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Best Creative Writing Schools in the World 2023

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Creative Writing Schools in the World. One of the most adaptable professions that endures through time is writing. A career in creative writing is satisfying for committed artists, despite not always being financially successful.

A university’s creative writing program is typically judged on the number of awards its graduates have received or the proportion of award-winning authors who teach there. Some colleges also provide immersive summer programs, interactive workshops, and seminars that let students visit well-known literary destinations.

Aspiring writers search for institutions that offer the top Creative Writing degrees in order to advance their careers.

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Creative Writing Schools in the World

1. University of Leeds

One of the biggest institutions in the UK and a Russell Group member is the University of Leeds. This university was founded in 1904 and has earned a reputation for excellence in research, education, and teaching. This institution works to improve communities in its area, the UK, and around the world by improving lives and paving the way for a brighter future.

The University of Leeds’ Creative Writing Program is made to assist students in honing their critical thinking skills so they may create literary works in a variety of genres. The course was designed by knowledgeable professors and academic researchers to teach students how to use language to explain their ideas. Under the guidance of seasoned authors, students will have developed an exceptional portfolio by the completion of their program.

2. Arizona State University

Public university Arizona State University (ASU) is a premier research hub in the country. ASU has been at the forefront of technological innovation and space exploration since its founding in 1885. This organization, which is partnered with NASA, exemplifies ambition and gives all space fans the chance to realize their aspirations and collaborate closely with professionals in the field.
ASU’s English Department offers a demanding and incredibly rewarding Creative Writing degree.

Workshops and internship possibilities will help the students hone their writing abilities. The department also grants a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree, which is in the top 20 in the nation. Although the curriculum emphasizes cross-genre study, students can choose to specialize in either fiction or poetry, maximizing their three years at ASU.

3. University of Edinburgh

One of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom and one with a strong focus on research is the University of Edinburgh. It has vowed allegiance to defend the interests of the city it is based in since its founding in 1583. Today, it is one of Scotland’s most open and varied institutions, drawing the brightest minds from around the globe. Newcomers will find a warm environment and close-knit community where they can develop and flourish as individuals.

A master’s in creative writing is available full-time at the University of Edinburgh for one year. Every aspect of the curriculum was chosen to aid students in honing their literary talents and incorporating them into their compositions. The program’s emphasis on practical application enables students to explore with various genres and concentrate on certain areas that need work. The University of Edinburgh is the perfect choice for students who want to view and experience literature and writing from new and different perspectives because its graduates are team-taught and benefit from the contributions of various tutors.

Creative Writing Schools in the World

4. University of Melbourne

Internationally recognized as a public-spirited institution is the University of Melbourne. This university offers a curriculum that provides the students with a novel viewpoint and a more thorough comprehension of the world beyond the degree they have chosen to pursue. The University of Melbourne is among the top ten universities in the world for employability rate thanks to the great demand for its highly regarded institution’s graduates.

The University of Melbourne offers voracious readers the chance to express their ideas in writing. The course is intended to teach fundamental writing skills to thousands of students each year as one of the top creative writing programs in the world. In all types of writing, the students are urged to engage in critical thought regarding modern thought institutions.

5. University of Sydney

Australia’s oldest and most esteemed higher education institution is The University of Sydney. This university has been committed to forward-thinking since its founding in 1850 as a means of challenging the status quo and disrupting the mental stalemate that the modern world is inexorably moving toward. This university has developed a setting where various viewpoints are respected and distinctive perspectives are valued, enabling its students to reach their full potential.

A one and a half year full-time master’s program in creative writing is available from the University of Sydney. The students will have a thorough comprehension of writing theories and approaches by the end of their program. The program is created to assist students in acquiring fundamental writing and editing abilities. Graduates of this degree can work in publishing, editing, teaching, and copywriting.

6. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a prestigious university with a long history that attracts both domestic and international students. This university, which has a remarkable history spanning almost three centuries, continues to establish new benchmarks in innovation and learning leadership. As it strives to develop in its graduates a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society, this institution is a pioneer in environmental conservation.

