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20 colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

20 colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

Technology is crucial to higher education in the 21st century. Free laptops are an apparent method for colleges to make technology accessible to students. The conditions and restrictions of each free laptop college vary; sometimes you can take online courses with free laptop rental, and other times a free laptop for college is just that – a free laptop for college.

Some colleges provide students with a free iPad, or even an iPad Pro. A few really generous colleges (such as Seton Hall) provide students with a free laptop and tablet.

The answer to the question “How can I obtain a free laptop?” is to conduct a school search or consult our list. We have compiled a list of over 20 institutions that provide free laptops or iPads. Looking for the most affordable tablets for college students? How does liberty sound? Some institutions only provide financial aid to disadvantaged students.

And some require enrollment in a program for graphic design or digital marketing. The online colleges with free Laptors or Ipads demonstrate what it takes to make education accessible and transformative in the twenty-first century. For innovation, providing technology will quickly become standard.

List of colleges with free Laptors or Ipads 

The following is a list of the colleges with free Laptors or Ipads:

1. Duke University Institute for Global Health

colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads at Duke University is available to students in the Global Health Institute, a multidisciplinary research and degree-granting institution focused to global public health.

The objective of the GHI is to bring together information and skills from throughout Duke University in order to address health concerns from every angle – scientific, medical, political, social, and economic. As a result of the technologically advanced nature of the program, a free iPad becomes the students’ essential tool.

Duke University, one of the most famous universities in the world and a member of the Southern Ivies, is renowned for being at the forefront of research, instruction, and practice. Duke, founded in 1838, became one of the nation’s wealthiest private research colleges after tobacco billionaire James B. Duke donated the Duke Endowment. With an endowment of $8.5 billion, Duke University funds some of the most cutting-edge medical and technological research in the world. It has also made it possible for Duke University to be tuition-free.

2. Wake Forest College

Offering free computers to undergraduate students, this colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program is a vital method the university assists students in need of financial assistance.

Any student receiving need-based aid, merit scholarships, or athletic scholarships is eligible to apply for the Technology Grant to receive a WakeWare laptop and insurance coverage. Even students who do not qualify for the Technology Grant can acquire a cheap WakeWare device that includes insurance, tech support, and maintenance services in addition to their free college laptop.

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads is a prestigious private research institution founded in 1834, is frequently cited as one of the Southern Ivies. Wake Forest, which is renowned for its medical, business, and biotech programs and is routinely ranked among the nation’s most prestigious and selective institutions, takes every effort to support students from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds. Programs such as the Technology Grant are only one manner in which WFU recruits the most qualified students regardless of cost.

3. Dakota State College

As part of the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative (launched in 2004), this colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program provides all incoming freshmen with a free tablet or iPad. The tablet initiative at Dakota State is intended to contribute to a paperless classroom by providing students with the ability to take notes, record audio, complete and submit assignments, and do virtually everything else on a single device.

In addition, the Fujitsu tablet PC comes with free technical support, battery replacement, and repairs for the duration of the student’s college career.

Dakota State University was founded in 1881 as a teacher training school, but in 1984 it was designated as South Dakota’s technology university, and DSU has adhered closely to this mission. Dakota State is a national leader in online education and has been designated by the NSA as a Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity.

In addition to being one of the first campuses to be fully equipped with wifi technology and one of the first colleges with free Laptors or Ipads to offer free laptops, Dakota State was also one of the first campuses to offer free laptops. “Embrace Innovation” is an apt motto for Dakota State, which is frequently recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative universities. It is also one of the most affordable colleges in the United States.

4. Northwest Missouri State College

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program at Northwest Missouri State University is intended to save students time and money; the cost of textbooks and a laptop are rolled into each student’s fees, so students simply pick up their free laptop for college students in their freshman year, and a bundle of textbooks at the beginning of each semester.

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students receive a fully-equipped laptop, tech support and repair services, and, according to the university, an average savings of $7,300 over the course of four years.

Northwest Missouri State University, a regional public university, is committed to accessibility and affordability. Since its founding in 1905 as a teacher’s college, NMSU has prioritized the needs of Missouri’s working people and youth.

Northwest is frequently rated as a value leader due to its affordable tuition and high-quality academic programs. It is a great choice for aspiring young professionals due to its small class numbers, teacher mentoring, and emphasis on experiential learning.However, it is also among the colleges with free Laptors or Ipads.

5. University of Saint Mary in Minnesota

colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers all online students with an iPad for use in their classrooms. Students enrolled in online and hybrid programs will receive a free iPad with Saint Mary’s learning platform and valuable productivity apps already installed, regardless of their location.

