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10 Best Music Schools in Australia

10 Best Music Schools in Australia. If you’re seeking for Australia’s top music schools, look no further. The top ten list is available right here. For music students in Australia, there are many excellent possibilities, from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth.

But it can be difficult to know where to begin with so many options. Therefore, this list provides options for everyone, whether you’re searching for a school to jump-start your musical career or one that takes a more conventional academic approach.

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What Are the Possibilities for a Music Career?

The greatest music schools in Australia can assist you in getting ready for any of the many possible careers in music. Here are some of the most popular routes you can take if you have a passion for music and want to work in the field.

1. Musician

Perhaps the most obvious career choice for someone who enjoys music is this one. You can perform live, make albums, write music for movies or video games, or give private tuition if you’re a musician.

You can specialize in a wide range of instruments, including violin, piano, guitar, and drums. Whatever your preferences, there will undoubtedly be a place for you in the music business.

2. A music producer

A music producer is in charge of supervising the recording process and making sure that the finished products fulfill the label’s or artist’s quality expectations.

Working with artists to help them produce their finest work while directing them through the recording process is part of your job as a producer. This may be the ideal career for you if you appreciate working behind the scenes and have an eye for detail.

3. Music Therapist

Using music to heal psychological, emotional, and physical ailments, music therapy is a growingly well-liked subject. Working with people of all ages to enhance their general health and wellbeing is what a music therapist does. In order to succeed in this line of work, you’ll need to be both musically talented and empathic.

10 Best Music Schools in Australia 

1. University of Canberra 

One of the top universities for music in Australia is the University of Canberra. The university, which is situated in the nation’s capital, provides its students with a vast array of musical programs and resources.

The music school program at the University of Canberra has a long tradition of superior teaching and research. The school provides several different musical programs, such as musicology, conducting, composition, and performing.

Among the music school’s amenities are a top-notch concert hall, rehearsal spaces, and cutting-edge recording studios.

The University of Canberra is dedicated to offering the best music education to its students. Some of Australia’s most distinguished musicians and academics are on the school’s faculty.

The institution gives its pupils the chance to participate in orchestras, choruses, chamber ensembles, and solo recitals, among other venues.

2. The Australian National University 

In Canberra, Australia, The Australian National University is a renowned music institution. The institution provides a wide range of musical courses and programs, from composition and performance to music research and instruction. Outstanding musicians and composers have been produced by ANU in the past, and alumni of the school have gone on to enjoy tremendous success in the music business.

Internationally recognized academics and artists who are enthusiastic about instructing and guiding their pupils make up the university’s faculty.

With cutting-edge amenities and resources, ANU provides its students with a welcoming and motivating environment.

The university also has close ties to Australia’s professional music scene, giving students access to possibilities for practical experience.

3. University of Tasmania 

One of Australia’s top universities for music school is the University of Tasmania. It has a long and illustrious history of turning out some of the best musicians in the nation.

The school provides a variety of musical programs, including both classical and modern music. Its faculty has extensive training and expertise, and its facilities are of the highest caliber.

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4. Queensland University of Technology

One of Australia’s top universities, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), is situated in the center of Brisbane. Numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, performance, and composition are available.

The music departments at QUT are well-known, and many of their graduates go on to have prosperous careers in the field. Modern studios and performance venues are among the school’s first-rate amenities and resources.

Additionally, QUT offers a special program that allows students to finish a portion of their degree at a partner college abroad. This is a great way to learn about other cultures and widen your musical horizons.

5. Griffith University

Australian public university Griffith University was founded in 1971. It has five campuses in Queensland with more than 42,000 students and 2,000 staff members.

A variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as research possibilities, are available through the Griffith University School of Music. The school places a lot of emphasis on modern music, and many of its graduates have gone on to have prosperous careers in the music business.

The school has a variety of performing groups, including choirs, a jazz band, and an orchestra. Additionally, a wide range of courses, including composition, musicology, performance, and education, are offered.

Griffith University should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a good music school in Australia.

6. University of Queensland (UQ)

One of Australia’s biggest and most esteemed universities is the University of Queensland. One of the top music schools in the nation is located there as well.