The University of Manchester has a 12-month creative writing program. World-renowned authors and novelists will teach the students in this program how to write. A straightforward but crucial tenet of the course is that “excellent writing and good reading go together.” Therefore, by reading, discussing, and evaluating the writing of modern authors, the graduates will gain more writing knowledge.

7. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan (U-M) consistently ranks in the top 5% of universities worldwide and is the second-best public university in the United States. The mission of U-M is to serve the state of Michigan, its citizens, and the global community. It seeks to teach, conserve, and use knowledge in order to create leaders who will enrich the present and challenge the future.

Exceptional Creative Writing Degrees are available from the U-M English Department. Theodore Roethke, Jane Kenyon, and Arthur Miller were just a few of the famous writers who called this department their home. Advanced workshops in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction are offered by the department.

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8. University of British Columbia

One of the largest teaching institutions in both Canada and the entire world is the public research university known as the University of British Columbia (UBC). UBC was founded in 1908 and has since risen the ranks to consistently rank in the top 20 universities worldwide. This institution aims to give academic freedom to its students and faculty; it opposes censorship and encourages open debate among researchers in order to find solutions to pressing problems in society.

At UBC, the Faculty of Arts has a distinctive Creative Writing Program. It draws students from all over the world because it gives them the opportunity to focus on creative writing without being restricted by the study of literature. The faculty wants to produce authors who can persuade, educate, motivate, and amuse.

9. Ohio State University

The third largest campus in the United States is located at Ohio State University (OSU), a prestigious public university. This university aspires to foster the development of each student on its campus and instill in them the moral values and ethics that will enable them to be leaders in their communities. This university is driven by its ambition to transform the lives of its students.

As part of its graduate program, the English department at OSU awards a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. The training enables students to achieve their potential, tap into their creative side, and uncover and display their talents. Since all of its graduates receive full funding for the three years they spend studying at OSU, the department has spared no cost in giving them the greatest education possible.

10. Oxford University

The highest admission standards in the world are held by the prestigious Oxford University. Oxford University has a 17.5% admission rate, which is considered to be relatively low. The world’s top thinkers as well as those from the United Kingdom call it home because of its stringent policy. Despite being at the epicenter of the COVID-19 catastrophe, this university was able to create a vaccine that has prevented millions of deaths.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in creative writing can do so at Oxford University by earning a Master of Study (MSt) degree. One of the best creative writing programs in the world is offered there. This university offers a two-year degree that emphasizes prose, poetry, and theater equally in the first year and gives students the option to specialize in one of these three genres in the second year. Each student will be assigned an experienced supervisor who will offer direction and counsel throughout their second year.

11. University of Pennsylvania

Another top-notch creative writing program that benefits from cutting-edge pedagogy and technology is the University of Pennsylvania. The university’s innovation culture has been greatly enhanced and expanded over the course of its long history, which began when it was founded in 1740.

Students can earn a Certificate in Creative Writing from the university’s School of Arts and Sciences by passing four out of the following eight courses: Poetry Workshop, Fiction Workshop, Screenwriting, Advanced Nonfiction, Journalism, Craft of Creative Writing, Writing about Place, and Modern & Contemporary US Poetry.

Additionally, Penn offers a four-year Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) in Creative Studies, where students can concentrate in Creative Writing.

12. New York University

Since its inception in 1831, New York University (NYU) has been known for its innovative academic programs. Numerous multi-awarded novelists, poets, and writers of creative nonfiction call New York City home, making NYU one of the top creative writing programs in the world.

Award-winning authors and distinguished instructors oversee the undergraduate and master’s programs in creative writing at NYU. In Florence, New York, or Paris, undergraduate students can take part in rigorous summer writing programs. They could participate in departmental writing contests and seize the chance to intern.

While this is going on, the MFA program offers a dynamic setting where students can learn from a talented collection of professors and take part in engaging and active outreach initiatives, reading series, seminars, and other activities.

13. University of Chicago

A research institution, The University of Chicago was founded in the latter part of the 19th century. It has become one of the top 10 colleges in the US and has ties to more than 90 Nobel laureates over the years. Over 17,000 pupils from 12 schools and divisions currently call it home.

