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Top Welding Schools in Oklahoma City: 15 Best Paying Welding Jobs

Best Welding Schools in Oklahoma City

Since welding is the most popular method for permanently connecting metal components and welders are in high demand, welders may earn a decent income almost anyplace. Students will study how to operate Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc (GMAW), Flux Cored Arc (FCAW), and Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW), as well as oxygen/acetylene and plasma cutting equipment, and obtain skills for fabricating a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

One of the biggest and most advanced cities in the nation is Oklahoma City. A strong economy that consistently creates jobs and opportunity exists in both the city and the entire state.

The welding schools in Oklahoma City are excellent and provide some of the best welding programs.

Welding Schools in Oklahoma City

What is Welding?

A connect is formed as two or more components cool during the welding process, which involves the use of heat, pressure, or both. The most common materials for welding are metals and thermoplastics, however wood can also be utilized. A weldment is the term used to describe the finished welded junction.

Some materials demand the employment of particular procedures and methods. A few are deemed “unweldable,” a phrase that is useful and descriptive in engineering but is rarely seen in dictionaries.

A parent material is the term for the pieces that are linked. Filler or consumable refers to the substance that is added to the join to aid in its formation. These substances may be referred to as parent plate or pipe, filler wire, consumable electrode (for arc welding), etc. depending on their form.

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Top Welding Schools in Oklahoma City

These are the welding schools in Oklahoma City that provide the best welding training:

Tulsa Welding School

One of best welding schools in Oklahoma City to learn this trade is at Tulsa Welding School. Many outstanding instructors at the Academy are either current or previous working experts in this sector. These trainers assisted in the creation of all the materials and resources, which also included assistance from some of the state’s top professors of education.

The certificate program in welding is brief and intensive. In addition, there are higher levels of study in welding and pipefitting that will qualify you for some of the highest-paying professions in the sector.


Location: 2545 East 11th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Boston Metro Technology Center

Boston’s Metro Technology Centers, which is right in the middle of the city, is a fantastic area to study. This school is unique in that it is regarded as one of the friendliest and most inviting welding schools in Oklahoma City, offering the ideal environment for learning and development. The trainers are excellent, and they will help you through every stage of this incredible trip.

The state’s best classes and laboratories are offered by the outstanding welding program. The curriculum concentrates on the actual knowledge and abilities you’ll need for your brand-new, fantastic career. Read on for more of the best welding schools in Oklahoma City.


Address: 73111 Oklahoma City, 1900 Springlake Drive

Mid-Del Technology Center

The best teachers and community in the state may be found at Mid-Del Technology Center. The college is eager to provide you with the ideal environment for growth because it is proud of its alumni, many of whom are now highly regarded professionals. There are a ton of recreational opportunities here, and the facilities, labs, seminars, and dorms are excellent.

The 900 hours of seminars and laboratories that make up the welding curriculum will teach you everything you need to know. For residents, the program may be free, and overall expenses are minimal.


Postal code: 73110 Midwest City, Oklahoma 1621 Maple Dr.

Canadian Valley Technology Center

The best place to begin a new career in technology is at Canadian Valley Technology Center. The center is well-known throughout Oklahoma for its outstanding trainers and instructors as well as some of the most cutting-edge practice facilities. The best educational materials and some of the most fervent and knowledgeable professionals in this industry will be used to teach you.

One of the best welding schools in Oklahoma City offering certificate programs in the industry, Canadian Valley Technology Center’s welding program prepares you for one of the best positions in the field. Additionally, this university has some of the lowest tuition costs in the state.


Location: 6505 E Highway 66 El Reno, OK 73036

Mid-America Technology Center

Mid-America Technology Center is here to offer the greatest education and training in the region in a fun, active, and vibrant environment. You have plenty of chances for leisure and relaxation on our pleasant, huge campus. The best instructors in each subject are delivering the programs and classes, which are very carefully planned and targeted.

The welding program, which covers everything from plasma cutters to some of the most fundamental skills and knowledge required for this dynamic sector, is one of the most intriguing and future-oriented programs.


Location: 27438 State Highway 59 Wayne, Oklahoma 73095

Moore Norman Technology Center

The Moore Norman Technology Center was founded with the intention of educating as many individuals as possible in the fascinating subject of technology and vocational training. The programs offered here are some of the best in the entire region, and they are presented using a very cutting-edge and futuristic approach.

You can earn the certificate diploma rapidly thanks to the great welding curriculum. The program contains theory, practice, and all the information you need to know about this profession, and it can be completed in a few of months.