The school has a long history of producing outstanding artists, and many of its alums have gone on to become some of the most well-known musicians in the world.

From jazz and classical performances to composition classes and music education, UQ provides a wide range of music programs. It has top-notch facilities and some of the best instructors in the nation. One of the few universities in Australia that provides music students with scholarships is UQ.

UQ ought to be first on your list if you’re seeking for a top-notch music education.

7. Monash  University

One of the top music schools in Australia is Monash University. It provides a variety of music courses, from composition and performing to sound design and audio production.

Students from the school frequently go on to win important accolades and contests because of the institution’s strong emphasis on research. Monash also enjoys a solid reputation abroad, and alumni from this institution can be found working in prestigious orchestras, opera houses, and recording studios all around the world.

8. Victoria University 

One of Australia’s top universities for music, Victoria University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of musical genres.

The university enjoys a solid reputation for both its academic and performing programs, and many of its former students have found success in a range of musical disciplines.

The university offers a Bachelor of Music program that gives students the chance to learn about a variety of musical traditions and styles. Along with instruction in performance technique, the program offers instruction in music theory, history, and composition.

Students can decide whether to concentrate their studies on classical music or modern music, or they can choose to study both genres equally.

For individuals who want to pursue professions in music performance or composition, the university offers a Master of Music program. Advanced instruction in music theory, composition, and performance practice are all included in the program.

The Master of Music degree can also be completed with an emphasis on music therapy or education for those who want to work in these fields.

The music school programs at Victoria University are highly regarded by professionals in the field, and its alumni have gone on to succeed in a range of musical genres. Victoria University should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for a high-notch music education!

9. Australian Institute of Music 

An Australian music school with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne is called the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). It provides a variety of courses, including sound design, music composition, music performance, and music business.

Students at AIM get the chance to study from and collaborate with some of Australia’s best music industry experts thanks to the program’s strong industry focus.

John Waller, a musician and educator, launched AIM in 1985. Over 1,000 students now attend the school’s two campuses, making it one of Australia’s top music institutions.

The courses offered by AIM are meant to provide students with the abilities and information required to thrive in the cutthroat world of music.

The faculty is made up of seasoned business people who are enthusiastic about instructing and assisting students in realizing their potential.

The Australian Institute of Music is unquestionably a school to take into consideration if you’re searching for one that will inspire and challenge you as a musician.

10. The University of Technology Sydney 

Undoubtedly one of Australia’s top music school universities is the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). It provides a wide range of music courses and activities, including music education, musicology, performance, and composition.

UTS is well known for its musical research and instruction. There are numerous internationally known experts in its composition, performing, musicology, and education departments.

Additionally, UTS offers a variety of first-rate amenities to its students, including modern performance venues and practice areas. Additionally, it offers a sizable library containing a variety of musical recordings and scores.

FAQS on 10 Best Music Schools in Australia 

What are the Potential Careers in Music?

Before stepping into any of the music schools in Australia, it is important to know careers you can choose from.

Music Educator
Music Festival Director
DJ, Songwriter
Sound Artist
Sound Engineer
Vocal Coach
Instrumental Teacher
Musical Theatre Performer
Musician / Singer
Opera Singer

What qualifications do you need to do music therapy?

You should have a degree in music, but if you have exceptional musical talent, a degree in education or psychology can be appropriate.

Which academic program is best for music production?

Undergraduate degree

Must music therapists sing?

Typically, music therapists sing and play at least one instrument.

Is it worthwhile to attend music school in Australia?

Yes. There are numerous music schools in Australia, and each of them is notable in the history of the nation.


Music is one of the popular majors that students can choose to study in Australia through the best music schools in Australia because many institutions provide these majors and related courses for students.

The availability of a wide range of courses and educational options makes it relatively easy for students from many countries to choose a music school that interests them.

Nevertheless, despite the wealth of options, the greatest music schools in Australia are consistently the most in-demand due to their top-notch instruction and supportive study environment.

The top music schools in Australia are discussed in this article if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in music.

The majority of these top schools in Australia will aid in honing your musical abilities and assist you stand out from the crowd.

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