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10 Best Business Schools in Canada

Are you a high school student who wants to attend one of the best business schools in canada? Or perhaps you’re already in college and want to increase your chances of landing a rewarding job by finding the top MBA universities and programs in Canada. You’re close to it.

Actually, everybody who is thinking of enrolling in any of the best business schools in canada should read this article.

Its main objective is to aid in your comprehension of what has been stated regarding business schools and business training.

Benefits of Pursuing a Business Education in Canada

1. Prestigious Universities

Canada is renowned for its excellent standards in education; many of its universities, including McGill University, University of Toronto, and University of British Columbia, routinely rank among the top 100 in the world for the caliber of their business administration programs.

2. A wide Variety of Courses

There are many possibilities if you wish to major in business as part of your undergraduate degree. Before their first year, Ivey School of Business at Western University extends an advance offer to its students. The first two years are spent in any faculty at Western or another reputable university, while the final two years are spent at the business school. Before they start their business studies, Ivey feels that opportunity gives their students a more varied and experienced background. One of the greatest commerce programs in the nation is offered by Queen’s University Smith School of Business if you’d want to stick with a four-year curriculum.

Canadian programs take great pleasure in their broad curricula, competitive business environment advantages, international exchange programs, and alumni networks that give its graduates access to the corporate world.

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3. A Booming Business Sector

One of the most prosperous economies in the world is Canada’s. In 2019, it had 56 companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list, placing it ninth overall, just behind Saudi Arabia and South Korea. It has the tenth-largest GDP in the world. Because of its abundance of natural resources and relatively tiny population of 37 million, the nation is regarded as a superpower in the energy sector.

For graduates in business, there are numerous employment prospects. By providing a post-graduate work permit, the Canadian government encourages international students to stay after graduation, making the nation particularly alluring to them.

4. A High Rate of Return

Compared to several other international schools, Canadian universities provide an excellent education at a lower cost. Studying business overseas has extra advantages because it demonstrates to companies that a candidate is self-assured, flexible, adaptable to change, and fast to think on their feet. For businesses, understanding various cultures and practices is crucial, particularly as they grow globally.

A business management degree teaches you problem-solving, leadership, and strategic planning abilities while it prepares you for a career in any country. You will be a very valuable employee to organizations all over the world if you combine your in-depth business skills with an international outlook from your Canadian university.

Best Business Schools in Canada

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Best Business Schools in Canada

These are the best business schools in Canada and they are:

UBC Sauder Business School:

About 4,000 students can choose from undergraduate and graduate programs at the UBC Sauder Business School.
On the Point Gray campus of UBC, in the city of Vancouver, is where the school is situated. UBC Sauder provides a perspective on international business through rigorous and pertinent instruction.

The school provides a wide range of alternatives for studying abroad, including semesters away and workshops for business development in places like China and Kenya, among others. With specialized research centers that concentrate on social innovation, impact investing, urban economics, and more, UBC Sauder has collaborated on studies.

Best Business Schools in Canada

Sauder Business School Fees:

Fees for undergraduate studies: International tuition is 52,541 CAD, while out-of-state tuition is 42,179 CAD.

Ranking of the Sauder School of Business:

For employability and research quality, the UBC MBA program in the Robert H. Lee GraduateSchool is recognized in the top 50 Global Elite Quadrants. In terms of business and economics studies, UBC is placed first in Canada and nineteenth worldwide in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016–2017.


Schulich School of Business of York University

The business school of York University is called the Schulich School of Business, and it is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
For professions in the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors, Schulich provides undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate business degrees.

Also has more than 29,000 alumni working in almost 90 different nations. The first international MBA (IMBA) and international BBA (IBBA) degrees in Canada were pioneered by Schulich. as well as the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA, North America’s first international executive MBA degree. This is one of Canada’s top MBA programs.

Ranking of the Schulich School of Business:

The Schulich is the top business school in Canada and among the best in the world. According to Forbes’ 2017 International MBA Ranking, Schulich School of Business is ranked eighth overall and first in Canada. This is the global ranking for the Schulich School of Business.


