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22 Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

22 Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom.There are a multitude of employment alternatives for instructors that do not involve instructing kids. If you are interested in alternate employment to classroom teaching, your talents and professional history can provide you an advantage in a range of occupations.

This article provides a list of 22 non-teaching careers for teachers, including their typical duties and average earnings.

List of the Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

The following is a list of the Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom:

1. Tour guide

$14.09 per hour is the average national wage

Tour guides are primarily responsible for educating and entertaining visitors about unfamiliar areas. Depending on the company, tour guides might operate on foot or in a car. This Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom is a great position for teachers who enjoy interacting with students and imparting knowledge about new locations.

2. Optician

Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

$15.42 per hour is the national median wage

Opticians assist vision customers with prescriptions and the fitting of eyeglasses and frames. To become a certified optician, one must complete a certificate program, complete an apprenticeship, and pass a state licensing exam. Optician is an excellent profession for former educators who appreciate everyday human interaction.

3. Technician in Veterinary Medicine

$15.83 per hour is the national median wage

Primarily, a veterinary technician assists veterinarians in diagnosing and treating animals in animal hospitals and pet clinics. Depending on your experience and employer, you may assist with animal care or manage paperwork. By finishing a certificate program, a teacher who enjoys helping people and animals can become a veterinary technician.However, this is another Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom.

4. Nanny

National average hourly wage: $16.00

Being a nanny is a gratifying Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom who appreciate assisting in the development of young children. Working alone or for an organization, you may have one or many customers supervising children.

5. Fitness trainer

The national median wage is $21.40 per hour.

Personal trainers can become teachers if they appreciate teaching in a practical manner. As a personal trainer, you must demonstrate exercise and fitness routines to customers while evaluating their progress to ensure that their fitness goals are accomplished.

6. Tutor

National average hourly wage: $21.44

Being a tutor allows teachers to leave the classroom and use their abilities to better assist students who require extra assistance in a specific subject. Tutors are needed all throughout the world, regardless of whether they work for a tutoring firm or as private tutors. Being a teacher equips you with the expertise and experience necessary to teach kids with a variety of learning styles.

Opportunities include working for a private corporation that teaches courses according to a curriculum, as a private tutor who assists children or adults in excelling in specific areas, or as a professional e-learning instructor working from home. Tutoring can be a fulfilling vocation that provides significant value to a student’s life for former teachers who desire to continue teaching outside of a normal school context.It is also among the Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom.

7. Writer

The national median wage is $24.04 per hour

As a former educator, becoming a professional writer might be a natural career transition. There are several chances for writers, and many companies are in constant need of skilled writers. There are numerous writing careers available, including textbook writing, article writing, instructional writing, journalism, book writing, and blogging. You could chose to write for a certain company or become a freelancer with several clients.

Additionally, you might use your teaching skills to self-publish educational books on a range of subjects. As a professional writer, there are numerous options to utilize your education abilities and experience, including hourly positions, contract work, and launching an educational publishing company.

8. Librarian

The national average hourly wage is $29.06

As a teacher, you can obtain a master’s degree in library science in order to become a librarian. As a librarian, you assist users in locating the necessary books and information, manage library collections, and organize library informational materials.It is also among the Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom.

9. Curriculum leader

National average hourly wage: $29.52

If you are a former educator who wishes the curriculum was better organized or created for educators and students, a position as a curriculum leader could be a good fit. You are responsible for overseeing academic programs and curriculum development as a curriculum leader, often known as a learning specialist. Having teaching credentials allows you to comprehend how pupils learn and how teachers educate.

As a curriculum leader, you may work for a single school, a group of schools, or a private learning institution. You may be tasked with producing lesson plans for teachers or the curriculum for a whole academic program. Understanding that each student learns differently enables you to lead the effort to develop a curriculum that helps all students.

10. Youth administrator

Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

The national average wage is $33,271 annually

Youth administrator is also on our list of Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom. Being a youth director is an excellent option for educators who enjoy spending time with youngsters. As a youth director, you will plan and execute events and activities that unite children. Youth directors are responsible for creating youth programs that fit the needs and objectives of their employer.

11. Career guidance

The national average wage is $41,283 annually

This Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom works in an educational setting and assists children and adults in identifying careers in which they may succeed. Educators who enjoy counseling and assisting students with their future employment planning might make outstanding career counselors.