Students are better able to connect with their learning when they have access to an iPad in online classes; practically all schoolwork may be completed on the iPad, however students will also need connection to a laptop or desktop for some needs.

Saint Mary’s University, which was founded in 1912 as a Catholic men’s college, is now a coeducational university led by the Brother of the Christian Schools monastic order and is one of College Consensus’ Best Catholic Colleges.

Saint Mary’s is well-known for its academic rigor and quality (a characteristic of the Christian Brothers), and it has also become a nationally-recognized leader in online education, resulting in the campaign to provide free iPads to students. Saint Mary’s is making its mark in the 21st century by emphasizing unconventional learning, particularly for working adults.

6. Southern Nazarene College

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads  for students program at Southern Nazarene University has several restrictions; all students can receive a Dell PC laptop for free, but moving to a Mac requires an upgrade charge. Acceptable; a high-performing Dell laptop is provided for free to college students at the beginning of each year at orientation. Students can get a 13″ Macbook for $700 or a 15″ Macbook Pro for $1450. In any event, SNU’s program equips students with the necessary technology for success.

One of the eight Church of the Nazarene-affiliated liberal arts colleges (representing eight regions of the United States), Southern Nazarene University’s home is Oklahoma, and while its history has been somewhat complicated by mergers and moves, SNU has been there in some form since 1899, when Oklahoma was still known as the Oklahoma and Indian Territories.

As a college with open admissions, SNU is noted for its student support and accessibility, giving students from all backgrounds with the resources necessary to achieve their goals, including a free laptop.

7. Full Sail College

Project Launchbox at Full Sail University goes well beyond providing colleges with free Laptors or Ipads . Students in various on-campus and online programs receive an array of technological aids, including hardware and software packages. For example, Digital Cinematography students receive a camera, lighting equipment, microphones, and editing software; Game Design students receive an entire virtual reality setup, including a headset and sophisticated software.

1979 saw the founding of Full Sail University as a recording studio, with the addition of recording and video production courses the following year. Over time, Full Sail has earned a reputation as a hub for technology education, and in 2007 it began providing fully online degree programs. Full Sail, an accredited for-profit college renowned for its highly specialized programs and outreach to nontraditional students, has been recognized as one of the best institutions for music and video creation.

8. Southern University of New Hampshire

The colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program at Southern New Hampshire University does not exactly provide free computers to college students, but SNHU students receive a substantial discount on Dell and Apple devices.

In addition to discounts on laptops, desktops, and tablets, SNHU students receive free tech support and maintenance, a free warranty, and free software, among other perks. Considering that the vast majority of SNHU students take online courses, a discounted laptop or iPad is advantageous for students.

Southern New Hampshire University was formed in 1932 as a tiny business school, but it is unlikely that anyone outside of New Hampshire would have known of it without one innovation: the internet. SNHU was an early adopter of entirely online education; currently, more than 80,000 students attend SNHU online as opposed to only 4,000 traditional on-campus students. This technological expertise has made SNHU one of the nation’s most innovative institutions.

9.  Crookston University of Minnesota

The colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program at the University of Minnesota-Crookston is part of the UMC Advantage, the comprehensive experience that has made UMC one of the greatest regional colleges in the Midwest.

Online students can qualify for a free laptop if they take at least half of their coursework on campus. With a strong emphasis on technology and innovative learning, UM Crookston ensures that students are prepared for the future.

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads was established in 1966 on the grounds of an agricultural research farm established in 1895. As a technical college, UMC has always placed a focus on practical learning for the workforce.

In 1993, UMC started Laptop U, one of the first initiatives in the country to provide free laptops to college students and teachers. They continue to offer low tuition for both residents and nonresidents, a placement rate of 87%, and extensive financial aid. “Small College. Big Degree” truly.

10. Kentucky’s Western University

colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

Western Kentucky University’s is also a colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program and it is similar to others. WKU has partnerships with Dell and Apple to provide students with savings on Mac computers, Dell laptops, and Microsoft Surface tablets, and the Recycled Computer Program allows departments to get used devices.

Moreover, students who complete 40 hours of community service are eligible for a free refurbished Macbook. Using the free laptop for college as an incentive increases the number of students who participate in community service.

Western Kentucky University was founded in 1976 as a private teacher education and business school, and became a public university in 1906 when the state of Kentucky purchased the school (and its student body).

WKU, ranked among the top regional universities in the South, has long prioritized the needs of Kentucky’s working population, and this commitment continues to this day. WKU’s high score on the Social Mobility Index demonstrates that it is delivering on its mission to assist Kentuckians live better lives.