The University of Chicago’s Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing program provides in-depth instruction in the literary genre of the student’s choice, be it fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. The major requirements, which include a foundational course in creative writing seminar, two technical seminars pertinent to their primary genre, three advanced workshops, four literature courses, two research electives, a thesis or project workshop, and a BA thesis, must be completed by students in four years.

14. Johns Hopkins University

The first research university in the US, Johns Hopkins University, was founded in 1876. It is proud of the excellent academic programs it offers, which have turned forth graduates and alumni who have taken home countless important honors, such as Grammys, Emmys, Pulitzers, and Oscars.

The institution provides a major in Writing Seminars for undergraduates, where they can enroll in literature, poetry, and fiction writing classes and take part in seminars on the development of prose and poetry.

Johns Hopkins University’s highly selective Master of Fine Arts degree offers qualified candidates free tuition, health insurance, and a teaching fellowship worth about $30,000. Students must complete a two-year Baltimore residence as part of the program.

15. Princeton University

One of the oldest universities in the US, Princeton University is another of the best creative writing programs in the world. It was established in the middle of the eighteenth century. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the best intellectual institutions in the nation, drawing some of the brightest minds to enroll among its more than 8,000 students. 18 Nobel Prize winners, two US presidents, and three US Supreme Court Justices are just a few of its noteworthy former students.

Undergraduate students at the institution get the chance to hone their writing talents through the Lewis Center for the Arts’ Creative Writing program, which is run by several well-known and working authors. To learn poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and other genres in a small group setting with other students and faculty members, students can enroll in workshop classes.

FAQS on Creative Writing Schools in the World

hy is scholarshipWho is a Creative Writer?

A creative writer is typically an experienced professional who contributes to a variety of print and online outlets. Actually, the author creates intriguing and enjoyable essays, stories, poetry, and articles for publications like books, magazines, websites, and screenplays.

What Can I Do With a Creative Writing Degree?

Advertising copywriter
Creative director
Digital copywriter
Editorial assistant
Newspaper journalist
Web content manager
Academic librarian
Film director
Marketing executive
Public relations officer
Social media manager

Can I get a Creative Writing Degree Online?

Yes. Online universities offer creative writing degrees that you can obtain. Additionally, it is available on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) websites like Coursera and Udemy. It would, however, depend on the type of creative writing degree you're interested in.

However, you cannot earn a BA, MA, or PhD using MOOCs. This is due to the fact that they are typically used for short courses that either grant certificates upon completion or do not. Nevertheless, after finishing a course on a MOOC site, you would have received some kind of official education.

You must enroll in an online college if you want to earn a Creative Writing degree that is recognized throughout the world. Just make an effort to confirm the accreditation of the school you intend to attend.

Last but not least, the online venues where you can earn a degree in creative writing are as follows:
Accredited Online Colleges

Where is best to study creative writing?

Deakin University. University of Wollongong. Macquarie University. Flinders University.

What should I major in if I like creative writing?



To be completely honest, producing captivating poems, intriguing made-up stories, and other fantastic stuff for money is instructive and fascinating.

Despite the fact that you are a gifted writer, creative writing actually requires some professional training.

Now, if you’re wondering where to improve your writing abilities, this article lists the top graduate programs in creative writing worldwide.

Actually, these top graduate programs in creative writing teach students how to differentiate themselves from other writers. Indeed, the most prestigious news organizations in the world frequently rush to hire recent graduates from one of these colleges.

That certainly sounds like a lot of money. Consequently, going to one of these schools provides you an advantage in the employment market.

At first, stories are passed down through oral storytelling customs from generation to generation. Nevertheless, the storyteller’s voice and memories served as the principal “writing” medium.

But among the earliest written works were the Bible and Homer’s Odyssey in the Western tradition; the Indian Vedas and Sanskrit literature in the Eastern tradition; and the Mayan Codices in central America.

For a very long period before to today, writing was a challenging endeavor. At first, only monks, the wealthy, and members of the educated classes learnt how to write. Quills and inks were additionally expensive to purchase. In all honesty, making paper was quite difficult.

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