12. Academic advisor

The national average wage is $42,408 annually

Academic advisers serve in educational institutions and universities to advise students on their course selections and schedules. Academic advisors may flourish if they enjoy helping students organize their course curricula and adjust their schedules.

13. Program coordinator

National median annual salary: $43,694

Primary responsibilities as a program coordinator can vary based on the organization for which you work. You could work for a youth center, an educational institution, or a private organization. This Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom assists in the development and administration of vital programs. You may establish and coordinate activity schedules, develop special programs, and strengthen business ties. With an educational background, you can transfer your coordination and program development talents.

14. Admissions advisor

The national average wage is $44,692 annually

The primary responsibility of an admissions counselor is to assist prospective students in making educational decisions. An admissions counselor may schedule a facility or campus tour, respond to a student or parent’s inquiries, examine applications, and advise students on course paths and curricula.

15. Marketing professional

The national median pay is $48 541 per year

This Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom design and implement marketing strategy and plans as their primary responsibilities. You can work individually or as part of a company’s marketing team. Educators who love designing and advising on programs may find this profession satisfying.

16. Guidance counselor

Average annual salary: $48,103

A career as a guidance counselor is gratifying for former teachers who like student care and counseling. A guidance counselor meets with students to assist them in realizing their goals and aspirations, and functions as a guide who responds to inquiries regarding the development of their educational and life objectives.

17. Editor

Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

$56,111 per year is the national median wage

An editor’s primary responsibilities are to read and correct a variety of written materials. They may proofread for typographical and punctuation issues, or they may do comprehensive edits that encompass grammar, voice, tone, and style. Editors may be self-employed or employed by a firm. For teachers who enjoy writing and identifying and correcting grammatical faults, editing is a fantastic alternative career path.It is also among the Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom.

18. Human resources professional

The national average wage is $52,867 annually

Human resources specialists are required by businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries for their primary responsibilities. As one of these specialists, you may develop employee rules and procedures or give support for employee programs. HR specialists can work for for-profit or non-profit organizations in a leadership role that promotes the growth and success of businesses. Having a background in education enables you to translate your program creation and development skills into a lucrative career.

19. Manager of public relations

The national median wage is $55,078 per year

Public relations managers develop and implement public relations strategies to benefit the relationship between an individual or company and the public. They might distribute press releases, plan publicity campaigns and organize events for the company or individual. Former teachers who enjoy writing, planning and interacting with the public can find success in public relations.

20. Instructional designer

National average salary: $58,345 per year

Instructional designers create compelling and interactive courses for schools, online learning programs, and workplace training materials as their primary responsibility. As an instructional designer, you are responsible for planning and creating instructional materials that facilitate more efficient learning. You could also participate in faculty development and project management. You are an ideal candidate if you have a background in education as a teacher because you understand the many ways in which people learn.

21. Communications director

The national median wage is $61,133 per year

This Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom primary responsibility is to oversee the communications activities of private organizations, schools, and educational institutions. They are the individuals that connect a school or business with the media and the general public. Depending on the company, you may be responsible for coordinating publications, supervising marketing and promotional materials, maintaining ties with other groups, and communicating with the press. A former schoolteacher with managerial skills may find success in the field of communications management.

22. Finance associate

Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

The national average wage is $62,688 annually

The primary responsibilities of a finance associate include account management, the preparation of budgets and payroll records, and the provision of financial advice. If you are a teacher who appreciates math and finance, you may discover a career opportunity in financial advising, which involves teaching and advising individuals about their finances

FAQs On Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

What is the highest paying job in teaching?


When you are looking for the best-paid teaching jobs for your area of interest or specialized skill, then you may consider working as a professor in a college or university. A college professor prepares course material, teaches students in a classroom environment, and grades student work.

How do I quit teaching?

Thank the principal for the opportunity to work together and submit your resignation letter. Remember to double-check your employment contract before taking this step. Depending on the terms of the contract, you may need to give a two-week notice or wait until the end of the school year to resign.

What is a good second career for a teacher?

HR positions make great second careers for teachers because they utilize the systems analysis, evaluation and problem-solving skills you gained as an educator. Most HR management positions seek candidates with a bachelor's degree in human resources, business management, education or a related field.

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