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Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland

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Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland!

Switzerland boasts one of the world’s finest living standards. The average wage is substantial, and these positions pay extremely well.

Switzerland is one of the best countries to live and work in Europe. The country has one of the world’s finest living standards, low crime rates, an incredible public transit system, a terrific work-life balance, and some of the highest average earnings in the world.

If all of this makes you want to move to Switzerland, but you have no idea where to begin, don’t panic. Using data from PayScale and the Lohnbuch Schweiz, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland to assist you in determining which are the most lucrative.

List of Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland

The following is a list of Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland:

1. Military officer

officer snap-shooting military  Military officer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Average estimated salary: 83,880 CHF ($84,009)

This Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland Despite a long tradition of neutrality in armed conflicts, the Swiss Armed Forces continue to participate in peacekeeping missions around the world and maintain a civil defense militia. While the majority of this workforce is comprised of volunteers and conscripts, around 5 percent consists of career soldiers responsible for the management, training, and tactical command of the men and women under their direction.

Naturally, military officers – as in any army – must exhibit great leadership qualities, the capacity to think on their feet, and effective communication skills.

In order to become a military officer in the Swiss Armed Forces, you can volunteer during conscription and, if you satisfy the necessary criteria and standard, you will be considered for officer training. As a perk, staff officers receive their education at ETH Zurich, which is consistently regarded as one of the world’s greatest colleges.

2. Software engineer

Average estimated salary: 87,693 CHF ($87,829)

Another Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland is Software engineers design, They develop, implement, and maintain software applications and programs that can be utilized for a variety of purposes or requirements.

Technically, they must be proficient in multiple programming languages, such as Python, Java, and C++, but they must also possess a number of soft skills. For example, they must be able to think clearly and critically and display good problem-solving abilities.

If you are a talented self-taught programmer and exhibit transferable employment abilities, you may be able to enter the field without a degree if you are a skilled self-taught programmer.

3. Accountant

Portrait of a handsome young businessman working in office Portrait of a handsome young businessman working in an office Accountant stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Average estimated salary: 89,515 CHF ($89,653)

Accountants are responsible for keeping track of and auditing the finances of businesses and individuals, as well as giving skilled strategy, consulting, and advice services (particularly at larger firms).

Naturally, they must be numerate, but they must also be commercially savvy, technically savvy, and adept at managing their time.

The majority of accountants pursue an accredited accounting, finance, or business degree, through which they sit for the majority of their charter/license examinations; in order to become chartered or a CPA, you must sit for further exams and complete a minimum number of client hours. It is also possible to enter the field of accounting by way of a higher apprenticeship.However, it is among the Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland.

4. Pilot

Average estimated salary: 101,340 CHF ($101,496)

There are numerous types of pilots, but commercial airline pilots are unquestionably the highest-paid. They are responsible for piloting passenger aircraft to their destinations safely.

In this Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland, they must possess great multitasking and communication abilities, as well as the capacity to make split-second, high-pressure choices.

To become a pilot, you must get an aviation license recognized in your nation and amass a portfolio of flying hours. Alternately, many pilots receive military training before applying their abilities in the civilian sector.

5. Priest/Minister

Average estimated salary: 109,008 CHF ($109,176)

Even though there is no official state religion in Switzerland, clergy of the country’s two largest denominations – Roman Catholicism and Swiss Reformation – are handsomely compensated for their work.

This Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland, the Priests must possess excellent interpersonal skills, especially the capacity for empathy, communication, and emotional intelligence, above all else. As someone in a position of authority, they must always display impeccable judgment.

The majority of priests hold a theology degree and enter their particular church at a junior level before advancing to positions of more seniority and responsibility.

6. Actuary

Businessman working Businesswoman working at office with documents on his desk, doing planning analyzing the financial report, business plan investment, finance analysis concept Actuary stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Average estimated salary: 112,053 CHF ($112,226)

This aspect of Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland are risk managers who utilize statistics and mathematical models to assess the financial repercussions of a choice. Insurance businesses and investment banks are their primary employers.

