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10 Best Colleges in Mississippi

10 Best Colleges in Mississippi 2023. Mississippi is one of the southern states with a diverse culture and society. Mississippi is also home to some of the top institutions and colleges in the United States of America, in addition to its many other desirable attractions.

Some of them were included in the global ranking of universities.

Based on ratings, return on investment, acceptance rate, expert and industry reviews, and recommendations, we chose the ten finest colleges in Mississippi.

In compiling a list of the Best Colleges in Mississippi, we considered alumni reviews, student experience, and academic performance equally.

List of the Best Colleges in Mississippi

The following is a list of the Best Colleges in Mississippi:

1. Williams Carey College

Best Colleges in Mississippi

The founding of Williams Carey University dates back to 1892. This Best Colleges in Mississippi numerous research breakthroughs and notable alumni make it a top choice.

The college has maintained a graduation rate of 58% with a return on investment of $145,000.

Williams Carey is likewise proud of the state-of-the-art technologies found in its various departments and faculties. It may also be of interest to you that Williams Carey University was named second among the top institutions in America in 2017.

This is in addition to other academic distinctions and awards.

Among the significant works for which William Carey is recognized are

  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Business Biology/Biological Sciences.

Average Tuition Fee: $14,812

School Website

2. Millsaps College

This Best Colleges in Mississippi, founded in 1890 by the Methodists, is renowned for its high graduation rate, which has peaked at 64 percent, and its impact on leadership development.

The natural, pure trees that line the property contribute to the students’ pleasant school experience.

More than eighty student organizations can find a home at Millsaps due to the school’s accommodating stance. Millsaps College’s most notable majors are Business and Biological Biomedical Sciences. The disciplines of Psychology and Social Sciences.

The leading majors include:

  • History
  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences

Tuition Cost is $21,661

School Website

3. The Mississippi Valley State College

In 1946, Mississippi Valley State University (MSVU) began as a vocational college that provided training for prospective teachers in the state. It was granted university status in 1974. Since then, the institution has been a pioneer on the academic arena.

MSVU’s accomplishments in human capacity development and student leadership empowerment have increased the university’s popularity throughout the years.

This Best Colleges in Mississippi offers over 30 majors to students while maintaining a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1. Courses of note include: Education, Business, Public Administration, Professions in Social Service, Homeland Security, and Other Protective Services.

Typical Tuition: $7003

School Website

4. Mississippi State College

The flagship state university in Mississippi, founded in 1880, offers more than 175 fully approved programs. It awards both the M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees. The college has consistently maintained a student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1.

Michigan State Institutional has a policy that accommodates the ethnic diversity of the student body and university community.

This is why this Best Colleges in Mississippi has up to 300 approved student organizations.

Additionally, the college is recognized for having one of the nation’s top veterinary programs.

The most renowned courses at MSU include:

  • Business Engineering Parks
  • Recreation
  • Education in Physical Education
  • Psychology

Tuition Cost: $15,297

School Website  

5. College of Mississippi

Best Colleges in Mississippi

The University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss, was founded in Oxford, Mississippi, in 1844. Ole is recorded in the annals of history as the first institution to enroll female pupils.

In 1885, it is also the first to hire a female faculty member.

Ole Miss today provides over a hundred distinct majors in the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Law, etc., thanks to their staff of highly accomplished academicians and administrators.

In addition to being one of the Best Colleges in Mississippi, Ole Miss is currently the largest university in Mississippi due to its massive student body.

Additionally, the school has made significant advances in research fields such as facial recognition technology, while preserving over 40 patent rights in several study areas.

  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Administration & Psychology

Tuition Cost: $14,803

School Website  

6. Rust College 

Rust is among the oldest black institutions, having been established in 1866. The facility was named after Richard S. Rust of Cincinnati, who served as secretary of the Freedmen’s Aid Society.

This Best Colleges in Mississippi may not be as large as others, but it has a long tradition of academic success that has benefited blacks in Mississippi. They presently offer over 20 undergraduate programs and have over 800 students enrolled.

