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Student Discount for Hulu 2023

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Spotify Music and Showtime are included in the student discount for Hulu.

All college students are invited! Here’s another fantastic offer for you!

Everyone is struggling financially right now, but students are particularly hard hit because they must pay for their tuition, room and board, books, and other necessities of life. Saving even a little money is beneficial. And right now, students may save a ton of money.

They need any and all discounts and savings, of course.

student discount for Hulu

What’s Hulu?

The Walt Disney Company owns and wholly controls Hulu, an American subscription video on demand service. The three primary Disney platforms in the US are Hulu, Disney, and ESPN.

It is among the most widely used and reasonably priced streaming services in the US. You may access a variety of movies, along with popular classics and TV episodes, for as little as $5.99 a month, however there will be advertisements. However, you might benefit from Hulu’s student discount programs if you are a college student.

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What’s the Student Discount for Hulu?

The subscription’s monthly fee can be intimidating because it will have an impact on your student budget.

Discounts are now being offered to students through a variety of online channels to assist lessen their subscription fees. The student discount for Hulu is the subject of this article.

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Benefits of Student Discount for Hulu

The COVID 19 hurt the economy and caused an increase in inflation, making it difficult for everyone to earn money, especially students who have many expenses to pay such tuition, textbooks, and other fees. Since then, HULU has offered student discounts. Students can now stream instructive videos and watch their favorite shows without necessarily breaking the budget.

College students can subscribe to Hulu for 65% less than the $5.99/monthly basic plan. For students, this comes out to be $1.99 per month. Hulu’s kind-hearted action allows more students to access its material at a lower cost while also helping them save more money.

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Student Discount for Hulu Trial

It is a good way to go by using the Hulu free trial to determine whether you would take its student discount in a way due to many uncertainties. Three Hulu trials are available right now. Namely:

  • Hulu with ads
  • without ads
  • Hulu with live TV

Hulu with Ads:

With this trial, you can get a sense of how many advertisements you’ll be seeing after you subscribe to this particular bundle. The 30-day trial period gives you enough time to decide whether or not you want to subscribe to the plan. The regular monthly cost for this bundle is $5.99. This sum is to go into effect following the trial days.

The Hulu discount does not support offline streaming, so do not anticipate being able to watch any series once you are offline in addition to having to deal with advertising.

Student Discount for Hulu Without Ads:

This trial kind has been carefully determined to be the best. whilst watching your videos. There are no annoying ad breaks in this trial version. However, keep in mind that this is a somewhat expensive option. After the trial, keep in mind that this Hulu package will cost you $11.99 each month.

Hulu with Live TV

The trial period for this Hulu edition is only one week, as opposed to the two prior ones. When the trial period was up, this service had a monthly fee of around $64, 99. It is also the most sensible option out of the three. Ultimately, the wealthy are the main users of this service package.

As you have seen, there are three options available for the Hulu free trial depending on your preferences and, of course, your budget.

student discount for Hulu

Student Discount for Hulu Options

First Option:

You can now take advantage of an SMOKING DEAL from Spotify, Showtime, and Hulu! For ONLY $4.99 per month (regularly $21.98), you can get Showtime, Spotify Premium (without commercials), and Hulu (with some commercials).

All services are available for less than $5! Anytime is fine to cancel. You can quickly activate your free Hulu membership if you already have Spotify Premium for students. To get the $4.99 offer, they can merge your existing Hulu account if you already have a Hulu Limited Commercial Plan and pay Hulu directly.

Second Choice:

Hulu is available for for $1.99 per month (instead than $6.99).

It’s a no-bundle choice. This is a brand-new option from Hulu and the company’s first standalone student discount.

student discount for Hulu

How to Sign up for the Student Discount for Hulu?

It’s not difficult to register for Hulu’s student discount. Both new and current users are eligible for the discount, albeit the procedure varies slightly for each.

If you’re a brand-new user, sign up for Hulu by clicking “Sign up now

The next step is to confirm that you are a student. To confirm this, Hulu has partnered with SheerID. Your name and the college you attend must be provided. SheerID may also request some type of identification or academic record.

You can take advantage of the Hulu student discount once SheerID has confirmed that you are a student.

To sum up:

  1. After determining that you are qualified, you must apply for the discount.
  2. On your phone or PC’s web browser, go to hulu.com/student.
  3. Create an account by entering your details.
  4. You will be taken to SheerID, where they will ask you for more details to confirm that you are a student.
  5. Click “Continue” once your enrollment status has been verified.
  6. You must add your billing information before you can start streaming.

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And once I Graduate, what happens?

Students may re-verify their eligibility once every 12 months, for a total of three further 12-month periods, in order to maintain their subscription. You will lose your eligibility for the student discount if you are unable to re-verify at the end of any 12-month period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the Hulu Students Discount even though I’m not a student?

Regrettably, no. In the past, Spotify has offered packages that included both normal Spotify Premium and Hulu, but at the present, this offer is only available to students.

For whom is the Hulu Student Discount available?

If you are 18 years of age or older, a current student at a Title IV approved US college or university, and SheerID has confirmed your enrollment, you are qualified for the student discount. You will be taken to SheerID during signup to submit your information and confirm your student status.

Do I need to Verify again?

Yes, for three more years, automatic re-verification happens every year. Spotify presently requires users to use SheerID to confirm their enrollment status once a year.

I already subscribed to the Disney Bundle; am I still eligible for the student Discount on Hulu?

No, you cannot combine The Disney Bundle's lower pricing with the Hulu student discount.


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