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Best Colleges With Criminology Majors 2023

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Colleges With Criminology Majors. Criminal justice is without a doubt one of the most exciting fields of study. Rather than the investigation of law enforcement, criminal science certificate programs accentuate the inspiration driving wrongdoing and its consequences for society.

Criminal justice professionals can work in a variety of fields, including education, psychiatry, social work, and corrections. Graduates in criminology can expect a wide range of salaries due to the wide range of employment opportunities.

However, it is best to select a criminology degree program that is within your budget and offers the best value. To help students locate such a program, we have compiled a list of the 20 best colleges offering criminology majors.

Colleges With Criminology Majors

1. University of Maryland

Laid out in 1969, the Division of Criminal science and Law enforcement at the College of Maryland-School Park offers a Four-year certification in liberal arts in criminal science and law enforcement (CCJS). The degree is designed to be completed in four years and includes 120 credits.

There are five required CCJS courses, two criminal justice courses, one criminology/theory course, and four electives from the CCJS major in the 39 credit hours of the major. To fulfill an elective requirement, students can participate in an internship or carry out an independent study research project.

This program’s graduates are expected to comprehend the criminal justice system’s foundation, criminal behavior theories, research, and the ability to apply quantitative skills to criminology concepts. For qualified students who are interested in a smaller, more challenging program, the department offers the CCJS Honors Program. Undergraduate students can also join two CCJS student organizations for social and professional opportunities.

2. The University of Houston

The College of Houston-Clear Lake offers a Four-year certification in scientific studies in Law enforcement and Criminal Justice science through the school’s Branch of Social and Social Sciences. The curriculum of the program is intended to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of crime.

It explores topics that are relevant to both individuals and society and makes use of real-world examples. The objective of the program is to equip graduates with the knowledge and abilities necessary for successful careers in the field. Understudies will take courses that analyze adolescent wrongdoing, criminal regulation, coordinated wrongdoing, amendments, and different points applicable to criminal science.

This interdisciplinary major likewise incorporates human sciences, brain research, and social science courses to provide understudies with a more extensive point of view of the discipline. Program courses are accessible on the UHCL grounds and the UHCL-Clear Lake Pearland grounds; Online versions of some courses are also offered. There are 120 hours required for a bachelor’s degree, including 45 hours of core requirements, 48 hours of major coursework, and 27 hours of electives.

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3. Framingham State University

The liberal arts-based interdisciplinary curriculum of Framingham State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal justice is provided by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences – Department of Sociology. This program will teach students about the law, legal systems, and how society and behavior affect crime. Understudies will figure out how to consider issues connected with wrongdoing from an exploration based and hypothetically educated point of view. Graduates should be able to apply criminal theories to society, design and carry out a criminology research project, and comprehend the relationship between inequality and crime.

Criminology Theory, Social Perspectives on Criminology, and an Internship in Criminology or the Judicial System are among the six required major courses in the degree program. The program also includes ten general education courses that are not related to the major, three recommended courses, and six required minor courses.

Additionally, students are required to take two courses of concentration from each of the following fields: law and the legal system, as well as the social and structural aspects of crime and criminal behavior, as well as the personal and behavioral aspects of crime and criminal behavior. The interdisciplinary idea of this program is expected to get ready alumni for a scope of vocations in the law enforcement field and then some.

4. University of Massachusetts

A Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice studies is offered by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. This degree focuses on criminal justice policies, procedures, and national and international history. The field-specific social-ethical aspects are also explored by students.

The program conveys an interdisciplinary educational plan that draws from an assortment of college assets to permit understudies to join their schooling with potential open doors for scholarly turn of events, public help, and professional success. These open doors incorporate the choice to concentrate abroad, seek after free examinations with employees, partake in classes within a nearby jail, and join the understudy run gathering, Wrongdoing and Equity Review Society.

There must be at least 120 credits for the degree, 24 of which must be major courses and 12 of which must be crime & justice studies electives. Introduction to Crime and the Justice System, Contemporary Topics in Justice, and Social Theory are among the required courses. During their senior year, students are also required to complete an internship to develop their skills and establish professional connections. Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree or in social services, corrections, law enforcement, youth services, or the courts can benefit from this program.

5. University of Southern Maine

Through its Criminology Department, the University of Southern Maine offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology. The four-year program offers a liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on criminological topics. The courses in the program are intended to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of criminal law, both past and present.

Graduates ought to be able to research and analyze criminal theories, comprehend crime and how it relates to social inequalities, recognize the agencies involved in criminology, and distinguish between criminal, regulatory, and international law.

A minimum of 36 credits are required for the major, which consists of integrated classes and program electives. For program electives credit, students can complete an independent project or an internship. The professors in the department are well-known for their critical research on gender, multiculturalism, and criminological theory. All of them have professional experience. Graduates have the option of pursuing a graduate degree or working in criminal, juvenile, or social justice roles.

6. University of Texas

One of the best schools that offers criminology majors is UT. The University of Texas at Dallas offers a variety of criminology degree programs, including a BA in criminology, an Executive MS in justice leadership and administration, and a Ph.D. in criminology.