Location: 4701 12th NW Avenue Norman, OK 73069

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

The Francis Tuttle Technology Center is a fantastic place to pursue a career in technology. This school is unique in that it is regarded as one of the friendliest and most inviting, offering the ideal environment for learning and development. The instructors and teachers are devoted and qualified.

The welding course is a great option for your career. You can complete the courses and labs in a few months and learn everything you need to know about one of the hottest occupations in the market.


Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center is one of the fantastic welding schools in Oklahoma City to learn because it has some of the most qualified and kind instructors anywhere. Your education will be aided by the college’s cutting-edge tools and resources, and the instructors will provide all the assistance you require. The college can also offer you assistance with financial planning.

There are numerous ways to practice welding, and the program is highly regarded. You can pick between structural welding, combination welding, and welding for pipe fittings.


Location: 4601 North Choctaw Road Choctaw, Oklahoma 73020

Welding Schools in Oklahoma City

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High Paying Careers in Welding

1. Tack Welder:

A tack weld is a tiny weld that is used to secure objects and keep them in the right positions until the main weld can be completed. A sequence of small tack welds can be made to provide large pieces of metal strength and keep them still before the main weld is applied, saving time and effort compared to having to hold them in place while welding. The task of a tack welder is to precisely align the components and apply a succession of tiny tack welds so that a lead welder may return and quickly complete the finished weld.

2. Fitter/Welder:

A welder who performs more than just joining two pieces together is known as a fitter. Before welding together, they will also employ heat and lasers to shape parts of aluminum, steel, and other metals. Fitter welders get paid more than the average welder because doing this needs more knowledge and experience. They are required in crucial fields like aerospace engineering, the auto sector, building, manufacturing, and motorsports.

3. Welder Assistant

You probably don’t have many credentials or a lot of experience when you first start considering a career in welding. Your initial work in this situation will probably be as a welder assistant. You will be assisting the lead welders in any tasks they require, such as preparing the metal for welding or cleaning up afterward. This is merely a stepping stone to other, better positions in the industry.

4. TIG Welder

With TIG welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), even the thinnest metals can be joined precisely and minutely without the use of filler metal. TIG welders are experts in this technique, and they can operate in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, and robotics.

5. Pipe Welder

Large pipelines in a variety of sectors are welded by pipe welders. Many pipe welders are employed by the thousands of miles of industrial pipelines that transport natural gas and oil, in particular. If you’re prepared to travel for your job, you might easily earn a six-figure salary as a pipe welder, who are among the best-paid welders in the world.

6. Nuclear Welder

Before handling or being around the dangerous radioactive materials required for this vocation, nuclear welders must receive FBI clearance. They frequently work on nuclear reactors, ships, and submarines. If you want to get to this area of the profession, you must be the best of the best when it comes to welding. Additionally, you’ll need a number of certifications, all of which take a lot of time and effort to obtain, but the money is well worth the effort.

7. Submersible/Underwater Welder

You may want to think about becoming an underwater welder if you enjoy swimming and diving. They carry out a wide range of jobs, including dam building and repair, shipbuilding, and underwater construction. Although they frequently work in the open ocean, there are also many opportunities close to land in rivers and lakes. Although a welder might earn a lot of money in this position, it also needs specialized training. You must first become a commercial diver before earning your AWS wet welding certification if you want to work underwater.

Others include:

  1. Rig Welder
  2. Aerospace Welder
  3. Welding Technician
  4. Manufacturing Technician
  5. Boilermaker
  6. Welding Inspector
  7. Welding Instructor
  8. Military support welding

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Welding Schools in Oklahoma City

FAQs about Welding Careers

How much does attending a welding school cost?

Depending on the location of the program and any prospective specialities you may be pursuing, welding training at a community college or technical school normally costs between $5,000 and $15,000 (in contrast, a welding bachelor's degree costs between $40,000 and $100,000).

What is the welding industry’s top pay?

Welders with experience can earn up to $35.45 per hour. A skilled welder needs both academic understanding and practical expertise using welding tools and performing various welding tasks. In this field, an experienced welder is regarded as advanced.

Is it challenging to learn welding?

Due to the fact that welding is a hands-on activity that calls for more than just reading, it can be moderately to very challenging for most people to learn how to accomplish. In addition, most people find it quite challenging to actually perform welding because it requires years and years of experience in addition to learning how to do it.

Why do welders earn such high salaries?

Some welding techniques involve working in hazardous conditions and frequently result in deadly workplace accidents. Employers are ready to pay substantially greater remuneration for employees who take on the added danger because nobody wants to die while doing their job.



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