11. Rochester College

The free laptops for college initiative at Rochester College is exceptionally generous. Rochester was the first institution in Michigan to provide every new student with a free MacBook beginning in 2008.

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads includes first-year students, transfer students (as long as they have fewer than 29 transfer credits), and dual enrollment high school students. Today, students are permitted to keep either a MacBook Pro or an iPad as long as they complete 6 semesters. Rarely are free laptops for college students of such high quality and with no strings attached.

Rochester College is motivated to become one of the nation’s most innovative and progressive institutions, and the fact that they provide free laptops is only a small portion of this effort. Rochester College, founded in 1954 and affiliated with the Churches of Christ, has accomplished more in just over half a century than colleges twice as old. Rochester, primarily known as a liberal arts college, is on track to become a university by 2020, and its dedication to technology is propelling it forward.

12. Rutgers University Newark 

The colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program for students at Rutgers University Newark is not open to everyone – they’re not handing them out like candy. However, students at the prestigious Rutgers Business School who are enrolled in the Mini MBA in Digital Marketing are eligible for a complimentary iPad.

An iPad is, after all, one of the most important instruments for Digital Marketing. The Mini MBA is one of the most innovative programs in the country, and the complimentary iPads for students are the frosting on the cake.

Rutgers Newark is one of Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey’s three campuses and the location of the Rutgers Business School. Founded in 1929, the Rutgers Business School is consistently listed among the nation’s top 10 and 20 business schools by the Princeton Review, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, and others. Rutgers, with its finger on the pulse of banking, finance, industry, and government, does not merely react; it creates the future of business.

13. The Chatham College

colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

The colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program at Chatham University provides each incoming freshman with a Macbook Air. The laptops are utilized around campus as professors try to integrate technology into their lessons.

In addition to the laptop itself, Chatham provides a warranty, theft and damage protection, free repair services, and even a branded backpack. Graduate students do not receive a free laptop, but they may qualify for financial aid to acquire the necessary technology. The provision of free computers for college students places Chatham at the top of the list for student assistance.

Chatham University, founded in 1869 as a college for women, became coeducational in 2014, however the student body is still predominantly female. Chatham continues to emphasize developing young women for entrepreneurial, leadership, and service-oriented careers.

Chatham is one of the most innovative institutions in the North, as well as one of the greatest regional colleges with free Laptors or Ipads. Chatham prepares pupils to use technology in all aspects of their lives with its free laptop program.

14.  Bethel University

Students receive a new Chromebook during New Student Orientation, or if they are online students, their laptop is mailed to them. The Chromebook model enables instructors and students to use their laptops more successfully in the classroom, as the entire system is web-based and sharing and collaboration are more convenient. Students and professors utilize their free laptops for schoolwork due to the ease of inclusion.

Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee, was founded as a seminary in 1842 and is still linked with the Presbyterian Church. The majority of students at Bethel are from Tennessee, where it is renowned for its academic prowess and Christian perspective and has widespread esteem.

In recent years, Bethel has been noted for its expanding array of online degree programs, as well as its robust student support for online students – including, of course, the free college laptop.However, it is also among the colleges with free Laptors or Ipads .

15. Seton Hall College

The technology curriculum at Seton Hall University makes it one of the greatest colleges with free Laptors or Ipads in the nation. Seton Hall provides both a MacBook and an iPad to full-time students, and unlike other universities that exclusively provide technology to undergraduates, graduate students can also receive a Macbook and/or an iPad (depending on the program).

Seton Hall has been recognized five times as an Apple Distinguished School for its superior use of technology in the classroom.

Seton Hall, created in 1856 and named for Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born Catholic saint, is the oldest Catholic institution founded by a diocese (rather than a monastic order).

Seton Hall is widely regarded as one of the finest Catholic institutions in the United States, as well as one of the best for internships, due to its outstanding medical, legal, and business schools. Seton Hall is among the top institutions for experiential learning and job placement because to its extensive connections throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

16. Moravian College

colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

Free laptops make Moravian College, one of the oldest colleges in the United States, one of the most modern. All incoming Moravian College freshman receive a Macbook Pro and an iPad, motivating staff and students to utilize technology more than ever before. With a focus on employing technology in cutting-edge flipped classrooms and teachers producing their own course texts and applications, the All-Apple program at Moravian College offers campus-wide standards that fosters collaboration.

Moravian College was founded with Moravian communities in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1742. Prior to 1863, Moravian was the first institution in the United States to educate women and Native Americans.

