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The 15 Rarest Jobs in the World

Rarest Jobs. It’s always important to do proper research and take your time to find a job that is well suited to you and what you love, especially with so many different career options available. It’s simple to go straight for the most well-known occupations, such software engineer or police officer, but have you ever pondered what the rarest occupation in the world is?

There are a lot of extremely Rarest Jobs available, and this article will walk you through the top 15 rarest jobs in the world according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, including what these rarest jobs entail, how to get started in them, and how much they pay. let’s get started!

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The 10 Rarest Jobs in the World

  • Wood patternmaker

The rarest job in the world is that of a wood patternmaker. Metalworkers cast molten metal using wooden molds that are made by woodworkers. They produce these complicated designs and molds in accordance with strict standards using cutting-edge woodworking processes. In-depth knowledge of dimensions and precision, as well as inventiveness and carpentry skills, are necessary for the position.

A university cannot provide the training necessary for a wood patternmaker due to the level of ability required. Beginning as apprentices, wood patternmakers receive instruction from a master patternmaker and gradually gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to carry out the job successfully.

They make $51,020 annually.

  • Panda Cuddler

Panda Cub Caretakers, also known as Panda Nannies, are employed by the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Candidates must be able to live in China, have a basic understanding of pandas, and possess strong writing and photography skills in order to publish about their experiences. The pay for Panda Nannies at this place is roughly $32,500, and they also receive a car in addition to their room and board.

  • Garbage collector

They have to pick up trash from your home and neighborhood in the morning and maybe even in the evening.

They must work the assigned shift, either in the morning or the evening, and are free to pursue other interests during the remaining hours of the day. This is one of the rarest jobs.

Salary: $60k

  • Beer Taster

Craft brewers are expanding, and someone needs to evaluate the quality of all that beer! This is the position for you if you enjoy beer and have a sophisticated palate and it is one of the rarest jobs. Beer tasters, sometimes referred to as beer quality technicians, are in charge of making sure that the requirements of the brewery are met. Beer technicians can either work on-site at the brewery (often for larger companies like Anheuser-Busch or MillerCoors) or travel to distant distributors to ensure the quality isn’t compromised during transportation.

You don’t even need a bachelor’s degree but earning a certification as a cicerone—the beer industry’s equivalent of a sommelier—can help you advance professionally and earn more money.

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  • Bomb Technician

These courageous experts are on the front lines whenever there is a bomb threat, determining whether or not there is an actual explosive device at a site or if the whole thing is a hoax. Bomb technicians are entrusted with carefully disabling and disposing of the devices as well as making sure that everyone at the location is safely evacuated after doing a scan of the area to find and identify explosives. Bomb technicians may occasionally be required to assist in hostage situations involving explosives or cases involving individuals wearing suicide vests. They may decide to educate other professionals after gaining expertise with various emergency scenarios.

For this perilous duty, bomb technicians are typically police personnel who undergo specialized training that can take up to eight months to finish. Professionals are taught how to respond to various bomb threats during this training, including those involving explosive devices that are underwater, on the roof of a building, or in a parking lot. Additionally, bomb technicians improve their communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills as they acquire these techniques. This is one of the rarest jobs.

  • Astronomer

These guys study the nature of matter and energy across the cosmos, including the sun, moon, planets, stars, and galaxies, using the rules of physics and mathematics. Astronomers use their expertise to address issues with satellite communications, space travel, and navigation. They also create the methods and tools required to observe and gather astronomical data.

They do research and impart astronomy instruction primarily in colleges and universities. Some of them work in observatories, planetariums, and museums where they assist in educating the general public about what is known about the cosmos. Others work for government organizations like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or the U.S. Naval Observatory (NASA). Some of them work for businesses in the aerospace sector.

Only 1,430 people work in this field, and their average annual compensation is $104,720. Not bad for a nerd of science.

  • Milking snakes

Milking Snakes is regarded as one of the rarest jobs. Zoos, pharmaceutical firms, and academic research facilities all have positions available for collecting snake venom. The goal of extracting snake venom is to create an anti-venom due to the fact that venomous snake bites cause thousands of deaths each year in Africa and India. The monthly salary ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 (£1,500 to £3,800).

  • Prosthodontist

The dental specialty of prosthodontics uses biocompatible alternatives to diagnose, plan therapy for, restore, and maintain the oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of patients with clinical disorders linked to missing or inadequate teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues.

The most competitive, rarest job and well-paid jobs in America, according to Forbes, consistently place prosthodontists at the 6th or 7th spot.
An American College of Prosthodontists definition of a prosthodontist is a dentist who:

  • Focuses on the replacement and esthetic (cosmetic) restoration of teeth.
  • Following dental school, receives an extra three to four years of training.
  • Restores your smile to its ideal appearance and functionality. The field of prosthodontics include the design and restoration of implant treatments, temporomandibular joint disorders, and the rehabilitation of occlusion with prosthetics.