Important majors include:

  • Biology
  • Biological Sciences.
  • Kindergarten
  • Childhood Education
  • Administration Social Work

School Fees: $9,796

School Website 

7. Tougaloo University

Tougaloo is a private college in Mississippi that focuses mostly on the liberal arts.

This Best Colleges in Mississippi is not just among the top colleges in Mississippi, but also among the top 25 institutions in the United States whose graduates get Ph.D.s in science and engineering.

It has a moderate graduation rate of 53%, with the most popular majors being Sociology, Biology, Sciences, Economics, and Chemistry.

A visit to the school exposes historical events in the lives of black Americans as well as numerous multicultural clubs and student organizations.

Top academic disciplines include

  • Medical Sciences
  • Arts
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy Technician

School Fees: $10,625

School Website  

8. Southern University of Mississippi

Established in 1910 by the Mississippi state government, the University of Southern Mississippi has carved out a spot among Mississippi’s elite institutions of higher education.

This Best Colleges in Mississippi offers 90 undergraduate majors, has around 11,800 undergraduate students, and has a graduation rate of 48%.

The institution’s status as a world-class institution can be deduced from the tranquility of its surroundings and facilities. Students are involved in practical instruction and programming. Providing them with everything necessary to compete in the outside world.

Top academic disciplines include

  • Arts
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Liberal Arts
  • Medical Sciences

Typical Tuition: $12,171

School Website: 

9. Mississippi College

Our ranking of the Best Colleges in Mississippi would be lacking if Mississippi College was not included. The Mississippi Baptist Convention founded the school in 1826, making it the second-oldest Baptist-affiliated college in the United States.

Mississippi College’s reputation for providing a world-class education draws a great deal of attention.

In addition, Mississippi College holds the distinction of being the first college in the United States to offer a degree to a woman.

In addition to the 50 recognized organizations, there are over 3000 undergraduate students at this institution.

These are the top majors at the institution:

  • Nurse
  • Kinesiology Workout.
  • Science
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Business
  • Primary Education and Teaching

Typical Tuition: $16418

School Website 

10. Jackson State College

Best Colleges in Mississippi

American Baptist Mission Society created Jackson State University alongside other historically black universities. It occupies 250 acres of land and is the fourth largest HBCU in the country.

Jackson has an excellent track record in research and the arts. They are the best halftime shows for sporting events. Students are exposed to a wide range of programs spanning 50 majors.

employ the most technologically sophisticated teaching techniques and remain a leading destination for both domestic and international students.

Among the significant majors are

  • Education
  • Business Multidisciplinary Research
  • Related to Homeland Security Protective
  • Public Administration Service
  • Social Service Occupations

Typical Tuition: $10041

School Website 

FAQs On Best Colleges in Mississippi

What is the easiest college degree to get?

Business administration ranks as our #1 easiest college major because it has that perfect trio of low weekly homework load, high average GPA, and great ROI. If you have solid business acumen, a head for figures, and a desire to work with people, could be a great-fit major for you.

What is the lowest GPA to get into a good college?

But your GPA may not be so low in general. Highly selective colleges generally consider 3.5 to be on the low end. Many other schools consider low GPA scores to be in the 2.0 range. So it all depends on the school you're applying to.

What GPA is required for Ivy League?

The admission rates of these schools have an average of merely 7.6%, with only Cornell University's acceptance rate being greater than 10% (and it's only up by 1%). None of the Ivy League schools have a minimum GPA requirement for applications, which means anyone can apply regardless of their GPA.


There are world-class schools in Mississippi that can compete favorably with the rest of the world, despite the fact that Mississippi colleges may not always be among the world’s top-ranked universities.

Students are exposed to the fundamentals of their chosen fields of study and professions at the colleges listed above.

If you match the conditions, you can also use the numerous tuition aids and scholarships that are available.

The best institutions in Mississippi also provide a welcoming environment for students from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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