Ivey Business School:

The University of Western Ontario’s Ivey Business School is located in London, Ontario, Canada. Ivey is frequently abbreviated as Ivey. Ivey was rated as Canada’s top business school by Bloomberg.

One of the greatest business schools in the world and the most prominent in Canada is Western University’s Ivey School of Business.

Ivey equips students with the knowledge and abilities to confidently take on the possibilities and challenges of corporate leadership based on substantial study and professional experience.

On campuses in London, Ontario, Toronto, and Hong Kong, Ivey offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs. This is one of Canada’s top MBA programs.

Ranking of Ivey School of Business:

As the Financial Times MBA, Ivey Business School placed 88th out of 100 top business schools in the Financial Times MBA global annual ranking for 2018. Ivey is ranked in the same ranking as the 26th-ranked business school in the FT’s research ranking, and the 12th-ranked MBA program in North America according to QS Top MBA.

Programs at the Ivey School of Business:

Honors in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management, PhD, and Pre-HBA Undergraduate Courses are just a few of the programs and degrees that the Ivey Business School provides. One of Canada’s top graduate and undergraduate business programs are offered at this institution.


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McGill University’s Desautels School of Management

McGill University’s Desautels School of Management faculty. The faculty has teaching management facilities in Montreal (Quebec), Canada, and Tokyo, as well as a variety of undergraduate business programs and graduate students, including a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Business Administration, and a PhD in Philosophy (Japan).

Additionally, the faculty collaborates with the faculties of medicine and law to offer a dual MD/MBA program. Although it might be accurate, this is one of Canada’s top MBA programs.

Best Business Schools in Canada

Ranking of the Business School at McGill University:

Only three Canadian institutions made the list: the Desautels MBA program, which is placed second in Canada and 87th globally by the 2019 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.


  1. Undergraduate programs offered by the McGill University Business School: More than 70 universities across the world offer exchange opportunities for undergraduate students, and the Faculty also provides an international summer program for university visitors from other universities. Students from different graduate programs at McGill may decide to enroll in classes or pursue a minor in Desautels.
  2. Graduate Programs at the McGill University Business School: Master of Business Administration, a Ph.D. in management, and other graduate degrees in business administration are available. Joint programs between the faculty and the colleges of law and medicine are also available.
  3. Postgraduate MBA Programs at the McGill University Business School: The full-time MBA program lasts two years. Students can choose from more than 50 elective courses and concentrate in the areas of finance, marketing, strategy, and innovation. Other programs, which are available on the official website of the McGill University Business School, are not listed here.


Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s graduate business school, the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, also referred to as the Rotman School of Management, is located in the heart of Toronto. The institution provides full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs as well as undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in business administration, finance, and commerce.

One of the greatest MBA universities/schools in Canada is the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, which also offers graduate programs including the Master of Finance, Master of Management Analysis, Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting, and Rotman Ph.D.

Ranking of the Rotman School of Management:

Rotman was first in Canada, 20th in North America, and 46th overall in the Financial Times rating from 2013. The EMBA program at Rotman was ranked second in Canada. In recent years, Rotman has also been named the top business school in Canada.

Rotman was ranked top in Canada in the Financial Times MBA program rankings for 2017.
The Financial Times magazine’s 2016 MBA world ranking placed the Rotman MBA program at number 60.
Furthermore, Rotman was ranked second in Canada in the Financial Times rating of MBA programs. Additionally, the school lost 21 times more than the Desautels School of Management, placing 86th overall. For this reason, Rotman should be placed behind York University’s Schulich School of Business and McGill University’s Desautels School of Management.


  1. Undergraduate Program in Management at the Rotman School: The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Toronto and the Rotman School of Management jointly oversee the undergraduate program known as Rotman Commerce (previously known as Commerce).
  2. Graduate Programs in Management at the Rotman School: Rotman Full-Time MBA, Morning/Evening MBA, Master of Finance, and Executive MBA degrees are available through the graduate programs.
  3. Doctoral Programs at the Rotman School of Management: Degrees in accounting, business economics, finance, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, human resources management, and strategic management are available through the doctoral program. Additionally, a combined degree in economics and administration is suggested (Master in Financial Economics).


