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Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi For Boys & Girls

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Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi For Boys & Girls!

A boarding school is one of the best venues for pupils to obtain the experience necessary to develop exceptional moral character.

In fact, research have demonstrated that boarding school students have superior problem-solving skills and access to a superior education.

Yet, deciding to enroll in a boarding school involves extensive research and analysis. For many individuals, making a decision can be a formidable challenge.

In light of this, we have offered to share some vital information about what these schools offer.

The focus of this article is on Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi. To get the most out of this book, please utilize the table below.

How much does it cost to enroll in a good Mississippi boarding school?

The cost of attending a Mississippi boarding school depends on a variety of factors. First is the school type. Private schools typically charge more than public schools, which may be owing to the perks they provide.

In conclusion, the average cost of boarding schools in Mississippi ranges between $20,000 and $50,664 per year.

Why Attend a Coed Boarding School?

Sending your child to an all-boys or all-girls boarding school is not a bad option, but co-ed boarding schools have distinct advantages.

According to research conducted by the American Council for Co-Educational Schools (ACCES), co-education improves communication and collaboration between young men and women while fostering the development of relationships.

Knowing how to effectively interact and collaborate with individuals of the opposing sex is a fundamental ability that is crucial for success outside the classroom.

List of the Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi

The following is a list of the Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi:

1. Bass Memorial Academy

Kind of School: Private

Cost of tuition: $9,505

Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi

Bass Memorial School is a boarding school for boys and girls in the heart of Mississippi. Bass is accredited and offers a rigorous college prepared curriculum in an atmosphere that emphasizes honesty, tolerance, respect, and responsibility.

This Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi has small class sizes and an exceptional student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1, allowing students to connect directly with their instructors.

Bass distinguishes itself by providing students with diverse experiences and by welcoming students of various colors, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious views.

2. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Kind of School: Private

Expenses: $43,275

Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools is accredited.

This Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi is the place to go if you want to know what an excellent education is (SAES). This is a well-known co-ed boarding institution with a national reputation.

SAES is fully accredited and listed, and it provides a vast array of academic programs. Students with a passion for the arts, sciences, and entrepreneurship will find this SAES to be an excellent preparatory school for their future endeavors.

This Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including athletics, music, and gaming, in addition to its academic offerings.

3. French Camp School

Kind of School: Private

Cost of tuition: $18,000

Mississippi’s French Camp Academy is among the Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi. The 7th through 12th grade curriculum of this school includes academic classes, vocational training, radio communication skills, an observatory, a comprehensive sports program, and an active music and arts program.

Students learn in a Christ-centered setting, which encourages discipline and values at the Christian school.

Students also participate in equestrian activities, music, the arts, and other extracurricular activities in addition to their academic pursuits.

We can infer that French Camp School is one of the Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi based on the favorable feedback from parents and students.

4. Saint Bernard Preparatory Institution

Kind of School: Private

Cost of tuition: $43,000

Saint Bernard’s comprehensive college-preparatory education explains why it reached the list of the best Mississippi boarding high schools. It is a coeducational institution with beautiful architecture.

According to an alumnus, this institution has a well-rounded teaching team that helps students feel at home and delivers an excellent academic timetable.

In addition, this Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi offers ideal class sizes and a remarkable student-to-teacher ratio. With these incredible attributes, any parent will desire their child to attend Cranbrook University.

5. Baylor University

Cost of tuition: $59,500

Kind of School: Private

Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi

Baylor School is a coed boarding school for Grades 9 through 12. This Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi boasts some of the finest instructors in the nation. With small class sizes, teachers and advisors can provide students with individualized attention.

In addition, Baylor offers a curriculum that merges academics, arts, athletics, and community service in a supportive, welcoming, and diverse atmosphere.

All of these outstanding characteristics qualify the school for inclusion on the list of the Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi and for ranking in major leagues such as Niche.

6. Subiaco Academy

Kind of School: Private

Cost of tuition: $26,400

Independent School Association of Central States accreditation

Mississippi’s Subiaco School is an excellent boys’ residential school. This Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi offers an extensive range of courses, including English, science, mathematics, foreign languages (Spanish and Latin), history, music, visual arts, health, and physical education.

Students participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and games, in addition to the hard curriculum.

This school’s graduates are admitted to prestigious colleges such as the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, and many others.

In conclusion, Subiaco is nationally recognized for academic prowess and leads Mississippi in practically every academic accomplishment area. This demonstrates that the school is a wise choice for education.

7. Collegiate Institution

Expenses: $53,900

Kind of School: Private


Collegiate School (OCS) is a well regarded private, autonomous Christian boarding school for 7th through 12th grade boys.

This Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi provides numerous opportunities for students to demonstrate their exceptional abilities.

The school offers an optional military curriculum and competitive interscholastic athletic programs as extracurricular activities.

In addition, they provide an Adventure Summer School where students can participate in outdoor activities and gain academic credit.

Collegiate School is a true home away from home for its students, owing to its highly hospitable environment and ideal class size.

8. Lighthouse Christian Institution

Kind of School: Private

Expenses: $360 per month

Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are accredited (MSA-CESS)

Lighthouse Christian Academy(LCA) is a renowned all-girls residential school with a national reputation. This school is accredited and ranked among the nation’s top 20 boarding schools.

LCA prepares young women for the future by providing them with academic, artistic, extracurricular, and athletic challenges that foster their growth and development.

Students at this Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi can participate in extracurricular activities through groups such as Athletic Leadership, Green Team, Language Clubs, Math Club, Model United Nations, Outdoor Leadership, Programming Club, and Robotics Team.

9. Our Lady Academy

Expenses: $6,000 per month

Kind of School: Private

Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi

The academic superiority of boarding schools is well-known, and Our Lady Academy is no exception. Our Lady is one of the top Mississippi residential schools for girls.

Over 250 children are enrolled at this school, which is filled with skilled and loving teachers.

OLA provides students with opportunity to learn how to think critically, be innovative, collaborate, and explore their passions.

In addition to other extracurricular activities, the school provides 10 sports. This school’s graduates obtain admission to the nation’s finest universities and institutions.

FAQs On Best Boarding Schools In Mississippi

What is the number 1 boarding school in the US?

1 Phillips Academy Andover It was founded in 1778 and has a long tradition of academic excellence, with notable alumni including George W. Bush and Julie Andrews. Phillips Academy Andover is also one of the most selective boarding schools in the country, with an acceptance rate of just 13%.

What is the best age for a child to go to boarding school?

While there isn't a cookie-cutter answer to this, the age of 8 to 13 years is considered appropriate. It is the age when children are at the cusp of being independent and capable of taking care of themselves. They also understand when instructions are given and try to follow them to the best of their ability.

Why put your child in boarding school?

This has been a huge benefit of boarding school. Students are encouraged to explore and stretch as they learn, make friends, advocate for themselves, take responsibility and experience a new sense of independence. They develop outstanding study habits and learn how to manage their own schedules and requirements.

Are there free boarding schools in us?

The fact is, there aren't many free boarding schools in America. The ones that are free, generally, are very competitive to gain acceptance to. Most are publicly-funded, so eligibility is based on your location (state).

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