can plan your time and create a study routine with the help of the modules that make up your course. To assist you with your independent study outside of your lectures, workshops, and tutorials, there are many resources available.

4. Industrial Automation, The Engineering Institute of Technology’s department of engineering

Engineering Institute of Technology has received numerous accolades since its inception. The industrial automation program offered by this university is a growing field of engineering that has a growing impact on most industries and businesses.

This practical qualification will prepare you to work as an industrial automation engineering technologist in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, power generation, mechatronics, mechanical, mining, and chemical.

You will gain skills and knowledge in the latest developing technologies in instrumentation, process control, and industrial automation after completing this program.

5. Automotive Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences

The Automotive Engineering course at HAN University of Applied Sciences will train students to design and test complete vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, buses, special vehicles, motorcycles, as well as trailers, semi-trailers, and caravans.

The program provides a solid technical foundation in mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computation skills, and building principles.

It also gives you a good foundation in marketing, management, and business economics. Students will gain a distinct competitive advantage in the profession by learning to combine technology with sound business judgment.

6. Automotive Management at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

The Automotive program at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, was founded in 1908 and is certified by the ASE Education Foundation.

The institution program is ranked among the top 50 in the United States for best Automotive engineering programs by the Community for Accredited Online Schools. When compared to four-year colleges, the institution is ranked 35th.

As a BFIT student, you will learn how to fix all makes and models from automotive teachers with decades of industry expertise. In a full-service functioning garage with state-of-the-art tools, you will learn how to identify and fix all components of the contemporary car.

7. Technical University of Ostrava’s hydraulics and pneumatics department

Technical University of Ostrava offers an applaudable numbers of the best Automotive engineering programs in the world.

The Hydraulics and Pneumatics curricula at the Technical University of Ostrava were created by prominent practitioners in the field. You’ll gain proficiency in the design of equipment and components that heavily rely on liquid or compressed air.

As a graduate, you will be able to design hydraulic and pneumatic systems by applying your understanding of the laws of hydrostatics and the flow of real and ideal fluids.

You will get to know the layout and features of individual components and test their operation with interactive simulators. After that, you’ll apply this knowledge to your work as a technician or designer.

8. Swansea University’s Simulation-Driven Product Design

One of the best Automotive engineering programs is offered at Swansea University.

The process frequently uses computational tools to give strategies for tackling complicated problems as well as computational models as a foundation for its analysis.

For many years, this institution has been at the forefront of global research in the area of computational engineering.

Engineers with a distinguished international reputation teach classes at Swansea.

Most of them have contributed significantly to the advancement of numerical techniques like the finite element method and associated computational approaches. This has helped them to find solutions to a variety of challenging engineering issues.

9. University of Bath’s Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion

This is a prestigious curriculum for best Automotive engineering programs. The University of Bath provides it as a full-time, 12-month curriculum.

The master’s program is essentially for engineers who want to increase their knowledge. This master’s degree is also available to those who want to specialize in automotive engineering and technologies.

Students will primarily look into the research and development sector of the automotive industry. The design, functionality, and application of automotive powertrains and vehicle systems are the main topics covered in its curriculum as an automotive school.

To complete this master’s degree, students must finish their coursework in two semesters and turn in their dissertation by the end of the summer. Lectures, online resources, hands-on activities, seminars, tutorials, and workshops will all be used to teach.

10. Oxford Brookes University’s Automotive Engineering

  • The program focuses on electric vehicles.
  • The greatest automotive engineering program in the UK is provided by Oxford Brookes University.
  • Students are essentially prepared by the program for careers in the auto industry. Additionally, it can be finished in 24 months of part-time study or 12 months of full-time study.
  • Additionally, students will learn how to adjust to the complicated and quick changes in the sector.
  • In an engineering-specific building, classes are given by professors who are authorities in their specialties.
  • Students can also work with the automotive sector and its supply chain through this top master’s program.


The demand for automotive engineers is enormous. The moment is right for people who are interested in following this professional path to begin by enrolling in any of the best Automotive Engineering programs.

Numerous institutions all around the world already provide extensive best Automotive Engineering programs that are not only reasonably priced but also quite practical for those who hold full-time jobs.

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