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University of Alberta’s Business School

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is home to the University of Alberta’s School of Business. It is a government financed research center that was established in 1916. It has frequently been named among the top 50 universities by the London-based Financial Times.

One of the top universities in the world for business education and research is the Alberta School of Business.
The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta, the first and oldest accredited business school in Canada, embodies the spirit of taking calculated risks and working hard that characterizes our province. For more than a century, alumni have strengthened businesses and communities all over the world through their innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Alberta School of Business Fees: 

Fees for undergraduate studies: International tuition is 20,395.2 CAD, while domestic tuition is 5,320.8 CAD.

Ranking of the Alberta School of Business:

The Best Business Universities in Canada for 2019 Alberta School of Business was ranked fourth. 2018 QS Global MBA Rankings are also available. Canada The #8 ranked Alberta School of Business is also 2018 rankings for Shanghai academic subjects: The #17-ranked business school in the country is Alberta School of Business (Globally). While in the Financial Times, Alberta School of Business was ranked #55 in Executive Education (Open Enrolment) (Globally)

Additionally, Alberta School of Business was ranked #72 by Executive Education (Custom Programs) in the 2018 Financial Times (Globally). Finally, Alberta School of Business was ranked #108 in Bloomberg Businessweek’s list of the best business schools (Globally)

Program at the Alberta School of Business:

In addition to continuing education and lifetime learning opportunities, the Alberta School of Business provides undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs. In September 2011, a master’s degree in financial management was made available.

Specializations in finance, international commerce, public policy and management, natural resources, energy and environment, and technology commercialization are all available through the Alberta MBA program. The Corporate Knights magazine placed the Alberta MBA third in Canada for corporate social responsibility.

There are five undergraduate options available for the Bachelor of Commerce program, including BCom-Coop and BCom Bilingual. degrees in distribution management, business studies, decision and information systems, economics, and commercial law. Along with an education in East Asian Studies, business administration, management and organization, marketing, operations management, retail, and services.


HEC Montréal Business School

The Canadian business school HEC Montreal is situated in Montreal, Canada. The University of Montreal’s business school, HEC Montréal, was established in 1907. It is acknowledged as being Canada’s original management school.
A Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in administration are among the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs offered by the business school. more information about a dual MBA program with McGill University.

Ranking for HEC Montréal:

In 2016, Canadian Business selected HEC Montréal’s MBA program as the best among all Canadian business schools. Additionally, according to Forbes, business schools outside the US are ranked 17th in the world.
Likewise, ranked first in QUEBEC, fourth in Canada, and 54th worldwide. KUBS Worldwide Business Research Rankings are another resource (2016). Additionally, 5 Palmes of Excellence, the highest ranking in Eduniversal’s history, was awarded (2017). And finally, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek in 2015, among the top 30 international business schools.

Training and Programs:

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Professional Certificates, and other programs and degrees are among those that the HEC Montréal Business School provides. Additionally to Professional Masters, Masters in International Arts Management (in English), MBA, and many more, there is the Master of Science in Administration (MSc). They also provide a platform for online education.


Queen’s University – J.R Smith Business School

The Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada is home to the Stephen J. R. Smith Business School, also known as the Smith Business School. At Queen’s University, the school provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, although it is run independently with a separate director and funding.

The Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada is home to the Stephen J. R. Smith Business School, also known as the Smith Business School (formerly the Queen’s Business School). At Queen’s University, the school provides undergraduate and graduate degrees, although it is run independently with a separate director and funding. This business school is among the top MBA universities and programs in Canada.

Smith Business School Ranking:

In its assessment on executive education in Canada from 2006, Environics placed the queen’s full-time MBA program first in Canada.

