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The 10 Best Jobs for Former Teachers

Jobs for former teachers: In a 2020 National Education Association study, 55% of teachers stated they were thinking about leaving teaching sooner than they had anticipated.

During the past few years, educators have been under a lot of stress due to personnel shortages and pandemic fatigue. Many instructors are already thinking about exploring alternative career routes, some with teaching degrees and others with more specialized credentials or additional degrees.

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jobs for former teachers
jobs for former teachers

Why are many Teachers Quitting now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made teaching difficult for many educators in recent years. Several teachers have been compelled to adjust to online learning and supervise pupils while continuing to do other duties at work.

Schools are reporting a growing personnel deficit as more and more teachers leave the field, putting more pressure on the already overworked teachers.

According to a 2022 Bloomberg article, in addition to COVID-19 burnout, other factors contributing to the teacher shortage situation include escalating student behavioral problems and salary that isn’t keeping up with inflation.

So what exactly are these jobs? The top 10 jobs for former teachers are listed below.

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Jobs for Former Teachers

1. Education Administrator

$98,420 was the median annual wage in May 2021.

Wish to move up in the educational field? then you might think about working as an educational administrator. You can pursue a career as a principal and manage a primary, secondary, or boarding school. As an alternative, you may take on the role of superintendent and run a whole district of schools.

These experts concentrate on developing an environment that helps pupils study. Although doing much of their work at the macro level, school administrators nevertheless have some practical duties. You could, for instance, manage budgets and observe and assess teachers.

A master’s degree in education administration, a master of public administration, or an advanced degree in a similar field is often required to work as an education administrator.

2. Training and Development Manager

One of the best jobs for former teachers is corporate training because it is all about educating employees. These experts manage all aspects of employee training, including developing training plans and managing training expenditures.

Managers of training and development may work in healthcare facilities, nonprofit organizations, or corporate and technological environments.

A bachelor’s degree, together with related job experience, or a master’s degree in training and development, human resources, public administration, or business administration are typically requirements for management positions.

3. Education Consultant

(November 2022) Average Yearly Salary $62,360

You can make more use of your teaching abilities by working as an education consultant.

These experts offer guidance to schools or school systems on a particular subject. For instance, a tech-focused consultant might advise schools on how to incorporate technology into their curricula.

Some education consultants work for educational businesses, contributing to the creation of teaching aids and supplies. Many consultants are independent contractors who manage several projects at once.

A bachelor’s degree in education or a closely related subject is often required.

4. Postsecondary Education Administrator

Want to work in higher education? Then think about working as an administrator in higher education. You will be in charge of faculty research, student services, and all else academic in this position.

At both public and private colleges and universities, you can work in a variety of areas, such as student affairs, admissions, and the registrar’s office. As academic deans and provosts, some administrators even take on leadership responsibilities.

While you can get a job as a postsecondary education administrator with just a bachelor’s degree in some cases, you’ll frequently need a master’s in higher education administration or public administration. You might require a doctorate to be considered for an executive position like dean or provost.

Jobs for Former Teachers
Jobs for Former Teachers

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5. Museum Director

Several museums offer educational programs, which may include things like operating kid-friendly summer camps, conducting science experiments, and holding workshops for the arts.

These educational departments and programs are coordinated by a museum education director. Former teachers will enjoy the position because it often involves creating lesson plans and new educational initiatives.

A master’s degree in education, museum studies, or a related topic is preferred by certain museums, yet you may be able to get a job as a museum director with just a bachelor’s degree and a few years of teaching experience.

6  Human Resources Manager

Teachers and successful HR managers share a number of competencies. They deal with interpersonal issues and workplace problems on a regular basis, just like teachers do with pupils in the classroom. You must recognize the value of interpersonal and communication skills in your role as HR manager.

HR managers carry out a variety of tasks, such as determining how to best utilize employees’ skills inside a company, supervising hiring and benefits, and resolving personnel concerns.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and several years of relevant experience to work as an HR manager. You may become a more appealing candidate if you have a master’s degree in human resources, business administration, or public administration.

7. Instruction Coordinator

The average annual wage in May 2021 was $63,740.

For schools and districts, instructional coordinators—also known as curriculum specialists—set teaching and curriculum standards.

These experts create, carry out, and assess the efficacy of general curricular designs. Plans for teaching must ensure that pupils are ready to satisfy local, state, and federal benchmarks.

Typically, in addition to obtaining state license, you require a master’s degree in education or curriculum design to work as an instructional coordinator. To find out more about license requirements, contact your state’s board of education.

8. Education Policy Analyst

$61,580 is the average annual wage as of November 2022.

In order to enhance the public school system, education policy analysts frequently work for nonprofits, think tanks, lobbies, and government agencies. Researching how educational policies impact pupils and how to make them better is a common task.

A master’s degree in education, public policy, or child development is typically required for work as an education policy analyst.

9. School or Career Counselor

You might be interested in working as a school or career counselor if you still want to assist students in succeeding (just not as a teacher).

Counselors at schools frequently deal with pupils who struggle academically or emotionally due to behavioral, mental, or emotional issues. Contrarily, career counselors assist students in high school and college in choosing the profession they want to enter after graduation.

A master’s degree in educational psychology or school counseling is typically required to work as a counselor. In some states, you might additionally need to get a license.

10. Project Manager

$94,500 was the median annual wage in May 2021.

Large corporations, nonprofits, governmental organizations, healthcare providers, and educational institutions all have project managers who are in charge of their initiatives. Common duties include planning and strategizing, managing staff, establishing deadlines, securing resources, and laying out budgets.

For former teachers, project management can be a fantastic career. Teachers must, after all, be able to control the many moving pieces in their classrooms! The best project managers are extremely well-organized and adept communicators.

Jobs for Former Teachers
Jobs for Former Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

What second profession after teaching is good?

Teachers who want to pursue a second career in HR should do so because these professions make use of your system analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving skills. Those with a bachelor's degree in human resources, corporate management, education, or a similar discipline are most often sought for HR management positions.

Which academic subject is in demand the most?

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are fields that are constantly in demand, however exact needs differ each institution.

Is there a future for teachers?

Fortunately, there are many professions available following teaching where your degree can help. Hence, you are not alone if you are thinking about quitting your job as a teacher. For a variety of reasons, many people opt to leave this honorable profession, and they are in high demand in many different professions.

What time should I stop teaching?

You get more worn out from teaching than energized or delighted. It's common to have a difficult day at work, particularly if you're a teacher. Yet, if you find that you are worn out 179 out of 180 days that you are in the classroom, take it as a glaring neon indication that you need to change.



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