There are just 480 prosthodontists working today, and they earn an average salary of $158,940.

  • Wood model maker

The top two rarest job in the world are those of wood model makers. They design and build wooden models that are utilized as mock-ups or as blueprints for substantial construction projects. An architect, for instance, would ask for a wooden model of the structure they are designing. The position entails both the planning and production of models employing woodworking principles and meticulous plans.

The majority of wood model builders start off by getting practical experience, including through carpentry classes or apprenticeships. Given the specific requirements of the position, engineering, architecture, or math degrees can be helpful, and some skilled model makers may have graduate degrees in these disciplines.

They make $60,040 annually.

  • Gaming Managers

Casino security and customer service are both assisted by gaming managers. They interact with customers, ensure that players are aware of the rules, and manage vendor interactions. They become more actively involved in operations and promotions as they take on more responsibilities. They are frequently asked to manage a ton of tasks, ranging from public relations to entertainment, and there is never a shortage of paperwork. But numerous business magazines have consistently listed this job as one of the rarest jobs.

There are 3,330 gaming managers in the workforce, and they make a median salary of $67,340.

  • Dog food taster

There are almost 90 million dogs kept as pets. Dog food tasters are used to ensure that the food supplied for dogs is of the highest quality and taste because canines cannot communicate how their meal tastes to us. All varieties of dog foods and treats are used by dog food tasters. They can make, on average, $40,000 (£30,200) a year. This is one of the rarest jobs.

  •  Shot girl

Shot girl is one of the rarest jobs. The position is for a young, attractive female. They merely make and serve the shots. They not only profit from the sale of the shots, but they also receive generous gratuities from the patrons. The girl will receive more money if she is more attractive.

  • Crab Fisherman

Seafood enthusiasts may be able to whip up king crab recipes worthy of a cookbook, but they might not be familiar with the perilous Alaskan waters that crab fishermen must brave to bring their catch to shore. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists crab fishing as one of the most hazardous occupations, with 37 of these workers losing their lives while working between the years of 2003 and 2009 alone.

These rarest job fatalities frequently result from drowning due to choppy waters and waves, as well as fisherman being pushed overboard after mistakenly becoming entangled in the 800-pound steel cages they employ for their work, known as crab pots. Additionally, it is not unusual for workers to get hypothermia and pass away as a result of their jobs.

Some individuals are still interested in obtaining these potentially dangerous catches, which necessitates routine duties like using equipment to locate the crabs, lowering baited crab pots into the sea and collecting them once they are full, and ultimately sorting and storing the catch.

  •  Sperm donor

This is something that can be done as easily as raising a toast if you are young and healthy. Nobody can stop you from putting the ball in your court if there are no ethical concerns involved. Yes, you may do so legally. Cheers!

  • Crime Scene Cleaners

These specialists are tasked with literally cleaning up the aftermath of a violent crime while authorities are trying to solve the case, which may involve body tissue, bone pieces, blood, and other bodily fluids. Additionally, they might handle tainted furniture, carpets, and bedding at a crime scene. Not for the faint of heart—or the weak of stomach—crime scene cleaners are regularly exposed to gory sights and odors, and the nature of their work puts them at risk for contracting infections like hepatitis and AIDS.

Workers must be able to handle the psychological and physical demands of the job while also being compassionate toward any loved ones who might be there. For persons in this rarest job, flexibility is essential: Crime scene cleaners frequently have to work late nights, early mornings, weekends, and holidays because tragic events like murders and suicides don’t follow a predictable pattern.

FAQS on Rarest Jobs in the World

Are there any unusual jobs that pay well?

Some people have chosen a different road to more unusual employment, whereas the majority of people have jobs that sound familiar. The need to make a living is still there, though, and fortunately there are plenty of odd jobs available that pay well.

Is Huib Maat the rarest job in the world?

However, you're more likely to run into a space traveler than a person who works in Huib Maat's field. Only 3,330 persons are currently employed as gaming managers in casinos, 1,430 astronomers, 960 locomotive firers, and less than 500 perfumers, according to a survey on the world's rarest jobs.


Do you want to change careers or earn a little additional money each month? Even while these may not be the most glamorous work prospects, some of these rarest jobs and odd tasks are either still in demand or are starting to pay well, especially for the lazy! There is always a way to make a living, whether it is by feeling people’s faces or waiting in line.

Have you ever thought about switching to a somewhat odd profession? Find out who has the rarest job!

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