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15 Best online dance classes for beginners and pro

15 Best online dance classes for beginners and pro 2023. Dancing is a wonderful method to satisfy your urge for movement and artistic expression. According to studies, dancing is a fantastic way to alleviate stress and boost your mood.

Dancing enhances cardiovascular endurance and physical fitness, while also fostering a sense of community and support. Learning a new dance routine and getting better with each step gives us something to look forward to, regardless of whether you want to supplement your present training or pursue dancing as a new interest.

In this article, you will learn about the top 15 online dance classes for beginners and pro, adults, professionals, and free lessons. You will gain profit from your education.

Why Take online dance classes for beginners and pro?

online dance classes for beginners and pro enable you to learn any dance move from the convenience of your own home or dance studio. All online dancing lessons are developed with the assistance of professional dance schools. Only the most skilled and experienced dance instructors of the highest caliber teach the classes.

Traditional dance lessons and online dance classes contain the exact same information in the same order. As in stationary dancing lessons, the instructors pay attention to the same subtleties (the most prevalent errors).

Students enrolled in online dance lessons are able to communicate with their teachers using the social platforms provided by each dance class. If something is upsetting you, you may always ask the instructor!

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How much are online dance classes for beginners and pro?

Generally, online dance lessons are either provided for free or as part of a paid subscription ranging from $20 to $100 per month. In contrast, private dancing lessons cost approximately $15 to $40 per hour, depending on duration and skill level.

Monthly lessons for a 45-minute jazz class held once a week could cost approximately $50, while a 75-minute advanced ballet session could cost $75 per month. Higher-level dance lessons, such as Pointe, are typically the most expensive, whilst introductory or combination dance classes for younger children are typically the least expensive.

List of the Best online dance classes for beginners and pro

The following is a list of the online dance classes for beginners and pro:

1. Slow Waltz – Fundamental Dance Course (Udemy)

online dance classes for beginners and pro

The US waltz English course has created one of the most popular online dance classes for beginners and pro, Slow Waltz. It is a dance performed during a ball or wedding celebration that includes all the fundamental figures.

This online dance classes for beginners and pro describes the normal rate of assimilation in the realm of dance. Both men and women are welcome to enroll in this dance class.

2. Hip Hop Dance For Beginners (Udemy)

This class involves 12 dance lessons. It is possible to learn Hip Hop Dance routines outside of a dance studio.

In this online dance classes for beginners and pro, you will learn to do hip hop choreography with ease, understand basic 8 counts and hip hop grooves, and perform without a monotonous facial expression.

At the conclusion of your instruction, you will be able to employ the choreography for your own purposes (wedding dance routines, quinceanera, etc).

To join in this dancing class, you must commit to practicing and acquire suitable dance attire. The minimum requirement is a space for dancing.

3. Salsa (Beginner)- Udemy

This is one of the best online dance classes for beginners and pro on Udemy for $19.99. If you want to learn club-style salsa, this is the introductory course for you.

You will learn Salsa and feel comfortable dancing in social settings. Each lesson will build upon the last and help you become more comfortable on the dance floor. No extra materials or footwear are required. Simply an open floor and a training partner.

4. Popping Dance For Beginners (Udemy)

Popping Dance is among the most popular virtual dance classes offered on Udemy. The online dance classes for beginners and pro consists of 10 fundamental popping techniques and maneuvers.

In this online dance classes for beginners and pro, you will master eight of the most essential Popping techniques and maneuvers, as well as five choreographed Popping routines and more.

The only requirements for this class are a dancing space and comfortable dance attire. Make sure you schedule a daily practice session.

5. Zero to Dance Floor Hero(Udemy)

Zero to Dancing Floor Hero is another highly regarded online dance course. This course will teach you all you need to know to feel confident in social settings and events.

This online dance classes for beginners and pro is designed for novices. You will learn the fundamentals need to have fun with music and keep dancing forever.

6. Discover How to Dance – Bachata (Advanced)

A manual for how to dance the bachata as though you were born and raised with it. Attend a Latin night and perform intermediate and advanced dance patterns. Ensure you know the fundamentals. The Bachata (beginning) class is an excellent requirement.

7. Learn Belly Dance: A Comprehensive Guide from A to Z (Udemy)

This class is ranked among the best online dance classes for beginners and pro. It is an Udemy-hosted 17-hour belly dance adventure.

You will learn a variety of belly dancing movements, including shimmies, belly rolls, hip movements, undulations, and chest isolations. The only requirements for this lesson are a comfortable, nonrestrictive attire and a dance room.