Unsurprisingly, a strong understanding of mathematics is a prerequisite, but you must also be able to convey your results and insights to non-technical stakeholders. Another essential talent is commercial awareness.

In terms of education, the majority of actuaries pursue a degree in actuarial sciences, however mathematics and/or statistics are typically acceptable alternatives.

7. Veterinarian

Staff with dogs at animal hospital, smiling at camera A multi-ethnic group of four workers at an animal hospital, with two mixed-breed dogs. The mature Filipina woman on the right, in her 40s, is the veterinarian. The other women and the Hispanic man, in their 20s, are veterinary technicians. They are standing around an exam table, smiling at the camera. Veterinarian stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Average estimated salary: 114,445 CHF ($114,622)

This Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland collaborate with veterinary technicians to diagnose and treat diseases and acute clinical situations in animals, as well as provide basic immunizations and perform routine examinations.

They must be able to successfully interact with the owners of the animals they treat, including the ability to issue clear instructions and demonstrate sensitivity in delicate situations. Additionally, you must be passionate about dealing with animals.

To become a veterinarian, you must get an accredited degree in veterinarian sciences. It is possible to find employment with a larger clinic or organization, but most veterinarians, especially in rural regions, choose to establish their own offices.

8. Investment banker

Average estimated salary: 118,444 CHF ($118,626)

Investment bankers are among the highest-paid individuals in Switzerland, which is unsurprising given the country’s reputation for banking; this figure does not include their bonuses, which frequently dwarf their base income.

In addition to business acumen, analytical skills, and good decision-making, bankers must be shrewd, commercially savvy, and committed to their work, especially if they choose to work for the best banks.

The majority have a degree in business, finance, economics, or a related field and obtain permanent positions through internships or graduate programs. Depending on the market in which they operate, they must additionally pass extra exams to receive the appropriate license.It is another Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland on our list.

9. Physician

Cropped portrait of an attractive young female doctor standing with her arms folded in the office Woman in the office Physician stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Average estimated salary: 131,602 CHF ($131,805)

In hospitals and private clinics, physicians treat illnesses, acute clinical problems, and injuries, and conduct routine checkups. In recent years, physician earnings have climbed in part due to rising health insurance expenses in Switzerland.

A multitude of abilities and characteristics are required to become a physician, including communication, professionalism, empathy, and the ability to multitask, as well as excellent people skills and a knack for problem solving.

Before they can lawfully receive a license to practice, all doctors must complete medical school; they must then choose a specialty and complete additional study in that field. Some medical specialties, such as surgery, cardiology, and emergency medicine, pay significantly more than others.

10. IT systems architect

Average estimated salary: 135,295 CHF ($135,503)

IT systems architecture is one of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland, and the world at large, despite its prosperous financial industry, is no exception. Systems architects advise on, design, and oversee the construction of comprehensive IT infrastructures for corporate clients and other organizations, frequently in collaboration with a non-technical business development manager who understands the client’s requirements.

Therefore, significant technical expertise and comprehension of many elements of IT are required, along with strong project management abilities, commercial awareness of your chosen business, and the capacity to collaborate with stakeholders.

A bachelor’s degree in IT is the bare minimum requirement for a career in systems architecture; however, you will also need to get multiple advanced IT certifications and a recognised management certificate.

FAQs On Highest-Paying Jobs in Switzerland

What jobs are in demand in Switzerland?

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), the most in-demand jobs in Switzerland are: accountant, engineer, teacher, nurse, doctor, and lawyer. However, the FSO also reports that there is a high demand for skilled workers such as mechanics and engineers.

What is the best job to have in Switzerland?

IT Systems Architect

Does Switzerland have high paying jobs?

It is one of the best places in Europe to work and earn high salaries. In short, working people in Switzerland are among the best-paid across the globe.

What is good salary in Switzerland?

Answer- In most Swiss cities, a single person would need a net salary of 3,500 CHF per month to live comfortably, while a family of four would need a net salary of at least 9,000 CHF per month.


Switzerland is an amazing country to live and work, so why not migrate if you have the qualifications and expertise to apply for these positions? Numerous Swiss employers offer exceptional working conditions.

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