The institution was regarded as Canada’s third-best business school in the 2012 Report of the QS Global Business Schools 200. Moreover, it is North America’s 16th-best business school.
In addition, Queen’s MBA is ranked 50th worldwide in the Financial Times list from 2017. Additionally, Queen’s MBA is ranked 88th globally in the 2018 Economist report.

Undergraduates Programs at Smith Business School:

Students can participate in extracurricular activities in the fields of consulting, accounting, marketing, and finance through the undergraduate program.

Graduate Full-Time MBA at Smith Business School:

The first full-time MBA program in Canada was the Queen’s full-time MBA program (formerly known as the Queen’s Science and Technology MBA). And the top outside of the US in 2004, 2006, and 2008, according to the Business Week report.

Accelerated MBA Programs Available:

One of the top MBA programs in Canada for undergraduate business grads is Queen University’s accelerated full-time business graduating program. The candidate’s progressive job experience will be taken into consideration while deciding whether to admit them to the 12-month program. In addition to the GMAT and a personal interview, undergraduate business studies academic preparation is also required.

Executive MBA Programs Offered:

BusinessWeek and Environics have named Queen’s Executive MBA program as one of the top executive MBA programs in Canada. The length of the 16-month program and the candidate’s management background will determine whether they are accepted. Along with references, prior academic accomplishments, QMAT (or GMAT) results, and a personal interview.


MacMaster University’s DeGroote Business School

A range of undergraduate programs, including Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce, MBA and Doctoral Programs, Executive Development and International Exchange, are available through the DeGroote Business School at McMaster.

Students who enroll in the school’s commerce internship program have the chance to work for 12 to 16 months. Professional certification is a feature of undergraduate degrees in addition to internship options.

An individual enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program may submit an application to become both a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) and an Authorized Professional Accountant (CPA) (CHRP).

Programs at the DeGroote School of Business:

Undergraduate programs like Undergraduate Business and Integrated Business and Humanities are available through the school.
Along with EMBA and MBA programs, the DeGroote School of Business also provides an MBA and an Executive MBA in Digital Transformation program.
Additionally, they provide graduate programs including the PhD in Business Administration and the PhD in Health Policy.


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The University of Concordia’s John Molson Business School

In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, there is a business school called the John Molson School of Business. In 1974, the University of Concordia founded JMSB. This is one of Canada’s top MBA universities or schools.

Fees for the John Molson School of Business:

Quebec residents pay $6,800 in Canadian tuition at the John Molson School of Business, as do non-Quebec students. international students $26,400 $11,900

Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business Ranking:

The John Molson EMBA is ranked 77th in the world by QS. According to the 2019 QS World University Rankings, John Molson EMBA came in at number 77 worldwide for Executive MBA programs.


  1. Undergraduate courses offered by the John Molson School of Business: Degrees including the Bachelor of Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and many more are available through the undergraduate programs.
  2. Graduate Diploma Programs at the John Molson School of Business: Degrees in areas including business administration, chartered accounting, and investment management are available through graduate diploma programs.
  3. Graduate Certificate Programs at the John Molson School of Business: The graduate certificate programs provide degrees in management accounting and business administration.
  4. Postgraduate Programs at the John Molson School of Business: Degrees including the Master of Science in Management (Msc), MBA, Master of Science in Marketing (Msc), and PhD in Business Administration are available through the Graduate Certificate programs. Additionally to an Executive MBA, a Master of Supply Chain Management, and an MBA in Investment Management (MSCM).


Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a gap is permitted for a Student Visa in Canada?

In Canada, the educational system and institutions are extremely flexible, and the majority of them permit study breaks or gap years. Candidates for undergraduate and diploma programs are entitled to take a two-year break, while those applying for postgraduate degrees are allowed to take a five-year break.

Which Course in Canada pays the highest?

The highest-paying profession in Canada is medicine, followed by IT and business vocations.

Why should you study Business in Canada?

Many factors make Canada one of the greatest places to earn a business degree, including its highly developed economy, top-notch academic system, and diverse student body.



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