As one of the most prestigious schools in the Northeast with colleges with free Laptors or Ipads program,and renowned for its educational rigor and undergraduate education excellence, Moravian makes collaboration between students and teachers a primary priority – a task made much simpler by the availability of free Apple laptops.

17. Widener University

Free laptops for undergraduate students at Widener University is an initiative financed exclusively by the School of Engineering. Undergraduate engineering students who qualify may apply for the Laptop Scholarship.

Students must achieve certain criteria, including minimum SAT or ACT scores, a 3.50 GPA, and full-time enrollment. Students who complete all of these requirements will receive a free laptop to utilize for their education from Widener.

Widener University is one of the oldest colleges in the region, being opened in 1821 as a school for boys. This lengthy history has made Widener one of the most popular and important minor liberal arts colleges in Pennsylvania, consistently listed among the top national and regional universities. Widener is renowned for its impact on social mobility and commitment to service; the university has been on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for over a decade.It is also another colleges with free Laptors or Ipads.

18. West Liberty College

The Student Laptop Program at West Liberty University provides free laptops to first-year college students. All first-time, full-time students are eligible to receive a free laptop, enabling teachers to integrate technology at all levels of instruction. All courses utilize online course materials.

In addition to a laptop, the Student Laptop Center provides students with all the necessary support, including maintenance, software support, and assistance with their personal laptops and PCs.

West Liberty University, the oldest college in West Virginia, dates back to 1837, when West Liberty was the frontier and West Virginia was still a part of Virginia. This illustrious past has made West Liberty University one of the most reputable institutions in the Appalachian Mountains, and its reputation for service and social mobility has been a boon to the local populace. One example is the Student Laptop Program, which provides free laptops to college students.

19. Johnson C. Smith College

Free iPads for students at Johnson C. Smith University are essential to the university’s ambition to become a New Urban University. JCSU gave free computers to college students for many years, but in recent years, through an unique deal with Apple, the program has changed to iPads.

The iPad for students program has been thoroughly incorporated into student life and the classroom, with faculty adopting transdisciplinary and multimodal teaching and research throughout the humanities, business, and sciences.

This colleges with free Laptors or Ipads is a private HBCU created in 1867 by the Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. JCSU was one of the founding organizations financed by the Duke Endowment (the majority of which funded Duke University).

In recent years, JCSU has shifted its curriculum from that of a typical liberal arts college to that of an urban research university, with a strong emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, which has culminated in the opening of a new scientific center and a cooperation with Apple. This effort has prompted the Gates Foundation to award JCSU an Institutional Partnership grant.

20. Wentworth Institute of Technology 

colleges with free Laptors or Ipads

Since 2004, when it began as a trial initiative, the free laptops for college students program at Wentworth Institute of Technology has been thriving. Today, all incoming freshmen are provided with an HP Razer PC laptop, whereas the original scheme gave pupils a Mac. Each department selects which software to offer, as well as which devices and operating systems to provide, based on the student’s major. The cost of the laptop is included in the tuition, and graduates are permitted to keep it.

In 1904, Wentworth Institute of Technology was founded as a technical school in Boston, Massachusetts, the city with the highest concentration of universities in the United States, to provide career-focused education in practical professions.

Wentworth is renowned for its engineering and business departments, as well as its cooperative education requirement, which requires students to work for two semesters with one of the college’s corporate partners. The laptop initiatives highlight Wentworth’s commitment to educational technology.

FAQs On colleges with free Laptors or Ipads 

What college gives you a free MacBook?

Full Sail gives enrollees an Apple MacBook Pro through Apple's Project LaunchBox. Students pursuing software development, game development, or simulation and visualization degrees receive HP laptops. Specific software and hardware vary by program.

Do US colleges give you laptops?

Some colleges offer free laptops through partnerships with stores and companies, while others may roll computer costs into student fees. Additionally, some schools may require you to enroll full time to qualify for a free or discounted laptop, whereas others may only provide free laptops to incoming students.

How can a college student get a laptop?

If your college or university doesn't offer free laptops as a part of enrollment, check out your school's library. Temporary laptop loans are typically available for students to use on campus. For commuter students who prefer to study off campus, local libraries are also a great option for borrowing free laptops.

What college gives you a free iPad?

Dakota State University's tablet program, part of the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative (which launched in 2004), provides all incoming freshmen with a free tablet or iPad.

Does fafsa cover laptops?

Financial aid helps students cover tuition, room and board, travel expenses to the school, textbooks, school supplies, and even laptops. That's right! You can actually use your financial aid to buy a laptop if it's something you need for school.

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