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Nursing Schools in Texas with no Waiting List

Nursing Schools in Texas with no Waiting List

Currently, one of the world’s most rewarding careers is nursing. Anyone has the chance to earn a lot of money doing what they enjoy.

But in order to become a nurse, one needs enroll in nursing school and earn the new graduate nurse examples and nursing licenses required for practice.

Thus, the nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list shall be discussed in this article:

What is Waiting List?

In the United States and other nations, the term “waiting list” is used to describe a circumstance in which a college or university has not formally accepted a particular student for admission but may do so in the coming months if seats become available.

An applicant who is on a waitlist for admission to a college has met all the requirements, but the admissions office was unable to admit them at the time of their application.

Your application was not automatically rejected if it was placed on a waitlist. Those on the waiting list still have a possibility of getting admitted to the facility.

In the fall of 2020, some universities did not admit anyone from their waitlist, with the exception of transfer students, according to data from 98 National Universities with waitlisted students that was provided to U.S. News. Typically, 39 percent of those applicants were chosen from the waitlist.

nursing schools in texas with no waiting

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Few things to know about Nursing Schools Waiting List

The following is the reality of nursing school waiting lists:

  1. Many nursing schools have wait lists because there is a greater demand for degrees than there are open slots in the program. The issue is further complicated by three factors:
  2. A surplus of new nursing students is being motivated by the nurse shortage.
  3. The declining number of nurse educators is not being helped by the nursing shortage or the low compensation.
  4. A new surge of nursing students and career changers are relocating to nursing schools in search of secure professions with lucrative pay as a result of the economic turmoil that began in 2008.

One could contend that the problem is further exacerbated by the emotive news headlines concerning nursing school dropouts.

Some nursing applicants have been waiting for several semesters. For some reason, they’ve made the decision that the specific nursing school they are eagerly awaiting is essential to their success as nurses, exceptional, or otherwise.

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Important things to note when Choosing a Nursing School

However, extremely good registered nurses (RNs) who are currently employed come from diploma programs at obscure community colleges in “the sticks” and coexist with those from the most “notable” institutions. Nobody is interested in where you attended undergrad nursing school once you land a position on a hospital nursing floor. They are interested in your ability to operate as a team, assist your other nurses, give skilled and compassionate bedside care, and contribute to the overall success of your practice if you are a licensed registered nurse. The wait lists for schools that have any basis in “notoriety” or “popularity” are not necessarily better; in fact, they have probably evolved into extremely effective public relations tools.

Avoiding Nursing Schools Waiting List

A waitlist for nursing schools is the single biggest obstacle to your nursing education.

There is a nursing shortage in the country. The lengthening of waitlists at nursing schools across the nation is mostly due to this shortfall. There are not enough nurse educators to match the demands of nursing programs, despite the increase in students enrolling in nursing schools. According to the AACN, enrollment in BSN programs has grown by 17% since 2010. In addition, a lot of nursing programs only begin in September of each year. This has resulted in overcrowded classrooms and lengthy waitlists that sometimes last for years.

Why not look into a number of schools, including some with no wait, before you decide to sign up for a nursing school wait list? How to succeed in nursing school even though it may not be your first choice:

  1. Verify the nursing program’s accreditation.
  2. Examine the faculty’s credentials.
  3. Compare the degree programs you are considering to the one you are interested in.
  4. Do recent graduates find jobs immediately away, and if so, where?
  5. Visit the campus or attempt to speak with a current student.
  6. Check to see if the institution offers job placement and career guidance.
  7. Are there any financial aid or scholarships available to you?

Nursing Schools in Texas with no Waiting List

These are the available nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list that you can attend:

1. Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing

One of the nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list is the Patty Hanks School of Nursing at Abilene Christian University.

Students accepted into the PHSSN nursing program will join a group of individuals who will be pursuing their last two years of study at Hardin-Simmons and McMurry universities.

This school offers its students the ability to experience what it’s like to work as a nurse in some of the most famous hospitals in the region.

Because the school works with a variety of stakeholder groups and healthcare professional institutions, they are exposed to a wide range of skills and knowledge.


2. Covenant School of Nursing 

One of the first nursing schools in Texas, Covenant School of Nursing has graduated more than 5,200 nurses since opening its doors in 1918.

This nursing program is renowned for producing nurses who are committed to patient care and the nursing profession as a whole.

nursing schools in texas with no waiting

The accredited full-time diploma program at this school offers students both classroom and clinical teaching, as well as supervised experience in the lab and clinic.

Because of the supportive environment, each student receives the guidance and inspiration they require to succeed as a registered nurse. The list of nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list will not be complete without the inclusion of Covenant School of Nursing.


3. Houston Community College Nursing School 

For almost 40 years, HCC has been a part of the Houston neighborhood.

The nursing program at HCC is among the best, and you’ll have the chance to interact with some of the most intelligent students in the profession.

HCC has become a leader in the field of education thanks to innovation, quickly developing into the College of Tomorrow.

Their programs offer accelerated education using cutting-edge technology that prepares nursing students for quick entry into the industry to meet the demands of today’s workforce.


4. McLennan Community College Nursing School 

The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program’s objective is to educate nurses who can function well and securely in their initial positions as members of a healthcare team.

The academic success and development of their students is a focus for the McLennan Community College nursing faculty and staff.

nursing schools in texas with no waiting

Financial help is available to nursing students at this institution, as well as students with special needs. The care provided to Mcleannan Community College students enhances their lives.

Furthermore, McLennan can help you reach your academic goals while giving you a top-notch academic experience.


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FAQs about Nursing Schools Waiting List

What Nursing Program is the quickest?

The two most popular fast track alternatives are a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) or an associate's degree in nursing (ADN). Each of these methods of receiving nursing instruction calls for passing the NCLEX licensing test.

How do I enter the nursing field without a degree?

If you pursue the Access to HE Diploma route and have GCSEs with a grade C or higher, you can enroll in college without taking A Levels. Three study skills units are included in the Access to HE Diploma in Nursing. sixteen modules covering biology, physiology, anatomy, social work, and health concepts.

During clinicals, are nursing students paid?

No, clinicals in nursing school are not compensated for by the students. They are an expansion of your thorough nursing training. Clinicals are a hands-on learning experience that give students the chance to strengthen their skills while also requiring them to work in actual clinical settings.

What is the quickest way in Texas to become a nurse?

In Texas, there is a clear path to becoming a registered nurse.
Basically, there are three steps to it:

1. Earn a BSN or associate's degree after graduating.
2. Pass the NCLEX-RN certification test.
3. Enroll in the continuing education programs required by Texas for registered nurses.

nursing schools in texas with no waiting


Although waitlists and deferrals have certain similarities, they are two distinct concepts. It doesn’t mean you’ve been rejected, but it does mean you’ll have to hold off on finding out whether you’ve been accepted.

Determine whether the program’s standard is right for you before choosing a school.



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