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The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia

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The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia!

Many people travel to Australia in search of a slower-paced, more relaxed way of life. The beaches are wonderful, the climate is pleasant, and work-life balance is promoted. We enjoy our morning coffee and an ice-cold beer at the end of a long day. With several employment perks, including five weeks of annual leave, long service leave, and paid sick leave, it is not surprising that you are contemplating a relocation to Australia.

However, Australia provides much more than picturesque beaches and a better work-life balance. There are a variety of Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia available.

Do you wish to examine the potential financial benefits of relocating to Australia? We have you covered. This exhaustive list was compiled using a variety of resources, including Michael Page’s listing of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia.Investing money to Australia. Rich man with a lot of money. Investing money to Australia. Rich man with a lot of money in his hands and national flag on background. Highest Paying Jobs in Australia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Discover the Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia by reading on.

List of Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia

The following is a list of Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia:

1. Head of compliance

Average annual salary: AU$277,500 (£151,800 / $207,230)

Typically,this Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia working, in compliance entails ensuring the legal and ethical integrity of your business. As the head of compliance, it is your responsibility to guarantee that your organization’s employees and the organization itself conform to all of its policies. You must ensure that everyone in your organization follows the law, industry laws, and internal procedures.

Obtaining an appropriate industry credential, such as a Diploma in Quality Auditing or a law degree, is the first step in securing a position in compliance. Following that, you must seek out relevant work experience in compliance roles, such as a compliance officer, for example.

After gaining experience and business knowledge, you can advance to higher-ranking positions, such as head of compliance, which pay a generous AU$277,500 per year.

2. Portfolio manager (tie)

Average annual salary: AU$280,000 (£153,170 / $209,090)Graph growing up in Front Of Australia Flag. business state growing up concept. business state growing up concept. Highest Paying Jobs in Australia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia, portfolio management is one of the most rewarding professions. A portfolio manager is primarily responsible for designing investment strategies and maintaining investment portfolios for investors, and focuses on the analytical side of finance.

If you have a natural affinity for data interpretation, analysis, and research, this is an excellent career opportunity.

In Australia, portfolio management requires a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or economics. Experience in financial services that focuses on market analysis and providing clients with investment suggestions is a plus.

Depending on the area of portfolio management you enter, you may require additional licenses.

3. Chief financial officer (tie)

Average annual salary: AU$280,000 (£153,170 / $209,060)

A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for overseeing the financial and operational aspects of an organization. The CFO collaborates with the CEO and other members of senior management to steer the company to financial success. Knowledge of measurements, KPIs, data analysis, and business operations is essential for success in this position.

You can begin your path to becoming a CFO by earning a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance, or a closely related field. Experience in the industry as an accountant or in a leadership capacity can assist you progress laterally within the organization to obtain this position.This is another Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia.

4. Head of technology (tie)

Average annual salary: AU$300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)Flag of Western Australia sticking in american banknotes.(series The national flag of Western Australia sticking in a pile of american dollars.(series) Highest Paying Jobs in Australia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

In this Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia, a company’s chief technology officer oversees the incorporation of new technologies. They supervise SMART objectives for software, storage, and other technological endeavors. Demand for this position has soared as the information technology age has expanded.

This position may require relevant job experience, extra licenses, and a bachelor’s and master’s degree. However, admittance requirements can differ based on the organization to which you apply. However, obtaining a degree in information technology, having a passion for data analysis, and gaining industry experience are all good stages that could help you succeed in this position.

5. Chief technology officer (tie)

Average annual salary: AU$300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)

In this Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia The chief technology officer is responsible for initiating and directing the diffusion of technology to clients, vendors, and other enterprises. Frequently, they have a background in information technology and use technology to improve the customer experience for clients and suppliers. Typically, a bachelor’s degree in IT and more than ten years of professional experience are required for this position.

6. Investment director (tie)

Average annual salary: AU$300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)

Investment directors monitor all capital growth decisions made by an organization. They frequently lead transaction teams, are responsible for the execution process, and play a crucial role in fund-raising.

This Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia position requires a minimum of five years of experience and extra finance credentials, such as a finance degree, in order to be successful.

7. Head of operations

Average annual salary: AU$325,000 (£177,800 / $242,700)Financial business concept of snail crawling on a pile of coins in front of stock chart and a flag of Australia. Slow economic growth Snail business growth concept Highest Paying Jobs in Australia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Principal tasks of a head of operations include collaborating with senior management to develop strategies and achieve SMART objectives, ensuring compliance with the law and other regulatory laws, and maintaining the seamless operation of the firm.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a comparable subject. You must also have over ten years of experience in senior leadership, a demonstrated ability to manage operational procedures, and a thorough understanding of industry laws. If you have experience in customer service, this position would be ideal for you.This is another Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia.

8. Company secretary

Average annual salary: AU$342,500 (£187,370 / $255,770)

Company secretaries assist the board of directors. They are responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are adhered to and that board agendas and briefings are completed on schedule.

All directors collaborate with the company secretary to facilitate communication throughout the organization.

If you have a knack for organization and appropriate industry experience, this position may be right for you.

9. General manager

Average annual salary: AU$350,000 (£191,480 / $261,370)

In this Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia, General managers are essential to a company’s efficiency since they are leaders.

The general manager is responsible for shaping the work environment, implementing objectives and goals, determining the most efficient use of resources, and cultivating talent within the organization.

10. In-house general counsel

Average annual salary: AU$400,000 (£218,840 / $298,710)Australian dollar banknotes over Australia flag Australian dollar banknote bundles on textile textured Australia flag. 3d rendered illustration. Highest Paying Jobs in Australia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The purpose of the in-house general counsel is to implement strategy, explain risks and legal considerations involved in decision-making to the appropriate senior management, and comprehend corporate pressure points. As a lawyer, you must provide your employer with timely legal advice in order to minimize legal complications for the organization.

To pursue a career as an in-house general counsel, a necessary legal education, including a master’s degree, is required.

Before assuming this position, substantial industry expertise is typically required. Fortunately, there are many open careers in the legal field, so you can locate the ideal position to work your way up to this one.

FAQs On Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia

Which job is highly paid in Australia?

Neurosurgeons earn the highest annual salary in Australia at over $600,000.

Which city in Australia pays highest salary?

Sydney NSW. $134,580 per year. 16 salaries reported.
Dandenong VIC. $105,666 per year. 6 salaries reported.
Melbourne VIC. $105,445 per year. 32 salaries reported.
Melbourne Eastern Suburbs VIC. $86,519 per year. 5 salaries reported.
Gold Coast QLD. $82,232 per year.

What is the most respected job in Australia?

survey among Australians, 61 percent of respondents rated doctors as one of their top five most trusted professions. Medical professions dominated the top three with nurses and pharmacists rating higher than the police in terms of trustworthiness.

What skills are in high demand in Australia?

Registered nurses, software and application programmers, and aged care and disability carers are the top three occupations in demand, according to the NSC, with more than 5000 job ads open for roles in each of these three areas.

Why salary in Australia is so high?

Economist Tony Alexander​ said wages had always been higher in Australia because of a greater level of capital investment by businesses, resulting in higher productivity. “Pick a letter of the alphabet, pick what the profession is, you're going to get paid more there than here,” Alexander​ said.


Australia is currently seeing a high demand for these rewarding occupations. With abundant development projected for the future, these jobs are future-proof and are luring employees from around the world to the wonderful country Down Under!

If you have degrees or industry experience in these positions or disciplines, it may be time to explore the ideal work-life balance and laid-back beach lifestyle that Australia provides.

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