UTD’s Most optimized plan of attack program grants college understudies to sign up for up to Fifteen credit long periods of graduate courses. Enrichment opportunities like study abroad, honors courses, internships, and student clubs are available to undergraduate and graduate students.

7. University of Pennsylvania

One of the best colleges that offers a major in criminology is this one. The use of research to address pressing issues in the field is the primary focus of the Department of Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania. As a result, research projects are required of all undergraduate students. Penn is the only Ivy League school that offers a bachelor’s degree. It also has the longest-running criminology education and research department in the country.

Penn also offers dual degree options and a unique master’s program that combines the theoretical and practical aspects of criminology into a single program.

8. Rutgers University

Rutgers University-School Newark’s of Criminal Justice is home to one of the most popular programs on campus. It is notable and viewed as one of the highest-level universities with Criminal science majors.

Due to the university’s diverse student body and location in one of the nation’s top commercial districts, criminology students have access to numerous resources.

There are a number of associated research and community engagement centers and institutes available to criminal justice educators and students.

9. Northeastern University

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University enjoys the distinct advantage of being a small school within a major university. They are able to take advantage of the many resources that are typically only available at larger educational establishments while still enjoying the small class sizes because of this.

At Northeastern University, there are three cutting-edge research facilities for criminology and criminal justice degrees. Criminology majors are expanding quickly at NU.

Co-ops, internships, and service learning are just a few of the many opportunities available to students to learn through hands-on experience. Every student completes at least one year of work experience prior to graduation.

10. State University of New York

Students who complete the Criminal Justice program at the State University of New York at Albany have a proven track record of success in graduate programs, professional careers, and teaching positions. It has achieved a high ranking among the best colleges worldwide that offer criminology majors.

This is largely attributable to the interdisciplinary approach of the program. to get them ready for the job they would have after graduation. The legal system’s various agencies and their interactions are studied by students. In addition to providing graduate students with the opportunity to participate in research, the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, which is situated within the School of Criminal Justice, hosts activities for all criminal justice students.

11. University of Nebraska

Another fantastic college option for students majoring in criminology is this one. The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s criminology program offers students a wide range of intriguing career options and flexibility.

It is easier for busy students to attend class online because they can complete their entire degree or just a few courses. The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is home to two student organizations that host brief outings and activities.

It also helps the London Study Abroad Program, which lets students compare and contrast the American and British legal systems.

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12. Claflin University 

Claflin University gives an incredibly bendy reasonably-priced Bachelor’s in Criminology. Traditional college students can take lessons for the duration of the day, however night time training (or even on-line lessons) are to be had for the ones who’ve various schedules. Likewise–college students can pursue this application on the Orangeburg, South Carolina area or Columbia at Fort Jackson.

The software is designed to offer college students a complete liberal arts training with a view to cope with the important thing additives of a criminology degree: regulation enforcement, corrections, courtroom docket procedures, crook investigation, management and management, and crook justice research. Graduates may be organized to keep into graduate have a look at or start a dynamic profession in a lot of crook justice careers. Claflin University is authorized via way of means of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.


Criminology is arguably one of the maximum charming topics you’ll be able to look at. Different than the have a look at of crook justice, a criminology diploma application focuses much less at the punitive factor of crime and extra on reason and societal impact.pick out Criminology diploma holders may work directly to paintings in a whole lot of exclusive fields together with corrections, psychology, social paintings, or even teaching. Because of this profession diversity, salaries for criminology graduates will range widely. Even so, it’s far smart to an inexpensive criminology diploma application that gives the maximum instructional bang in your buck. 

FAQS on Colleges With Criminology Majors 

What is the difference between Criminology and Criminal Justice?

The principal distinction among the 2 is that criminology studies the anatomy of a crime (causes, consequences, etc) and crook justice will take a look at how society deals with crime (like courtroom docket systems, crook prosecution, etc.). But due to the fact the 2 fields are so similar, you'll see lots of overlap in studies. You ought to see a Criminal Justice diploma that has coursework in Criminology, and vice versa. 

What kind of careers can I pursue with a degree in Criminology?

With a degree in Criminology, you will be able to pursue a variety of careers! Some ideas include:

Criminal Sociologist
Forensic Psychologist (extra schooling required)
Private investigator
Insurance fraud investigator
Security specialist
Lawyer (extra schooling required)

How do I become a criminologist?

A criminologist will work in both the sociology and law enforcement fields. To become a criminologist, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, and typically you’ll need some higher education too, like a Master’s degree.

How do I know if getting my degree in Criminology is right for me?

This choice will in the end be as much as you, however we positive can help. Take a examine the coursework you’ll soak up a Criminology program. Do the lessons intrigue you? Will they preserve your attention? For example, do the problems of behavioral patterns, victimology, or the justice device maintain your interest?

Next, have a take a observe the careers that fit the degree, in addition to talents you’ll want to be successful. Do the ones talents come without difficulty to you? Do any of the roles get you excited?

Can I take my low-cost Criminology program on a part-time basis?

The answer to this question is most likely a ‘yes.’ Most schools offer their programs on a part-time basis because they know that not all students can traditionally attend college. It is important to note that taking your program part-time will lengthen the time it takes to earn your degree

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