8. Learn Dominican Bachata – Footwork Course (Udemy)

Consider enrolling in Dominican Bachata dancing lessons if you’ve been searching for a method to amaze your pals on the dance floor.

This online dance classes for beginners and pro focuses on beginner to advanced-level Dominican footwork methods. You will learn the fundamental steps and techniques, as well as how to construct your own patterns and combinations.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to use all you’ve learned at your next dance party.

9. How to Move and Groove Casually to Music (Skillshare)

This is another excellent lesson for beginners that will teach you to dance with confidence in social settings. This course provides a step-by-step guide on how to dance to any type of music so that you do not appear foolish or feel humiliated.

You will learn fundamental techniques so that you may dance casually to any song. Among the genres studied in this online dance classes for beginners and pro are, to name a few, rock, pop, blues, hip hop, and house music. Therefore, at the conclusion of this training, you should feel comfortable dancing to virtually any type of music.

10. Hip Hop Dance for Beginners, (Udemy)

online dance classes for beginners and pro

This Udemy-hosted 10-hour online dance course is extensive. You will learn to confidently perform hip-hop choreography as you grasp the fundamentals of hip hop movement and footwork.

This workshop teaches hip-hop techniques such as footwork, grooves, an awareness of eight basic counts, and how to dance without a bored look.

11. Mini-Course on Breakdancing for Beginners (Skillshare)

Breakdance is a well-known style of dance. Once you’ve mastered the principles, you’ll look like a pro in no time, despite the appearance of difficulty.

The breakdance lesson offered on Skillshare covers the history of b-boying, grooves, steps to build upon, basic top rock routines, and more. All classes are in video format, allowing for independent study.

This online dance classes for beginners and pro is accessible for free to new users for a two-month trial period.

12. Get Groovy: The Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Hip-Hop Social Dance (Udemy)

The Udemy course Get Groovy is a 4-hour and 28-minute dance lesson. In this online dance classes for beginners and pro, you will learn how to dance hip-hop with rhythm and confidence in social settings by combining motions to create a groove to any hip-hop music.

You will learn a variety of dance moves, including down and up grooves, bounce and drop grooves, and skill-building bonus materials and combos. This is a well regarded dance course with over 1,541 enrolled students.

13 Shuffle Dance Master Class Volume 1: How to Shuffle (Udemy)

On Udemy, the Shuffle Dance Master Class is a highly acclaimed online dance course. This course will teach you the fundamentals of shuffle dance, culminating in a 40-second dance routine.

Numerous dancing courses will teach you the concept of putting motions together step by step to generate the shuffle rhythm. Learn a whole 20-second routine that you may perform in public.

The prerequisites for this online dance classes for beginners and pro are a dance room and suitable dance attire.

14. Poi Dancing: The Beginner Series (Udemy)

By the end of this 13-hour instruction, you will be able to confidently spin poi while dancing. You will master poi skills including windmills, weaves, butterfly patterns, fountains, buzzsaws, and extra moves to create more intricate choreography with twists, mini-sequences, and smooth transitions.

15. Class in Contemporary Choreography (DancePlug)

online dance classes for beginners and pro

This is a brief online dance classes for beginners and pro that teaches modern dance choreography. On Dance Plug, you can find Contemporary Choreography Dance Class. This dance instruction requires only a dance space and comfortable attire.

With a membership to this class, you have access to all accessible dancing lessons and the subsequent perks.

FAQs On online dance classes for beginners and pro

Can you really learn dance online?

Yes, you can learn how to dance online for free. From party moves and trending TikTok dances to classic ballroom steps, try these free websites for beginner and experienced dancers. Online lessons are obviously not going to be as good as going to a professional dance studio.

Are there any free dance classes online?

Battery Dance TV provides free online live dance classes and programming for the general public through a live regularly scheduled program. Examples of types of classes include ballet, jazz, international dance, hip-hop, swing, musical theatre, ballroom, and more!

What age is too late to learn dance?

The age equation is a myth! You can begin dancing at any age you want as long as you have the right tools to start. Plus, learning to dance is beneficial for your mind and body. So, no matter what age you are, you'll still feel the benefits of a healthy dose of movement each day.

Which age is best for dance?

The best age for kids who want to start learning to take their dance seriously is between 7 and 9 years old, depending on how mature they are. This is usually the time when children have the ability to sit still and pay attention in class and they can connect how their learning translates to their movements.


Finding the greatest online dance platform is essential to maintaining your interest. Consider one of the free choices if you are new to dancing to ensure that dancing at home is a good fit. Consider a subscription-based program and choose one that fits your budget for more advanced pupils who have received some online training.

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